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A Good Old Time (Brone)

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A Good Old Time (Brone) Empty Wed Oct 05, 2022 11:46 am

Yuurei had not invited Brone to fight for a while. It had been basically an entire month since the last two fought each other. Yuurei had seen Brone use a shield, and a black axe throughout all of this. He was sure the black axe could destroy anything, and the shield was strong enough that it couldn’t be broken. If he used those things today, then he would have to figure out what to do throughout the fight. He wouldn’t be able to beat Brone with just his physical prowess.

Still, with his new piece of equipment, he figured that he would try something. He had a spell that he had created a while ago, but if this worked well, he would take it a step further. It was why his fight with Brone would be something he would do in the nighttime. His friend had crazy and powerful weapons, so he decided to put things on his field.

The Nephilim waited for Brone as he was on the flat field filled with grass. There were trees scattered throughout the area, but they weren’t stacked next to each other. There were some boulders just randomly placed around the area. The moon was full as the clouds were cleared in the sky. Renji was placed on one of the rocks that were far away from him. He wanted to help Yuurei in this fight, but he figured he would be able to the next time they fought.

Yuurei had his equipment on. His gauntlets on his arms, his chest piece under his shirt, his helmet on his head, and his cape on his back. The accessories were always on him even the school bag as he was going to use it as a defensive mechanism for the time being.



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#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe was requested to meet Yuurei for a sparring match. He was surprised that he would request this while they were visiting another country on a quest and excited that he would be able to present his new equipment and fighting style to his guild leader. To the dwarf, it felt as if they haven't engaged in one-on-one combat with one another for a while, and to a dwarf, that meant a great deal of time.

The only mirror that was provided at the hotel was a partial mirror in which he used to view himself over. Fully armored from head to toe; his blue helmet, the moment he slipped it onto his head, began to emit the magical aura that dropped the temperature of the room drastically; the golden armor upon his chest gleamed ever so brightly with gold; and behind the helmet, barely visible through the slit of the mouth piece, was the golden gleam of the nose-ring, so small but provided great protection. For a moment, Brone wondered how would Yuurei feel if he told him what the nose-ring was made of. After reflection, the dwarf sheathed his black axe and green axe upon his back before exiting the hotel to arrive at the place where he was asked to meet.

Once at the grassy clearing, the dwarf smirked as he spotted the guild leader, presenting more golden than the dwarf himself. Brone began to think about any possible way he could change the material of the helmet, or coat it with a layer of gold in order to match fully, "Good evenin' to ye, oh great and powerful Guild Master of Paradise Dawn!" Brone presented as he gave an exaggerated sweeping bow as he was about five meters away, "I've been wondering when ye would ask me to the battlegrounds again, though I didn't expect it to be during our travels" he said as he came back up from the bow to draw both his green and black axes as he walked forward until he was 1 meter away, ready to start the fight.


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Yuurei would soon hear Brone’s words as the man had finally arrived. This was good as he would look over at him with a smile on his face. When he was done talking, Yuurei would crack his neck and his knuckles as he would be ready to fight him.

“Yeah, I’m glad you could make it Brone. We haven’t fought in a while, so I figured I would get to see what you been doing this entire time.” He paused for a second.

“I figured this would be the best time for us to fight. I’ve been traveling too much, and I’ve been away from the North. I’m almost done, and I will be home soon. Still, I figured I would test your might and make sure you’re doing well.” He said to him as he would bow slightly as well.

He would get into a fighting stance and while doing this, his wings would come out from his back. The Nephilim’s half-transformation was all he needed to go all out. His final transformation did almost nothing for him, but weakened his opponents more, and allowed him to fly higher.

Yuurei had seen him use that black axe before, and it was a dangerous one indeed. He figured he would go in for the first move as it would seem like that was what Brone was waiting for. They were so close, and Yuurei would launch the first punch. His left fist would make the first attempt at a strike as he was launching a quick jab right into Brone’s chest. This would move Yuurei’s left leg forward and keep his right leg back now. He was checking Brone out to see what his friend would do next.




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#4Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The dwarf acknowledged the guild master's work. With all that was going on in Fiore and in the neighboring countries, Yuurei, being the guild leader of Paradise Dawn, as well as a thrill-seeker, would be expected to be traveling a great deal, so he was rarely ever home, though Brone didn't think less of him; he was actually proud of the half-elf. "Take yer time, Yuurei" he chuckled, the name sounded familiar on his tongue. It felt as if he hasn't said the name in years. When it came to referring to him, he always showed respected by mentioning him in title, so that no one ever forgot who Yuurei was and what he stood for, "The guild is well protected, and I'll make sure hearth is warm for ye" he said as he readied himself in a battle stance, his axes raised and ready for a deflect or offensive attack.

As expected, Yuurei transformed in a flicker of light and the angelic being glowed before the dwarf. Brone tightened his grip on both his axes as he positioned his green blade defensively in his left hand. And as Yuurei raised his fists, the dwarf's muscles tensed, expecting the first move, for he has felt Yuurei's punches many of times.

The moment he saw a flicker of movement, Brone's left arm twitched, quickly moving it into block the attack, but as the hit collided, it didn't hit the green axe, instead, the axe had vanished in an instant and a golden shield was in it's place, the punch hit the shield and Brone felt the impact, but heard no cracks; he would have smiled, but had no time to do so. Fighting Yuurei enough, he knew that every exchanged needed to be used to it's fullest, so as he had moved to defend, he immediately started to swing his black axe at Yuurei, though not in a full strength swing, more focused on speed than power, all he needed to do was touch Yuurei or his items with the blade.

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Yuurei had seen his punch go through, but he would be met with something else. He expected the man to use the black axe, and it was why he was ready to dodge if necessary. Still, instead, he would see a shield appear where the green axe used to be. It was interesting to see as he collided with the shield, but nothing happened. Something should have happened as his eye would have made it weaker than normal, but nothing happen. This was brought to his attention and his theory was correct. The shield in his hand was indestructible, which meant that he would have to go around the shield if he wanted to harm his friend.

If he was right about that, then he would have to assume that the black axe was just as dangerous. Brone had acquired two scary items on him, and it made fighting him even harder than it was before. The Nephilim’s attribute was better than Brone’s in every way but those items he had made things hard for him to show the difference.  

Yuurei had to make sure that his theories were tested correctly. When he watched Brone attack the Kubakijiri, it would seem like that black axe didn’t destroy the creature in one hit. He would use his leg to see if what he thought was true. It would hurt like a bitch, but he had to do it. The Nephilim would rise his right leg up so that he would knee the axe that was coming his way. He would force his knee up to collide with the axe that was coming to him. He was taller than Brone, so he would be able to reach the axe’s attack. If it had gone through, Yuurei would take damage from the axe, but the axe would take four S rank worth of damage after reductions were made, if it wasn’t indestructible, which he was testing out to see.




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Brone Heavyaxe
As the black axe, Dhurainduran, was swinging towards Yuurei, Brone was sure he was going to destroy something that the nephilim had; no matter it was, for every battle they had, Yuurei would always defend either by dodging or blocking attacks with his own gear and since Brone's reaction time has improved and his blue helmet should have slowed Yuurei down even by a bit, the attack shouldn't be easily dodged.

Then Yuurei surprised the dwarf. The half-elf's knee shot up and struck the blade of the axe. Brone has landed hits on Yuurei before, only after several exchanges, but never on the first exchange. As the collision was made, the dwarf could feel the crack upon the axe, but he also noticed the slight reaction to Yuurei, indicating that there was no protection upon his knee, meaning he allowed himself to be harmed instead of blocking with his armor or equipment... this meant he knew well of Dhuraindarin's ability.

The crack was worse than he thought; the axe had suffered a great hit, which didn't surprise the dwarf at all; Yuurei had already shown how powerful of a fighter he is, so it was never smart to question the half-elf's power.

Brone raised his black axe into the air before bringing it down upon the floor, but just before the ground was struck, the dwarf instantly switched the black axe for his golden axe and release the magical spell from within, causing an eruption of ice which formed into a spinning globe of snow and ice, a miniature blizzard. His time sparring with this man, Brone knew he had to make sure he was unpredictable and creative, always moving, always acting. He may have landed a hit on Yuurei, but that was more on the half-elf's decision; the sparring match wasn't like their previous fights, the rules have changed.

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Yuurei had felt the blow from Brone’s axe. He would wince from the pain he felt from the blow, but he was able to deal some damage to the black axe, but it wasn’t enough for him to be able to destroy it. His eyes widen when he saw this, and he would chuckle. His friend was a scary man indeed and if he couldn’t destroy his axe, then it meant that he was going to have to go through him. His knee would go back down and while it was going down it would seem like Brone was bringing his axe up into the air. It would seem like he was going to attack again with it.

The Nephilim’s idea was to destroy that axe in that one hit, but if he couldn’t do that, then it meant he would end up losing trying to continuously attack that axe. He was going to have to sacrifice his armor just to get things done. He would sigh with disappointment but at the same time excitement. He was being brought to the edge, which meant he was going to have to do different stuff for the first time in a long time.

He knew that he would have to do things he had never done in their fight, but that meant that it was time to evolve through their fight. He would activate his precognition spell from his helmet as he felt the danger coming from Brone’s attack. There was more to it, and his precognition allowed him to see that he was going to switch his axe and use its spell. This would bring Yuurei to lunge backward to avoid the attack that Brone would use once he slammed the golden axe that replaced the black axe on the ground.

Yuurei would chuckle when he saw this as he would land on his feet as he would look over at his friend.

“Interesting.” He stated as he would stretch his left arm right in front of Brone.

A yellow magical circle would appear in front of him, and another would appear yellow magical circle would appear above Brone. A bunch of light arrows would come out from the second magical circle and would fall on the field where Yuurei and Brone were.

While the second magic circle had been activated, Yuurei had started running toward Brone, and dodging the arrows that were coming down from the sky at twenty meters per second. His necklace allowed him to know when danger was coming and the direction it was coming from. His speed would allow him to dodge the attacks and when he got close to two meters away from Brone he would use his right arm and it would stretch straight to his friend at twenty meters per second.



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