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The Final Piece (Event)

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Yuurei and Renji were moving through the path set in front of them. They were trying to get to the place where the war would start or started. Once they had brought their group to the fight, then it was up to them to do the rest. The Exceed would look at his friend and he could see that he was not okay right now. He was fierce and honestly Renji didn’t enjoy it when Yuurei was like this. He did his best to calm down, but only time would calm him down.

The group behind them was excited as they felt like with Yuurei on their side, they didn’t have to worry about anything. They looked at Kaito and they weren’t sure if he was acting, but they could tell that young man was a bit unhinged.

They, of course, didn’t say anything about anything. They were trying to make sure that they didn’t coward in fear and run away. It wouldn’t take long, but the group would hear shouting from all over the place. The sound of weapons clashing with each other was just as loud. It would seem like getting to the battlefield wasn’t as hard as it seemed.

The group was nearby, and all they had to do was push a little bit more and they would be able to help their comrades. Yuurei had blessed his Jeweled Sword Zelretch with light powers again; it wasn’t just that, but he had also given Renji his shield. It was the same shield that Revy had been using. He and Kaito had gotten their hands on them, which was funny because it was after Brone lost his.

Yuurei would crack his neck and then his knuckles as he was getting ready for this fight. Migi looked at Yuurei as it seemed like he was going to be weaponless for the fight ahead.

“Interesting, you are fighting with just your bare hands?” He asked Yuurei.

The Seraphim would look at his arm and he would have a smirk on his face.

“My bare hands and I have you, so I do have a weapon.” He said to Migi.

Migi knew he was right about that, which was cool with him. When they got to the battlefield, they would see both sides fighting. They were clashing and falling, it would also seem like their side had more people coming to join the fight to make this even.

“Alright! We got you here safely and without wasting energy! Now you guys go all out and fight for a new Joya!” He shouted and they would all scream as they would start running forward to join the fight.

While Yuurei would see this, his eyes scanned the area and someone would appear from above and crash onto Yuurei. When the debris cleared out, it was clear Yuurei had avoided the attempt as he looked at the man in front of him.

“Damn, I thought I could get rid of the Starlight brat before he could even fight.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would shake his head as if he was going to enjoy this.

“You’re going to have to do better than that.” He said to him.

Renji was going to help, but that was when he saw a wave of magic coming to him. He stretched the shield in front of him to avoid being hurt. The magic would be blocked by Renji’s shield and he would look over to see who attacked him.



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Kaito swapped with Revy, so now Kaito had the shield and Revy had the sword as it would be far easier for the woman to wield than it would be for her to wield the shield. Kaito returned to acting normal as he ran toward a group of samurai that acted like they were going to try and take him out but the man full on parries with his shield and hits them in the chest with his fist which did so much more damage than they were expecting either cracking or just straight out breaking through their armor. Kaito can see they are shaken as the human Revy does as Kaito had been teaching her to do. See openings and take them if she can, she moves and dodges as she gets in and she takes her shots and swings in when she could.

She sees what Kaito is doing and she comes over and teams up with him for a bit Kaito making the opening and Revy going into action and attacking them and doing real damage neither of them were killing the people they were fighting them and letting them retreat as Kaito is not big on killing and neither is Revy so it was just better to wound them and show mercy as there needed to be a line he doesn’t cross and that line was a firm on at killing unless there is no other choice. Kaito and Revy kept moving and keeping who they could safe as the forces helped to fight and try to show they are right but there is only so much they can do and they healers get to work and keep healing those they see getting hurt and protecting who they can if they can.

It seemed that they were going to just keep coming as Kaito senses something and swings his shield protecting Revy from poison tipped kunai that were thrown to hit him and Kaito looked around for where they had come from to see if he could get some pay back for them trying to kill Revy and he turned on his mana vision and pointed hitting them with beams of arcane energy and sending others fleeing and trying to regroup but not making it as Kaito picks them off, like they were ducks at a shooting festival game and he is the dead eye with the cork gun he is still only wounding and not killing them as he is not here to kill only to help a friend that called upon him to help her to battle this place but what was really going on.

Kaito didn’t have time to worry about it as the next wave of samurai are coming in and attacking so he has to defend and make sure that he was stopping then and making more openings for Revy to attack in. Kaito wonder if Yuurei was also having this good of a time or if this was going to be a rough one once they meet back up again. Kaito is doing all he can to help fight and to take down the enemies that are coming to him while keeping the others alive hopefully but there might be an issue if he isn’t careful. Revy is starting to feel like she is finally getting use to using the sword but she feels bad that Kaito doesn’t have his sword but it was just how it was going to be for now she just hoped that she didn’t end up breaking his sword so he won’t have to get it repaired after this as she knows that there is a lot Kaito was probably going to have to get back in place after this.


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Yuurei would look at the man that had attacked him by surprise. It would stop him from joining the fight and taking out a lot of the soldiers that were around him. Still, the man wasn’t going to allow Yuurei to get close to him. He knew that his family was known for their weaponry, which meant that they were versatile in that sense.

He would back up a bit and it was then he would rapidly launch punches into the air and toward Yuurei. It was then that a bunch of mana energy would make their way to Yuurei. He would see the attacks coming, and he would start dodging them without a problem. Still, the person who he was fighting, knew the consequence of getting close, but he didn’t care. He used those attacks to block Yuurei’s vision and he would end up on Yuurei’s left. He was avoiding the weird creature on his right arm. The Seraphim dodged the attacks and felt more danger from his left. He would extend his hand out as he would catch the punch from the man’s attack.

He felt the blow from the attack, but it was not something he would allow to bother him. Instead, he moved while holding the fist of the man, and Migi would slash at him. He would break free from Yuurei’s grasp by chance, but he would be cut up a bit by Migi. He would slide on the ground as he was impressed with Yuurei’s movement.

“It seems like you’re a scary being Yuurei. I heard rumors about you but thought they were just rumors. Could you actually be the strongest mage alive? Or is that a lie?” He asked him.

Yuurei would crack his neck as he would look at him.

“It doesn’t matter to me. As long as nobody bothers me, or harms those I’m protecting then they don’t have to feel my wrath.” He said to the man as he avoided answering him.

He would chuckle as it was an answer he wasn’t expecting.

Renji would look at the woman that was not too far from him. She giggled when she saw that he was able to block her attack without a problem.

“Here, I thought you wouldn’t be able to do anything. You must have some powerful equipment on you if you could block that attack.” She said to him.

Renji would see his attacker and he would shake his head. Why was he always fighting a woman? It was like they wanted him to look bad, but in the end, he was an Exceed.

“Yeah, you won’t be able to take me out that easily.” He said to her.

She giggled again, and this time she would disappear from where she was, and would end up next to him. His eyes widen when he noticed, and she would kick him and launched him to the side where he was holding his shield.

His eyes widen and he felt the pain rushing through his body, but Yuurei’s armor had protected him. He would gasp for air as he looked at the woman as she was quick on her feet. He would swing his Jeweled Sword Zelretch and a slash of light pure mana would be sent flying at her. She was quick on her feet and she would dodge the attack and landed a few feet away from Renji with a smile on her face ready to attack him.



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Kaito wonders how long the forces are going to be able to stand up to fighting Yuurei at this rate they will not have enough people to even try to contest them as there was a mass of people laying all around defeated from him and Revy as well as the ones that Yuurei and Renji had taken down. Kaito was not sure that he should be letting them live but he hasn't killed any of them that he could save. Revy on the other hand might have mortally wounded some of them as she is not a fighter in the same sense as Kaito and Yuurei are who have crafted their art and know how to hold back but Kaito had not thought that he would have to teach her this but he knows that he will blame himself later for his short sight and not thinking to teach her how to hold back and he wonders if there is a way to do it now.

Kaito looked to Revy and watched as she fought hard and she defended herself well. Kaito can she is in a rhythm and him calling out to her will only cause her to be off tempo and she he decided it was best to keep his mouth shut as they needed to fight and this is war so his usual morals for these kinds of fights will not be everyone's moral so if Revy killed he has no right to judge as he wants to see her live to make it to the age to be able to have a family of her own when she finds a man that can keep up with her and live up to what she needs. Kaito returns to swinging his shield and knocking the others back and he made sure he stuck to his morals and didn't take their lives but watches as they lay and watches as more pile in at him and he keeps his shield arm strong as he tears through any one that got in the way of them making it out of here.

Kaito senses two more bigger powers and his mana vision showed him them as they went to strike him one from the front and one from the back and Kaito phased the attacks and they hit each other with a charged punch. Kaito saw how they attacked him in tantum and that was an attack type that Emil had told him that father had tried to teach him and these guys knew it so maybe he saw it from here? Kaito slides back into the dimension and he shield bashed the two would be attackers as they had come at him with a deep want to kill him so it was only fair that he attacked them back in kind barring the killing part as he doesn't care about if they came at him for blood he was not a killer. Well he wasn't a killer yet as maybe one day he might snap or go mad with power but currently that was not the hand that was dealt in the sky so this was something that was going to be a semi-big deal.

Kaito really made sure to hold back from killing them as he fought them as the two tried to stay in sync but Kaito was taking pieces of the ground as they attempted to do it so to keep them out of sync as they lose parts of their footing so they either lose speed or not as sturdy of a foot hold to kick off from. Kaito was making sure that they were on his terms and not to kill them but only knock them out if he is able to do it.
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Yuurei was enjoying his fight right now; he would look at the man in front of him as it would seem like he didn’t expect that much power to come out of him. Still, he wondered what that arm was about. He didn’t think that a Starlight would have allowed an Oni to take part of their body.

“It’s a contradiction to see a Starlight with an Oni or monster working side by side.”

Yuurei would hear this and he would rub the back of his head. Migi wasn’t any of those, but this guy wouldn’t know that now.

“He’s none of that. Migi’s a parasite that has to stay with me or he dies. But I don’t know why I’m telling you this. You aren’t going to be conscious for that long. You no longer entertain me.” He said to the man.

He would chuckle when he heard Yuurei and he would make his move to Yuurei. The Seraphim would see this, and he wondered what he would do right now. It was then the man would attack. He would see this and the way that he had attacked was different from before.

It would seem like he was trying to keep his distance, but that wouldn’t work all the time. It sucked that he decided to go and fight against Yuurei out of everyone that was there. The young man would use the webs from his necklace, and he would shoot them at the man in front of him. He didn’t expect it to hurt the man, but he was hoping to catch him.

It would hit the man and he would look over to Yuurei as he wasn’t sure what would happen next. That is when he would pull the man, and his eyes widen. There was nothing he could do about it as he saw himself going straight to Yuurei. When he tried to break free it was too late.

Yuurei had moved his arm toward the man he was fighting against. Migi’s appendages would extend, and they would cut the man up as his eyes would roll back from the pain. This was how it was fighting a Starlight it seemed and he didn’t even use his weapons against him. He would fall to the ground, and that was when someone from the crowd of the war would shake their head.

Renji looked around to see where the woman would come from next. He would stare at her as she had a smile on her face. It was then she would disappear once again, and when he noticed she would be coming from above him. His eyes widen when he saw this as he would feel his head tilt downward and when he tried to shield bash the woman, she would disappear.

He would see where she would land, and he would swing his Jeweled Sword Zelretch and a slash of mana would make its way to her. She saw this and she could see that he was adapting to their fight. She would jump out of the way but would feel the scratch on her shoulder. The attack was strong, but she just needed to keep moving, so it wouldn’t hit her.



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"You guys might want to stop before I have to take the gloves off." Kaito was looking right at them as they were looking to kill him and he had no idea to if he could even really keep himself from not killing them. Revy is still keeping up her battles along side the troops so Kaito knows he needs to suck it up and just fight and the next time they strike he swings his body and slams the shield into the ribs of the one attacker and using the shield like a plate sends them served right into the other one. Yes they were skilled but Kaito knows that they are here so that already beats parts of their attacks which relay on them having the element of surprise. Kaito feels that this might be these two's first outings on an actual battle field even if they are sync this might have been the only thing that they had been trained in to use, and they were out here to get their first taste of real battle.

Kaito now kind of feels like a bully but as they haven't given up just yet he feels that they might still have something left in their tanks to show him, they went to attack him but it seems that when he had hit the first one he might have broken some of their ribs. It was a shame but Kaito thinks that he might have forced them to have to rethink their choices as the one still comes at Kaito as the other trails behind and can't get into sync as their insides are busted up from the impact and Kaito hoped that they will be okay but he has to defend himself. Kaito easily handled the one that was ahead of the other as they were a gimmick fighter so without the gimmick they were a normal below average fighter and he got knocked out could from a shield bash and as the other hobbled over to the downed man they collapsed as their lung had been punctured by the broken rib. Kaito marks them as enemies and sends them to the healers to treat them as they were not a threat from their and he thinks they learned their lesson about fighting people that are higher on the food chain than them.

Kaito get a tingle and he ducked and a blade went flying over his head. Kaito jumps to the side as he sees a massive Samurai standing there but he had made no sound when he was coming up to Kaito and the blade flew back to the samurai's hand and Kaito readied his shield as he blocks the hits from the Massive sword that the giant was swinging like it was a tooth pick. Kaito was not going to back down they had done to much here and worked far to hard to even think about backing down before they had won this Kaito moved in swiftly Parrying the massive sword and he high them in the shin knee area but they seemed to just ignore the hit. Kaito realized this might not be an actual person but maybe an undead puppet for the shogun to use. Kaito kept his head high as he kept fighting it and he can see that some of the movements are a bit out of the normal if this thing was as it seemed to him but he knows that rather it is dead or not or a puppet means nothing unless he can find the way to free it from being used.
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Yuurei had finished taking the man out and he was looking around to see how this war was turning out. He looked over to Renji and it would seem like he was having a tough time fighting a woman from the enemy side. He would shake his head because he figured that he would go and help his friend out. Of course, the moment he took a step forward someone would approach him from behind.

They didn’t attack him, but he felt them inching closer to him with his necklace. He would pause his movements and he would turn to look at them. He would see that it was a man clad in armor as he had a katana drawn out. Yuurei could see the blood that was on his blade and he could see that he had been slaughtering the men that were fighting for a better Joya.

“I can assume you are the next person that wants to challenge me?” He asked him waiting to see what he would say.

The samurai would look at Yuurei and would get into a stance.

“The Starlights end with you, we already sent someone to take your father’s life.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would take in a deep breath and his eyes would open. When his eyes opened, he moved straight toward the man without hesitating. He closed the gap between them in a second, and the Samurai would block with his blade from Yuurei’s left arm, and then quickly moved his katana again to clash with Migi’s appendages.

He leaped back to gain distance from Yuurei as he saw what those sharp weapons could do. The Seraphim wasn’t pleased that he had threatened his father’s life, but he was sure that the old man could take care of himself. He would take deep breaths, but he was pissed right now. The Samurai could see that he was conflicted and he figured that it was his chance. He would push forward and he would attack Yuurei.

He would swing his blade down, and at the midsection, he would switch the direction of the blade. Yuurei would see this and he would move back dodging the first attack, and then when the second attack came Migi would block with the blades of his appendage. The Samurai figured this was no easy task and he would spin around to gain momentum. Migi would move his appendage back and then he would land the blow again with his sharpened blades.

The samurai saw this and he would kick Yuurei or attempt to. The young man saw this and he would counter his kick with a kick of his own. The two would clash with that attack and the Samurai would feel the power behind that kick. His armor would take a lot of damage due to Yuurei’s weird counters.

Renji was looking at the woman and it would seem like she was on the move again. It was then she would disappear and she would end up behind him. He would feel the attack land on the suit as he would stumble forward. She was too fast for him, so he needed to guess what she was going to do next. He turned around, but she had already moved away from him. She would chuckle because she had him where she wanted him to be.



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Kaito keeps blocking against the massive sword and Revy sees that Kaito is in a form of trouble and she ends her fight and runs for Kaito to try and help him. Kaito was not watching Revy so he had no Idea that she was heading his way and he swings his shield and parries the sword again and Revy slid in under his shield and jumped up slashing the armor of the samurai and Kaito sort of jumped back from seeing this happen as he had not known of the woman running to help him but he had left Revy open to an attack and the giant samurai saw this and headed right for her with his swing. Kaito threw himself into the way with his shield and just barely saves her. Kaito looks at Revy and he laughs nervously. "Seems I was just on time there huh?" Revy giggles and nods and they keep working together to fight this mountain of a man.

Kaito was not so sure that Revy was going to forgive him for that as it was a very close call but for now he knows that she is probably going to wait till after the fighting is done to yell at him for nearly letting her be murdered as he got scared by her backing him up. Kaito and Revy keep chipping away at the samurai and his armor as he was trying to make this thing fall but he was not going to let this thing win over them. Revy watched wide eyed as there were many things going on and he keeps trying to move as fast as he can with Revy staying by his side and backing him up but this fight has been mostly just two on one but there were a lot of things that could go wrong here and he was not going to let this go down easily and that was his goal. Kaito pushes as hard as he can and he sees the giant stumble and Kaito pushes hard and into the attack.

The samurai had faked Kaito out and pulled out a second weapon and swung it at Kaito and it looks like Kaito was about to get hurt pretty badly but Revy jumped in front of it protecting Kaito with the blade of the sword Kaito gave her and it cut through the weapon and Revy won the exchange but she got knocked away from the weapons effect. She hits the ground hard and bounces with a bit of a whimpering noise and she doesn't get up fast but very slow. "I am fine... Get him Kaito." She is holding her arm and she seemed to need to fall back to be healed and tended to as she was hurt pretty badly. Kaito was now pissed off and he rampages into the giant monster of a samurai and he doesn't back down as he slams both his fist and shield into the monster and he doesn't seem to be showing any signs of backing down as this was just how it had to be done and not waste anymore time than they had already done. The monstrous mountain of a man has fallen when Kaito was done with him and that was all that mattered.
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Renji was trying to figure out what to do. This girl was too strong and too fast. If he kept this up he wasn’t going to lose the armor that Yuurei had him using. That wouldn’t be good, so he had to do something before that happened. He would relax for a bit as he knew she was coming from three directions. She was avoiding the shield on his left hand so that was great information. He would have to just use luck for this.

The girl noticed that she had him on the ropes and she was going to enjoy chipping away at the handsome man. It was then she would disappear and she would reappear to his right. He saw her disappear, and he figured it was time to guess where she would appear. He would shift his shield above his head and she would clash against the shield. She had a smirk on her face because she didn’t expect that. However, this was what he had been waiting for. He would thrust his Jeweled Sword Zelretch into the air and a pulse of light mana would spread out from around him and engulf her and everything around him within eight meters.

Her eyes widen when she saw this and she would scream and shout from the pain. It was then she would fall to the ground unconscious from the attack. Renji would sigh with relief as he was happy fighting her was over as the debris would disperse and he would see that she was done for.

“Thank god, you weren’t durable to take on that attack. It was my one chance to get you out of this war.” He said as he would go toward Yuurei.

He figured he would help his friend with the fight he was going through. He would keep his distance as he watched Yuurei and the Samurai go after each other.

Yuurei would look over to the samurai in front of him. He wasn't happy with him as he had threatened his father’s life. He didn’t care about himself as he knew that he could take care of his own life. The samurai would relax as he took a deep breath; he knew that he needed to do things at his own pace. He wasn’t going to be pulled to dance Yuurei’s dance. When he was ready, he would look at him and he would run forward. It was then he would swing his katana at Yuurei.

The Seraphim would dodge the swing but then noticed that the man stopped the swing and changed its motion to him. He had a smirk on his face as he was really good at combo attacks. Migi had seen this and he had been damaging himself, but blocking the attacks of this man. He would clash his appendage straight at the katana. Yuurei would feel the damage, but they were also chipping away at the katana that the man was holding.

“You’re an abomination. No wonder the Shogun feared your clan. You guys would do anything to gain more power. That arm of yours is not ordinary what is that?” He asked Yuurei curious to hear what he had to say.

Yuurei would have a smirk on his face as he was going to show him what an abomination was.

“My arm is a parasite that lives within me. He invaded my body without asking and now lives here. I would get rid of him, but he has these cool abilities that are useful for fights like this. Still, as for an abomination, I will show you one right now.” He said to the samurai.

The Samurai would see Yuurei’s wings come out of his back. It was more than four and his appearance had changed as well. His eyes widen when he saw this because he never saw something so scary yet so beautiful.

“What are you?” He asked.

“I am a Seraphim and the last thing you will see for now.” He said to him.

Yuurei would put fear into his heart and the Samurai would hesitate before doing anything. When the samurai gained his composure, he would focus and he would rush to Yuurei. He was beautiful, but he had to be destroyed. He was not on the side of the shogun, so he had to be put down. Still, before he could do something, Renji would use the laser feature of his helmet and it would be shot straight at the Samurai. He would be hit by the attack as he didn’t see it coming.

Yuurei saw this and he looked over to Renji as he had helped him. He would take advantage of this and he would fly toward the Samurai. When the wave of light energy disperse, Yuurei would appear in front of him. He would cut the man with Migi’s appendages and he would fall to the ground.

Yuurei would look over to Renji and he would give him a thumbs up. He would look around the battlefield and he wondered where he should head to. It would seem like their side was winning slightly, but things could change in an instant. Yuurei would make his move to some stairs that he saw in the distance. He figured if anything the Shogun might be over there. Renji would see this and he would follow behind his friend.



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Kaito looks at the people that filed in as Kaito readied his shield and his sword reappeared in his hand which means that Revy is out from the rest of this battle and she wanted to make sure that he stayed armed and ready to go and he keeps pushing for what he can do and he takes on the other grunts that pile in as the giant samurai seemed to rot away and Kaito seemed to change his fighting style as he put his shield back on his back and he keeps pushing for the goal with his sword in hand and beams flying out of his other hand at them and them feeling the pain as he aimed for the head and making sure that they stay down as their helmets crack and take more than they can handle and the fighters fall one after the other as Kaito keeps carving his way through the crowd and he doesn't want to back down in the least no one could probably talk him down till they  are all running then maybe someone will be able to talk him down but for now he is a monster.

They looked at Kaito as his eyes seemed to flicker between normal and something else like he was taken over by a monster that was cold bloodedly hunting them and a fox mask appeared on Kaito's face once again and he jumps and slashes and it looks more like Kaito was dancing and enjoying himself than he had before as if the real Kaito had been unleased and the other was a fake that was only to please the people but was that really the case or was this a different person completely. Kaito was not talking but his silence was seeming to speak louder that any words the man could speak in this moment as he seemed to give off an aura of death that seemed to consume the souls of those that he was killing and knocking to the side as this was what war was a senseless mountain of violence and blood shed so in this mans mind the cycle was just a simple and fully flexible and unmute able sign of change for this country.

This man seemed nothing like the man that had been fighting side by side with his companion and parrying the attacks with his shield the man seemed to act like a demon more than a man that would be here to fight humans. Kaito lowered himself closer to the ground and he speeds forward and attacks striking hard and sharp and pieces are send falling to the ground. The forces fighting on his side make sure to give him a wide birth as he seemed to not be fully there and his eyes seemed cold and calculating like he was making a count of the people that had fallen to pieces by his blade and this was not like the man but this was not the place to be asking questions or showing mercy.

The man moved and the enemy started to pull back from around him as they didn't want to be the next one to be a victim. "You shouldn't show your back to the enemy." The voice that left his mouth as Kaito's voice but it was cold and soul less sounding like it was devoid of caring, the man ran after them to claim more lives as this was going to have to be the place and time they die as that is a rule of fighting never show your back ever to an enemy as they will take that free kill in a heartbeat.
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