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The Young and The Restless [Yuurei]

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The Young and The Restless [Yuurei] Empty Sun Jan 08, 2023 9:27 pm

The pitter patter sounds of rain hitting Holly's raincoat were in tune with the song she hummed to herself. It was an exceptional little ditty that she came up with as she walked next to a carriage full of rich elderly who wanted to start a new life in Rush Valley. Since joining the Rune Knights, she had to prove herself capable like any knight and because of that she was given minor tasks that she should be fully able to do without failure. Her only goal was to get these people from point A to point B without being ambushed by bandits or taken out by the wildlife. Holly was very confident in her ability to do this task with little issue, but she wished she had some sort of backup in case things got out of hand. Though Holly was sure she could manage on her own she was still careful and thought about all the protentional for wrong that could be done. Unfortunately for Holly wrong would be done as word slipped these very rich people were crossing through Sigmundur Pass. In the darkest circles word fell onto the ears of a few people and those people set traps, sent groups of cutthroats out, and did all they could to make sure those rich people were in their hands. With nothing but Rune Knight sanctioned gear and a good feeling, Holly pressed on. Though she might have seemed relaxed she was alert, her hands wrapped around the wooden bow loaned to her for this task. Anything coming her way would be perceived as a threat until otherwise stated.



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Yuurei and Renji were enjoying their time around the Sigmundir Passes. It was raining, which brought the two to cover their heads with a rain coat for Renji and just the cape that he wore this entire time. His main reason for being around this place was because he knew that there were new comers heading to Rush Valley. It seemed like rich men who wanted to settle down within Rush Valley were making their way. He had to know this as being the guild leader of Paradise Dawn, he had to make sure that he was protecting the right people.

It wasn’t just that, but he kept hearing strange rumors about their possibly being an ambush. He wouldn’t want something horrible like that happening around where he lived. The two of them would be moving on the upper ground from the Sigmundir Pass. They were in a place that was known for people being ambushed and attacked by strange people. While they were moving around the place, Renji would look around the place as well.

“Why didn’t you have Brone or someone else come down here and do this Yuu?” He asked him as he didn’t think the guild master from Paradise Dawn should be here.

Yuurei would laugh when he heard Renji’s words as he would pat him on his head.

“I was bored, and I want these guys to know who I am. They should meet the leader of this area even though I don’t own the people of Rush Valley.” He said to Renji.

He shrugged as he didn’t think he needed to come here. It wouldn’t take long, but the two of them would see transport appearing in the corner. Yuurei would take a seat on the ledge and wondered what was going to happen next.


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The heavy rains were starting to obstruct her vision but she could still hear quite well through it all. Even as she hummed her little tune which turned into a low whistle, nothing got past her ears. Pink eyes darted too and fro and in the distance she thought she could see two figures in the distance higher up on the rocky surface of the pass as the group was rounding a corner. She would squint to try and get a better view, pulling the bow up towards where she think she saw it.

The people inside the carriage would never know the dangers outside if she did her job right, but the loud yelling coming from far too many different angles would be a indicator nonetheless. Pulling the string on her bow back and letting mana flow through her and into the bow she didn't know where she should aim first. In her current position she was at a disadvantage and she knew it. The yelling around her only grew louder and soon more figures than she could count appeared from above and below. Without thinking she pushed more mana into her bow and began letting loose arrows, downing at least three of the figures before getting tackled from behind. She knew there should have been someone else with her.


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Yuurei and Renji were just watching as things unfolded. The woman next to the carriage was getting ready to attack him. It was something he could sense more than anything. Still, it would seem like the people were hiding amongst the different parts of the crevices surrounding the place. He was going to jump in on the fight, but he wanted to see what the woman who had planned to shoot him would do. It was quick, but she would shoot a bunch of people with her bow.

That was when she was tackled from behind and Yuurei would shake his head as he would bring out his gun and he would shoot the man that was on top of the woman. It would seem like the rumors were true and these guys were after the rich new folks who were coming to Rush Valley. Yuurei wouldn’t transform but use his cape to soar around the place. It was then he would take out a sword. This one looked weird yet interesting. He would activate the spell from the sword, and it would change its entire appearance. Once it did that, Yuurei would disconnect the sword into twenty pieces, and he would send them flying across the field and to each of the enemies that had shown themselves to him.

While he had done that someone would shoot a spell at him. The Nephilim would sense the danger behind the attack, and he would turn to the incoming attack, he would suck the spell with his gun and then he would shoot it out to the person who had sent it to him.

“Are you guys seriously attacking people for jewels you could work for?” He asked waiting for an answer from them.

He would look over to the woman who was on the ground, and he wonder if she was okay.

“Are you okay?” He asked her wondering what she would say.


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Holly hit the ground hard from the weight of the person that tackled her. She attempted to push herself up, but the wet muddy ground made it hard for her to get a good grip. She could feel her hands slip from under her, but she could also feel the body on top of her go limp and soon the brown of the mud was getting redder. With one more heave and push the body rolled off of her and onto the ground next to her. Quickly getting to her feet she saw the figures around her drop. Without wasting any time, she put her hand on the carriage door to prevent it from opening on the other side.

Don't come out. Everything is under control. You are safer inside.
Her words rang clear over the noise. The bodies were dropping quicker still and soon there were no more standing. Looking around the rain had lightened enough for her to see around her much more clearly. Blood, mud, and bodies were everywhere, and she was thankful for it. Words directed towards her caused her head to snap in the direction of the voice. The face was a familiar one, not one she knew personally but one she knew on a celebrity level. The guild master of Paradise Dawn was here to save her butt and she was thankful for it.

Smiling and nodding she thanked Illumin that he was around. Oh I'm fine, a little dirty but overall, nothing is broken. Thank you, I'm not sure things would have turned out well for me had you not showed up. A little dirty was an understanding, her pure white hair was basically brown and red, her rune knight uniform was ripped in some places and just as muddy as the ground. I'd be forever grateful if you gave me a hand with this escort. I still have to get these people where they want to go. Her ears twitched a bit as she smiled, her face showing kindness even after what just happened.


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Yuurei would hear her and he was glad she was okay. He smiled at the fact that she didn’t thinks would have turned out well. He felt like she could have handled it on her, but there would have been difficulties and possibly causalities. It would seem like she wanted his help and he would look around the area. There could be more bandits up ahead, and he would be able to sense their presence, so they wouldn’t be ambushed so easily.

“Sure, I don’t mind helping you out. I was planning on making sure these guys got to Rush Valley safely anyways. I just didn’t want to steal your thunder is all.” He said with a smile on his face.

He looked at where they should be head going and he would look at her.

“Let’s be on our way then.” He said as he started walking.

While the walking was happening, he would look at her as he switched his gun to a gauntlet. His Zabimaru would reconnect with each other as the huge bamboo snake was being held by him. The gauntlet he had on his arm was one that allowed him to save his mana.

“I think you could have taken them all by yourself. That guy tackling you kind of threw your game off a bit. The name is Yuurei by the way, what’s your name?” He asked her curious to know more about her.


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What was that? He was already planning to make sure they got through? Then why was she even needed for this? Of course, Holly didn't mind she wanted to help as much as she could but if they could have worked together from the start then why didn't upper management just let her know that someone else was already on the job, unless they also didn't know? Holly would shrug off the thought for now, perhaps a question for later but right now she just wanted to make sure these people got back safe.

Yes, let's. Following next to Yuurei with her hand still primed to let loose an arrow if need be, she would give him just enough attention but not all of it as she needed to stay on task. The walk was not a quiet one and she liked that. His words were one of kindness in her book because she wasn't so sure she would have made it out of that in one piece. Still, she was happy everything turned out alright and that was the best outcome for the situation. Oh I know who you are Mr. Starlight. The Guild master of Paradise Dawn. Your feats and contributions to Fiore are long and well talked about amongst my peers. It was true, a lot of the rookies and newcomers that join the Rune Knights are usually interested in the various guilds and guild masters around Fiore. Their strength and influence usually dwarf even the strongest members of the Rune Knights and it's a goal most people never reach.

Oh! but you probably don't care for all that. But um, my name is Holly, I'm just a page in the Rune Knights, but one day I'll be a Kingsguard. Perhaps my name will ring bells like yours when that day comes. One could hear the pride in her voice but she really did try to stay humble about it. Holly had to reach her goals if only so her father can rest peacefully knowing she had done so.


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Yuurei would hear the woman speak and it seemed like introducing himself was meaningless. He shrugged though as he figured it was polite to do so. He wasn’t sure who would be the one person who didn’t know who he was, and he didn’t want to look stupid. Still, she introduced herself, which was something he wanted from her. When she told him who she was, he would have a smile on his face. I would seem like she had ambition and she was a Rune Knight.

Those were rare around the North. He figured that they could be found within the Central part of Fiore, and in the main cities. There weren’t much stationed around here, which was something he didn’t care about.

“That’s good to hear. I hope you do accomplish a lot. There aren’t a lot known Rune Knights in Fiore, I’ll tell you that.” He said to her as he kept moving.

He was on guard as they continued to traverse through the passes. His eyes scanning the area, and he was alert. The young man would feel movements coming from twenty meters from where they were. It would seem like there were people not too far from them waiting.

“It seems like there are people on outer corners of the passes. Be on your guard.” He said to her as he was waiting to see what would happen.


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Holly nodded at his statement as she knew very well the lack of Rune Knights that were active. Over the years the numbers would swell and wane and this was one of the times when recruitment was low and retention even lower. Holly didn't mind, it just meant that she had more of a chance to shine with little competition. Once she was famous enough her presence alone would have people lining up to join the cause, but for now she had to put boots to the ground.

Here's to hoping they are a friendly bunch... I'll scout ahead.
Pulling the string on her bow until it was taut in her hand and pushing mana through to form an arrow, Holly quickly moved ahead, hiding behind whatever rocky structure she could until she could see people in view. It was nice to have someone else helping her and one so strong he could even sense what was ahead of them. Holly knew it was only right that she at the very least got him a nice cooked meal as thanks but that would have to wait. As she closed in on the people in question she could tell they were targets, not friendlies.

Her body was small enough to hide behind the shadows of the rocky walls and she could hear the group of about seven speak on their plans and get into position to take out the carriage full of people. Taking in a deep breath she moved her body from its position only enough to let three arrows off, hitting their intended in a way that put them down. It took no time at all for the rest of the group to catch on and even less time for her to duck back into her hidden position. Preparing another arrow she could hear footsteps approaching her, she couldn't keep hiding. Rolling low to the ground and out in front of two men she let her arrows fly loose mid-roll. It was a display of skill and style as she took them out, each falling to their knees quickly and nearly without a sound. She counted five down noting only two more left. Holly didn't know if there were more anywhere or if those two would call for more so she quickly returned to her own group.

So, those ahead were not friendly. It was another ambush team, about seven. I managed to take most of them out but two got away. Not sure if they are gonna get more or if I scared them off. Whatever the case we are free to continue. Hopefully with no more issues. Holly returned to her place at the side of the carriage, she knew it wasn't much further to their destination so the number of attempts on their lives would drop drastically. She would call for the driver of the carriage to quicken his pace as moving around in dirty clothes the way that she did was making her feel just a tiny bit miserable. With her request heard the group made it through the pass with no more issues, the carriage being taken over and escorted deeper into town by a different person. Thanks a lot. I really don't think I would have gotten this far without you. I don't know why they would send me out alone on a mission like this. Her words were directed at Yuurei, her attention and body pointed in his direction as she shook her head.


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Yuurei would laugh when he heard what she said. He doubted they were nice people, but hopefully, he was wrong. He would watch her as he had her back, but he figured that he would see what she was capable of. She had used a bow and arrow, which was something he could use as well. He was probably just as good with it as she was though. He would feel three people stop moving in a few seconds and it would seem like she had something to do with it. He would have a smirk on his face as he was following the carriage. Then more would drop and the other two would run away. It would seem like she was fine with that.

He didn’t care whether ran for good, but he knew that wasn’t the case. He would hear her report and he kept moving. They would continue to move through the area, and the ruffians who had tried to steal from the carriage would be no more. That was good and it meant that they didn’t have to worry about fighting anymore. When they got to town, his guard would be let down. His gears would disappear from his him and he would have a smile on his face when she spoke to him.

“It was nothing, I wanted them to get to Rush Valley without any problems. It would be good for the city if they invest and spend their jewels here.” He said as he looked at her all dirty.

“Are you going to walk around like that? I know a good bathhouse around here if you want me to take you there?” He asked her waiting for her to make a decision.

Renji wasn’t surprised about this, but he wouldn’t say anything as he stood on his friend’s shoulder.


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In her mind she was done. She would part ways with the man for now and go clean up before finding him again and offering to treat him to a meal for helping her. Yes, she had her day already planned out so when Yuurei instead offered to take her to a bathhouse she felt the blood rush to her face, turning the usually pale skinned holly to a very pink holly which was so much more noticeable due to her albinism. Was he just taking her to a bathhouse and then leaving? Or was he offering to take her to one and bathe with her?

Her brain started to race with the idea of seeing the man out of his clothes and she couldn't snap herself out of it. In all her years since she was a teenager, she had men and some women flock to her, but she was too oblivious and uninterested to respond to them, but this was different. It was great that her brain was still working even though she kept racing through the possibilities, and she found herself nodding to his request before she opened her mouth.

I'm that bad huh? A small chuckle followed her words, and she looked down at herself. Yea she needed this even if he didn't stay a free bath at a bathhouse sounded great. Wait was he even offering to pay? She calculated her last pay and the savings she had because even if he didn't, she think she would have enough to cover it herself. Yes, it is that bad. Well then, I'll follow you.  Also, something changed about you... I just can't put my finger on it She was of course referring to the fact that his gears were gone but she didn't know that.


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Yuurei would offer to take her to the bathhouse, and he could see that her face had blushed. She looked adorable honestly, and he didn’t like that until she had shown him her expression. He figured he could go with her if that is what she wanted. He could see her nodding and it would seem like she didn’t expect him to give her this offer. He would chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Not at all. I don’t mind a girl being a bit dirty like that. I just figured you would have wanted to clean up.” He said to Holly with a smile on his face.

Yuurei would start moving as he would guide her to the bathhouse. It seemed like she thought something was different about him and he would rub his chin trying to figure out what she meant by that.

“Nothing changed about me. My equipment isn’t on me, but that’s my magic. The only things I truly have are my accessories and my schoolbag.” He said to her as he kept moving through the streets.

The people around them would greet Yuurei as they saw him. They would also move out of his way as they didn’t want to bump into him. While he was moving around he figured he would ask Holly a question while they were approaching the bathhouse.

“So what made you want to become a Rune Knight?” He asked her wondering what she would say.

Yuurei would wait for an answer, but while he did that, they would approach the bathhouse. There was steam coming out of the roof of it. This was how people could always find this place and he figured he would enjoy his time in the bathhouse.

“Do you want me to join you in the bathhouse?” He asked her wondering if she was fine with that.

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