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Twisted by the Pool [Michael]

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#26Michael Winters 

Twisted by the Pool [Michael] - Page 2 Empty Sat Sep 09, 2023 10:39 pm

Michael Winters
The girls gave him their answers and he wasnt quite sure what to think. In any case he is competition even if the kids like him. He wanted to be the only. The one to impress, the one that the girls would talk about. Both spoke of the guys innocence and brotherly stuff. Still he didnt know what to think.

But soon his focus would move on something that Sofia drew. Something much more dire and important. He and Alisa have not kissed yet. They had to remedy that
"Thats true. We cant have that now can we~" he said with a grin as he approached her and wrapped both of his arms around her waist now. Squarely focused on her. He was calm, but internally excited. He finally gets to kiss a beauty like her.

As the two would move in close to remedy their mistake, he could feel her on his chest, her lips an inch away. He can feel her, she was this close. He can feel her scent, her breath. His eyes glanced at Sofia for a moment as Alisa spoke to her. Before turning his gaze back to Alisa and kissing her. He couldnt really bear it. The teasing, the wait. He wanted to seize the moment right away and show her a real kiss. The kiss he shared with Sofia. An emotion driven kiss. One filled with desire, want and affection


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“Dammmmnnnn… You guys really know how to get a gal hot under the collar, don't you~?” The emerald eyes of the enchantress seeming to grow wide indeed as she watched the pair with whom she shared the pool acquiesce to her request and share their first kiss, perhaps it was the fact that she was something of a voyeur in the situation or that she could not guess which of them she was more envious of but whatever the reason Miss Serena found herself blushing rather extensively as she watched the spectacle she had ushered, and as her face warmed she found the source laying a little ways south of that.
“Even when I left my collar in another room~?” Something within her seeming to heat up with all the fleetness and ferocity of a furious fire mage, any kind of inhibition which she may have carried into the room seemed to melt and evaporate in an instant as she looked toward the dalliance of the dup with no shortage of pressure placed upon her bottom lip, and felt something begin to hammer within her chest which she simply could not deny any longer. After all, it had been lurking there all day at this point, right?

“Here~?” Such an overdue eruption of feeling something which seemed to compel the coquette to lunge for the closest set lips of the woman she loved the very moment that they seemed to become available, the girl with the green gaze flung herself onward and trapped one of those perfect pouts with her own succulent suckle, but made sure to make it clear that neither party was about to escape this situation with the way in which her fingers and the nails upon them seemed to dig into the napes of both their necks.
“Mmnn~!” Practically clawing at the coupling in fact as she darted from one face and to the other and all the while seeming to share the silky feeling of her lips and velvety smoothness of her tongue with both, the more that she tasted the more hunger that she felt, and there was something else as well. All too quickly seeming to feel as if both the air and the water around her was boiling and needing to be liberated from her costume as soon as she could, the sizzling siren through caution to the wind as she pulled a thumb down one of the taut sashes which covered her chest and popped something free, and eagerly seemed to invite the pair to feast upon her as she did so…

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"Well said~", she admired his patience, and her lips curled wider with a low, sultry little purr before she finally claimed his lips... Her nails dug tighter as her arms draped fully around his back, as though making it clear he wouldn't be going anywhere until she was done with him... A slow, sensual, ravenous kiss as she worked his lips between her own plush, pillowy pout, suckling, teasing it between her teeth, even sneaking in with her tongue, inviting his to come out and mingle with her own.

The whole time, her chest squeezed more firmly to his chest, shifting to the outlines of his chiseled frame, tight enough for them to feel each other's quickening heartbeats, her silky soft skin warm to the touch. At the same time, Alisa knew fully well Sofia was still watching. She hadn't forgotten about her at all, not now and not in a million years~... When she heard those melodious, honeyed words, she all but shivered in Michael's arms when the kiss finally parted, their lips glossy and shimmering under the sun's dazzling gleam, Alisa bit her lip at the display, then turned her attention back to Sofia, and her jaw simply dropped:

"Oh my~...", and with these words she wasted no time sliding one arm around Sofia's waist and pulling her in, locking her lips with her loverrs as though the mere taste of that pillowy pout was more vital a need for her than the very air in her lungs. Alisa kissed her back ravenously, her hunger growing with every kiss as if she were simply picking up where she left off with Michael... Easily catching Sofia's motion without even looking down, a shiver shot up her spine as she caught on to what she'd just done, and instinctively started kissing her way down her jawline, down to her neck, her clavicle, and to delights further below, "We can't have you... Feeling left out my love~?"


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#29Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
This was heaven on Earth...land. So much so if actual heaven didnt have exactly this, he wasnt dying anytime soon. Having a lady such as this in his arms and being in her arms. Their lips connecting, tongues interacting and everything one could want from a passionate kiss. What could be better then that? Oh thats right, two ladies.

He wasnt gonna forget Sofia anytime soon who was watching their display of affection and sure enjoying it. Funny, he didnt peg her as the voyeour type, though he probably should've in hindsight that at least one was. Still, he wasnt gonna let her just watch. She wasnt off the hook. So once he freed up Alisa she could join in on the smooching of the lady, which was hot. He could partially see the appeal. But only partially as he was a man of action rather. So he also got his own chance to smooch her once again to share his love and passion with her. Giving her his own nibbles on the neck. He was being rather careful and soft with those though as their teeth werent created equally, his were notably sharper, but he had enough experience to know how hard or soft he can do it to just make it pleasurable for the other party. Well, he had experience.
Though he did then notice what did she do and what she invited them to do
"Oh grr." he didnt have much words to say, nothing clear headed at the moment and he didnt want his animal impulse to fully take control, even if he did feel its urges Though perhaps he was speechless even with the words and just let his body go on its own with his movements and kisses that would trail down and down until it reaches the tasty jackpot of the holy grail. Mother nature was beautiful

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