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From The Ashes (Event)

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Kaito was told from the ashes of war this country would be reborn, he feels it isn't going to be so simple but he figured that they knew what they are talking about but he was still going to be on edge as he usually was and is. He stopped to help some of the people that were injured and he makes portals to help get them to safer places to be treated. The world had seemed to become darker here for the time being as some didn't hold the banner of Mishiko high and he had in part helped with others to change the course of this country so only time would tell if he had made the right choice or the wrong choice but he had given his word to Mishiko that he would help if she called on him and that was what he did he came to the aid of the mother of his goddaughter.

There were rumbling of rebellion groups already starting to form from what Kaito heard while he was helping to  feed and give drinks and aid to people in one of the towns Kaito feels that, they will probably be wiped out but he can't do anything about it he wasn't here to stop a new rebellion. He was still here to treat and help those that got displaced by the fighting and those that lost loved ones along the way, as well as their homes, fields and livelihoods. Kaito felt like he was at fault here as he had helped to cut into this country, he knows that in the bigger picture he wasn't probably a huge part of why these people were suffering but he knows that he needed to help them all the same. He kept helping those in need but he knows that he is only one person and he wondered if Yuurei was also wrist deep in helping people.

Kaito had been on the way to some grand fest or party for the victory but of course he wasn't going to just ignore the people that littered the streets broken and in pain, Kaito is starting to wonder if he was too soft or if he was just raised to have and act on his caring heart his grandmother and master had tried to keep him from this kind of life but here he was as he was stubborn and wanted to prove himself that he wasn't some little helpless whelp but in the end he still feels helpless and unable to really get past the troubles that had been here and stuck in front of him. He sees a few children that were already begging for money and he wonders if they were orphans or  if they were just street children using the war as a cover to get money and food. He was not one to really judge but he knows that children like that are a normal part of a city and that they need to handle them like normal people or someone might get stabbed.

Kaito went over and gave them some money in their tin and then the children hurried over to another man that was hurt and sitting against a wall with a tin of his own and they put their money in the other mans tin. Kaito now wonders if they were begging for him or if he was the ring leader that they owe a bit of their take for the day to. Kaito walked to the man who looked up at him and Kaito wondered something as he met eyes with the man as his eyes seemed kind not evil. Kaito kneeled down and the children got in front of him and begged him not to kill the man as he saved them from a burning building but he had been one of the shoguns men not one of the ones that Kaito had fought be side and Kaito laughed softly then spoke.  "I aim no harm to him I aim to help him as he did you."


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The war ended, and it seemed like a lot of Paradise Dawn members had been here to help during the war; he was happy to know this, and he wondered if the relationship between his guild and Joya would escalate to something even greater than before. Still, with the fight being over, things were de-escalating as the people who fought for the dead Shogun had stopped. Their lives were no longer at risk or endangered because of that woman.

Still, it had transferred to another, which made sense to the civilians of this country. Yuurei had a piece of his revenge fulfilled. This was something he had to report to his father; he now understood how his father and mother had met long ago. He was badly hurt, and it must have been due to him running away from the people of Joya. It was sad that things had been that way, and if he would have been born if the Shogun hadn’t hunted down his clan.

Renji could see that Yuurei was in his thoughts. These were things he would do at home or at a time for relaxation, but this wasn’t the place for that.

“What’s going through your head right now?” He asked him curious to hear what he had to say.

Yuurei would look at him as he would walk around to help the people who had suffered from this war.

“I was just thinking about the fact that if Ayame didn’t hunt down my family would I have been born? My father only came to Fiore because they were killing the Starlight clan within Joya.” He said to Renji.

Renji would hear this and it was a good question. That was something that he didn’t have an answer to, so he would leave it alone for him. Yuurei had decided to make food for the people who needed it here. He would make something simple, fast, and fulfilling. It would bring forth a line and the people here would go to him. Some of them were compliant and took whatever he had given them, which was a lot, but there were some who wanted more, and he wouldn’t tell them no.

It would keep the line moving and the others happy. Renji had transformed into his human form as he would help. He would start feeding others and a second line would form. They would be able to do this without anybody causing a fuss and it was because they knew that Yuurei was one of the people that were fighting in the war and that was the side that had won.

“I guess, in the end, it doesn’t matter. I’m here now, and the best I can do is populate this world with the blood of the Starlight family.” He said to Renji.

Renji would laugh when he heard this because for that to happen Yuurei would need to settle down with someone. While they were doing this, Yuurei would look over to the side and he would see Kaito moving around the place. It would seem like he also felt the need to take care of the people here. The Seraphim figured that he would go join his friend after he was done with taking care of everyone in front of him. He knew he had to do things one step at a time. It wasn’t just that, but there was also a party that was being held for the victory and the end of the war. Yuurei wanted to make sure the people in need had everything they needed before he had done something selfish and for himself.



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Kaito was able to get closer to the man and tend to him, the wounds had gotten a bit infected and Kaito feels this man was probably in a lot of pain and he was close to fully losing his right leg, the children kept a very close eye on him. He turns toward them and he opens a portal and points into it. "Go get the pot and fill it with hot water and some rags and a towel and please understand there is about to be some discomfort from him." The children nod then run into the house it connected to and they get the stuff that the man had said they needed to gather and when they got back they handed over the goods and Kaito gets to cleaning out the wounds, then he rubbed something on the wounds that numbed the skin and he started stitching up the wounds and making sure that they would hold and he rubs a different cream over the wounds and bandaged them.

The children the whole time watching him like a hawk and that if he stepped out of line they would come after him and scream that he was doing something wrong though most of the adults around were already giving him looks from helping someone that had fought for the enemy side of the war, there is no telling what this poor man had to lose if he had gone against the shogun so Kaito is making sure to take his time and see what the man will have to offer. "There anyone I need to go and get for you?" The man looked a bit taken aback by the man asking if there was anyone that he could get for him. His thoughts went to his wife and child that were the last time he saw them in a cage to remind him what going against the shogun means, they were probably killed when the war started to turn on the shogun. "The people I wish to see or be near right now are probably dead once the war turned on the shogun..."

Kaito opens a one way viewing portal to a camp of people that were saved from camps and prisons making him look through it so if he sees them he can tell Kaito and he can open a portal for them. Kaito gets back to work on the other wounds and rashes this guy had gained probably because he was forced to sleep in his armor probably a cursed armor or spell that bound it to them from how the marks looked and the marks on his beaten flesh. The man keeps looking through the portal and then he sees it. He saw his wife and his son in the frame and he makes a sound that gets Kaito's attention and he looked through to a woman with her son helping to hand out supplies to workers and the injured. Kaito expends the portal so it is a normal one now and the injured man started to choke on his tears of happiness to see that his wife and son were fine. Kaito called the woman through and she came through and saw her husband was still alive and she dropped to her knees and held her chest. The son started screaming daddy daddy and the other children started backing up to fade away to the background and Kaito stopped them from doing so.

The man kisses and holds his wife then he looked to the three street children that had helped him and he asked his wife if she could please find it in her heart to take in three more children to complete their family and she looked at the children and opened her arm to have them come in as well and Kaito smiles as he had finished healing the man and gives him some last instructions to stay alive and not die to his wounds, and to make sure that he keeps his family close to himself and always work hard but smarter.
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Yuurei and Renji were doing their job of feeding those who needed it right now. They were going through a lot at the moment and the duo were doing everything in their power to help. They were already free due to a huge part from Yuurei, Renji, and the others. Still, he felt like he needed to do more.

He would continue working on it though as he fed the people on the line. He would look at his pot and he would look at the other one that was brewing more food. He had made sure that he would have some leftovers. He could use some food himself as well as the people who fought as well.

“Are you going to be bound to one woman or will you be bound to many women?” He asked Yuurei.

The Seraphim would continue to give out food when he heard his friend speak. He blushed a bit as he was frozen to talk for a few seconds. He looked over to his partner and he would have a smirk on his face.

“You ask too many questions, you know that, but to answer your question it’s simple. I will have a wife and a bunch of mistresses. It is the only way to repopulate this world with my clan.” He said to Renji.

Renji couldn’t believe this, but he understood Yuurei. He had lost the one person he truly loved and cared for. It didn’t matter to him as long as he knew his generation kept living through the timeline. The food from the first pot was done, and he would move on to the second one. At first, people were concerned and worried they wouldn’t be able to eat, but saw this man was prepared.

Yuurei and Renji would smoothly hand out the dish though as it wouldn’t be a problem to do.

“I see, I can’t wait to be an uncle. I’m going to have a lot of work cut out for me I bet.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would laugh when he heard this but kept working. The people on the line would continue to dwindle and he wondered how Kaito was doing. It would seem like they were both busy, which made him wonder if they would have enough time to go to this celebration crap. He looked around to see if he could find Kaito again, but it seemed like he had lost him due to the crowd.

He would shake his head because he knew they would bump into each other soon. He had to wait though as the serving was going on without a problem. The people on the line would continue to move and soon enough there wouldn’t be anybody on the line anymore. It would seem like everybody in his section had gotten the food they needed for themselves and their family.

Yuurei would stretch his arms into the air as he was glad that part was done with. Still, he knew that he wasn’t done here. He would look at everything he had used and start wrapping things up. He would leave cleaning for later, but for now, he would start putting things away within his dimension. This dimension had his weapons, but it also had a bunch of miscellaneous things he could use within his daily life. He was always around helping others, so he made sure to stock up on food supplies and the stuff needed to make food.

Once he had placed everything away, the only thing that was left was a few bowls of soup for him, Renji, and the few that were nearby. He would take the bowl, and he would grab as much as he could without dropping them. Renji would just grab two as he couldn’t do what Yuurei could do.



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Kaito lets them return the place they wish to then Kaito rubs his own arm and Revy sees that and she wonders if that was what Kaito wished for a happy family and somewhere that he really belonged at. Kaito started walking away and that snapped Revy out of her daydreaming and that helped her keep up as she handed out some of her left over charms to help those that looked like they had lost spirits and their souls were broken but she was not sure if that would be able to help them. Kaito go more resources for them and he wonders if they will be able to keep up and Kaito catches a female medic mage that hand over used her mana and he takes over her patient and Revy gives her a snack and some watch to help her to recover as Kaito finished the healing with out using a spell as he was tried to deal with these kind of things.

Revy bowed her head to the woman and then kept following Kaito who had started to hand out snacks and drinks so that the people waiting to be treated had some energy in them as well as they needed to recover and live till they can be treated and by how pale some of them were they were nearly at deaths door knocking to be welcomed in but that was beside the point. Kaito after he finished handing out the food and drinks went and started to help once again with the aid of helping with the injured as they needed it as they were quickly getting swamped by people coming here as other camps and places being too full and hearing that Kaito was one of the people hear treating people but he is unsure who would be passing that info to them but he wasn't going to complain about it now as there was too much to be done that he had not finished and he had to attend to before he could really even begin to think that it was time or okay to even be complaining.

Kaito with the help of nurse Revy in human form had been making a decent dent into the group of people that were highly in need and that needed him but that was something that he couldn't do anything about or even worry about as he needed to focus and get these people back on their feet he needs to make sure of all the hard work they are doing can get the people out of trouble and off of death's door at least for now as there was much to do and he keeps his focus forward as there was much to do and very little time to do it in as they needed to make progress and get these people to safe places. Kaito opens portals to the places that they wished and he was frankly starting to get a bit tired from all the magic use he was doing and sending them around as so much had happened here during the battles and war that Kaito was not sure how much of this country was still Joya and not something new that rebelled against the new leadership as they were loyal to the old leader of the country and not some snot nosed up start.

Kaito laughed a little to himself as he finished up the last person that was in his line and he moved on to do some more of the tasks that had needed to be done like heavy lifting and helping rebuild homes as there were weak tents and shelters built but nothing that would last a good storm if it were to strike.
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Yuurei and Renji were now free to do other things, but what were they going to do? He wasn’t sure, but he would make sure to find out. He did remember seeing Kaito, but he wasn’t sure where the young man had gone. He didn’t have the nose to follow his scent, so he was going to have to go with the other thing and it was luck.

“What do you think we will do once we meet up with Kaito and Revy?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

The two would move around the area they would keep their eyes focused on finding the quiet man with the Exceed. Yuurei would look over to Renji for a second as he did hear him out.

“I don’t know, but I think it would be good to hang out with them. I just think it’s been a lot of all business and no time to relax. I mean even now we will be doing work, but it won't be as hard as fighting a Shogun.” He said to his partner.

Renji would nod as he understood where he was coming from. They needed some downtime, and this was hopefully it. The two of them moved around as they were looking for the other duo. He knew Kaito was to himself, but the man did everything he could to help others.

Yuurei would see people eating the food he had made and given out. They were enjoying it, which made him happy to see. He didn’t know what to expect, but he was glad that he didn’t have to worry about them starving. The people would see Yuurei walking around and they would wave at him. He would do the same thing with his genuine smile that he always carried around.

He started to wonder if Kaito would come with him to this celebration that they were throwing. He didn’t mind celebrating as it would most likely be a new dawn for Joya. He was sure it would be for the better and he was all for it. Migi was quiet for a second and he would wake up as he would look at Yuurei and Renji.

“You guys should let the world fight for itself. I wonder what would have happened if the people that weren’t Joya didn’t interfere.” He said and Yuurei would smack his arm.

“It would probably have the same result. I’m Joyan and I believe Kaito is too; that would mean we would have fought the people of Joya, or at least I would have. Do you think I would have been beaten if I weren’t with my companions?” He asked Migi.

The arm stood quiet for a second and then he would look at Yuurei.

“You’re right, things would have just taken longer, but the results would have been the same. I guess you’re a monster everybody bad person in the world would wish to disappear.” He said to him as Yuurei would laugh when he heard that.

It wouldn’t take long for their walking to come to a halt. Yuurei would look over to see Kaito and he would start picking up his pace. He would wave over in the direction as he was trying to catch his friend’s attention.

“Revy! How are you feeling today? Has Kaito treated you well today? How’s the work around here?” Renji would ask this as he ran in her direction.

Yuurei would rub the back of his head as that was a way to get Kaito’s attention. He would chuckle as he would wait for Kaito to turn to him before he spoke up to him.

“How’s everything going on your end Kaito? I didn’t ask, but any life-threatening injuries gained from that last fight?” He asked him as he had gotten hit a lot, but his Excalibur kept him going.



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Kaito started talking commands from a small woman that was telling him that his talents were wasted on playing doctor as he was a big strong man that should have been on the labor jobs from the start and she is pretty much just looking him over and wondering if she should try and get him into a contract to marry her daughter and maybe get her out of her current relationship. She tells him to get to work and she walked off to see if she could get something drafted up before Kaito left from being under her shift. Kaito had no idea what the woman was doing but he shrugged and he got to work getting heavy stuff from place to place and helped them set it so that they can get more permanent housing for the people that were here and were in need of the help and he keeps him self focused so that he doesn't screw up the hard work they are doing as Kaito was actually not one for this kind of work even if he had helped in it a few times he was fine with carrying the heavy things.

Kaito just was not a builder or not one that can really do it without direction on how he needed to do it but he doesn't have those kind of skills but he was going to keep it going and hope that he can make it all count in the end but he knows that he will help and keep these people's projects heading in the right way. Kaito was keeping up his pace as there was much to do and the others were making sure he stayed on task and helped him as they can tell he is still a novice level of building and they need to make sure this all works and doesn't just falls apart once a small amount of damage is taken by it so this was a huge thing that they needed to keep in mind about as they are the pros and Kaito some one that is giving his free time to helping with something that if they were honest mostly had nothing to do with him as there was nothing that can be done even if he had helped the new power take over this was something on the people of this country to take care of.

They were in no rush to get rid of him as he was doing good work and listening to them well enough but they needed to make sure that they didn't have him over do it as that would weight heavy on their minds and time but they keep an eye out as their supervisor seemed to have some kind of plan running through her head and it seemed like they better help Kaito hurry through this task and be on his way before their supervisor gets back and starts what ever plan she had for them and they gets the places set up to get the people moved in and Kaito starts helping with that task and the people and groups he was told to help first and he knows this seemed weird but they all seemed to light up when they saw the place and they all hurried into it to keep warm and not have to suffer out in the elements anymore. They thank him for his hard work and send him off to his next tasks of going to collect bodies in the nearby battle fields and get them to where they belong.

As Kaito portaled away the woman tried to catch him with the paper work but she was too late as he had fully gotten away and she was mad and started to scold the building team for the fact that she missed her chance to try and get a good son-in-law. Kaito comes out on the other side and he is met by a woman and her co-worker as they show him how to handle the bodies and how to mark them for which ever side they were on and make sure not to mismark them as they don't need trouble.
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Yuurei and Renji were making their way to Kaito and Revy. When they were chatting to them, it would seem like they didn’t hear them at all. He would watch Kaito disappear along with Revy, and the two of them would scratch their heads about the situation. They were sure what was going on, but they figured that they had a lot on their mind right now.

“She ignored me?” He asked as he was questioning everything.

Yuurei would look at him and he would pat him on top of his head.

“It’s okay, she probably didn’t hear you is all. He ignored me as well, so I don’t know what is happening to them.” He said to Renji.

The Exceed would shake his head and it would seem like they didn’t have anything to do. Yuurei was going to ask Kaito if he wanted to go to the celebration they had, but that wasn’t going to happen. He would look around as he would see a lady walking around upset with something. He would walk the other way as he didn’t want to ask her what had happened.

Migi would be the one laughing as they had been ignored by their friend.

“Well, at least you two can go to the celebration together.” He said to them as he kept laughing.

They would shake their heads and they would make their way to their destination. While they were getting close to it, someone would stop them. They could tell immediately who they were and they needed some help from them

“Yuurei, and Renji!” He shouted to get their attention.

They would look at the person who was calling out to them and they would just be confused. He figured that he was just calling them out to get their attention, which meant that he would want them to do something for him.

“How can I help you?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

“There are kids stuck under a bunch of rubble nearby. I tried to remove it myself, but it didn’t work. Do you think you could do it? We told them not to play around this area, but they wouldn’t listen and now this happened.” He said to Yuurei and Renji.

They would look at each other and then at the guy as they figured that their job wouldn’t stop with just feeding people.

“Sure, we can help you without a problem. You just going to have to lead the way since I don’t know where to go.” He said to the man.

He would nod as he was glad that Yuurei was here to help, and he would lead the way. Yuurei and Renji would follow, but Renji would be the one with his guard up as he didn’t trust a lot of people. He also had to make sure that nothing bad happened to Yuurei because of how careless he was with people.

It wouldn’t take long for them to arrive at their destination and they would see a bunch of rubble piled up on each other. The kids were shouting, screaming, and crying because of what was happening. They couldn’t believe they had gotten stuck under this. The Seraphim would hear this as the man was telling the truth. He couldn’t believe this had happened, but he was glad he could be here to help.

“You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. I will be getting you guys out of there, so stay strong.” He said to the kids as they would start cheering to hear that.

He would go to what was in front of him and he would start removing the debris from the ground. He would start from the top as he was making sure that the rubble wouldn’t collapse and fall on the kids. Yuurei would speak a bit as he was trying to make conversation with them. It was all, so they didn’t have to pay attention to the fact that they were stuck there.

He would continue to do his job, and the man who had found him was a bit surprised that he was able to move the rubble with little to no effort. Renji would do the same thing making sure that he was useful right now and to Yuurei.



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Revy had felt embarrassed as she had truly not heard him over the other active sounds of the area but she had heard when he said he was ignored by her and she rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry there was just so much to do that I hadn't heard you as me and Kaito have been busy and trying to take on one task at a time." She truly felt bad as she had been hard at work and she had not heard or sensed Renji and Yuurei around and she wondered if Kaito had also missed them or if Kaito had willingly ignored them or did so without thinking about it, her guess was Kaito was too singularly focused that he hadn't even realized that he had been spoken to by Yuurei. Revy looked to a near by person who told her what he had said. "I am feeling okay just getting a bit tired from the rapid fire odd jobs and Kaito has been telling me to rest but of course I can't allow my partner to be going it alone." She spoke with full confidence in her self and what she should be doing.

Kaito having heard what was asked of him, looked to Yuurei and he blinked. "I has been very busy, as from the shogun fight I didn't take any damage from the fight I was untouched so I was just lucky in the end that I could be there and support and help the ones that needed us in that time." He was not one to brag or boast about himself as he feels that he was just a glorified support in the shogun fight as he was not heavily on the offensive but he was able to get in the way of attacks and be able to save that guy that was from Eternal Nightmare as he was sure that if he had not interfered that guy would have been killed by the attack in the darkness but he can't be sure so he was not going to get a big head over nothing and let himself think that he was a hero when in the end the only heroes he knows of are Yuurei, Brone and Judith. These people are the ones he owes his life to and he heard the alert that was given to Yuurei about people being trapped and he figured that marking bodies can wait.

Kaito and Revy followed after them and Kaito used his dimensional magic to help remove groups of stones as well making extra sure that the other rubble wouldn't shift and cause what ever shelter that they had left in there didn't give out and fall in as Kaito had been use to doing work like this as he was use to playing with his magic to shape it how he needed to make it and to help people was an added bonus that they could do. Revy was making sure to keep talking to the people that were trapped so that they could have a soft friendly voice to keep their hopes up and keep them in their right minds and not give up hope that they will be saved and this was one of those times that moral means a lot and she needed to be careful what she says as there were things that were at stake here that were greater than other tasks and the people that wanted him to mark bodies looked through at him and Revy and they came over and did what they could as well even if it wasn't there task that made sure that the supplies and blankets were ready as getting them out they were going to need to have all hands on deck and they were in the presence of two heroes and their companions which was something that they couldn't really ignore and not feel honored by. Kaito was making sure the rubble he moved was not being dropped off carelessly he was probably the better of the two for this job as his magic was made for such tasks.
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Yuurei and Renji would continue their work with getting the kids out of the situation they were in. he was upset that there were kids around here, to begin with. The Seraphim figured that everybody around the area would evacuate with what they knew was going to be an all-out war. He didn’t blame the kids, but the adults who didn’t force those kids to leave. He would continue to work as he was making progress fast. At the same time, he was aware of what he was removing. He didn’t want to grab the wrong things and make it worse for the children under it. They seemed safe for now, but he wasn’t sure.

Renji would move things to do the side as well, and while he was working hard, it would seem like someone spoke to him. His ears twitched a bit as he looked over to see that it was Revy. It would seem like they were too busy. It was so busy that she didn’t hear him properly at first. He would smile at her as he couldn’t be angry with her. Still, it would seem like the two of them were working hard to make things a bit better for the people around the area.

“Understood, I have been helping out Yuu this entire time. It seems like he was hoping that we would all head to the celebration to see how it’s going. Still, helping everybody here is also a good thing to do.” He said to Revy as he continued removing the debris.

Yuurei had heard Kaito while dropping a piece of the structure to the side. He would nod as it would seem like Kaito wasn’t hurt. He smiled as he was happy about that. The Seraphim had taunted the Shogun so much that she had focused on him and Mishiko more than anything. He wasn’t upset about that as he had ways to stay alive.

“I’m glad to hear that Kaito. I was hoping you would be fine with everything that had happened in that fight.” He said as he would continue working.

It would seem like everyone was helping with this matter, which was a good thing. The faster this was resolved, the better off those kids would be. Renji was stronger than Yuurei right now which made things look like a walk in the park. Hell, Yuurei had unleashed his true form just to make up for the power and energy that Renji had taken from him. It was something that had been happening to him since he had gotten a hold of the ribbon.

It wasn’t something that he was made about. In fact, because of this Yuurei felt like he needed to become stronger to make up for what was happening to him. He needed a way to balance himself, so he didn’t feel like he was in a rut because of Renji. The Seraphim would move through the stuff, and he could see that Kaito was doing a much better job than him when it came to this. He was using his magic, and Yuurei couldn’t use his magic the same way.

Still, he did what he could and he would make sure he was useful. It wouldn’t take too long, it would have if he was on his own, but with Kaito and Renji there to help him things would go much faster. The rubble around the area would be clear and there you would see four kids just hugging each other. It would seem like they were happy to see light for quite some time. They would hear the voice that was talking to them the entire time. They would see Revy and they would rush to her and hug her. They were thankful for the guys who got her out, but they were happy to be hearing her voice the entire time.

Yuurei would smile when he saw this happening as he would look at Renji and Kaito.

“Well at least they’re safe and that is all that matters to me. Even if Revy gets all the credit.” He laughed a bit as he would see them be grateful that they were alive.

Yuurei would stretch his arms into the air and he would look over to Kaito.

“Should we go check out the celebration and see how that is going over there?” He asked curious to hear his opinion on the matter.



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Kaito heard the talk of the party and he cursed under his breath and looked down at his fancier clothes and they are stained and dirty and beaten up. "I knew I was forgetting something..." Kaito then sighed as it looked like he was just going to have to go and changed into his normal clothes as he doesn't have time to craft a new set or clean this current set. "We will be right back." Kaito opened a portal and he jumped into it with Revy then soon after they came back out and Kaito looks like he is back to his normal look and he wonders if the party is really going to be all that.

Revy was as well embarrassed as she had also gotten more caught up in helping people and she knows that she should have known better and not have gotten carried away and she should have reminded Kaito that he needed to change before they got into the down and dirty work but she didn't so she feels like she had failed Kaito for that put a quick pat on her head from Kaito that had seen that she was blaming herself had ended that thought of taking the blame as they had both just been working on helping like they normally did was not easy to ignore and Kaito was not going to let it stop them as they needed to get to the party or Mishiko might have their heads as they were honored guests along with Renji and Yuurei and they others that took on the shogun and the hands of the shogun.

"Yeah lets get to the party before the new shogun puts out a search party for us." Kaito opened another portal to the party and he lets them go through before himself and he looks around and he sees that this is a huge party and woman dressed a bit flattering circled them as they came through and started trying to hit on them but Kaito was uninterested and he walked deeper into the party and Revy grabbed Renji's hand to come with her as she didn't want him getting stuck in the crowd of women like that. Kaito went to get some food and listening to the music that was playing in the area and He wondered if the group of women waiting for them was set up by Misiko or if it was just women looking to be concubines for a few of the heroes of the war either way he is not so sure that would even be the right choice.

He knows he wants to have children some day maybe but was it really worth it to have one of them have a child for him? He laughed to himself he was not the one they were probably even looking at they were probably after Yuurei not him. Yes he is strong but there is really nothing attractive about himself that a woman would seek but that was an issue in of itself he sighed and he started eating a bit and the food was great. Revy took Renji to go and dance and try to keep his eyes from wandering to other woman would were dressed far more flattering then herself but she doesn't think he would wander but she still needed to be careful as that could be the case. Kaito after eating a little went to find Yuurei and see if he was enjoying the lap of luxury and see if he can try and enjoy the party a bit with him as well as they had been through a lot of things but he doesn't seem to ever stop to enjoy the things after it with them mostly just sulks off to the side and tend to himself never allowing himself to be relaxed and he wonders if maybe that was the bigger issue here that he was the problem in it all. Kaito was going to let himself enjoy the party as well as Revy having fun with Renji.
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