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What it boils down too. (Yuurei)

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What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 02, 2022 9:53 am


Today seemed like any other day for the loveable loser Kaito just him and the partner he had spent nearly spent two and a half years with riding in his hood. They had been taking there time in this city as he had to not draw any real attention to himself or his partner as they could end up in a bad place in this city if they were really to pull the ire of the people that lived here and he was not aiming to start or end any fights today.

He was just simply doing his best to refrain when he thought he smelled a familiar scent had he been followed here some how, was he tracked here, he knew this scent or should he say scents as he smelled the man and the exceed that he knew pretty decently at this point it was Yuurei and Renji. He wondered if he could just blend in and them just not see them, cause they had usually just randomly bumped into each other and clearly Yuurei as a guild master was doing far better for himself than Kaito was doing for himself as Kaito was still just a peon a simple cog in a bigger machine.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 02, 2022 10:02 am


Yuurei and Renji were doing something different today. The duo had decided to visit a country that they had never gone to before. This time around they were going to Bosco. It seemed like a popular place to go to, and even though Yuurei read interesting, yet scary things he figured it was best to experience it himself. Of course, his choice of travel was flight and he used his own wings to get here.

They had made their way to the capital and there they could see the vast number of people that were residing in it. The name was weird, and he wondered who had given this place that name. While he moved through the streets of Sachsenstadt, Renji would walk by his side as well. There were people who looked over at him and their eyes widened when they saw him. It would seem like his reputation even stretched even to other countries like this one.

“So, it isn’t just Fiore, but Bosco as well.” He said as he noticed the eyes wandering to the duo.

Yuurei would rub the back of his head as he would shake his head.

“Yeah it seems like it’s going to be like that no matter where we go.” He said to Renji as they were walking.

Today he was going to try out the food that was native to Bosco. It wasn’t just that, but he wanted to sightsee and learn more about this place.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 02, 2022 9:39 pm


Time to activate sneaky Kaito mode and he walks around sticking to the shadows and watching over them, he wondered what had brought them here today, if there was something weird going on that may have brought them out here today. To find out his answers he was just gonna have to follow them and attempt to not be seen by them. If Kaito was good at being anything it was hiding in plan sight and just hiding in the crowd unless someone was actively looking for him they wouldn’t really have their eyes settle on him.

Revy as well watches, she has no idea why Kaito is sneaking around or acting like he was some kind of weirdo paparazzi stalking the most famous mage in fiore waiting for him to mess up and take a few out of context shots of them to totally ruin their public image. She on the other hand was enjoying it cause it was a bit of a different more playful side to Kaito it felt he was seeing how long it would take for him to be caught like a child.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Fri Jun 03, 2022 11:27 am


Yuurei would keep moving with Renji on his side. Their destination would lead them to a food market and there he would smell the aroma of the food around him. The different types of food that was being cooked and served was pleasant. He would continue moving around as he would follow the best scent he could find. His nose wasn’t powerful like a Dragon Slayer, but who couldn’t smell this. Renji was following his friend and at the same time he wondered what they were going to be taken to.

It wouldn’t take long, but he would make it to a stand with a man selling chicken Katsu and white rice. It wasn’t something native to this place, but damn it smells so fucking good. Yuurei would go to the man and when it was his turn he would smile at him.

“Can I get two bento please.” He said to the man as he was preparing him his meal for two.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Sat Jun 04, 2022 3:05 am


He has no idea what he is even doing he is avoiding someone that he has called friend a decently close one, but why is he doing that? Was it so he doesn't get lectured about joining his guild again. Did he just not know how to approach him, was he scared or intimidated of him because he has become a guild master, was he jealous of him because he was more successful then he was? Was it because he had gotten close to him and he was scared him keeping saying no to joining him might cause a rift between them. Kaito didn't have these answers he just didn't know how or why he was being like this he was just doing it.

Revy watches Kaito as they keep stalking the pair, seeing them stop for food Revy's stomach starts to growl a little she was starting to get hungry and the smell was starting to make her a bit jealous of Renji was about to start eating and she pokes Kaito hard to let him know she was nearing the end of her patience with all of this for the day.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Sat Jun 04, 2022 6:38 pm


Yuurei would wait for his bento and soon he would get what he wanted. The man handed them both their meal, and Yuurei would pay him the jewels. They would walk away with their food and Yuurei would hand over Renji his bento. They would open their bento and would start eating together as they were walking around together. The duo didn’t see Kaito still as they weren’t expecting anybody to be following them.

When he took his bite he would moan about how good his food was and he would look over at Renji as he would eat his food as well.

“This is so good, isn’t Renji.” He would say this as he continued eating.

Renji would nod his head as he would eat with his friend by his side. They kept moving around as they would get out of the market district and head to a different place. This would have things like museums and stuff that was native to Bosco.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Sun Jun 05, 2022 4:54 am


He realizes he needs to stop this and stop making Revy need to get caught up in his games and this weird movements and thoughts he opens a portal and he gets her something to eat and he starts thinking of how he is gonna walk up to Yuurei and Renji and try not to act like he had just been looming in the shadows and being weird for the last like hour as he for lack of a better word has been stalking him and his small companion. Revy is snacking away as he tries to figure how he is gonna play this cool but he is having no luck on how he is gonna do this, what should he say. What should he do, is it just best to walk right up and announce himself? Is it just better to pop out of a portal and play dumb like he had just got here?

All of these thoughts just spun around in his head he wasn't sure if he was coming or going at this very moment if he had anything that might actually fit into the mold of how to do this right and not just have it just fall flat on its face.

Revy finishes what she was eating and she stands on Kaito's shoulder. "Hey Renji!" He was betrayed by his own exceed his own partner had just made the first move for him without even asking him.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Sun Jun 05, 2022 7:11 pm


Yuurei and Renji were eating and walking toward their next destination. While they were doing this, something would happen. The two of them would hear a familiar voice not too far from them. Renji knew who the voice belonged to, and he would look over in the direction it came from. There the two of them would see Kaito with Revy on his shoulder. It seemed like they were also around this place.

The light mage and his Exceed would swallow their food at the same time. It was then they would wave toward the two of them and start walking toward them instead.

“Oh Hi Revy! How are you?! I missed you?!” He said this out loud as he walked toward Kaito.

Yuurei would do the same thing with a smile on his face.

“Hey Kaito glad to see you still alive and doing well.” He said this to his friend as he wondered what he was doing in Bosco.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Sun Jun 05, 2022 9:26 pm


Revy jumped down then ran over and she hugged Renji. "Nice to see you again as well Renji, Have you heard anything from Nimbus or Lani?" She was starting to worry as she had sent letters with Kaito but she hadn't heard anything back from them in a while and she knew Kaito was worried about it cause he hadn't heard anything from Lani or Nimbus either since the day that Nimbus tricked him into making a matching costume to do the event in. But Lani had gotten sick and the idea never got to come to a head. Plus it was shame cause it seemed her and Kaito got along very well.

Kaito looked down at himself and he smirked. "Yeah I seem to still be in one piece even though there have been some close calls to my life." Kaito still had some bad feelings but he knew he wanted to make a mark but he has no idea how or why he would want to make a mark or stick out but this man made him want to do that even if he couldn't really justify it.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Mon Jun 06, 2022 1:38 pm


Yuurei and Renji heard what Revy had asked. They would both look at each other, and Renji figured he would speak up.

“We haven’t spoken to Kailani and Nimbus since we left the guild. We were planning on heading to South Fiore soon to see them.” He said to Revy.

The group didn’t know what happen to Kailani and Nimbus. The vampire that took her life would definitely reach out to Yuurei soon. It was something they did to spite Yuurei for attacking Ansem. Little did that vampire know, he would occur more than just the wrath of Yuurei but others who knew her.

Yuurei would laugh when he heard Kaito’s words, but he was glad that his friend was alive and kicking.

“I’m glad to hear that Kaito. I think I would be upset if you would have ceased to exist in this world. It’s kind of why I’m always bothering you about joining me. I would love to have my friends close to me, so I can make sure to be able to help them in their time of need.” He said this with a smile on his face.

Yuurei and Renji would continue eating their Chicken Katsu as they didn’t want it to get cold.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Mon Jun 06, 2022 9:44 pm


It kind of put Kaito on edge to hear that even Yuurei her closest friend hadn't heard anything from her as well this was probably a very bad omen for them. He sort of feels a dread that is clinging to him like spiderwebs about this. He knows that he needs to get to the south soon as well to see if he can find out what is up with Lani going radio silent on them all. Had something gotten to her? had she gotten sicker? was she just avoiding them so she wouldn't have to pick in the end? hundreds of thoughts raced through his head and he hears the dark voice in the back of his head speak to him, telling him that it is his own fault he should of been assertive and been a real man.

"That can't be good to hear I woulda thought Nimbus would of sent you like four messages gloating abut the kiss he got." She was teasing trying to make a joke to lighten the heavy fog of a mood that had fallen on them after she had asked about Lani.

"Sometimes I think it would be better if I did cease to exist. But it is good to see you are happy and healthy and your exceed seems to be in good spirits as well."


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Tue Jun 07, 2022 8:56 pm


Renji would hear the words that came out of Revy’s mouth. A kiss? Did Nimbus get a kiss from Revy? The thought that ran through his head was not good and he would blush as he a piece of chicken fell out of his mouth. That bastard did something with Revy and didn’t tell him? How dare he, and then he had gone radio silent on her. The balls on that cat.

“Wow, so kissed him? You did Revy?” He asked as he looked away from her for a bit as he kind of couldn’t look her in the eye.

Renji would shove food in his mouth as well as he didn’t want her to hear anything he might say without thinking about it first.

Yuurei would walk over to Kaito when he heard Kaito’s words. He would leave Renji with Revy because they were having their own thing. When he got to his friend he would be by his side and his hand behind his back. Yuurei would smack the crap out of Kaito’s back with a vicious smirk on his face.

“What dumb crap did you just say, Kai? Do you think you are better off doing what? Take those words back.” He said to Kaito.

He knew what it felt to almost leave this world, and he wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. It was the one thing he fear about life, and it was not something he could hear his friend discussing. Their friendship would end if he had ceased to exist.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 4:13 am


Revy giggled and she shook her head but it had been funny to see his reaction and she got closer to Renji. "No me and Nimbus did not kiss, I just wanted to see your reaction, and I have to admit it was funny." She winked at him and she backed up walking back toward Kaito.

He feels the smack on his back and he looks at yuurei as he spoke to Kaito, Kaito's eyes had a new darkness in them that seemed to have consumed him from the inside, then he blinked and it was gone. He starts laughing and he rubs the back of his head. "You are totally right Mr. Guild master what ever was I thinking I take it back." His voices tone sounds like he was indeed sorry for what he had said and that he would not say it again to him.

Revy looked up at Kaito and knew he was just burying his feelings again and again had put his emotional mask back on himself. She looked around and she wondered what was gonna happen from here she had a bad feeling as Kaito had been expressing that she was gonna have to find out why.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 10:56 am


Renji would hear her giggling and he would continue munching on his food as he looked at her. It wouldn’t take long to notice that she was right next to him. It would seem like she was messing with him, which brought him to pout. It seemed like she got the reaction she wanted out of him, and the only thing he could do was continue chewing his food. Once he was done, he would chuckle a bit as he looked at the Exceed walking toward Kaito.

“I guess it could be seen as funny.” He said as he got closed to the group.

Yuurei would hear his friend laughing and his apology after. The light mage would hear what he called him and he would only laugh after that. It was not something he thought anybody would call him, but it seemed like Kaito just did.

“You don’t have to call me that. Yuurei is fine. It feels weird that I’m leading a guild.” He said to Kaito as he thought about it.

“You should come to visit one of these days. It’s freaking huge, and your brother is there.” He said to Kaito with a smile on his face.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 12:05 pm


He looks at Yuurei when he said that he didn't seem to like that title of guild master. "Does that title weigh heavy around your neck?" He watched the man for his reaction even if it wasn't fully clear to him to why it would bother Yuurei in the least that he was a guild master, he already walked around like he was the hot shit of the universe.

He hears Yuurei speak about his brother being around there and had joined him. "I see so you let him into your guild?" He figured that yuurei was gonna have his hands full with the muscle brained idiot and his like three second attention span for things that didn't really interest him.

Revy was just listening and wondering how Yuurei got Emil to join his guild, did he lure him with fighting, riches or just a lucky streak that found him finding Emil at random or if Yuurei sought Emil out as a way to try and get Kaito to finally join Paradise Dawn.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 12:54 pm


Yuurei would hear Kaito’s words, and he would laugh at them. It was a weight on his shoulder that he didn’t think he would get so soon. Still, things happened for a reason and now he was a guild master.

“It does indeed, but it also sounds weird to be called that. I even hate it when I’m called master for short. Hell, even when the enemy calls me out like that makes me cringe.” He said to Kaito with a smile on his face.

Yes, Sleepy Calamity’s guild master had called him that, which he found funny to hear that.

“Yeah, I saw him by the river and he was looking for the guild. So, I walked him over to the guild and he joined. I think it was because he would have freedom within the guild to do whatever he wanted.” He said to Kaito as he put his hands behind his head.

“What brings you to Bosco Kaito?” He asked him waiting for an answer.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 3:50 am


"Hmmm seems odd to complain about making it to the top of guild." He laughed softly and he put his hands behind his head and he wondered if he could every really be useful to people or was he just as his soul a wanderer, never meant to be stuck in one place for too long, was he stupid or just naïve he had no idea. His worries pile but so do the wonders he has no real idea to if he was coming or going any more some moments felt like hours while others felt like a snap of a finger and it was gone.

He looked at the man as he spoke about how and why his brother had joined the guild and if he was really gonna stay or not was any ones guess  to be sure but he knows he will probably piss off some of the other guild members before it was over, he had no idea what was fact and what was simple fiction any more, was he coming or was he going, a lot was left up in the air it seemed. "Well hopefully he can some how not get on your nerves and not cause your members to hate him, he is a bit special."

He asked a seemly on the nose question to why he was in Bosco. "Hmmm I have been here for a bit cause my goddaughters mother asked me to come to spend a day with them, so i did and from there I have been doing things like reading and looking into a few things as I go and am needed on the main land. Yourself what brings you out here?"


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 9:34 pm


Yuurei would hear Kaito’s words about his brother. He would smile at him because he doubted that was going to happen. Still, he would take his words into consideration since he knew him best. Yuurei flinched when he heard that he had a god daughter. It made him take a step back for a second, and then he would rub his eyes as if it had anything to do with what he heard.

He would look over to him as it would seem like he would ask him the same question. That was fine and he didn’t have to hide why he was here.

“Well, I was here to see what the country of Bosco had for me. I never been here, so I kind of wanted to learn a bit about it while I stay here. I’m also hoping to find a special kind of job here later today.” He said to Kaito before he stared into his eyes.

“So when did you get a goddaughter? How the hell did that happen?” He asked him curious to hear what he had to say.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 10:07 pm


He hears the man say special mission and he thinks the man is here for a whore house. "I hear there is a decent one like three blocks that way down an alley way and a red door on the right." He had just given Yuurei the directions to a house of pleasure someone had been bragging about in the city. He looked at the mans reaction to him saying he had a goddaughter was it that big of a surprise that he had a goddaughter that he had to be so taken aback by it.

He blinked and he rubbed his chin as he thought of where to start this story. "So you know how we just fought that super strong dragon? Well I had fought a pretty strong one in the west with someone else and while that was going on the woman I was with had found a baby and we had Revy get the baby out of the fighting area so we didn't have any distractions, then took down the dragon went to the baby and I helped her name the baby, then she asked me to be it." That was pretty much how it happened and he felt it was a big deal but he wasn't sure why his friend was acting so surprised that he could have a goddaughter. He wonders what the sweet little demi-human girl is up to and if she is behaving how she should be or if she is being a little brat for her mother.

He smirked and laughed softly at the idea that she might be being a pain in the ass, definitely his goddaughter, he thinks she will have a very bright future ahead of her and he hopes that she learns to be a good person he will probably be long dead by then though.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 10:41 pm


Yuurei would hear his comment when he told him about a special mission. The light mage would shake his head when he heard him. He would chuckle a bit because that was not a place where he would be heading to.

“So you know where that special place is. And here I thought nobody could touch. I guess there are some places women can touch.” He had a smile on his face as he looked at his friend.

Still, this came right before Kaito spoke, so he was telling him the story about how he got trapped. The light mage was surprised by the event that caused him to be a godfather. It was interesting, to say the least, but for some reason, he couldn’t imagine Kaito being one.

“That’s interesting to hear. I didn’t know you fought a dragon before the one we fought. Brone and I fought one too. He went by the name Astarot, some fire dragon. Still, I’m surprised I didn’t think you liked a lot of people.” He said to his friend.

He was glad that Kaito was getting comfortable with others and even had a goddaughter.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 11:24 pm


He shrugs to him it was all just a rumor some cocky drunk idiot had told him, he doesn't crave the flesh so that is a total no go for him as he has little to no interest in such place just it was a funny tale he had heard that kept him longer then two seconds in the story of this drunken rambling idiot but he just lets it end with the shrug as he didn't think it wise to carry on much farther than that with this subject least this man thinks he would go to such a place at all, even though he should know better then to thing that of him.

"Hmmm i don't think i ever caught the name of the one I helped take down as it was more laughing like a witch and throwing fire balls then it did talk at least until the end when it started to beg for its life and it was not spared for all the people it had killed." He doesn't know how to feel about having helped kill two dragons at this point, then he remembers his magic is dragon slayer his magic was made to do such a thing but he still kind of felt bad to have done it too them but that was what you get for being evil.

He rubs the back of his head looking at Yuurei. He wondered if some how he gave off that kind of aura or something. "Why would you think I don't like people?"


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 11:31 pm


Yuurei would laugh hearing what he said about the dragon he had fought. It would seem like the dragon was a female and possibly a fire one at that. It seemed like they had killed their dragon as well, which was a good thing because it seemed like they were out of control.

“I see, yeah I would have killed the dragon if it had killed a lot of people. At that point, it doesn’t deserve to live.” He said as he heard his friend ask him a question.

He would rub the back of his head because he took it the wrong way.

“Well what I meant to say was that you don’t like to be around a lot of people. It seemed to me since the day I met you were always a loner. I’m just happy I’m one of those people you don’t mind being around is all.” He said to Kaito with a smile on his face.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Fri Jun 10, 2022 11:44 am


He sighed at them saying the loner thing cause really that hadn't changed and he really did want to be alone and to die that way as well that way the others don't have to watch out for him, fear him or idolize him. He is a monster to himself, he isn't worth even close to the amount people try to hold him too he is nearly useless and his soul is slowly being tainted darker and darker the voice in his head getting stronger just telling him to kill them and take what he wants what he can grab that the world is his to take from, they can't stop him, they can try but it is still in the end the same outcome a dimensional waste land of his making if he wanted.

He hides his thoughts from his expression and he laughs. "Yeah I really do come off as the loner type right?" He looks at Revy and he tilts his head with a sweet smile, the less the three here knew of that the better for him later when if it comes to it he gets rid of himself to protect the others that he calls friends and the world that they love and care for.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 2:41 pm


Yuurei would look at Kaito as it seemed like something was bothering him. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he wasn’t going to pry on the matter. Instead, he would listen to what his friend had to say, and he would smile and laugh a bit at those words.

“It’s okay if you do come off that way. I won’t leave you alone, so no worries. You got me and Renji on your side.” He said to him as he looked at Revy.

“I’m sure I’m not the only one either Kaito. Pretty sure you’ve met a lot of people who wouldn’t allow you to be alone.” He said to him as he would stand by his friend's side.

Renji would look over to Revy as they were quiet, and he figured he would speak up to her.

“So you and Kaito are still in Fairy Tail right?” He asked her wondering what she would say to him.


What it boils down too. (Yuurei) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 5:09 pm


Kaito doesn't look at the man at all no matter the out come in his head that he can see they all end the same him dying alone, rather it be heroically or cowardly. The ending is the same him dying alone while others fled or him as bait for them to hang onto their lives and live to see another day. He knows there isn't a happy ending for him only darkness being a hero, the fall guy or the villain. Happy endings aren't for people like Kaito the cursed and the out casted that aren't shining beacons of hope like Yuurei is. The voice in his head telling him, that Yuurei is really just a man whore and a womanizer, but Kaito shakes his head to try and get the voice to stop.

Revy looks at Yuurei and she smiled at him. "Of course we are, though I think Kaito was looking into making a change, not sure if that means guild or just in himself." She rubs her chin wondering if she might of said too much as she knows Kaito works in weird ways and she doesn't want to make Kaito distrust her with info, but she figured he was close enough with Yuurei and Renji to share this info and it not come back to bite Kaito in the ass.

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