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Lisa's Fashionably Late Costume Contest

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#1Kuri the Callous 

Lisa's Fashionably Late Costume Contest Empty Tue Nov 08, 2022 6:11 pm

Kuri the Callous

Lisa's Fashionably Late Contest

Event Conditions

  • All of the Contestants will start with making their own topic to get prepared and walk down the runway with your best costume or sexy attire. Show your amazing talent and impress the Beauty Queen, Time Goddess, and the Mysterious Ally who will judge everyone.
  • In this topic you will link the topic with the above requirements.
  • The judges will judge your runway at random in the linked topics you link us in here. So don't hold your breath.~


Lisa's Fashionably Late Costume Contest Empty Tue Nov 08, 2022 7:14 pm


Yawning softly she had her turn. She went back to take some free samples of food and alcohol for the adults. "How cute..." she muttered as she took some drinks and sat on the sofa to wait for the judging. The woman was unsure how it was going to go, but she could care less. She was more here for the free food and drinks with a little bit of chaos she just did than actually winning the thing. Her eyes tiredly gazed towards the next people who were going through. Some of them weren't even trying to win. It was funny that they were just wasting their times. Some on the other hand had things coming, like maybe winning. She took another cupcake and made it into a sandwich with another cupcake. She didn't care how people saw her as she just wanted to eat and drink while waiting for everything.



Lisa's Fashionably Late Costume Contest Empty Fri Nov 25, 2022 3:48 pm


A soft happy sigh left her body, hands covered in lace stretched up over her head; fingers intertwined. A few pops heard from her back cracking. Hers hands stretching before her left hand went to be placed on her hip as she turned to look at the selection of food and wines to have. "Well, that was a little bit of fun". She said softly before taking a glass and pouring herself a drink, dropping a few pieces of ice cubes into the glass hearing a happy few clinks. Lifting the glass to her lips before taking a soft sip, her hand resting under her as she did so.

Now it was all just waiting to see who else would go on in the costume contest and wait to see how the judges viewed things or made their decision. Win or not she thought she had fun being a bit playful during her turn of the show; she did have a good amount of effort though. She was not much of a person to half ass anything she did. In the grand scheme how it went did not matter; fun was had, now snacks were to be taken. Who knows, maybe she would explore and get into a bit of chaos at some point.


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Yuurei would make his way backstage and he would take his blindfold off. He would sigh with relief as he was done with that. He didn’t think they would get him to do something like that, but here they were. He would look around to see that there was more food. He would move around and he would obtain something to eat.

Renji was waiting for him, and his friend would run to him as it would seem like he was hungry as well. The two of them would make it to the food section and would get something to eat.

“Do you think you’re going to win?” He asked Yuurei.

“I highly doubt I would win, but if I do then lady’s luck has blessed me once again.” He said as he laughed a bit as he would continue eating as he knew the judges would have to give them the shoutouts.


#5Kuri the Callous 

Lisa's Fashionably Late Costume Contest Empty Tue Nov 29, 2022 11:28 am

Kuri the Callous
Kuri glared at her watch as she looked at the time. Lisa, why was she late?! Usually, she's late to get herself all prettied up, but this was outrageous. Maybe she will just judge them then after having a quick meeting through a portal. She sighed as she listened to excuses on the other end and the contestants her waiting on the other side of the curtain. Her eyes searched them one by one when they came through.

Mishiko sure had a booty and a form, but she felt like something was missing. Perhaps some color. Yuurei was cute, but she felt like he was missing originality. Jikan was a bat girl or some demon, she assumed. Due to the absence of the others. She felt like maybe she should roll a wheel to determine the winner. Thankfully, Lisa and their mystery guest have appeared, but by phone. She listened to their votes and "The winner then is Mishiko and 2nd place Jikan! Two votes on Mishiko, one on Jikan. Seeing that our other runner up has already left and claimed their pops for just being here, they were disqualified. You may split the remaining pops among each other," she lastly said while getting up to leave, throwing the pops at them like a bunch of - people.

@Mishiko has won 12 Pops, @Jikan has won 9 Pops

Party is Over, but people still may post in here for the base pops.

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