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Song of Ruin [Yuurei]

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Away from the civilizations, away from the forests, the rolling hills sat a soft plain of grass. Away from it all and often forgotten even by the wildlife; ruined pillars, broken homes and walls. Vines long taken hold of this place and the memories of those that had once been here are even more so forgotten. Not a single soul had stepped in here with any real purpose for many lifetimes. The smooth stones were worn with time, blasted by the heat of the summer and softly reminded of their fragility by the winter.

Among these ruins wandered a large golden demi-god, quietly taking in the various homes that had once been lofty and caring. He could feel the deep seated love as merely an echo here. Taking the time to feel it out; passion and love were some of the most intense short lived emotions but left a lasting impact on the land long after they had been cast aside by the dead.

He’d run his hands over the smooth stones that made up the largest of the walls. Leaning against it; the cold sensations of the stone spoke to him of ages long past. They had hoped to be cared for but instead had been forgotten about. His brows furrowed slightly at the thought and he’d sigh softly. A soft song springing up to his lips.

He understood the music of this place; the sorrow and happiness went hand in hand. There had been intense violence here as part of the reason it had been abandoned and he understood that not every place would end in happiness. The skulls and bones of the deceased shifted slightly as he made his way through the ruins. The gentle song that rolled along the plain area seemed to encompass it completely.

He rarely went to places where violence had been so paramount but he had been drawn here by his desire to heal those that were already gone. Put to rest ages ago sure; but there was a lingering desire he wished to amend. The sadness that weighed heavy instead was gently brushed by the music he drew in; his mana rolling along the walls of this place and his gentle nature kissed the sunlight as it shone brightly overhead.

He was practically glowing with kindness, the intense desire and passion to the land. Past that kindness, that desire, that passion was a practically rolling inferno of love directed at one person and one person only. Regardless of the distance that burned like a shining star even though it was the middle of the day.

The wind came along and carried his song far and wide through the plans. Almost running into the trees only to stumble here and there. He was clearly happy with his choice today…


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Yuurei had one key that he didn’t really use a lot. He figured that he could use it today. He wasn’t sure what made him want to use it, but there was something within him that screamed to use it. He would use the aging key without hesitating and it would bring him to look younger than he currently looked. He figured that he would look how he did about three years ago when he first came to Fiore. When he did this, he would look over at Renji and he was surprised that Yuurei had looked at how they had met for the first time. It was amazing and it brought back so many memories.

Still, now that he had done that, he was off to Wood Worthsea. A place he loved and enjoyed visiting more than anything. He decided to feel and enjoy the nature around him today. He wasn’t sure what would happen today, but one thing for sure was that he was going to enjoy himself.

The Seraphim had hidden his true form as well as he didn’t want to bother anybody with the sight of him. He moved through the forest as the animals would appear and greeted him. They were happy to see the former half-elf still alive and moving around the area. He had transcended into a being that had risen him high into a ranking of angels he couldn’t believe himself. What he did enjoy was that he was his own person and that there wasn’t anybody to tell him what to do.

The two of them would continue their movements through the forest. It would seem like there was a being within the forest that had not been here often. It was what nature had told him when they guided him around. Renji would follow Yuurei through the forest as he could only juggle his head as he kept moving.

“What are we doing here? I mean I know you enjoy your walks here, but is it more to it than that?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would hear his words and he would smile as he didn’t mind answering the question.

“Well, it seems like someone who seems familiar is around the area. Not as strong as the other one, but I figured we might as well and see who and what they want with the North.” He said to Renji.

He wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but he figured that he would find out soon enough.

“Well, whatever or whoever it is, do you think they would know who you are looking like that? I don’t think anybody knew who you were when you looked like that.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.

This look brought him back memories as it was how he looked when Kailani and he were always together.

“Nah, but who cares right. I just wanted to think about the past today.” He said as he kept moving through the forest.

It wouldn’t take long, but he would bump into the being that the trees told him about. They didn’t outright say anything, but their noises and signs were more than enough for him to know. It looked just like the thing he fought. He could only wonder and assume this one was the one from his world. He knew because the mana and danger coming from him weren’t the same.

“So, what brings you to the beautiful outskirts of Wood Worthsea?” He asked him wondering what he would say.

Yuurei three years younger:


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The song of this place was enrapturing to him; the tales that were told in the stone kept his attention and the music that spilt from his lips were practically on their own. His time spent among the ruins weren’t really wasted since he had really no concept of the notion given that it was slowed to an absolute crawl for him one way or another. One day, the next and so on and so forth. But it seemed as liquid to him. He knew of it’s passing but it meant little to him when spent away from the one that he held deep within his chest.

Every waking moment with them was like a fire of passion that he couldn’t explain and one that made his ever present smile grow. An ear flicked, then two. His fur tingled and he’d stand up a little bit. The song staggering out a little bit; something abhorrently powerful was approaching him. Something that he couldn’t really compare to. He was stunned for a brief moment; losing the song as he wondered just how much effort went into a being like that.

There was no fear, no negative emotions, just positive shock. He hadn’t dealt with anything that was really outlandishly stronger than he was yet. Sure there was that one mechanical being elsewhere that was pretty damn strong but he had the inkling feeling that their power came from experience and longevity. Where this was like a furious bonfire right in front of him.

Positively… stunning…

He found himself thinking that as they approached, they were much smaller than him and he was much bigger than the other version. Like butter that had been spread out along too much bread he too was far bigger than his original keeper of the body that he now lived for and with. His grasp on languages had strengthened in the last couple weeks and there was a hushed moment as he felt the meaning of the words crash on him. He struggled with longer sentences and with complex words.

But thankfully this individual didn’t use any really; save for two but with the inflections he got from them were definitely positive. Tilting his head this way or that, curiosity played about his features and one of the few words he knew how to say with ease gently slipped from his lips; quickly followed by a second. Compared to the dark world version of him, his voice was soft, passionate and gentle. No hate was in any portion of it and he certainly wasn’t full of himself.

Song. Music.

He’d motion around the area; that he could still feel that passionate tug from now that he got the land to gently share it with him. It was hard to really understand more than that of this place; many would just feel sad here but he could feel the love that was carried among this place however old it was.


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Yuurei would look at him and now that he was staring at him for a few seconds, he could see somewhat of a difference. He could see the Jackal was indeed much taller than the other one he had fought. It might have been that, or Yuurei was just smaller than he usually was. Either way, it would seem like this being was trying to gather its thoughts before answering him.

While he had done that Renji would examine him as this was the first time he had seen the Jackal. He was not there for the fight as Yuurei said it could become disastrous if he was by his side. Renji understood the meaning behind those words and it was simple, he was still weak. He would change that he hoped. Still, when it came to the two he could feel Yuurei’s mana and power over Saturn, which was something Renji was proud of.

Yuurei’s eyes wandered the area as he waited for the two words that came from the Jackal. He could only wonder if they had the same name. With the words spoken, Yuurei would look around and he wouldn’t hear the things that he heard. Still, the sound of nature, and animals around them were music to his ears. If that were the same thing, Yuurei wouldn’t sound like a fool with the words he spoke next.

“Ah, yes I love the sound of nature and the animals around me. It puts my mind at ease and a place where I feel I can relax at any time.” He said pondering if the man had the same name as his counterpart.

“The name is Yuurei, do you happen to be Saturn?” He asked curious to see his reaction and his response.


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Saturn could feel the eyes of the other on him; he could feel the sensation that they were making some kind of inner decision about him. Maybe they didn’t display it in a fashion but it didn’t really worry him too much. He didn’t feel like they were hostile to him; if Yuurei had decided to be he likely would have not been amongst the living for very long. This being was powerful; in a fashion that didn’t make saturn feel so small but the grand effort of the one in front of him was not to be trifled with.

Saturn’s head cocked to one side as the other spoke. The words that came from yuurei the large being would have to take their time thinking about. There were some that didn’t quite click for him but he was able to piece enough together where it made sense. This being was just as peaceful as he was but in a different sense it seemed.

His name was Yuurei.

That part was easy; but before he could introduce himself the other guessed his name. Prompting a small set of blinking; his head cocking so far to the side that he almost seemed as though a child. What with the long neck and the poofy fur that hid it. Hands slightly to either side and concern on his face.

I am… Saturn. How did…. You know?

There was a bit of stumbling through the words and the only one that seemed to have the intense magical inflection this time around was Saturn’s name. His eyes ran up and down yuurei; as though trying to ascertain what sort of ability the man might have to allow them to pull their name out of thin air…


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Yuurei would grin at him when he heard him confirm that he was correct. It would seem like he was confused on the matter, and Yuurei could tell he was truly curious about how he’d know. He would look around the area as he decided to walk around soon after. While he was doing that, he would look at him and figured he would explain to him how he’d know his name.

“I don’t know if you know, but there were people that had invaded our world from another world. There were some of them that had been counterparts to other beings within our world. I’ve met with one of them that was my counterpart and a few of my friends had done the same.” He paused as he would stop walking as he would look at him.

“My friends and I met your counterpart. He was a strong fella, and it would seem like he came into this world for you more than anything. Why though? I cannot say, but I figured meeting you would be something that would be on my to-do list. To think I would meet you today.” He said to Saturn.

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