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#1Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles had returned home, and no not Paradise Dawn's Guild home. He still had hate for this guild. The revenge yet to be gathered burned within his blood yet he was now a member of it and life was not so bad. The real people he had an issue with were no longer here. Khalfani and Yuurei, it was now his betrothed who held the reins. He never swore loyalty to Dawn but he did to Lumikki and so he would protect this place with his life because it was what she would do and as a faithful and loyal lover, he needed to ensure her interests were his own and care for them as his own.

The pair had yet to really be alone as of yet since he returned and he knew there was a lot of work for her now that she was in charge of the Guild. He remembered how much it had kept Jikan busy when he was the Ace of Sleeping Calamity. However, they now had the time, and Knuckles would enjoy every second of it.

Pushing a metal cart with a black cloth draped over it Knuckles was ready to offer her something special, a selection of her favorite sweets that she usually had at the ready in her pocket dimension. They would not be easily attained above from the cart, and he prepared a chilled bottle of a sweet and bitter red wine. He was unsure if it would be her liking, but he had missed someone to drink wine with. Over the years on the road, he had started to lose his elegant side of himself and had begun to fall into brute-like stature.

As he reached the Guild Master's office he knocked with two rapid taps of his Knuckles and walked right in pulling the cart through the doorway and rolling it to the side of her desk. "I would say that is enough work for the day my love. I think it is time to wine down for the evening. " He said chuckling as he fetched her a glass and pinched and pulled the cork of the wine bottle. Most would need a tool or sort for this action, but Knuckles was strong, it was kind of the only thing he was decent at. Though he supposed giving himself to demons was also something he was good at.

After filling her glass he walked over to the door pulled the lock to the side and looked around for something heavy pulling it in front of the door. There would be no one coming in to interrupt them catching up. Shifting back towards her he pulled up a seat and poured himself a glass before sitting down he leaned over the desk to steal a kiss from her. She was looking darling, and the being in charge suited her. Though really she should have an Imp or something doing the paperwork.

"So my dear, I thought it best we have some one on one time and simply catch up on current events with each other so we may be on the same page. Would you like to go first or would you rather I explain my damned self?"

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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The sun was long from its highest arch, now sinking into the sky. It wouldn't be long until it was gone, but for the moment it still hugged the horizon. Golden light flooded the room to Lumikki's office and despite her aversion to the element, this was one of the variations she deeply enjoyed.

The Demoness spent the bulk of her day much like she had for days prior. Toiling over all the paperwork left by Yuurei in his absence and trying to organize it all to her preferences. The indigo paint had barely finished drying before she shuffled into with furniture she ordered for the occasion, she was hoping to make this like a second home; and taking note of the Angel's prior arrangement, she even bought herself a couch to nap on.

Yes, all things were falling into place, much like she thought they would. Despite her inexperience, Lumikki was well-read and quite learned. Fated to one day take over the Hrútr clans in Iceberg, she saw this as a fitting task in preparation for the day it came. Granted she knew her father didn't have to deal with such tedious matters like this.

Just finishing with a stack of patrol applications, Lumikki rose with the papers in hand. Willing a shadowed talon to open the draw, she promptly walked over to her cabinet where she organized the bulk of the work. As she adjusted the papers, a knock echoed from her door. Bewildered Lumi, would turn over silently, awaiting the introduction of her visitor before inviting them in but that was when she felt it.

A giggle of glee slipped from her lips as she called to the doors, " Didn't expect!" she began to voice, but his entry halted her words as the amused but bewildered Guild Master spotted the cart. Truely she didn't expect anything.

" How lucky for me that I got the brunt of it done darling. Though I didn't expect ye to claim me for the evening." Her smile grew all the more mischievous, and the human facade she wore would begin to crumble. The shadows around hugged her figure, peeling away to reveal what she was.

As the Demoness didn't predict guest to come knocking, most of the guild was busy sorting matters of their own at her behest and desired changes, so none had the time to visit save one or two. And so the Demoness sat in an oversized t-shirt, her hair pulled back in too-messy buns and hardly fit for company.

" Thank ye Gunvald," she hungrily grabbed her glass of wine and took a sip, which she nearly spat out when she noticed Knuckles' overlocking her door. " Kukuku, what a way to keep me to yerself love. Might as well place yer hammers in front the door too."

Lumikki still giggling, fixed herself to sit on top of her desk. Waiting for her beloved Daemon to return to her side and pour a glass for himself. She gestured toward the chair if he'd take it. It was oversized for her but just the right size for him. Fitting the decor of her room themed after the dwarven designs in Fjallgard and Ravens. After another sip of wine and an elated sigh of relief, Lumi turned back to him while lightly biting her lip." I'd like to hear of me damned and mysterious Daemon. Ye could consider me a good Demon for fighting the urge to peep at yer personal maters; but just know I really missed ya and always glad to see ye home....so beloved, how does freedom taste. Always a pleasure to not have voices pestering ya in yer head~" She grinned hard enough to show fangs but quickly pulled back to drink more wine, finishing her glass. " I hope ye've brought more. Between the work and yer company, I'm ravished; and as an Icebergian lass I could drink me fill~."

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#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles was glad to see her accept his presence so welcomely even though it was unscheduled. He had been confident she would enjoy him showing up, but it was always nice to get that reassurance. It was a bonus that he could surprise her, a testament to the pact they had formed. His old patreon was always in his head, reading his thoughts and pushing intent into his actions forcing the Daemon to act in ways he did not want until they became Normal.

It seemed his timing had also been perfect as she had gotten most of her work done before he showed up, he was certain now that nothing else was going to get completed that night. "The guild has already had you for enough time, it is time I get my share, my love." At her suggestion for him to place his hammers at the door Knuckles smiled and chuckled a bit. "There is only one place I plan to set a hammer tonight my Demoness, and while it is an entrance it is not a door."

The daemon looked over his demoness, seeing her dressed so relaxed for the first time in a long time. In this moment he felt like a fool to have gone off like that. Truthfully every moment apart from her felt like being stabbed in the chest. It was true love for certain that much he could tell. He had never once thought of another as much as he had Lumikki nor had he ever wished to be near someone so eagerly and willing to do whatever it cost to be there. "I feel overdressed for this impropt to date." Knuckles stated in a low flirtatious tone.

She had offered him the chair as she took the desk, and he did so quickly looking up to her as he took the seat and took his first sip of his glass. He was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, cuff rolled up to his forearm and grey slacks with black dress shoes and a black belt of course the shocks were a charcoal grey which could be seen as he crossed his left ankle over his right knee. He took in the room for a moment but as she started to speak to him again he looked her in her eyes giving her all the respect she deserved and demanded without it even having to be thought. It was done because she deserved it as his pact holder, his guild master, but most of all the woman to whom he had sworn his love and life. At the moment he felt as if he had failed a bit as the last on that list.

What he respected about her the most though was she was not playing a game or telling him some bullshit, he had asked what she wanted and she had replied truthfully, and that in itself deserved the truth. Before he spoke Knuckles uncrossed his leg and used his left foot to pull the cart closer to the side of the desk in which he sat at. He leaned forward and reached for the cloth lifting it to show the bottom of the cart was freshly stocked with two premade dinners and several more bottles of wine. "I do know how to come prepared to any and all engagements my love. Being equipped for any moment is what makes me so efficient. " While he was leaning over the daemon retrieved the open bottle and began to refill his mate's glass once more. She was free to have whatever she wanted, he would make damn sure whatever she wanted she would get.

Once his task of filling her glass was completed he sat the bottle next to her and leaned into her setting his glass opposite of the bottle. "You're the best-damned demon I have ever met and the only one worthy of my strength, soul, and loyalty. That being said after we set out the pact and we found that sweet spot within our bond where we were not overlapping ourselves with the other's thoughts presence, emotions, and feelings my mind was quiet. His head tilted as a soft smile played on his lips. His rough and callused hand took her own, his eyes drank in her true form, the shape of a powerful Demoness.

He swallowed and placed his right hand on her left cheek as he spoke. "I had a voice in my head for over twenty years. While yes I had a will and a dream I was performing actions to further gain the praise of Beelzebub in order to not only obligate my contract but also attain more power from him. Most of these actions went against my morals and who I was as a person. You see it was always my dream to become a Heroic warrior, shield and sword defending the lands from the very thing I am and what you are my love. While I myself did not suffer directly being nobly born and all, our family company did take a hit as it was difficult to move products during a war between angels and demons. I was naive and did not understand why we were forced to witness a war between those who were not even mortal. Still, I began training every day after my studies and my house duties.

Knuckles reflected on the days of his youth as a young lad training in the courtyard till after dark. He laughed at himself sharing the memory with her through their link as he recalled the details as he explained it all. "I was not very good, and I was so bad in fact that my father demanded I stop chasing a foolish dream and ready myself to become the head of the company. I refused of course, how could I give up on becoming famous and well-known, a hero? They could not even see how having a well-known warrior as a son would aid the sales but at last, it blew up and I stabbed him in the heat of the moment. Not my finest moment but it was the start of a dark road. It was that night I became this, a daemon. A sell sword to a demon to become a hero. It must sound foolish to you, it does to me. yet, I was not thinking of what it meant only that I could not cast magic, nor was I good with a blade. Thus, I started to do whatever I was asked and soon enough joined with Sleeping Calamity which is more like Paradise Dawn than the original members would care to admit. I became a vile man killing all I faced and gifting that win to my demon. But then along comes this beautiful Demon with the grace of an Angel and frees me from having to live that life anymore, she restored my freedom, and my thoughts and actions became my own again. But had they really? I had to make sure. So, I set off for a time in truth to test you and your word. Was it foolish and wrong of me to abandon you with no warning like that? Of course, and I am sorry I did that to you for you did not deserve such a cowardly act from me. While I too missed and longed for you my beloved, I was unsure if these were truly MY feelings or what you wanted me to feel, something to control me as your first pact. I had no idea for sure if I was a test subject and a toy to be played with even though I felt your feelings at that moment we made our bond and sealed it. Again, I know how foolish it was but I returned because in my travels not once did I feel you lurk within my mind. Not once had I felt you push an urge onto me or impact my choice. Because you did not do that I was able to figure out who I was once again reborn as a new Daemon able to carve out my own path in life and free to do that however I felt. After only weeks I thought I would return but then I knew if I had I would not know the truth of the matter of who I was and what did I want. Truly. Thus I traveled and grew praying to the Gods to guide me and one night I sat there all alone in the middle of the woods. It hit me ."

He ran his thumb over her lips and smiled warmly at her feeling so in love with her. "I am that warrior I dreamt of being, I have fought gods and dragons, monsters of all kinds, and even slayed men enough to earn a reputation to become a Mob boss. I was lost before you, I thought I had come here to Paradise Dawn to kill an Angel but no I came here for this it was fated that I would be your hand, to become a pillar like you to show that yes I might be a Daemon and hopefully one day a Demon, but I am not destined to be vile. While I can be and will be when I must most of all I am a hero, perhaps not that of the legends and myths but better I am human in that sense in that I am real. I am sorry it took me so long to figure that out or even that I had doubts, but I knew as every day it felt like I was dying while I was not with you, that you are what makes me that Warrior not because of these powers you bestowed upon me but because you believe in me, not because of the Hammers I carry or the Gods I worship but because you see me as I see you. "

He went silent there, his mouth a bit dry from the talking now but he just looked up at her holding her hand and stroking her face hoping. ney praying that she would forgive him. He let his emotions bleed through unto her so she would know in his heart what he felt even if he lacked the words to explain it properly.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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" Darling I could shift from underdressed to over in a moment~ Hel I could argue I'm a wee bit overdressed still~" Lumi remarks as a rebuttal to his cheeky line. She matched his low and flirtatious tone with a siren's voice. With each word brimming with a guttural desire almost on the cusp of a purr. All while her eyes narrowed and glowed to match her intensity. The Demoness was quite overjoyed that her soul mate returned to her. So much so that her usual personality waned, replaced with one far more affectionate than any could get from her.

As soon as Knuckles graciously poured her another glass, the Demoness took another sip. Drinking the wine quite deeply while even slightly leaning back. Between the burning in her chest and the sudden urge to indulge, she couldn't restrain herself. It was her nature to consume, and with only him in her company, this would slowly overtake her. Something that tends to happen when a darker being is situated around her, but never as strong as it felt now. Whether it was the pact or the bond, she did not know. Nor did she care to define the reason. Being with Knuckles simply made her who she was, a Demon in the truest form.

So with every sweet word, she relished them deeply. Letting all that he said pour into her deeper than the wine. By the time he took her hand, she was already melting for him. With his hand on her cheek, Lumi felt like she was burning alive.

It was then Knuckles would recant his whole tale, his thoughts, his fears, his woes. Lumi hung on every word, grabbing the hand that rested on her cheek and pecking it with kisses as he spoke. Her eyes were only ever on him and though the tale was something she witnessed before, she listened to it like it was the first time. Something new to discover about her precious lover, shared by his own words and gifted to her by his volition; all the while the fire stoked inside her kept blazing like a wild flame.

When he ran his thumb over her lips, she'd playfully lick it in passing; nibbling softly from time to time as he went on. She could no longer hold back her affections, and his proclamation would ensnare her more. She hardly felt like a master, like his mistress or Demoness. Just his hungry lover, bearing a connection to his soul. All the dreams he admitted, she wanted to see them done. Whatever power he needed, she wanted to grant him. This devotion was one she never knew, never figured to be true. Perhaps this was the love hinted at in stories, the happily ever after, or the means to their end. She wasn't sure. And though his departure hurt her deeply, now that he'd return she couldn't bother to care.

As a Demon, she never thought she'd feel so pure...So much yearning...She predicted a cold fate, she foretold a lover's death, to be alone in a rotting world. But it seems in many ways she was wrong.

Upon the conclusion of his confession, Lumi pulled his face toward her. Kissing his forehead softly before eventually working her way down to his chin and neck. When she got her fill of his taste, she'd pull back, hands never leaving his face, and she'd finally answer." Knuckles," she spoke so breathlessly that her voice was on the cusp of splintering. " I swear to ye come or go, ye'd always have a place by me side. Test yer will and freedom all ya need, twenty years is a long time to be shackled and I rejoice in proving me word. Demon as I may be, I am of honor like I proclaimed when we made our pact. As perplexing as it may be from someone of me kind, the strength and loyalty that Iceberg and the Dwarves instilled in me grant me the self-control to do so. I am not of the Abyss, selfish, pathetic, and needy. This is the realm from which I was born, and so it's what I allow to shape me. Tis the reason I've never seen ya lesser, nor like a pawn to toy with. I saw ya as one of me own, suffering a fate I broke out of. So yer right Knuckles, yer human and real. The meddling of Demons and the like, fills me with a deep rage. They do what they do because they are far removed from this realm, but it's also that distance that limits their power. They could never beat us here." Lumikki grinned merrily before leaning in to lick and nibble his lips. Pulling away only to continue on.

" I do see ye....I always will. Whatever form ye take, yer mine. I'll want ya always. Just....just don't leave me alone....I fear being left all alone in this world." Her arms slid around his neck as she shifted her body to now sit on his lap instead. Rejoicing in his warmth and the pounding of his heart." Since ye've been gone, I did me best to move on. Learning new spells, hunting Demons brought to this realm, and pushing on. I was not miserable, just not complete. But I'd do it again every time ye'd need to leave. The most fantastical thing to happen, besides yer return, was taking the Dawn as me own. An event that ya honestly made more meaningful for me." Lumi pulled back to look up at him, her hand moving to play with a loose strand of his hair." I can't believe I love someone as much as I do ye. Enough to cast anyone else to the side with very little thought. I would fight not to admit it before, but I see yer absence as made me realize things too." She was curling his hair around her fingers and then, eventually looking for her glass to take another sip. She'd have to gesture to him to pass the glass, but she took it into her hands ever so gratefully. " Aaah, I was so lost that I forgot there was more. I was lucky enough to meet yer good friend Ittindi, charming man. Quite particular but fascinating with his responses. I refrained from telling him more than I must the best I could, as that was for ya to do and enjoy. And I helped him the best I can." She'd lean into him and chug more wine. Though she wasn't a lightweight, she was already drunk from him and it strengthened the wine in tandem.

But when she pulled the glass from her lips, she'd almost have a snarl. " Speaking of old friends of yers, I found a stray dog in the arena of Seven quite recently. Couldn't say I enjoyed his company or his being for that matter. For a human, I found him quite pitiful and annoying. Erebus," Lumikki hissed his name in displeasure. " He means to fight me again I'm sure. The fool said he'd slay me if it meant reaching ye and he already crossed Yuurei before on declaration of draggin' ye back out." The wine glass, without Lumikkis awareness or intentions, would rapidly freeze over in her hands. The intensity of her anger was amplified by the depth of the love she showed prior.

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#5Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles felt his heart swell with emotion as Lumikki spoke, her words wrapping around him like a comforting embrace. It was as if every doubt, every fear, melted away in the warmth of her love. He couldn't help but marvel at the depth of her commitment, her unwavering loyalty that mirrored his own. Her admission of missing him, of feeling incomplete without him, sent a surge of warmth through him. How lucky was he to have found someone who not only understood his struggles but embraced them wholeheartedly? Lumikki was not just his pact holder or guild master; she was his soulmate, his partner in every sense of the word.

As she nestled into his lap, his arms instinctively wrapped around her, holding her close as if he never wanted to let her go. He reveled in her touch, in the sensation of her against him, a reminder of the bond they shared. "I love you, I am happy for all you have achieved in my absence. Your taking over the guild is a great thing, and perhaps we can now move forward as a guild.  I have come across another Daemon, I am not certain of his patron yet but I will find out who it is he follows."

When she mentioned Ittindi, he couldn't help but chuckle softly. Ittindi was indeed a character, one he was grateful to have met on his journey. Hearing that Lumikki had helped him only reaffirmed his belief in her kindness, her compassion that extended even to those outside their circle." That man will be happy to know that we are one, he has longed for me to take my nobility and do something with it, find a wife. He said stealing a kiss from her. "Have children to take the family name.  To rebuild the legacy of the Shi name in full. He is my oldest and first friend it is nice that he sought me out and even is forging his own path, though I must admit I worry for him. This new power of his this Oni he is an avatar of I dred what it might do to him.  I can only hope his will is stronger than mine was. I had warned him of speaking of his want for power out loud for those who dwell in the shadows are always listening. I will be there when he needs me though as he has been for me. "

But then her mention of Erebus brought a shadow over his joy. The mere thought of that man, of the threat he posed, ignited a fierce protectiveness within him. He tightened his grip on Lumikki, as if to shield her from any harm that may come her way. While he had bested Erebus before in their fight and had forced the man to run, Knuckles was not sure how much stronger he had become since their fight.  He had sworn revenge to Knuckles for leaving the organization they had formed, but being a Mob boss was not all the exciting.   "He is a bug to be crushed and I should have killed him when I last saw him. However, my lust for conflict had clouded that judgment as I wanted to face him again once he was stronger. He sighed and looked into her eyes as he held her.   "Though I do not think he is a threat he might one day become that if he uses the resources of that old guild.  Perhaps I should travel to the guild and destroy it.  I know you can handle him since you were able to defeat me my beloved."

Yet, even in the face of danger, he found solace in Lumikki's presence. With her by his side, he knew they could face any challenge, and overcome any obstacle. For their love was a force stronger than any darkness that dared to threaten it. So as he filled their glasses once more, raising his in a silent toast to their bond, Knuckles couldn't help but feel grateful. Grateful for Lumikki, for her unwavering love and support, for being the beacon of light that guided him through the darkest of times. And as he looked into her eyes, he knew that as long as they were together, they could conquer anything that came their way.

That very attraction that had led him to this path was stronger than ever, his love and lust for her only growing in the time spent apart. He kissed her again messing his tongue with hers only stopping to take a breath giving into the feel and wants they shared.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Lumikki melted in his tightened embrace. She was overjoyed to feel the strength of his arms again pulling her in. Brimming with an abundance of affection, she'd nuzzle into him. Digging herself as deep as their forms allowed.

" Oh ye want children, ya say?~" Lumi teased with a cheeky smirk and licked him playfully on the chin," I didn't figure ya to be the type, and honestly neither was I. Buuut~ I suppooose I could give ye a child or two if ye'd like that~" Nuzzling affectionately, she'd let the rest of his woes settle before chiming in herself," Aye, it was quite the surprise to see him attached to an Oni, let along one like Naki. I've read a wee bit about him in me Joyan studies. Curiosity stirred in me from having a brother in Benimaru after all; and I'd attest he's the dangerous sort, kinda like a calm storm. It wasn't me place to step beyond the lines of curious intrigue, but I do pity yer friend deeply." Lumi paused to give the matter more thought, her mind hadn't visited this problem since she'd last seen Ittindi, and now that her lover had returned the pressing matter seemed important to her again." Ye know I sympathize with Daemon kind, it's not beneath me to extend. Should yer friend request me aid, than I would provide him such as a favor paid by yer love. But until he asks me properly, I shall not step in. Squabbles with Demons could prove long and tiresome and we already have a few to slay. Still, perhaps if we find a new toy for him to latch on...I could "claim" Ittindi as me own. But the only one I could imagine fitting that Oni perfectly is ye, and yer mine and mine alone." A point Lumi would emphasize with a deep and passionate kiss, as her hungry and selfish nature couldn't even muster slightly entertaining such a jest. Yet for an Oni who sought to observe those constantly in the chance of death, not many could charge toward danger as ravenously as Knuckles' did.

But with talk of danger, Lumi had recanted her tale of Erebus. Only to be pulled that much tighter in her warrior's grasp. She could hear the displeasure in his voice and used it to fuel her own further." It was a pleasure smothering him in me frost....but his constant rambling was insufferable. For a human, he's quite mad and his delusions extend as far as feeling superior to demons while still emulating one. I was at the end of me patience, but I figured he was yer human to take pleasure in slaying." Lumikki sighed deeply, remembering the encounter only sparked her spite and anger; but the prospect of more wine and the comfort of Knuckles' embrace was enough to calm her swiftly.

It would seem he'd agree as not long after a sip, he pulled her into another kiss. It was gentle and sweet at first but would quickly turn ravenous with time as both gave into their longing for the other. The pair pulled away gasping as only the lack of air could part them and Lumi would take the moment to adjust. Choosing to straddle him so that they faced each other comfortably, she'd gaze into his eyes. " As me other half, I'd do anything to see yer desires fulfilled. Whether it's bearing an heir or dragging Demons off their thrones. Or simply pushing ya to be the Hero ye've wanted to become all this time...We can drown in the power and pleasure forever..." This time she'd pull him in for a hungry kiss, while her hands slid along his biceps and arms. She trusted him deeply, enough to allow herself to fall in her entirety. And he'd feel as such because her emotions and feelings would flood into him. Every fiber of her being now pulsing with desire, urged for him to fall into the depths of his own and claim her once more.

" Ye owe me for leaving," this was her pushing into his thoughts. " I was a good demon to discard me desires hoping ye'd return to make me feel alive again." The two would part for another breath and through her panting, Lumi would plead weakly, " Knuckles Shi.....would ye..merge with me again? Fill the gaps in me weakness' as I let ya enter the walls once again?" She'd look at him longingly and defeated. Her face and features were almost meek and entirely vulnerable. No one else had ever touched the depths of her vulnerability before and she wanted to hand it over to him like a throne. A realm for him to secure and protect for an eternity. As their power merged and grew.

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#7Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles listened to Lumikki's teasing with a playful glint in his eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. The thought of having children with her filled him with a warmth he couldn't quite describe. Imagining their offspring, whether born Daemons or Demons, brought a sense of joy and anticipation. He pictured them with Lumikki's fiery spirit and his own strength, a perfect blend of their love and power. He pictured Dark dark-skinned kid with wings and crimson hair, he wondered what kind of magic they would use, or if they would be like Brone and Himself and be magicless but powerful Warriors.  His mind hung up on Lumikki with a belly swollen with children.  Well, now he longed for it.

"Children, hmm?" he mused, his voice soft with affection. "Yes, I would very much like that. I would take as many as you would bear, my love," he replied, his gaze holding hers with unwavering devotion. "I had never given them much thought until Ittindi pushed the idea of having a wife and rebuilding the Family name, though now that I think about it with you how could I not? We could live 200 years before having them or have them now, it would not matter for we have eternity to spend with just each other. " He spoke as if he was already a Demon and not still a Daemon.

As Lumikki spoke of Ittindi and the Oni, Knuckles nodded in agreement. "Yes, I agree with your findings. I may be the perfect fit for that Oni, but as you said, I belong to you. Still, perhaps there is another option, a way to help Ittindi. Something that could give him the power to absorb the Oni fully, to rid himself of that burden once and for all." He thought if HE was worthy then surely Brone Heavyaxe would be the same no? Though he did not press this thought into her mind nor would he ever think it again. He would never suggest submitting her Uncle to the life that could bring.

When the topic shifted to Erebus, Knuckles's expression darkened with resolve. "I will head out to the east and send the message at once. Erebus poses a threat that must be dealt with swiftly. Though I am glad you enjoyed causing him pain, my love," he added with a smirk, finding solace in Lumikki's satisfaction. He is nothing more than a thorn truthfully but I shall remove the bush from which he grows."

Her declaration that he was her other half filled him with a warmth that spread from his chest to his fingertips. "And you are mine, Lumikki. I will ensure your clans are united and Iceberg is yours to claim. I will forever be the hammer that forges the future you want," he promised, his voice filled with determination. As Lumikki expressed he owed her for leaving and spoke into their mind link, Knuckles's heart swelled with love and gratitude. "Whatever you wish of me, my love, you shall have. I will pour cement into your gaps, filling your weaknesses and ensuring your walls are expertly checked," he replied, his voice low and tender.

With that said, he pulled her into his arms in a romantic gesture, his touch gentle yet possessive. He could feel her desires, her urges, urging him to claim her once more. And so, with a silent understanding, he began to remove the physical obstacles between them, allowing himself to fully merge with her in body and soul reaching his destination, he knew hers were of her magic however his were of cloth and leather. Thus he stood up freeing himself and allowing him access to the hidden equipment he needed for this exercise.  Using both strength and his free hand he made sure the equipment was for the right slot before pushing it through, at first there was resistance. The chamber in which he inserted his tool was tight,  though thankfully properly lubricated so that he would only have to attempt to reinsert once more before enough had covered it for an easier entry. Still, he could feel as he sat back down the chamber still had a vice-like grip and would need some pounding to freely move about, it should be a snug fit for maximum operation.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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” Hmmm, we’d have to make ‘em while Ittindi and me Mum could still meet them. I’d want them to have that much. But…if I think about it…I think I’d also love to feel yer little one growing inside me. I hope to see a lot of ye in ‘em.” Lumikki spoke with a downward gaze and her hand on her stomach. The Demoness was really giving it some thought and the prospect filled her with more excitement then she thought. Before Knuckles, Lumikki only thought about having kids as a means to not be alone. If her family was destined to die and her lovers, then perhaps her children would be able to stand the test of time alongside her. At least that was what she thought her fate to be and if she stayed with Michael, perhaps it would have. Knuckles storming the North to confront Paradise Dawn changed more of her life than she ever could realize.

” Yer point reminded me of something I happened to forget. Yuurei’s family the Starlight clan were known for sealing away Oni in particular. Benimaru being just one of many. Granted from the little I overheard, things didn’t end so sweetly for ‘em. But if I dig into their work and records, perhaps I could find and put together a spell to give yer beloved friend the upper hand. Sealing Naki in a way the Ittindi could remain the avatar for as long as he’d choose.” It was a long shot as a plan, but the best one they had. Lumikki knew there would be no means to enter the lands for the Starlight and Yuurei’s absence came at a horrid time, but she had nothing but time so expending her efforts on such a technique wouldn’t be a waste for her. Besides Ittindi would make a valuable ally, if at all in watching the little ones and she couldn’t allow Naki to coax him to risk his lives with her children around.

Lumikki had nothing to say about the thorn, only rejoicing in the resolve and strength of her man. If it was by Knuckles’ doing, then she was sure she’d never have to worry about any “thorns” again. With or without her power, the man that she loved was a raging storm. With power swelling within him that could crumble mountains. Just the thought of it made her mouth water. She never care about the power of another, at most those of her family and allies; but seeing Knuckles decimate the world in time made her ravenous. It seemed she’d never entirely escape her nature for destruction but at least she’d avoid the fate of loneliness.

And with every word her spoke, it solidified it more. Weakening the magic that binds her outfit until she was bare in his arms and grasp. The pair being in the same wave length meant the Knuckles’ too would prepare himself for her. Rising up in preparation before letting her sit back down atop of him. A gasp would escape her lips, as though she knew what would come, it didn’t deter the sensation. Her face betrayed her by making her embarrassment clear, but she would not have time to settle in it. With eyes already narrowing, she’d continue to grasp and melt into him. The riverside now over flowing and granting smooth passage.

Lumikki’s arms wrapped around his neck, her body pressed to his. The Demoness, though not physically the strongest, wasn’t weak by any means. Yet every time he had his way it sapped all the strength from her body. As if his hunger would beat out hers or perhaps she just wanted someone to give into. Lumikki wasn’t sure she’d care to know the answer, just lose herself in merge. As she found there was satisfaction from letting him have his way and take everything he could get.

” Haaa…haaa…I missed ye Knuckles.” and her arms would tighten around him.

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#9Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles listened to how she spoke about having their kids. She wanted to have them while her mother whom he had never heard her speak about before and Ittindi to still be around for them. He recalled her speaking about how she had gotten her powers from her father so perhaps her mother was human as were his own parents. Now he felt the guilt for what he had done to his own father and how he still to this day had yet to speak to either of them. This was part of why he had never sought out a cure or a way to escape his faith as he thought it a fitting punishment for stabbing his father. However, Lumikki had shed him from that burden of punishment. [colr=red] "I would like that very much my love, I also look forward to meeting your mother. We should perhaps start right away. " [/color] He smiled at her lovingly joy and happiness within his eyes. "You would look so adorable with my children growing within you. I'd imagine that I would truly enjoy the look so much I might end up keeping you that way." He teased at her.

Knuckles then listened to her talk about Yuurei's family. Seek the aid of Angels? Could he ask for that? Would they help? If Lumikki were the one to ask to learn the spell then it would probably work. However, Knuckles would be willing to take a risk if it was for Ittindi's well-being. "If you think it is an option my love I have full trust in your abilities and resourcefulness." He said agreeing with his beloved.

As the rock entered the river bed he saw her embarrassment, he reached up gently stroking her face again, and let out a passionate breath as he said softly. "I love when you give yourself to me, in this way." Her panted words to him only fueled him with more excitement and spiked his want for her. "And... I.. You Lumikki"

As they merged into one Knuckles would rock in the chair wrapping his left around around the small of her back holding her from going too far back, just enough for him to probe until he found the depths in which he sought. Looking for the bliss that Lumi had offered unto him, he would take it all of it. He was greedy, he would take more than his fill. He would not stop drilling until she begged for him to stop and let it rest. Until this, he was going to drill until the waters overflowed and burst back towards home. Enjoying the sensation, Knuckles gave into the drug of their reuniting. It felt as if all that time apart had caused an excess of energy between them and now that they were united once more it would burn throughout the night.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Between his breathless words echoing in the chamber of her mind, weakening her with every repetition as they drove her body to become even weaker to fulfill his wish; and feeling his greed surging right into her like the lightning he commands on a whim. Lumikki’s body was breaking, her mind shedding away like it had before.

She was now an open tundra for him to explore and build his castle.

But her Demonic self would not yield entirely, or just as easily. It would fight albeit in playful ways. Feathers would poke and sprout from her skin, specking her upper arms and the side of her face. Her four black wings would bud slowly, they stayed small for now but threatened to extend their full length in time. His hand on her lower back kept her steady, but her legs would also hold him tight. And the chill in the air deepened like her passion, frost to meet his lightning.

” So….huuungry…” her voice broke apart like a howling wind as Lumikki referred to her hunger and his. She threw her head back as she spoke, adjusting herself to him so that it hit the perfect mark, all to her liking; and when she pulled back, she was licking her lips for more.

Lumikki’s claws lengthened as her hands held his shoulders but she still fought hard to hold back her more destructive tendencies. She had a habit of tearing into lovers because of desire but she managed to hold back until now. Yet every bit of her wanted to rip into him like he did her. Breaking her from the inside out so that even her second wind in time could falter. All the while the waterfalls of Paradise Dawn continued to pour. Crashing down in continuous succession. And the thunder god never faultering.

With wings half grown and pulled back, Lumikki broke out of his grip. In a quick flap, she flew over and dropped herself onto the couch. Receding the wings in just a bit as she was now on all fours. She turned back to see her Daemon, eyes burning bright with a demonic frenzy and more feathers cresting her than before. She held off the harpy for the moment, but she was not done. She simply wanted him to tear into her more.

” Break me~” she beckoned, her voice more like a siren than ever before. Shifting her weight to her knees until she was upright, her hand gestured for him to come and she’d lick her lips as she devoured some of the darkness around her, the snack gave her the needed strength to restore and keep going. ” Bring me a bottle of wine,’ as she hoped to drink even more. Gorging all her desires as once so all that was left would be ecstasy.

When Knuckles heeds her request, Lumi would take the bottle, pulling her head back and downing all of the wine in one go. When she finally finished, Lumi was left gasping, but it didn’t deter her from leaning forward once more. Her hips swaying in a dance only he’s seen as her only instinct left was to entice for more. Black frost creeping along the wall to provide a scratching post should she need it.” Practicing for the day I bear yer chiiildren….could be fun…Let’s see if ye’d be worth becoming a perpetual mother of demons for~ And if ye’d earn the right to be me King?” She’d giggle as she spoke but would playfully tease by sticking out her tongue.

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#11Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Feeling her pull away Knuckles had a look of confusion but then followed her with his eyes. She moved over to the couch. Without saying a word he just enjoyed the view wondering just what his Demoness had in mind for them. Looking her over he licked his lips as if a buffet of food had been bestowed before him as a starving man. He guessed in this way for what they were and what he was consuming he was indeed starving. Like her he had not allowed another to fulfill his needs or wants, saving all himself for her. Truly it was the work of his training of his body that had allowed him to withhold his release to this point, and this small break with the aid of the wine would only add to the buffer before that scene would accrue.

Since his hands had been behind him he had not seen her claws but he had noticed her wings coming to life as she was sinking into him as they had melted into each other and he filled the void within her. Seeing her true self was always breathtaking and seeing it naturally only heightened his need to taste her. She had given him two orders or commands, he thought of being a tease to her and pleading for the first, happily to do the second. However, he was starving as so he thought it better to just do. This was the second time he had met her true form in this sort of battle, but he had yet to bring out his own Demonic feature to the battlefield with her.

Slowly Knuckles rose from the chair and he reached for his glass of wine finishing whatever had been in the cup and grabbed the bottle that had been on her desk taking a long fill of it. Reaching under the cart he grabbed another that had been on ice and ripped the cork off for her allowing it to fall to the floor. "As my Demoness commands I shall obey." he said in a low and smooth tone. His eyes began to glow a bright purple as he called out to his Daemon Powers that were now fed from the demon before him. Obscura began to seep from his body as it covered his torso, his arms, most of his face, and his back. Wings of his own formed from the ebony energy stretching out their full two meters in length. The energy, of course, traveled down from his chest going down in a swirl-like pattern to his knees and then covered down to his left foot only.

His muscles fed by the new source of power bulged, every single one pulsed as they became more lean, and his body filled with the strength of the Demon Lumikki. A dark chill with a touch of lightning stood the hairs on his body up, there was not much hair on his body opposite of his head and underarms anyhow. He knew she liked to use staffs in battle and now she would have a new one to tune to. He stalked over to her looking at her as prey, as he would an opponent. A new goal came to his mind which was to make he break as she wanted, to make her submit to his power, and to ensure she knew she had the only one she would ever need.

His wings flapped and in a second he was upon her, he handed her the bottle and waited till she was done with it before moving. There was no need to make a mess, more than there would be anyway. She had given him a mission, to show her he was worthy of what she had offered him. Thus, Knuckles reached out grabbing the handles of her waist, and mounted for the attack. He looked down as he sheathed himself within her walls, it was not gentle but not too forceful not yet. He watched himself disappear with two strikes, then he looked up to her gorgeous face. His left arm stretched out towards it as he used his strength to grab her hair by the and full as to anchor himself where he was, her beautiful locks interlocked into his fingers.

Knuckles went in for the killing blow, pushing with his feet as he stabbed at her defensive walls he laid out for him to crush to test his power. A low roar and grunt escaped from his lips as he pushed with his rapid assault, the sound of the two fighters meeting one another loud and echoed in the office space. " All Hail Queen Lumikki and King Knuckles." His right arm wrapped around her waist feeling her tone mid section on his forearm and he yanked her into his strikes. He would not yield.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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His little raven, his song bird, would sing for him at first. Her melody hitting all the notes in the same pace he did, but it would eventually unravel to croaks and squeaks when she couldn’t maintain her voice. He had snatched it like he did her ivory hair. Bunched within his calloused fingers and held tight enough to keep her in place. With her head pulled toward him, her back was arched dramatically with hips still held high and her arms outstretched before her with claws digging into the ice.

His strength did not relent, he would only dish more; with an arm wrapped around her waist to further cement the Demoness to her fate. Lumikki would yield albeit with a bit of annoyance, as his choice of where to grip was too carefully made. So she took his force for as long as her patience allowed, while the demon in her only grew. The rhythm weakening her to the point her knees began to buckle, and if she took this any longer Lumi knew she’d only crumble.

” No fair…no fun!” A growl rumbled past her lips. Lumikki inhaled and bit into all the darkness surrounding her just before falling apart. Her body would indeed break and crumble, but it would fall away into an unkindness, circling around the Daemon in their joined ferocity. Talons of the many ravens brushed upon his skin and wings before colliding into a singular point in front of him, eventually revealing the Demoness once more as a full harpy. Teeth sharp and eyes piercing, she hovered before him with a sadistic smile. Taking his face into her hands and holding it for a moment to study him in this form before eventually pulling him into another passionate kiss. Her tongue would push his forcefully, while an arm shifted to his back so that her claws may dig in. Pressing down until his skin pierced and blood was drown, but just as the crimson began to trickle, black frostflowers sprouted amongst the wounds, healing the damage as quick as it was sprung. Only to do it over and over again. Meanwhile her other claw was pressed to his throat, pressing hard enough to pierce lightly, but not enough to harm him.

When Lumikki was satisfied in her kiss, she’d pull away only to lunge at his left wing and take a bite of his dark magic, savoring the fusion of lightning and frost. It melted into her mouth like no other, only to give her playful shocks. ” So delicious~” Lumikki declared while trying to lunge for another bite.

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#13Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

His attack was halted as Lumikki turned into an unkindness of ravens to escape his powerful attacks. He stood there a bit confused for a moment as he felt the talons and wings come in contact with his sink. Closing his eyes he enjoyed the feeling of his skin being cut. There was a reason why he fought close range, the feeling of pain simply aroused him. "You're right, this is not fair." he stated as he opened his eyes upon feeling her grasp his face. He closed them again as she pulled him into a kiss. As their Tounges danced in each other's mouths Knuckles felt her claws slice at his skin and tighten around his neck. He did not fight, no he allowed it to happen letting her get her fill of what she sought from this.

Though as she leaned to take a bite of his Obscura wing, Knuckles interlocked his arms with her legs pulling her into him where he would seek to make her brain go numb from overstimulation. How would he go about this? Well, though she fed from his dark wings, Knuckles used to fly them further from the couch and pressed her directly into the ice she made. He pressed back into her with full passion and energy. "I was thinking the same thing my love" The warrior then took his teeth and sunk them into her shoulder where they met her neck biting down slightly as he formed a vacuum with his mouth looking to mark her.

With her ensured in his grasp her slammed her down with force, but not aiming to harm her just excite her. Well maybe hurt her a little bit, but just enough where he thought she would like it. Upon slamming her he drove down at the same time using all that force to bottom out inside the gap that he worked his way into. Leaning into her with all his strength, he braced himself with his knee in case she tried to escape again, but this time he trailed down her collarbone until he found the honey blossoms of a demoness, nibbling on the ends and taking them into his mouth. He played with them swirling his tongue around them and slapping them around times rougher than normal.

It seemed she would not make it easy for him, and that was fine, it was only of the qualities in which he loved about her. A reason, one of many why he was in love with her. Kuckles dug deeper using all his cardio and enhanced strength from hi Daemon form to ensure his attacks were critically focused on her weak spots.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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" Ayyye!" Lumikki gasped as the surprise and force knocked the wind out of her, and the pressure of his fangs pressing down the base of her neck only made her recoil further. He'd hear a growl escape from her lips and rumble in the Demoness' chest as her claws found their way to his skin, ripping his flesh once again but now in frustration as she was pinned down tight.

The skin under his lips flushed with a vibrant blue, a few shades darker than that of her tongue with the mark forming slowly but surely. The pain was pleasing but infuriating to her, so there was no rest to her struggle as she tried to fight his grip. That was until he traveled further down, with his lips triggering the sensitivity through her skin and turning the growls into whimpers. Chirping and squeaking from the more stimulating sensations.

Lumikki could try to fight him, but this was like fighting herself. The reactions of her body caused her to jitter and seize while his consistent strikes continued to stun and overwhelm her. She wasn't pleased to be pacified but she relished in the overstimulation. A sensation that betrayed her as he funneled her sentiments through the bond.

" Grrrrrr....ye win...", she groaned and moaned, Lumikki lamented her defeat but thrived in the sensation. Even the demon in her would have to accept his strength fully, and most of her animosity would die down for it, but it would not strip her entirely of the sadistic tendencies as she reached for his wing to pull for another bite. She relished most in inflicting pain, as she did in receiving pleasure or enticing her lover into a maddening lustful state. Lumikki could savor the sweet, but down to her core she enjoyed the more primal and visceral desires. The mutual pleasure of two beasts clashing and consuming the other, taking all the other had and could give.

" Te-tell me Knu-Knuckles..., she spoke through gaps, whimpers, and pants. " Would ye....ye eat me like this forever?" Would he be this ravenous for her throughout their eternity? This feral? This primal? Would she get to enjoy this forever, his gentle and sweet, his oppressive strength and fangs? " Me...sweet Daemon. Yer gentle nature...it's mine alone..." Her sleepy eyes glew from her ferocious desire to claim any kindness he could possibly offer another.

Lumikki maintained an amicable personality. She managed to keep hold of her empathy and care. Fight her desires for destruction, chaos, and hunger.

But Lumikki was carnivorous and selfish. And for once there was a lover that she could unravel for.

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#15Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

She would never have to ask such a thing as she already knew he was hers forever. "Until my last breath my beloved." Knuckles increased the rapid succession of his attacks feeling her submit to his strength. It seemed he would be King after all, and he, her Queen.  Knuckles did not soften his approach however feeling the tinges of pain sink into his skin and wings only excited him further. With his want for her overwhelming his mind, he would realize into her coating her walls with the future of their kingdom.  This would be the first of many he knew, for tonight sealed their fates again to each other.  

The remainder of the night would be more of the same until all the time lost between them would be made up and the wine gone.  Of course, now he would have to help clean up the office, but at least the night was worth it.  If it were not for the morning hours approaching and the need for her from the Guild Knuckles would lock them away for the entire day until each of them was at their limits and could not go on, sour and depleted of all energy.  One thing was for sure though, Lumikki would be filled with the Shi bloodline, though if it would take would be unknown.


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Knuckles' sincerity rang clear as it always did, she didn't need to check their link to confirm it. It was just that her selfish desires compelled her to want to hear it, savor it in every utterance. She wanted to hear it forever. His voice soothed her and quelled all her worries.

" I want every breath ya've got to give Gunnar~" She'd reveal her fangs as a devilish smile spaned upon her face but all her mischief was over. Aside from the tears and bites from her love taps, Lumikki complied with every one of Knuckles' fancies and desires. Opening up the gates to the hidden garden so that he could plant all his seeds freely. Whether there was something to reap over time, would be unclear. Lumikki lacked the light and warmth to nourish and budding flower, usually opting to spring forth her own in magic and whim. So if there was something to thrive in the tundra within her, she was sure that it'd be strong enough to brave the countless winters.

The two nettled into the other for the night, eating and drinking their fill as they made up for lost time. Lumikki whimpering " I love you" in moments where she has the breath to do so. For a time, the Demon of Frost was feeling as hot as a forge as Knuckles pounded into her like metal being shaped into a fine blade.

When morning finally came, she'd be curled up on the couch resting. Resting from all the hours that passed her and sound asleep.

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