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Paradise Home (Open to PD)

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Paradise Home (Open to PD) Empty Fri Oct 13, 2023 10:23 am

She was new to this guild that was to be her home. She was still a bit dazed and lost since she got attacked. But the people here welcomed her and offered to help her in her current condition. Now what could she do? Well, the most she can do is relax and try to get to know her guild mates and learn the life of a guild mage.

Granted she never conjured up a spell in her entire life. So she doesnt know if she would be of use to them in that regard. Nor was she knowledgable about fighting. Usually she just ran from danger as she was usually the damsel in these situations. But perhaps this guild can teach her otherwise. How to raise her arms and scuffle in self defence. And besides, perhaps this condition is a new blessing and not a curse. She just needs to learn how to control it. But for now, it was time to make friends


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The ravens spotted her long before anyone could lay eyes on her. They would eagerly venture toward Revna's room and gleefully alert the Demon of their new visitor. "Never seen her before Revna, but here she comes anyways!" Paradise Dawn stood above the cliffs of the Sieghart Mountains. It was entirely out of everyone's way and too far to be a point in which the lost would find themselves. Most who came here came with a purpose, and Lumikki was curious to find out just what that might be. Her ravens didn't make note of bags or wares. She couldn't be a merchant or one who delivered to the hall. Was she in need? Did she carry a quest so dire that she needed to travel over? Who was to say....yet?

" Seems its time to play~" The girl would dash toward the window. She wore a short red, double-slit dress. Her hair was in a ponytail, with many feathers of her ravens in her hair. Her lips and eyes were painted black with darkness, and she lacked any shoes.

Not like this really mattered. She shifted to a raven's form under the cover of night black feathers. Darting to the reception building, some of her flock followed and guided. And sure enough, it was as they said. A lovely lady was making her way to their halls. The lass' hair looked like gold in the sunlight, the scorching orb was at the highest point in the sky. Her face was hard to read not because she was far away but because it was a hard expression to decipher. It had the raven perplexed as to the reasoning behind her appearance but all the more curious to meet.

Lumi caught up to her, circling the sky as she spoke. " Greetings lass, what brings ye over? Consider me a raven of Dawn, Brone's third bird if ya will." She held back a laugh, nearly snorting as she spoke. Her cheekiness even annoyed her sometimes. " It's a long way to travel to place a request, no?"

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#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe was awoken by his two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, "What the nine hells do ye want!?" he shot up from his pillow once he realized he wasn't being assaulted by arrows as his dream indicated, but was being pecked repeatedly on his forehead. His ravens perched on the bedframe, a safe distance from the dwarf's arm reach, at least for the moment.

"There's a wolf making her way to the guild hall" Huginn blurted out. His brother looked at him sternly. Brone, not overly shocked about the warning, but still took all threats to the safety of the guild seriously, sighed and reached for his golden axe that laid beneath his pillow.

"It's Megan Sherwood" Muninn hopped down upon the dwarf's shoulder. Brone looked at the raven with a raised eyebrow, "The young lady with golden hair that you saved from the werewolf" the raven explained. The dwarf's eyes widen, finally understanding... or so he thinks.

"Ye should have said that! She ain't no wolf, she's human, Huginn; she was attacked by a werewolf" Brone explained as he hopped out of bed and began to don his breast-piece armor, "And there's a difference between a wolf and a werewolf" he gave a matter-of-fact look to the raven who remained on the bedframe.

"Oh? What would that be?" Huginn sarcastically asked as he flew off and perched himself onto Brone's other shoulder.

"One walks on two feet, and the other on four" the dwarf didn't catch the sarcastic tone of the raven, as he was too excited to officially meet the young woman and invite her into the guild. She looked lost in her eyes, something Brone has seen before; he didn't know her story, nor did he care to press her on such. He gave her the invitation to Paradise Dawn, where she can find a home and safety. For a bit of time, he wondered if she would truly show, worried if she was still lost out there. Now his question was answered.

"How far away is she?" Brone asked as he holstered his other axes and spears. The moment the ravens explained that Lumikki was already on her way to meet the wanderer, the dwarf rushed out the door. Once outside of the dormitory building, he whistled for Noctus, the black pegasus and quickly mounted him the moment he arrived.

He raced across the bridge and burst through the doors of the registrar office and made his way down the slope until he eventually spotted the golden hair woman with a flock of ravens nearby. "Oy!! Ms. Megan!" he called out to her while waving his arm. Noctus pulled to a stop and Brone hopped off. He looked up to Megan who towered over him, "Welcome!" he gestured an open hand to the guild behind him in the distance sitting a top of the cliffside where the waterfalls glimmered from the noon sunlight.


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As she had arrived, it seems as a corvid has also made its appearance in the Paradise Dawn guild hall, but unlike the others, this one spoke. She was very curious and a bit awestruck by the creature. Unsure how to behave around it. But as soon as the bird mentioned Brone, she had relaxed and smiled
"Oh? Nice to meet you Brone's birdie" she warmly greeted the would be animal

"Also funny you should mention that name, I-" she spoke to Lumikki and went to explain what had brought her here, but just as she went into the meat of the story, the juicy details, Brone had arrived to greet her
"Oh there he is!" she happily exclaimed to Lumikki, nearly starstruck to see her fearsome hero once more.
"Hello there! Thank you for the warm welcome" she greeted the dwarf who was welcoming her to the guild.
"I was just talking to your bird friend over there" she said and gestured with her hand towards bird Lumikki


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Lumikki clicked her beak as her form now didn’t allow her to suck her teeth. ” Do all yer like enjoy calling me a birdie?…” She sighed deeply furthering her response but she was quite keen on listening to the girls story. The raven stayed quiet as she listened intently. Gasping and croaking a moments that warranted her reactions. All the while casually gliding along the air currents.

It did not take long for her Uncle to show, casting her out of her focused daze. He was abrupt as ever, but his incursion only further solidify the young wolf’s story. She figure now with such a comforting figure, it would be a nice time to shift back to a “human”. A form the would not further upset a girl who had her share of running into monsters.

Black feathers would swirl around Lumikki until she could not longer be seen, though unlike how it was before darkness would envelop her too. The sphere would grow to a vortex nearly reaching the floor, soon revealing a brown skin girl of short stature. Her blue and purple hair catching the light but not nearly as dazzling as the girl’s. No where Lumi shined was her two colored eyes. One the brazen color of the golden sun, while the other took the hue of the sky to cradle it. She showed a cheeky grin before speaking.

” Quite the hero aren’t cha Uncle? Seems ye got a new pup of yer own. Lucky ye, I’ve grown tired of being an only child. So now what are we gonna show the wee lass first?” Lumikki was bubbling with energy, skipping around her Uncle as she spoke. ” The bridge was fixed up nice since our battle. We could show her that and the waterfalls.” She suggested. Knowing her Uncle, he probably had half a mind to show the girl the training dome. Or worse…. The horridly hot forge.” Don’t show her yer weapons till after ya put food in her. And er could save boring things like training halls for another time. Matter fact…lets just hide her from the heartless Angle for a bit. The fiend need not ruin the lass with his flashy traps.”

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was excited to see the young blonde woman again, but when Megan gestured to the raven, he understood who it was and gave a low sigh. The raven revealed her true form and the dwarf nodded his head, agreeing with Lumikki's statement, "Aye aye, lass, we'll show her the forge and the armory later; there's so much to our home" he turned to face Megan with a bright smile and gestured for her towards the black pegasus, "This is Noctus; mount up and we'll get ye te the guild quickly" he was ready to give her a boost up so she could mount the steed properly. The first stop would be the registration office since it was the front of the guild, but he trusted his niece to provide a better tour, so he would allow her to lead the way "So Ms. Megan, how was your travel?"


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She was surprised to learn that Lumikki was not a talking bird, but a person shapeshifted into a bird. Not only that, but Brone was her uncle as well. She was mostly quiet as she watched the two interact and talk about stuff like a broken but fixed bridge, waterfalls, weapons, heartless angel, pup, wee lass, food, flashy traps, forge, armoury.

She never had the honour of getting so close to a guild hall or a guild in general, so this was new experience. And this guild sounded like it had so much. History, bonds, resources, opportunities, comrades, rivals. You name it. It sounded like this place had it.
Thats when Brone turned to face her and she smiled to him. He gestured her to come to a black pegasus who'd he introduce as Noctus. She nodded and with a bit of a help she got on the magical mount

Their first location would be the guild registration office so she can officially become a member and get that guild tattoo. Brone would ask her how was her trip and she would kindly reply "Thank goodness it was safe and rather peaceful" she then looked around for a bit before adding "I have never been this far north"


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” Prob for good reason lass, there’s nothing up here of note-well I say that but there’s a bar or two I could prob take ya too. Do ye like drinking?” She watched her Uncle held the girl on the mount. It looked like a hassled so she giggled. When the two were ready to go, Lumi would simply form wings of her own. Six unfurling with the darkness around the Demon. She pulled her wings back and pushed herself up into the air. Circling the group below before they started moving toward the guild.

” Didn’t know ye wanted to adapt another daughter Uncle. Making quite the big family aren’t we?” She was teasing but Brone was like a second father to her. When she was being reborn, it was him who watched over her until it was done.

When the party was near, Lumi would dash ahead. She pulled out the paperwork as sat at the desk, getting it all prepared and in order for when Megan arrived. They had a receptionist, but she was night shift only, so Lumi took charge. She began filling in the little bit she could and then sat back and waited for the rest.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Once Megan and Brone were mounted up, he took the reigns and had Noctus take off, knowing well that Lumikki would spread her wings. Though the dwarf was afraid of heights and being off the ground, he made sure to have his pegasus fly closer to the ground for comfort, especially with a new member who he knew little about, so wasn't sure of she felt about flying. Huginn and Muninn took to the sky and watched from above.

"Aye, we can go out for drinks, but there's much more out there to spend ye time" Brone chuckled, "I have heart for all me kin, lass, I don't mind another to add to the family" he told Lumikki.

Once they were close, Lumikki had flown ahead towards the first building that could be spotted. Brone brought Noctus to a halt once they landed, then helped Megan down. As he led her through the double doors to where Lumikki was preparing the documents across the lobby, he began explaining her benefits; "Ye can take on quests from the Quest Board, though we recommend to keep to the grade ye assigned; we have a medical wing and we provide good medical insurance in case ye need to do any serious work elsewhere-" He would then mention she would be provided a room at the Women's dorm, which is separated from the men's dorm by a certain distance for privacy and safety.


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Lumikki would explain theres not much this far north aside from a bar or two, which then made her ask if she drank. "I havent drank alcohol much" which meant she wasnt opposed to booze, but she wasnt the type who could probably handle too much of it.

After that Brone helped her get up on the mount, she smiled and thanked the man. Meanwhile Lumikki had the power of flight, so aviation was less of a hassle for her. So while they went to make their way to their destination, Lumikki would jest with her uncle. It was a very lovely exchange between the two. Eventually they would close in on their location and Lumikki would dash on ahead.

Upon thier arrival, Brone would bring his mount to a halt. She appreciated that he flew relatively low because she wasnt that much of a fan of heights, so she was thankful he was considerate. Soon Brone would help her down just like how he prior helped her "Thank you"
Soon they would go through these double doors and she would look around at the architechture and design of the place. This was the first time she was at a Guild Hall.
Soon she would see Lumikki preparring some documents while Brone would explain that she can take on quests at the quest board, she noted and remembered that. Hopefully there are some rookie friendly quests
"Yes, I doubt I can take any advanced stuff. I'll probably stick to some beginner stuff" she also listened and nodded how they have a medical wing and medical insurence. All in all, she made sure to remember the stuff about the layout and the rules or any knowledge about the guild


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” Ye don’t drink a lot? Interesting to hear lass. Well don’t know what more to say about that.” Grown along Dwarves and the like and often diving into bars herself. Drinking wasn’t all that she did, but she took it to be a norm of life. Meeting characters that carried themselves in entirely different ways.

” There’s a load of beginner quest cycling the board, probably a wee less than before now that so many members been joining as of late. But supposes that means ye’ll always have company on yer journey and for that I’m giddy. Uncle had to take me on me first batch. I remember me first offical quest, we were killing rats. Let me tell ye love, they never seem to go away no matter how much ye kill ‘em….Isn’t that right Uncle?”

Lumikki looked over the paper work and made note of the things written to be sure they were all done proper. Filing them away where she remembered they belong. ” Alright lass, tell me where ye want yer guild mark, and was color should I set her on?”

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Brone Heavyaxe
"There's much to do in the Valley and in Orchidia, so don't fret, ye ain't gonna be bored, I tell ye that" Brone assured the young woman. One thing he realized when he first integrated into human society was that most people didn't drink as often or as heavily as the average dwarf. With how barren the region where the guild was placed, it was common for visitors to assume there was no activities for fun or to be busy with. He was thankful that Rush Valley and Orchidia still had the night life that could reel in even foreigners.

Huginn and Muninn were perched on the high window sill of the Registrar's office, watching the group of them from above.

"Aye, lass, those rodents are not threat in small dosages, but the task of handling them can be overwhelming if not regularly checked" Brone chuckled as he rested his arms by grasping onto collar of his breastplate, "We have a forge and an armory for whatever weapon ye need; a library if ye want to study; baths for to keep ye clean, both single and group, though parted by gender" the dwarf was enjoying explaining as if he was a tour guide. He took pride in the guild, for a lot of the work was made by his own hands. He was there during the founding and had remained since and he was sure to still be there centuries in the future.

He had noticed the receptionists table was empty, "Sorry about how quiet it is here, we mostly just have a night shift receptionist, still looking for someone to take the day shift" He chuckled. Still unbeknownst to the dwarf, the reason to why Sarina only took the night shift was because she is a vampire. He then looked at Megan with a smile, "If ye want, lass, ye can take on the job if ye like".


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Lumikki spoke how theres a load and a bunch of newbie quests flying around the board. Tho probably a smidge less with all the new people joining, which means she'll have company on her journey which makes Lumikki happy and that in turn makes Megan happy as well. Bringing people joy was what she was all about.

The demoness then spoke of her first quest, which was quite unexpected "How do you do it? I mean they're small rats." maybe she was new to the concept of killing small cute animals, so she didnt see how one manages to do it. Then again, Lumikki was a seasoned veteran so she probably had no problems. Still, the first kill, she wasnt sure how to do that.

Anywho, Lumikki looked over the paper work and made note of the things written to be sure they were all done proper. Filing them away and such. Lumi would then ask about guild mark. Megan would look at her left hand, it was already fooly tattoo'd. So she pointed to her right shoulder since that arm was free
"Make it black to match the others" ie the other tattoo's that were just black.
Brone was also a delightful man, telling her and informing her of everything which she thanked him for, after all he was her hero. Then suddenly an idea came to his mind. SHE could be the receptionist "Oh I'd love that!"
Its kinda funny tho. Vampire receptionist at night, werewolf receptionist at day.


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” Most times they're small until they’re not lass. Ye should see the sizes they take on. One could think they were getting their teeth on some magic or something. But on that day we made it more the casino problem than ours. Hard to believe so much times past since then though. Uncle, hoe do ye deal with time passing ya so quickly?”

As she was finished the paper work, Brone was giving her the gist of the place. All the guild hall had to offer, but she wasn’t so sure they were things the girl cared for. She mulled this over and what she could possibly mention as he joked about her taking on the position of receptionist.

” She wouldn’t want that, why’d anyone want to join a guild known for adventure, to sit back and do paper work.” At least that is what she started to say but Megan would interject with her desire to take the job.” Well I’ll be darn, I guess I figured stuff like this would be more boring than most task. But it does make addressing the new recruits easier. Not many people come at night see, though I meself did.”

Lumikki rose from her seat after pulling out all the available drawers to find the stamp. Noteing that it was on the second drawer on the left she took it out and selected the color. ” Black is a solid choice I don’t see quite often.” She was talking to Megan but also somewhat to herself as she was adjusting the placement on her shoulder. Lumi wanted to make sure it was perfect on the first try.

” Paradise Dawn takes all types and all talents. As mercenaries, it does us best to have a man for any job. So all skills here are valued and yer always free to choose what ya want to pursue. The only condition is that we protect the North, no haggling that. We can bring harm to the innocents on this land. But besides that, we’re free like ravens to do just about anything. Ye brand new here, so I know there’s much to take in. There were a lot of things I wanted to know when I started too, which Uncle could attest. Do ye know if ya want to try yer hand in combat? And if so, in which regard so we could figure out the training?”

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Brone Heavyaxe
"Time don't pass that quickly, Lumi-lass" Brone waved the statement away. The passage of time does seem different depending on the lifespan of the person, so the dwarf was aware of the difference between human and dwarf lifespans, but he was sure that time was the same either way, "And a job is a job; I figured she might want te have something small so she can have her hands busy until she's ready to take on her quests, or when she's at home, I have me forge when I'm not questing, and ye have yer job pestering people" he laughed as he looked over the form Megan had filled out. He nodded, though he simply skimmed it entirely, trying to put on the façade of being professional.

"We can show ye the training ground if ye want to go a round" the dwarf smiled brightly as his niece brought up the conversation of combat. For him, he couldn't truly understand a person by reading something on paper, but in a fight, he believes a person's true character is revealed.

"Not surprising that you two would be pressuring a new recruit into sparring no more than an hour after arriving" Gnicholas, a gnome standing no more than two feet tall, calmly walks into the area and examines them. He strokes his white beard and looks up at Mega, "Welcome to Paradise Dawn, young lady, I am Gnicholas, gnome researcher" he gives a slight head bow in greeting.

"We ain't pressuring her, just offering her a chance to show her prowess" Brone retorted with a grunt.

"It would be best to at least take her on a tour of the main parts of the guild" the gnome sternly replied as he held up his hand, to which Brone handed him Megan's application, "Ms. Sherwood, please follow me, we'll show you the main Hall first" Gnicholas politely said before turning around and heading out through the rear double doors which led to the first footbridge. The bridge was more of a cross between a footbridge and a hallway; the stone ceiling above protected from downpours. There were no walls but pillars that kept the ceiling up.

On the right were the mountainous region that spanned for miles, and on the left was the sight of the rest of the guild, separated by cliff drop, but connected by the main bridge. The waterfall added to the beauty of the scenery.


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Lumikki spoke to her twas a decent amount of info to take in. What she got from it was that Paradise Dawn mostly protected North Fiore and otherwise are free like ravens. Lumikki asked her if she wanted to try her hand in combat
"Oh... I am not really the combat type and if I was in that scenario I think I would rather be the supportive one and let someone else handle the offense"
she never as much raised a fist towards someone. In a fight or flight situation she'd mostly choose the run away situation choice

Brone spoke about showing her the training grounds if she wanted to go for a round, but before she could answer, someone else spoke up. She'd see a gnome who sounded rather knowledgable. Introducing himself as Gnicholas the gnome researcher, Meg would respectfully bow to him too and introduce herself back to him just in case he wasnt here when she initially said her name.
Now as Gnicholas spoke he would start off the tour for her and she would follow him and observe her new guild home.


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” There’s a killing in pestering if ye ask me…” She would retort as she stuck out her tongue. There was no need to be clever with her words in answering back her Uncle when like the earth it would just go over his head. She glanced at him as he looked over Megan’s sheet, tracking his eyes as they feign moving all over the paper. ” Oy, seeing as ye just read the sheet there Uncle, mind reminding me what she put for her allergies?” She was simply pestering him now that he got her started. Figuring a direct question would have him somewhat fluster, or at least that’s what she hoped.

Brone would offer up a challenge in battle, only for his companion Gnicholas to calmly interject in Megan’s place. The lass was already making it a point the battle field would not be her preference, that she would rather have a support class. Lumikki, also a specialized support herself, would understand the desire of standing back so that others could shine as she aided them putting out the work. But with that, their similarities would end there, as the Demoness would also enjoy holding up her own as she drained her enemies for all they were worth. ” Support, aye? I could show ye the way of the Spellhowler if ye’d like and ye could try it out. And from what I looked into, there’s a sentinel among us. That is, if the lad ever shows his face….”

Gnicholas would promptly begin the tour proper and lead the girl toward the Paradise Dawn bridge. Lumi, just before following suit, would lean over to her Uncle and utter in his ear. ” Oy, was what a sparring match ye wanted? Ye think the training dome could survive another of our battles? Eh, actually, unlike ya, I don’t like fighting in confined places. We could try for by the waterfalls later if yer still up for it.”

She sauntered after the gnome and followed suit for a while. Sprouting her wings when they were leaving the stone ceiling area so that she could enjoy a more bird’s eye view.

” Ye should of seen the bridge a bit back. Was in shambles. But Uncle did a fine job helping to cobble it all back together.”

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Brone Heavyaxe
Gnicholas had taken note of how polite the blonde young woman is, which is a breath of fresh air to have such a gentle soul as compared to the rowdy bunch he's use to seeing.

"Oh uhm-!" Brone tried to avoid eye contact, flustered that Lumikki decided to surprise him, "Well of course, um... I've met a few people who were allergic to combat, so that's not problem" he knew nothing about Meg as of yet, just going off of what she had just stated that she preferred not to fight. He would then quickly point in the distance at one of the building structures, "And don't ye got any chores te be takin' care of?" He blurted out, trying to change the subject while slightly embarrassed to the point that his dwarvish accent thickened.

"That building is the Woman's Dormitory, you can settle in once we get there, you must have traveled far" Gnicholas pointed to a building in the distance, ignoring the bickering between the dwarf and his niece.

Once they left the bridge, they reached the main hall, "The kitchen and the mess hall on the first floor, while you can find a few of the libraries within this building as well as lounges and study rooms" the gnome pointed out the structure; the guild's symbol was marked above the main double doors.

"The waterfall is fine, so long as it's nowhere close to the buildings" Brone quickly replied to Lumikki's sparring petition in whisper, trying not to deter the main reason why they were there, to give Megan a proper tour.


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Lumikki and Brone bantered, seeing as Brone was a tad bit flustered, she went to help him out. Softly chuckling she'd speak "Yes yes, I am allergic to combat. Not sure on the right doctor term. Combatophobia maybe. Nasty condition."

Now as she met Gnicolas too, they would give her a tour and she would follow the friendly and wise looking gnome who would tell her about the womens dormitories and Lumikki would chime in about the bridge. "How recently was it built or rebuilt?" she'd ask Lumi, but after that would focus on her tour as she'd take in info and nod. Meg would do her best to remember this as to not get lost. She'd overhear Brone and Lumikki talk about their spar which would be at the waterfalls. She then considered asking questions, but wasnt sure what to ask, well at least she made sure to memorize the shown areas and get some land marks to get her to remember, something for direction


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" Oh just a few months or so before. It doesn't happen often, mind ya, but a storm came and hit the bridge. Tearing the thing to pieces. Was quite the sight, the maintenance man in particular was quite peeved. Didn't calm down a bit till Uncle offered to help him rebuild. But we don't talk much bout it, I just thought it would be a cute fact for the tour. Oh like," Lumikki would glide down so that she was closer to Megan's eye level before tilting just a bit and pointing up toward the roof. She gave Megan a bit of time to look over at what she was showing her, " Now that would be the roof ye often could find the illusive Angel if he happens to want to be brooding as a leader might."

She hovered back to the height she was before." Oh, and that's where I heard Sleeping Calamity tried to jump down!" She pointed to a different roof this time. " Oh and that's where we had an ice skating party, and that's where we had a pool party....now that I think of it. Haven't seen the pink-haired girl, maybe the Heartless Angel broke her heart....Oh but look there, that's where the mounts are kept. Ye should meet Geri and Asger sometime." Lumi would go on and on as she somewhat took over the tour with her needless facts and happenings. Hoping to spice up the otherwise boring tour.

" Are ye hungry Megan? We could hit the mess hall when this is all said and done and I show ya to the vacant room within the girl's dorm. But here!" Lumikki pulled out a small bundle of crackers from her void to hold off the lass for the moment, nomming on some herself as she glided amongst the rest." What do ye like to eat anyhow?"

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Brone Heavyaxe
Seeing that Megan covered for him, Brone gave her a thumbs up as they all continued to make their way through the guild campus. Lumikki would point out all the notable places where certain events had happened. She was joyful having another addition to the guild and so was the dwarf.

"Aye let's get a bite te eat!" Brone was quick to vote to head to the mess hall.

"I suggest we stop by the women's dormitory so Ms. Sherwood can drop off her belongings and possibly freshen up, not everyone can travel through the dense of the badlands up here and be fine with the sweat and dirt" Gnicholas gave the dwarf a look, though not aggressively, the expression was stern in a gnomish way. Brone had stopped making his way towards the main building and return the look. Though he preferred to get a meal first, he knew the smaller being was right and didn't want to seem rude, especially during a time when he's making his first impression.

"Fine then; if we heading to the dorm first, then Lumi, lead Ms. Megan, we'll wait outisde the building" Brone dropped his hands onto his waist and gave a sigh.


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She gave Brone a bit of a thumbs up herself as she was happy to cover for him, even though she know he merely skimmed what she wrote, but she didnt mind helping her hero and maybe future teammate. Lumikki gave Meg a vast history lesson about the goings and ons of what happened in the guild. Including an ice skating thing that happened and a pool party. And something about a pink haired lass that got her heart broken by a heartless angel

After an extensive story that also included the mention of mounts and Sleeping Calamity, Lumikki asked her if she was hungry and what she liked to eat
"I like to eat everything and trying new meals. What is like a local specialty in the north of Fiore" she replied

Gnicolas spoke about visiting the female dormitory so she can drop off her stuff.
"I dont mind taking a bit of rest" she spoke as she didnt mind putting her stuff aside and freshening up. She needed a lot, meal and rest were equally valid points, though she was filled with adrenaline since this was essentially a cool tour. She then looked at Lumikki as it was decided to go to dorm first and then back to Brone "We'll be quick"


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” Aye, quick. Or at least quick as one could be walking. Come lass, I’ll show ye, ya room and showers.” Lumikki would begin to walk ahead, minding her pace with every step. She was antsy and impatient to get a meal. As she walked through the halls or the women's dorm, she would snag pieces of darkness and mindlessly bring them toward her lips. Munching on her little snack as she pointed Megan around.

” This room has been vacant since I got here, hope it serves ye well. Ye’d find a personal bathroom within just to the left. I’ll go off to head up to mine. In me dash over, I forgot something I wanted to hand over. I’ll see ye back outside where we left Uncle Brone.”

Lumi ran to her room to retrieve a room, hopping out the window to glide back down faster than if she walked. ” Oy teacher, I near forgot to hand this back to ye.”

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Pokedex Entry
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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was excited to recite his favorite foods when prompted, "Meat and grain are the biggest products; ye got te taste the ox tails with stir fried rice" he would mention to Megan before he started to think back to the last time he had ox tail. When the young women decided to rush off to the dorm, the dwarf and gnome waited until they returned. "Ye find enjoyment playing tour guide?" Brone grinned widely at the gnome.

"My task is simply to provide a proper tour for a new recruit, in order to avoid you messing it up entirely" Gnicholas pulled out a small pipe. Brone, choosing not to respond to the gnome's statement, pulled out his own long wooden pipe. After the gnome replaced the tobacco in the opening, he struck a match to light it before passing the flame to the dwarf so he could light his as well.

The two would blow smoke rings, comparing size and distance to pass the time until Lumikki came gliding down to hand Gnicholas back a book she borrowed, "I greatly appreciate it, young one" he smiled and gave her a polite head bow before taking back the book.

"What's the book about?" Brone asked. The moment Gnicholas began a long winded summary, the dwarf stopped caring and turned to his niece, "Ms. Megan will be ready soon?" he then blew trails of smoke from both his nostrils to try and impress Lumikki as he did back when she was a child.


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On the topic of food, Brone said a rather interesting meal, she chuckled and said "I never had Ox, but I could try" she was a bit adventurous with her palette. So she was that squemish about trying new things even if she sounded that way. Anywho, after that Lumikki took her on a tour for the female area

Lumikki explained how the particular room was vacant. And so this would be her apparent room, meanwhile she would head off. Megan briefly explored the room and placed her stuff on a bed and just browsed superficially around, before finally going back to Brone and Lumikki

So soon enough, she would arrive back to the group so she wouldnt leave them waiting, she was sure after the tour and the meals and whatever they have instore for her, that she could have a nice shower and rest. Though part of her feared the moon. What if she transformed

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