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Deadliest Catch PT. 10 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji had been enjoying their time together on Luluhawa island. The light mage had gotten a bunch of new things along his adventure throughout Fiore. His right arm was cursed, but it had come with nice abilities and at the same time, he was gifted with a cape that would protect him unless he didn’t want to be. Still, right now their job today was simple. They were going to go kill and capture a sea monster. He had taken another job from the job board, and he was heading toward the ships that were docked throughout the area.

He moved through sands and it wouldn’t take long for him to arrive at the piers. Renji by his side the two of them would make their way throughout the area.

“How’s that arm treating ya? I bet you’ll never open a box that says it's cursed again.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would hear Renji’s words and he would look at his right arm as it was bandaged up. It had gone all the way to his shoulder, which surprised him. He moved his armed and flexed his fingers as it felt like his arm. He didn’t mind it at all and he figured this was a blessing and a curse at the same time.

“Well, I don’t think it’s a problem. I will never see my arm the way it used to look, but when my arm can do this, then I don’t see why not.” He said as he would put his arm forward and it would stretch.

It was a quick stretch as he brought it back. He would look at Renji with a smirk on his face. He was glad that he had gained more power, and he was nervous at first when this happened. He wasn’t sure what else was going to happen, but he thought he was becoming a mummy.



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The two kept moving through the area as they were talking with each other. They were also looking for the ship they were supposed to set sail on. This wasn’t going to be a problem as they were looking for a pink ship. They knew there wouldn’t be many ships like that, so they would move through the area without a problem. They would see people who would wave at them, and they would wave back. They were happy to see these people working hard as they were going to do the same thing.

It wouldn’t take long, but the two of them would see the ship they were looking for. It would seem like it was the one they were looking for. They would approach it without a problem and when they got close enough, they would stop. They would look at the ship and Renji would look at Yuurei with a smirk on his face.



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“Are you going to be the one to yell or do you want me to do it?” He asked Yuurei waiting for him to give him an answer.

Yuurei would hear his words, but he wouldn’t let him do it. He would pat Renji on the head with his arm as he was glad that he had asked.

“Today, I got this, so no worries.” He said to Renji.

It was then he would look up to the ship, and he would take a deep breath in before letting it out.

“Is anybody on the ship?! We’re here because of the job request!” He shouted as he was hoping someone would hear him.

Renji and he waited a minute or two, but someone would show up. When they looked harder, they would see that it was a woman who looking at them.

“Oh so you boys are going to capture our sea monster for us? Come on board then.” She said to them as she walked away from the edge.



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Yuurei and Renji would hear the woman speak, and they would get on board at the same time. They would see the people on the ship waiting for them to get on board. It would seem like they were ready to leave whenever their captain gave them the word. The Nephilim would walk over to her as he would stare into her eyes as she did with him.

“Ah, you’re the famous mage in Fiore. It seems like we got us a famous man here everyone. It means he should be strong enough to handle the situation for us.” She said as she waited for him to correct her if she was wrong.

“You’re right I can take care of whatever sea monster I have to fight against.” He said to her.

Renji would look at her as the woman was looking at him.

“Oh, Nah I don’t fight. I’m just here to keep him company.” He said to her with a smile on his face.



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When she heard them speak, she would nod at them. If this man was confident to take this quest on his own, then it meant that he was truly strong. She would look over at the men working the ship and she would have a smile on her face.

“Alright men, let's set sail and get ourselves a big one!” She would shout this as she would look over at Yuurei.

The ship would start moving from the docking area they were in. They had known where to go, so it was not something he would try to explain.

“So how did you get your own team?” He asked curious to hear what she had to say.

“I knew how to fish my whole life. So, when I got this ship, I got a group of people I could trust to help me out. We make a profit from all the fish we get. This one would be icy on the cake.” She said to him.



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Yuurei would understand what she had said, and it would seem like this woman had been working hard her entire life. That was good to hear, and he was glad that she was able to do this.

“That’s good to hear; I hope your life at sea continues.” He said as he would walk over to the edge of the ship.

When he got there, he would look at the vast sea, and he wondered what was out there. There were a lot of problems happening within Fiore. Still, for some reason, he still wanted to know what was out there. It wasn’t too long ago that he didn’t know that this island existed. Now, he was helping the locals here and making sure that they would earn a lot of money.

Renji was sitting in the middle of the ship as he wondered what kind of bullshit was going to happen today on a ship with Yuurei.



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Yuurei kept watching just in case he would spot the sea monster. They were pretty smart and the last couple of ones that he fought had done a surprise attack. They didn’t hurt him, but they had taken lives before their own lives were ended. Still, he would hope that didn’t happen today. He kept on guard the entire time as he was going to get paid for this anyway. While they traversed the sea on the ship everything was smooth sailing. It wouldn’t take long, but the woman who was captain of the ship would make her appearance. He could feel her aura and she would tell the crew to drop the anchor. When they heard that he could hear the rattling of chains as they had been dropped into the water.

It wouldn't take long, but the light mage would see a shadow now too far from here. It would seem like the sea monster had spotted them and was heading toward them.



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Yuurei would climb the railing, and he would jump off the ship. Everyone that saw him was surprised that he had done that. They were surprised at first, but then they noticed that he was flying. His cape was keeping him in the air as he was moving toward the shadow he saw. It wouldn’t be too long, but the sea monster would jump out of the water and into the air. It had tried to take a bit out of him, but it missed. It made a huge impact on the water as he would look down. It wouldn’t take long, but the wave that it created would make it to the ship.

The ship would rock uncontrollably, and a bunch of people would fall off the ship. When Yuurei saw this, he decided that it was best to get them back to the water before taking the sea monster out. The light mage would fly straight toward the crew that was in the water at full speed.



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Yuurei would move through the sky as he was scooping the crew that fell out of the water. He would put them onto the ship, and he would move back down. He would move faster than the sea monster did. That was enough for him to continue saving everyone. It wouldn’t be too long, but there would only be one guy in the water. The Nephilim would fly to him and when he grabbed him, the monster would try to scoop them both in its mouth in the air.

Yuurei was fast enough to get out of the way, and he would sigh with relief because that was too close for comfort. He would put the last guy on the ship as he would move away from the ship and would look at the water. It was time to take this thing out with one hit and get his reward from their captain.

He moved away from the ship and looked down to see where the sea monster was located.



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Yuurei would wait for it as he would move around the water to see what it would do. It wouldn’t take long for the sea creature to try again. The berserker would dodge the attack without a problem. After he did that, he would swing his right arm straight toward the monster. His arm moved quicker than the monster could get away. The Nephilim would punch it and take it out in one punch. It would fall onto the water, and it would stay afloat. Yuurei would move the sea monster closer to the ship, and the crew there would do their job in securing the dead creature.

They were impressed by Yuurei and what he did. Once he got onto the ship, the crew started cheering him on as they were happy. They would take the ship back to the shore with their prize possession. The captain would make sure that she would reward him for his hard work and for saving his crew. Yuurei would take his reward and the duo would be on their way to enjoy the rest of their day.

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