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Big Damn Heroes (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji had been enjoying their time on Luluhawa Island. It was a beautiful place and he knew that they had done a lot for the people here. It was time for him to enjoy the day here without doing anything weird here.

They were on the beach as they were taking in the heat from the sun’s rays. It was enjoyable, but of course, their fun time relaxing would come to an end. He would get a letter from one of the locals and he would read it. It would seem like Iolana Mahoe wanted him to come to Kahu Rock. It would seem like something was going down and she wanted him to be there just in case. They were going to do a ceremony that was only for the people who lived here, but he was a special case.

He would get up from his seat and he would look at Renji with a smirk on his face.



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“It seems like we have a job to do Renji. Let’s be on our way. It seems like the islander needs us to make sure everything goes smoothly today with their ceremony.” He said to him.

Renji would hear this and he would get up from his chair. He didn’t expect them to do anything, but he knew Yuurei couldn’t turn them away. When he saw Renji was ready to go, they would start walking to Kahu Rock. It would seem like that place was closed today for the tourist. He wouldn’t take long to get there, and when he did he would be stopped for a second. When the man who stopped him recognized him he would move to the side.

Yuurei would walk through the area, and he didn’t speak to Iolana Mahoe about what he was supposed to do. He would stand on guard as he was going to make sure nothing bad happened here.



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Yuurei would watch the ceremony and he would see how beautiful things were. It was amazing to see how the people of this island did their ceremony. He would also see how happy everybody was for this ceremony to go on their way. He would make sure that nobody would harm the Shaman as she was performing her ceremony for the island. He would make that there weren’t any weird people trying to approach her. While he was doing that. He would continue to enjoy the scenery. The people there were happy for Yuurei to attend this even though it was for a different matter.

It would seem like everything was going well for their solstice festival. Renji was looking around the places that Yuurei wasn’t looking at. He didn’t want his partner to miss out on anything. He was glad that he did that too. It would seem like the men the Shaman was worried about had shown up and they were coming in hot.



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Renji would look at Yuurei and he would have a serious look on his face as he tapped him on his shoulder.

“We got company Yuurei and it seems like they are trying to take the whole place with them.” Renji would say this to him as he pointed in the direction from which they were coming.

Yuurei would see this, and he would shake his head because he didn’t think these guys would show up like that, but here they were. He would be on the move as he would disappear from where he was standing and he would be in front of the people that didn’t belong there. The twenty of them would stop right in front of Yuurei. They would all look at him as they had a smirk on their face.

“What is one person going to do to all of us?” He asked Yuurei.

The Nephilim would move straight to the one that had said that. He was quiet with his steps, so they didn’t hear him coming.



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Yuurei would appear right in front of the person who spoke up. He had his Yang in one hand and his Midas in the other. He would find himself knocking the man into the air with an uppercut. He would look at the other nineteen people as they were shocked to see how fast he moved. Their companion would fall to the ground unconscious. They would all get into an offensive stance, and they would start attacking him at the same time. The Nephilim would put on his helmet, and he would see their attacks coming before they could even happen. He would move out of the way and into a clearing as he looked at the group.

The people in the ceremony got up from where they were and Yuurei would look at them.

“You guys don’t need to help me. I will take care of this without a problem.” He said to them and they could hear from his tone that he was serious.



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They heard him and how cocky he was with what he said. They would take advantage of this or at least they thought they would. They would attack him, and he would dodge their attacks without a problem now that he could see them. While he was doing this, the people he met on the island were on the fence about leaving him to fight alone. It wouldn’t take long for them to join the fight, but more people would show up from the enemy side.

The Nephilim would punch one of the guys in the face before kicking another one on the side from his left. He would put that foot down he would stretch his leg from behind and he would kick the person who was behind him. He would shake his head as he had taken out four in total and had sixteen more to go. Of course, he would make it fifteen as he would headbutt another one that came at him last second.



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Yuurei would just smile because he enjoyed this kind of battle. These guys didn’t know who he was, which meant that they lived isolated from the news about him. He would punch another guy in the face, and he would swing his arm down, which would let out a light slash straight at his next opponent. After he did that, he would dash to big boot them away. Two people would come from behind to attack Yuurei, but he would backhand both of them, which was cause them to fall.

He would laugh as they really thought they could do something about him. He would look around at the original eleven that were left to fight him. They would cast magic at him, and he would punch all of them without a problem. He would negate their spells and he would just get into another fighting stance.

“You guys don’t know who I am, but that’s fine because you’ll regret it.” He said to them.



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They would hear him, and they didn’t understand what he meant by that, but they didn’t care. Instead, they would move straight to him, and they would attack him with everything they had. He would see this, and he would shake his head. They were doing their best to land a hit on him and they were wondering why this man was so strong. It would take a miracle, which would happen as one of them had stabbed Yuurei in the arm.

It looked like it did nothing but annoyed him. He would look over at the man and he would shake his head. It was then he would grab him and slam him on the ground. The others saw this and would run to him and he would just move out of the way.

When he got the chance, he would move back in and he would thrust his foot into another one of the mercenaries.



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Yuurei would look at the remaining enemies in front of him and he figured it was time to take out the trash. He would see that they were thinking the same as they rushed to him. He would summon a trigram from under him and when they got close, he would parry their attacks he would punch them in the face, and they would roll back and stay on the ground. He would catch four of them doing this as the other five moved back. His spell had disappeared as Seikuken was now off. The berserker would just smile as he figured he would move forward.

When he did, he would disappear and he would end up behind two of the mercenaries. They would look back and he would slam their heads together. It was then they would fall to the ground because of this. The other three would run at him and he would shake his head at them. He would just lariat two of them and leave one remaining.



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the last mercenary noticed that all his friends had been taken out. He also noticed the ones that had gone around Yuurei had been taken out as well. He was about to run, but he would bump into Yuurei. The hunter would shake his head when he saw this and he would just slam him onto the ground and caused him to become unconscious. He would smile at everyone, and they would cheer because they knew that he was strong enough to take care of this on his own. It was why the Shaman told him to come here. Still, their work wasn’t done here as there were more people coming.

It would seem like they were led by one person this time, and it would seem like the big boss decided to show up. When they saw this, they would use a ritual to heal Yuurei and bring back his stamina again.

The berserker would feel this and he would give them a thumbs up as he was happy they did that.



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Yuurei would crack his neck as he would make his way to the group. He would look at Mac as understood why the people he had sent before were defeated.

“You guys handle the others. I will take care of this guy.” He said to his men.

Yuurei heard this and was planning on stopping them, but Mac would appear in front of Yuurei as he would try to cut him. The Nephilim would dodge the attack and he would see that Mac wasn’t done there. The man would use a spell and a blast would straight for Yuurei’s face. He had switched his Yin gauntlet into Midas Gauntlet, and he would negate the spell. He would slide on the ground, and he would just smile at him as if this was going to be interesting.

“Ready to lose?” He asked him waiting for him to say something.

Mac would shake his head as he wondered who would be victorious here.



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Yuurei would look at him waiting to see what he would do, and Mac would shoot out two spells at Yuurei. The Nephilim would move around to dodge them, but it would also seem like those spells were ways for him to run straight to him. He would see this, and Mac would get close to him and he would try to hit Yuurei. The light mage would move around as he dodged the attacks he couldn’t believe that this guy was wasting his skills here. It was then he would take sand from the ground, and he would try to blind Yuurei with it. The berserker felt something coming and he would jump back and cover his face.

He figured he would be the one to attack next. His eyes focused on him as he figured taking this guy out would make everyone quit fighting. He would run straight to Mac at full speed. His wings sprout from his back as he was ready to end this.



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Yuurei would move faster than he had done so this entire time. Mac was caught off guard by the wings and Yuurei would hit him in the face, and then straight in his gut. The man would be taken out with those two blows and he would fall to the ground. When the others saw this, they would move back and run away as there was no point if Mac was defeated. They knew they couldn’t take this guy on then, so they were on their way.

When he saw them leaving, he was going to go after them, but Iolana stopped him from running. She had told him it was okay and that he had done enough for today. She would reward him, and she would do a ceremonial ritual for him. She wanted to make sure that he would be known as a legend in Luluhawa island and that he was a part of this island and no longer an outsider.

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