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History Lesson (Brone)

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Yuurei had learned that his father was from Joya; he had been here a few times, and the last time he was here, he helped people. Still, today was different because he figured that he would learn more about himself and possibly his father’s lineage. The way people moved around here was different. They seemed worried that any of their actions could cost them their life. He didn’t like that, but what would he be able to do here? He couldn’t just barge in here as it would look like he was a usurper. He figured that someone would be able to help the people in Joya and hopefully for the better.

The Seraphim walked around the main city within Joya; he had turned his age back to when he was younger. He wore an outfit he had not worn for so long. This was how he met Brone actually, which was kind of funny that he had done this. He had told the dwarf to come with him on this journey as this would be a good way to see if anybody knew of his family’s history.

He was pretty sure this was the country that Benimaru had come from, and possibly coming here, the damn sword and shield would be able to find the words that he was looking for to say to Brone. The weather was beautiful here though, and his journey took him to the furthest part of the main city. After gathering enough information, he found a place where he could gather information.

Chishi was a place where hunters of stories gathered. It spoke of wars and unworldly creatures. If his father was a great blacksmith, then his lineage created weapons that possibly slayed these creatures.

Renji would be with him as well as the two of them were interested in Yuurei’s family.

“So what are you going to do Yuu?” Renji asked.

Yuurei would look up to the sky as he shrugged his shoulder.

“I don’t know yet, but I figured we wait for Brone and then wing it.” He said to his friend as their wait would begin.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe was informed of a trip to Joya, and he had assumed correctly that this was involving the fact that Yuurei found out his lineage derived from Joya. The dwarf was happy to join his friend on the trip to discover his ancestry. He made sure to pack light, though he rarely needed anything other than cloths for a few days and his weapons.

Huginn and Muninn, his ravens, had made sure to keep track of Yuurei’s position and would fly to Brone to keep him updated of his destination. Gnicholas risen in the cowl of the brown cloak of the dwarf while they were upon Geri, the tempest wolf’s back, making their way to Joya.

As for Benimaru, he was excited to return to familiar land, for he originally came from Joya, but he was packed along with the clothing since there was no room left on Geri.

Once reaching the outskirts of the main city, Chishi, the dwarf’s awareness risen. The place was rundown as the best descriptor he could give. The place was quiet, rarely any civilians and when Brone managed to find a civilian, it was a suspicious looking sort, wether it was gruff man, or scrawny person who looked to have lost their mind. Seeing a large skeleton of an unrecognized monster had given Gnicholas to stay hidden within the cloak.

Eventually, Brone found Yuurei and Renji. As he dismounted, the ravens perched themselves upon the shoulders of his golden armor, ”So what’s the plan then?” He asked as he pulled his blue helmet from head so he could take in a deep breath.


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Yuurei would hear Brone’s words and he would chuckle while rubbing the back of his head. That wasn’t a question he thought his friend would ask him, but here they were.

“I figured we would go around this place and see if there is anybody sane to answer my question. If my father was a great blacksmith and those before him were too, then there has to be someone who knows more about them.” He said to Brone as Renji would shake his head.

He would look at the two crows, and then Brone and then looked for Gnicholas.

“Can someone give Yuu a different kind of plan? If not then I guess we will be doing exactly what he said.” He said this to them.

When they looked at Renji, they would no longer see the orange fur that he always had. They would see the brown fur that he now had, alongside the white patches that were found in certain areas. He was strong, probably as strong as Gnicholas, but in a different way.

Yuurei would hear Renji’s words and he would shake his head.

“If someone has a better idea, then they could say something, but right now we move forward and ask the randoms we find here. This was a place where battles were fought. That meant my ancestors must have made weapons and armor for those who fought here. I don’t know if they are still here, but let’s go.” He said to the group as he started walking ahead of everyone.

He moved through the area and it wouldn’t take long for him to find someone. The person was lying down on the ground as if he didn’t care what happened to him. Yuurei would approach him with caution and the man would look at him.

“What do you want?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would smile at him.

“Yes, I was wondering if you know anything about the Starlight, Blacksmith family from Joya?” He asked the man waiting for an answer.

The man’s ears would perk up when he heard the question and he would look at Yuurei.

“I don’t have information about them, but there might be a place where you might get that type of information. Who’s asking by the way?” He asked Yuurei.

“I’m Yuurei Starlight. I was just trying to learn more about my heritage so that any information would be helpful.” He said to the man.

How Yuurei looks right now:

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone nodded, agreeing with Yuurei’s plan, though Renji didn’t seem to think it was a reasonable plan, ”Woah! Ye got a new cat!” Brone was surprised to see such a different cat.

”That’s obviously Renji, just a different appearance” Gnicholas said after he popped out from the cowl of the cloak and observing the exceed. The dwarf took another look and Renji, though he had difficulty recognizing him, he gave a small wave.

”I think the plan is good” Brone mentioned admittedly.

”Its terrible, but it’s the only plan we have so far” the gnome said as he hopped down onto the ground and chose to walk with the group.

After a bit of time, the lot of them found a random civilian laying upon the ground without a care in the world. Though he seemed hesitant, he hinted he may have the information they need, or at least know where they can find the information.

”Starlight? The Blacksmith of Heroes? Those are myths, and even they did exist, they’re long since gone” A scrawny, lanky, man walked up to the group, baring a skeletal smile. His scarecrow-like demeanor was so offputting, the ravens flew off into the sky.

”Oi, ye see that over there?” Brone said to the scarecrow man while pointing off in the distance. The scarecrow man looked in the direction but couldn’t place what the dwarf was pointing at, ”That’s yer business over there, so go mind it” the dwarf’s tone had a bit of sass.

”Whatever, just keep in mind that lost boys get picked on around here” The lanky man sucked his teeth before turning around and walking off.

”These boys aren’t lost, and ye don’t know what borough we’re from, the Big Bx, Burrow X” Brone emphasized a gesture with his hands in an insulting manner. He had been to several rough areas in different cities, so he knew well how to stand stern and face intimidation; though what he had said was mainly lies, he had to make sure he was intimidating enough to avoid onlookers approaching them with ill intent. Back at home, his clan lived in the tenth burrow of the northern part of the dwarven city, though he wasn’t a rough place to live, ”Don’t worry, Yuurei, I got me Tims on” he said as he showed his heavy beige boots, custom made by his best cobbler Timothy Landerson.


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Yuurei had waited for the man to speak to them. He was hoping, knowing that Yuurei was from the Starlight family, that he would cough up the information. Still, it would seem like someone would intervene in their conversation. He had confirmed that people around here did know about his family and that they were myths amongst the people here. He would look confused for a bit as it seemed like he and his father were the last of their family.

That was good information from this man even if it were small. Brone would scare him off though as it seemed like how he looked crept his friend out. He would nod hearing Brone confirming that he had nothing to be scared of.

“Oh, I know I have nothing to worry about with your around Brone.” He said with a smile on his face.

He would look over to the man on the ground as he was staring at Yuurei. It would seem like he couldn’t believe that a Starlight was in front of him. He remembers they had all been cast out from Joya. That they had all been killed. But this man was young, which meant someone must have survived twenty-five years ago. That was interesting, which brought a smile to his face as he had gotten up from his resting place.

“Now, this is getting interesting. I didn’t think something like this would happen; A Starlight around Joya. I thought you all died twenty-five years ago. The Shogun and a lot of nobles will do anything they could to kill you, or stop you from finding out about your past.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei’s eyes widen when he heard those words. He didn’t say much, but what he said made Yuurei think that his family was hunted.

“They wouldn’t want to mess with me. So, could you give me more information or the place where I can get it?” He asked the man.

He would rub his chin and he had a smirk on his face.

“I would give you the information, but I feel that there is someone who would tell the story better. Also, we’re outside, so we don’t know who’s watching or listening. If you want the information you seek, then go in that direction. You will see a tavern, where we people who live here enjoy going. Go to the bar and ask for Yamamoto and tell him your name. You guys will be on your own from there.” He said to Yuurei as he was excited about what was going on.

Renji was taking all of this and he was surprised that this was working. He shook his head because it was a bad plan, but it was actually working.

“I guess Yuurei is showing us that it wasn’t that bad of a plan.” He rubbed the back of his head as he was a bit disappointed.

Now, with the information given to them, they would be heading to their next destination within Chishi.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Things are now getting interesting. Gnicholas was worried about what enemies would try and hunt them down because a surviving Starlight had returned to Joya, but for Brone, this was an adventure, "Let them come and be filled with regret" the dwarf scoffed as he drew his golden axe and allowed it to rest on his shoulder. The gnome rested his face into the palm of his hand, having his own regret of joining them on this venture, for the two leading this quest are the muscle-heads and it seems Renji the exceed was the only other person that had any sense to himself.

"Seems like we're just the lovable sidekicks who just go along with their idiotic plans" the gnome said as to the exceed as Brone began to walk in the direction the Chishi resident had pointed them towards.

"We already got a direction, perfect" the dwarf said, smiling as he marched towards the tavern.

"They're a bunch of idiots" Huginn said as he flew in the air, high above the rest of the group.

"Well their approach is very direct and affective" Muninn chimed in as he flew along side his brother.

"While grabbing unwanted attention" Huginn added as he watched a number of onlookers took noticed of the Fiore people as they made their way, "For all we know, that one lanky guy went to go get trouble."

Some time later, Brone had burst through the door of the local tavern, drawing the eyes of the patrons. The dwarf looked around to see the place had a sad air about it; the customers looked as if they had worked a double shift and were on edge. The air smelled of tobacco and the lighting was dim, "A mug of your dirtiest ale for me and something pretty for the pretty one" he bellowed across the taproom to the bartender as he gestured to Yuurei.

The dwarf walked over to the bar as the bartender was readying the drinks. "Loud, aren't you?" The bartender was a large portly man with an attitude that said that he cared little for his job.

"Are dwarves suppose to be quiet?" Brone joked which nearly made the bartender laugh. Gnicholas took a seat beside the dwarf, dreading the stares they were all receiving. Benimaru was told to remain outside with Geri, as to not draw attention, but the shield and sword battled his urges to float on in.

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Yuurei would move through the area as he had been given directions. This was good and he would soon see the tavern in the distance. It would seem like Brone had too, and when they got close enough he would know the dwarf slamming the door wide open. The Seraphim would chuckle as his friend was a comedian and he would enter the place after.

When he got in, he would see that people would look at him a certain way and he wasn’t sure what would happen. It would seem like Brone had ordered him a drink and he would just go along with it. He would just walk to the bar he would take a seat and would look at the man as he was preparing their drinks for them. Renji would make his way to a seat, and when he got on it he would look at everybody in the tavern.

“It seems like a lot of people are interested in what outsiders are doing here. Even though one of us is Joyan.” He said out loud.

The bartender would bring them both drinks and he would look at the Exceed with a smile on his face.

“Oh, I have never seen your friend here before. Still, I know he’s that famous mage from Fiore, Yuurei.” He said to Yuurei.

The hunter would look at him and he would take his drink and he would chug it down before putting the empty mug on the table.

“I’m here looking for Yamamoto can we see him.” He said to him.

The tavern would become quiet, and they would definitely have their eyes on the group. The man in front of them would stare at Yuurei, Brone, Gnicholas, and Renji before he shook his head and had gone to the back of the establishment.

They were waiting for a bit as the people were trying to figure out who these guys were, but if they had to they would attack the group without hesitating.



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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone received his drink and brought it to his lips without hesitation. The moment he put his mug down, he noticed the bartender walk off towards the back of the taproom and vanish, "Guess he ain't the talkative type" the dwarf said.

"Keep your voice down, obviously we're dealing with sensitive information, and the informant we're seeking probably doesn't want any attention brought back to him" Gnicholas aggressively whispered to the dwarf, but Brone simply pinked his ear with his pinky in a nonchalant attitude.

Benimaru, bored of waiting outside, decided to enter the taproom through the front door. The onlookers took their sights from the loud dwarf to the floating shield and sword that made it's way to the foreigners. "Couldn't wait outside, huh, Beni?" Brone chuckled. The oni on the shield simply stared at him ominously and the dwarf stared back, not sure of what he was saying, so he looked to Gnicholas.

"Benimaru doesn't talk, and no, I don't understand him" Gnicholas said without Brone even saying a word. From how the gnome sounded, the dwarf could guess he was irritated, so instead of replying, he decided to leave the gnome alone. The dwarf picked up his drink and took a swig as he looked around the room. Here and there, patrons would stare at him, some were bold enough to give him an aggressive stare, so he decided to reply to the intimidation by grabbing Benimaru's sword and pulled it from the shield. As Brone pointed the sword at one of the mean-lookers, the sword emitted a ghostly purple aura. The patron nearly stumbled back in surprise as the dwarf simply smiled and downed the rest of his drink.

Thought Gnicholas wasn't enjoying the dwarf's showboating, Benimaru was entertained and enjoyed being wielded by the powerful dwarf. He could feel the lifeforce from the dwarf and he happily drank it in. In his past, there were warriors that had wielded him and provided great life force, but couldn't handle the sword's strength, but Brone was different, for if he did notice Benimaru drinking of his life force, he didn't mention it.

Benimaru took a moment to savor the taste of strength that was provided to him. He began to think about trying to start a tavern brawl just so that Brone had a reason to use him.

Brone returned the sword back to the shield and the purple aura faded. Now they simply needed to wait for the return of the bartender so that he could get a refill on his drink... oh and get the information they needed of course.

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