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Holly's Sheet

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Holly's Sheet Empty Sun Jan 08, 2023 6:32 am




Name: Holly Belle DeRosa

Race: Demi-Human (Rabbit)

Rank: S

Guild: Rune Knights

Tarot (Aura): N/A

Relationship Status: Single


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Class: Adventurer


Soundlessness: You don't make any sound when moving on your feet on land. This allows you to remain undetected from those you're hunting.

Accurate Shot: You receive an additional 10% Mana Cost Reduction and a 1 post cool-down reduction to all your ranged weapon spells.

Equipment Expert: You receive an additional 10 meters in range, 10 m/s in spell speed to your item spells. Should the user have made a weapon upon character creation it may now be replaced with a legendary custom weapon.

Friendly fire: You receive damage for one rank lower from your own attacks as well as those who are your allies and your companions. In addition, you receive a Minor Magical Resistance.


Weapon: N/A

Head: Ranger Headband

Body: ???

Ring: N/A

Earring: N/A

Relic: N/A

Companion: Frosch

Mount: N/A


Quest WC Reduction: 20% (Frosch) + 20% (Hermit Taort) = 20% (40% when alone)
Weapon Training WC Reduction: 20% (Race)

Jewel Boost On Quest: 20% (Race)
Exp Boost On Quest: 10%  (Race)

Weapons, Helmets, Armors, Shields, and Companions Discount: 20% (class)

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Completed Quests

North Fiore

Orchidia Quests

Orchidia Neutral Quests

West Fiore

Oak Quests

Central Fiore

East Fiore

Magnolia Quests  

Magnolia Neutral Quests

South Fiore


Luluhawa Neutral Quests

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Completed Socials/Travel/Threads

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