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The Dark Path and it's Secret (SL/Good)

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Yuurei was glad he was with these people. Kailani would be able to heal him, and Brone was able to fight alongside him. It was two combatants, and one support, which was a good thing. He was glad that Kailani had told him about the light magic, but it seemed like that was Nimbus's idea. He was a smart Exceed after all.  When the group entered the cave, they would immediately feel something disgusting and dark about it. The place was so dark that they wouldn’t be able to see without a light. It wasn’t just that, but when Yuurei tried to use his innate ability of light to make their area brighter, it wouldn’t work.

He needed a spell to light up this place, one that he did not have at all. He didn’t think this would happen, but here they were. They were going to be at a disadvantage, but hopefully, this was a linear cave. Renji saw the darkness within this cave, and he was not excited about this. He was hoping someone could see in the dark, but who?

“It’s too dark in here. I can’t see a damn thing. Any of you guys can see through this darkness?” He asked hoping someone would have an answer.

He would slowly walk forward while waiting for someone to take lead if they could see through the cave. Still, this would be one of the toughest things they would do so far.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe patted the snow off his ringmail armor as he made his way to the mouth of the cave. "Damn waste of time" he grunted, slightly annoyed that the group had been halted in their trek. He looked back to the vampire still kneeling, his head was drooping, her hair covering her face, hiding her expression. For a moment, Brone felt sorry for her; not knowledgeable about vampires, but if her service with her boss wasn't a consensual one, then maybe if they killed the head vampire, then maybe she can gain her freedom.

The dwarf walked up and stood beside Yuurei who was simply staring into the darkness of the cave. He looked at the half-elf and noticed his concern. When he asked his question, Brone raised his hand, "Aye, the darkness isn't anything to me, I can see just fine" he looked into the cavern and inspected how the tunnel seemed to be straight forward, "Seems like a single tunnel from this point, but don't worry yer pretty head, I'll get ya through this no problem" he patted the light mage on the back, then he coughed before spat at the snow covered floor, "Alright, no time like... now, I guess" he said as he began to walk into the darkness.

How the cave's mouth was positioned, the most light that would reach furthest in would be just before noon. Within just a few steps, Brone was already in shadow, and onlookers would just see his silhouette. Though the dwarf could see fine, without light, everything was simply grey. He looked back at his companions and waved them to enter, "Don't dilly dally" he said before continuing forward.



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Yuurei would hear Brone’s words. He would smile because he was glad that one of them could see. That meant they could traverse through this place without a problem. He would follow behind Brone, and he would have Kailani right next to them. She was their healer and if they got her she would be there to help them.

He heard his friend’s words, and he would chuckle a bit before deciding to say something.

“We’re right behind you, so don’t worry about it.” He said to Brone.

The cave was dark, and he couldn’t see around him. He could only see the dwarf that he was close to. It was weird, but he truly needed to get a light spell that could light up the place for him. It would come in handy in the future, so he planned on working on it.

“I guess you weren’t fully prepared for this one Yuu.” He said to him as he would laugh a bit.

Yuurei would shake his head, but the Exceed was right about that.

“At least Brone is here to make sure that we’re going the right way.” He would say this as he would hold onto Kailani to make sure that she didn’t get lost either.

Little did the group know, that there were creatures moving through the cave. There were other paths within the cave, and it would seem like these creatures were moving through the area. As they continued to venture forward these six creatures would soon show up.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone led his company through the tunnel, down into the cave. Eventually there were break-off points, separating into separate tunnels, though given how small or narrow they seem like branches, the dwarf continued forward on the main path, every so often he would grab onto the wrist of either Yuurei or Kailani to prevent them from either accidently straying off or tripping over elevated ground.

For a moment, the dwarf stopped in his tracks. He listened carefully but heard nothing. He then placed his hand against the wall of the tunnel, feeling the Stone, wondering if he was missing something, "Guide us" he whispered to the Stone before he continued off down the tunnel. Luckily for his eyesight, he could keep track of the difference between the main tunnel and the side tunnels by noticing detailing such as the size of the openings and how worn the floor was, letting him know which was the path most trekked.

Then something caught his attention. Something had moved, or at least he thought so. He quickly looked around, listening, waiting for another hint of movement. After about a minute, he was about to continue forward before he heard more movement, "Something's here" Brone said as he drew both his axes. From the ceiling, dropped a humanoid creature with black eyes and pale skin, the dwarf reacted by slamming his steel axe into the creature's side and sending it flying against the wall.

Five more creatures made their appearance; three on the ceiling and two crawling on all fours along the floor, surrounding the three heroes. "We're surrounded" he growled.

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Yuurei kept walking and every so often he would feel Brone’s hand grab his own. He was glad that his friend was here with them. They continued traveling through the cave. It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would bump into Brone. He couldn’t see where he was going, but the moment he heard his friend tell him that there was something here, the light mage would get ready for a battle. Renji would open his bag and it would bring out Yuurei’s gauntlet. He couldn’t see either but knew what this meant.

The berserker was getting ready, and he would close his eyes as he would allow his hearing to do the seeing. Kailani would prepare herself to be able to support the two of them if they needed it. She couldn’t see either and wasn’t the type to fight unless she was pressured into it. The light mage was waiting for noise. He heard Brone say that they were surrounded. It was then he would hear something scrape on the ground and jump toward Yuurei.

He would use his gauntlet to defend himself and he would find something latch onto his gauntlet and he would quickly use his left hand to punch the creature without hesitating. He would feel the creature when he landed the hit, and it would shriek in pain as it would fall off of Yuurei and onto the ground. He wouldn’t be able to see, but he figured he would alert his friends.

“I got one, but I don’t know how many are there. I can’t even see these things.” He said to Brone as he was hoping he would let him know.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Even though most of the heroes were blinded, the three of them reacted and took battle stances. Yuurei was quick and countered the ghoul that lunged at him. Brone had to take a look at the half-elf just to make sure he was actually blinded, seeing his eyes closed confirmed the light mage was proficient with his other senses, "There's 'bout half dozen of them" he called out as he looked about, trying to get a sense of the terrain and the enemies, though the ghouls were shifting, not staying still, making it difficult for him to keep track of them despite his ability to see in the dark.

"Stand close together so we can support one another" Brone suggested as he took a step back, keeping his own back to his friends while waiting for the next ghoul to make their move. Suddenly and quickly, the next ghoul lunged at the dwarf and he reacted by slamming his iron axe onto the creature, though another one of them lunge soon after, trying to take advantage of the slight distraction. The ghoul managed to grab the dwarf, but it's teeth weren't strong enough to pierce the ringmail armor. Brone brought his steel axe down, severing the ghoul's head, killing both that attacked him.

The sound of the remaining ghouls were coming from Yuurei's and Kailani's side, though Brone couldn't see over his shoulder since he had to keep his side watched, "Keep yer guard up" he said, hoping the two will be fine.

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Yuurei would hear how many of them were there because of Brone. His suggestion was something he was fine with as he would keep his stance. He figured that his friend would press his back to him. That was good enough. He would hear his friend destroy the monsters that were fighting them. The berserker would hear what he said about keeping his guard up. It wouldn’t take long, but he would hear the monster screech as it jumped at him. He wouldn’t be able to see it, but Kailani could smell them. She would let Yuurei know that there were two coming to him.

This was great and he would swing his fist in the air when Kailani told them that they were right in front of him. The light mage would hear one shriek out loud from the hit. The half-elf would feel the second monster latch onto him. He would feel the pain from what they did and when they went to bite him, Yuurei would punch the monster. He would have gotten the creature where he wanted, and soon enough he would be able to kill it without a problem.

He would sigh with relief, and he turn around to Brone even though he couldn’t see him.

“Are we done with them?” He would ask them.

“Yeah, I don’t smell any more of them around us. I think we can continue on.” Kailani would tell them.

Yuurei would tap Brone’s shoulder, and whenever he was ready, he would continue to follow him. The light mage hoped they wouldn’t bump into any more of them.


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Brone Heavyaxe
A few ghouls screeched in pain as they perished. Brone looked back to see that Yuurei had finished off the last of them. When they took a moment to determine if the fight was done, Kailani sniffed the air, "Aye, they're all done" Brone looked over the area and even checked the ceiling just in case. With that, he holstered his axes before grabbing onto Yuurei's and Kailani's wrists and led them onward down the path, this time he had slightly quickened the pace; if those kind of creatures lived within the cave, then there was a likely possibility there might be more, every so often, he would look up and over his shoulder just to make sure they wouldn't run into another cluster of those ghouls.

Eventually they reached a forked in the road, "Wait here" Brone said, letting go of his companion's wrist so he could check down both tunnels. Unfortunately it was difficult to determine which was the main path; both tunnels were the same size, and both paths were well worn as far as he could tell. Looking down the tunnels, both seem far and eventually turned above his sight, "Damn, may be lost" The dwarf then placed his hand on the wall, feeling the stone, hoping it could guide him further.

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Yuurei kept moving through the area with Brone leading them. He was the man that would guide them through all of this. It wouldn’t take long, but he would tell them to stop. The light mage was wondering what he was planning. It wouldn’t take long for him to come back to them, and he would hear him speak. It would make Yuurei rub the back of his head. He didn’t understand how they would be lost, but that was a bad thing.

“If we lost, we go to wherever we smell the least amount of things right Kai?” He would ask her.

She would close her eyes as she figured she would use her senses. She didn’t enjoy being used like this, but they needed her abilities. It wouldn’t take long, but she would smell the area and then came to a decision.

“There are a lot of smells coming from the left side, but there is only one dirty smell that is worse than the others on the right. I think we go to the right so we don’t have to fight that many monsters in the cave.” She would suggest this to the two of them.

Yuurei would hear her and he would look over to Brone with a smile on his face.

“You heard the lady, right we go.” He said as he would wait for his friend to make his way to the path.

Yuurei would grab a hold of Brone and waited for things to go forward. Renji didn’t like this, and he had a bad feeling about this as he would look into the darkness.

“Be on your toes guys.” He warned them hoping he was just being paranoid.


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Brone Heavyaxe
No matter how many times Brone would look down both paths, there wasn't a clear distinction between ether of them. Luckily Kailani used her superior sense of smell to determine the right path would be the one of less resistance, a term the dwarf remembered his father had used. He didn't really understand what the elven woman meant by 'one dirty smell' compared to the other, but he figured her suggestion was good enough for him, so he once again grabbed the wrists of both his elven companions and led the way down the right path.

After some distance, the choice seemed promising, no ghouls had tailed them nor appeared on their way, and the trail didn't have any tiring obstacles such as elevated walls. Eventually there came a point when Brone actually caught a whiff of a strong smell. He was going to ask Kailani, jokingly, if the bad smell she sensed earlier had gotten closer, but before he could say a word, he began to hear the sound of what seem to be a rattling of rocks... no... after halting and taking a moment to listen, it sounded like crunching. But as soon as he guessed what the sound was, the sound stopped. Brone couldn't make out what could have caused the sound because the tunnel had veered and turn left out of his line-of-sight, "On yer toes as ye said, Renji, I think there's something ahead" Brone tried to keep his voice to a whisper as he drew his axes, but as soon as he finished his sentence, there was a roar and soon followed by a loud sound of running.

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Yuurei would move through the area with Brone guiding them. While this was happening though he could hear a bunch of noises coming from ahead of them. It wasn’t just that, but the smell that Kailani had sniffed he was able to do the same now. That was nasty and he could only shake his head. This wasn’t going to be good. If something smells this bad, then it meant it was probably dangerous. He heard Brone’s words and he would ready himself. Kailani would do the same as she knew she was going to be at the rear.

While they were heading to the final spot and where the large roar came from. The group would see a light at the end of the cave. Whoever was here last had light placed all over that area. Yuurei wasn’t sure why, but they were going to find out soon enough.  

The group would finally arrive at light, Yuurei of course wasn’t bothered by the change of darkness and light, but Renji would cover his eyes, and the same could be said with Kailani and Nimbus.

Yuurei’s eyes widen when he saw what was waiting for them here. This wasn’t good and he could only become nervous. Yes, the Yeti they fought was scary and huge, but this was an abomination.

It would shriek at the appearance of the group that was here. It was on all fours, and it would start running towards the group.

“Everyone spread out now!” He shouted as it was trying to ram into one of them.

Yuurei figured he would be the one to deal with the consequences. The monster would hit the light mage with everything it had. He would be sent flying straight into the wall of the caves. The place would shake from the impact, and he would find himself coughing up blood. They were in an open area, a place Ansem made so that his experimental vampire could run loose and while.


Big Boss:

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone gripped the handles of his axes tightly as the three of them neared and eventually reached an open cavern. The area was illuminated by the light of lacrima crystals, however time had caused them to be coated in a layer of dust, dimming the light, but it was enough to be able to witness the abomination that was running towards them.

As Yuurei had suggested, they all spread out, Brone dove out the way as the large creature ran passed and tackled the light mage into the wall, causing the cavern to shake, debris along with a few small stalactites fell from the ceiling. The strength of the monster was hinted to them, now they needed to be cautious when facing this thing.

As the experimental vampire turned about, looking for the target, Brone knew he had to draw the thing's attention in order to prevent it from going after Kailani, "Oi, ugly!" the dwarf called, catching the monster's attention. It's red pupils lay within the black of it's eyes locked onto the dwarf as he began to move towards him.

Brone would start running towards one end of the cavern, making sure the monster had Kailani at it's back, away from it's attention. When he was sure the monster was close enough after a spring, Brone would lunge forward, tumbling beneath the large body of the creature, once he passed the dangerous claws, the dwarf would get back onto his feet and quickly swung his steel axe along the belly of the monster, though it felt like he was hitting bone, the monster screeched, letting him know that the hit did indeed make contact. Afterwards, Brone continued his momentum and ran out from underneath the monster, who's left back leg nearly stomped onto the dwarf, but he was lucky to be out of range just in time.

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Yuurei would see that the attention of the monster was placed elsewhere. He didn’t want that for any of his friends, but he figured it would give him time. The light mage would open both of his hands, and two huge magic circles would appear floating. The stars would come out soon after and he would feel himself becoming stronger as they would enter his body. He would rush towards the monster right now as it seemed like Brone was fighting against it. He would make his way towards the creature as it was turning towards him. The light mage would have a smirk on his face.
He leaped up into the air and he would punch it with his gauntlet. The vampire would scream from the pain it felt from Yuurei’s punch and it would stumble a bit before it would swing its weird arm at Yuurei. He would smack the young man away from him, which was a bad thing. He didn’t like the way that hit felt as he would fall to the ground. He was bleeding a lot and he would laugh because he needed to make sure that he didn’t get hit anymore.
He would get up from the floor and would look at the monstrosity that was in front of him. He would get into a fighting position as he wasn’t going to leap into the air to fight this thing. The Experimental Vampire started rushing towards the half-elf over the dwarf. Yuurei hit harder, so it was trying to make sure to kill him first and feast on him.

When the monster got close to him, Yuurei would leap away from the monster’s attack, and he would skid on the ground as he was super focused on this fight 


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone ran to gain some distance from the abomination. As he turned about, he saw Yuurei leap into the air just as the monster was turning to face him. The half-elf's gauntleted fist slammed into the creature so hard, the dwarf was sure the hit could be heard from within neighboring tunnels. The monster stumbled, but before Brone could smile at the successful attack, the ugly creature retaliated and hit Yuurei, sending him flying. The force of the attack seemed strong and once the dwarf could see that Yuurei had spat up blood, he was sure that this enemy they were facing will be a difficult task that may lead to their end if they aren't careful.

The large abomination ran towards the half-elf and Brone made sure to take advantage of this distraction, so he ran after the thing. Once one of the vampire's massive arms missed the half-elf, Brone came in, swinging his steel axe at one of the back legs. The blade slammed into it, making a sound similar to hitting metal. Even though it didn't break the skin, it was enough to cause the creature to buckle a bit and turn to face the dwarf, "Damn, yer so damn ugly" is all the dwarf said before he ran off. The creature began to follow, though the dwarf was planning on it, the direction they were both running gave the creature's back to Yuurei, putting the light mage in it's blind spot, the perfect chance for a strike. Brone kept looking behind his shoulder, not to keep an eye on the monster from attacking him, but to watch when Yuurei would land his strike. Performing a 'back-and-forth' hitting tactic may work on such creatures who don't seem to have much of intelligence within their own fighting tactics.

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Yuurei would feel his body aching right now. He would look over to Kailani and it would seem like she was upset with what was going on. Still, she wasn’t going to heal them just yet. She was preserving her mana. Nimbus would watch from afar as well as the two fighters were annoying the crap out of this monster. The Nephilim would see Brone had gotten its attention, which meant that he could do something to take it out. When he saw how the dwarf attacked, he was glad to see that they were doing damage.

He would use his gauntlet now as he would feed it the mana that it wanted from Yuurei. In return, it would send out energy throughout Yuurei’s body. He would feel himself stronger and faster than he was before. The berserker also knew how hard this monster hit, so he couldn’t allow Brone to take a hit. It hurt him to stand right now, and he was going to make sure he stood like this until his best friend could heal him.

The half-elf started running towards the vampire, and after a few seconds, he was at full speed. He would leap into the air and he would look at the back of the creature’s head and he would punch it with all of his might. The creature didn’t see it coming, but it would feel everything that Yuurei had to offer. It would tilt its head from the blow, and soon enough a crack would occur. Soon after that, he would kick it in the neck and it would tear apart bringing the head to fly to the other side of the place they were in.

The creature would shriek in its final moments before it became quiet. Yuurei would sigh with relief when he saw what happened to the monster. He would fall to his ass as he started to breathe harder than he was before.

“Good distraction Brone.” He said as he was happy that he took the monster’s attention.


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Brone Heavyaxe
As Brone ran off, he heard the heavy footfall of the creature behind him, trying to catch up. And though the dwarf had a head-start, his short legs didn't allow him to keep much distance between himself and the abomination with it's massive limbs. With each step the monster took, it covers more distance, getting closer to the dwarf who tried his best to pick up the pace, but as the seconds ticked, he felt the presence get closer. Eventually each step caused a slight rumble, Brone felt as though he was nearly leaped off the ground with each time a limb hit the floor, then he felt the breath of the monster touching upon the hairs of his neck.

All of a sudden, there was a loud crack. Instinctively, Brone lunged to the side. He wondered what that sound was; for a split second, he had thought the monster had grabbed him, but one quick look-over of himself and realized he was fine, he looked at the abomination and saw Yuurei standing upon it's neck. Then with a swift kick, the head of the vampire flew off and sailed across the cavern.

The half-elf called out to Brone and the dwarf gave him a thumbs up. It was victory in their corner, now they can safely move on through the cave. Though he wasn't sure whether or not they had went through the right path. Nevertheless, they had to continue to trek forward. Brone touched the stone of the floor. He recognized that the floor was leveled, meaning the region was normal to visitors. He looked up and found the only other tunnel save for the one they had came from. "Onward then" he said to his teammates as he grasped their wrists and lead them through the new tunnel.

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While he was resting for a bit, Kailani would rush towards Yuurei. She could smell the blood that was on him and knew that he needed to be taken care of. Still, before she could do exactly that, they would find their hands being grabbed by Brone. The dwarf would pull Yuurei onto his feet as they would walk through another tunnel. He wondered how long they were going to continue traveling through the cave. While moving through the place though, he would see that things got dark again, but at the same time it got colder. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew that they were going to find out.

“Kai, please heal me once we’re out of this place.” He said to her as they kept moving.

Renji was safe, and everyone else was as well. Yuurei was truly happy that he could take a couple of hits before passing out. While Brone continued to move them through the dark place, they would be led to light at the end of the tunnel. It would take them out of the cave and onto their next place of travel.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Though Kailani intended on healing the half-elf, Brone couldn't take the chance of being attacked by anymore creatures of the night, so he hurried them along, "Ye can heal once we are safe" the dwarf said as they hurried along. To avoid slowing down, Brone made sure to hold onto their wrists throughout the entire way, though he kept a look out for anymore ghouls that may creep along the ceiling and he sniffed the air every so often, hoping he doesn't end up smelling another abomination.

The tunnel turned every so often, but it was straightforward overall, no branching tunnels, no jutting stalagmites on the ground, risking either of them tripping. It became smoother as they continued forward, but despite the path becoming more easier to deal with, the dwarf didn't slow down, he was pretty much done with the cave, though in normal circumstances, he would continue to take his time, at the moment, he was the only one that could see within the darkness, so this was impeding the group as a whole.

"I think I see a light" Brone said as he looked ahead. The bit of color that was coming to his eyes did confirm that there was some kind of light up ahead. It was a moment after that he realized the light wasn't that of the flame of a torch or a lacrima but of natural light from out of a cave, so they hurried forward, "Sheesh, Yuurei ye need to learn a spell that illuminates" he mentioned at his friend, having to fight monsters within the dark was one problem, but having to be someone else's eyes were tedious and taxing.

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