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Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations]

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#26Amir † 

Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] - Page 2 Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 1:50 pm

Amir †

“Thank you! The wine is greatly appreciated.” Amir took a sip. He swished the tasty juice in his mouth and savored the flavor. The wine was actually great by Fiorian standards. Amir was pretty sure it was imported. That or the guild had a member that was excellent at brewing.

The scholar did not have to provide the wind dragon with an update at first. He was lucky enough to have the dwarf and elf duo fill her in. It was convenient to have people around for something like this, if only he could find someone to read his research papers aloud as well.

“If all of you are participating in the parade are your routines ready as well? I know some of the guild mates are performing, some are getting on the floats, and similar things to that. Have you all chosen your parts and are prepared for them?”

Amir asked the question out of curiosity. Kailani did not look dressed to dance. She had a cute look that could pull it off. If she was on a float Amir could imagine the confetti flowing her way. Amir could not really see the dwarf participating on a float. The young scholar was assuming the short stack would work some type of security detail. The only one Amir would hazard a guess of participating with a routine would be Yuurei. Amir was curious to see what the trio would do.


#27Kailani Fleurn † 

Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] - Page 2 Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 5:48 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
The wind mage had to stifle her laughter over the difference in what Brone had heard and what Yuurei had clarified. It seemed the dwarven man hadn't been paying the closest of attention to the conversation. Which was fair, things like this didn't seem like his cup of tea, or mug of ale, as was his preference. Haring Amir was from the west did intrigue her though, her pointed ears keen to hear more on the subject, she had seen quite a bit of Fiore at this point, but the West was somewhere she had yet to venture.

The mention of floats, however, made her face pale. The reason she had been avoiding travelling recently had been due to discovering she'd somehow become quite susceptible to motion sickness. Just the thought of having to stand on a float left her stomach feeling a little queasy. As such, she had arranged to be walking beside one, rather than on one for the parade.

"Personally, I have been practising my acrobatics. I will be performing alongside one of the pegasi floats, but um, riding one is a little..." She trailed off, struggling to find the right words to describe her situation, "Unpleasant for someone like me." She finally added after a few moments. Averting her eyes, she'd take a nervous sip of her drink. Clearly, she wasn't comfortable with the idea of having to explain what had become one of her biggest weaknesses as of late. It really had been hindering her quite a bit, even travelling in the guild's airship was like torturing herself, but at least it was quicker than by train.

"I helped with the inspections of a few the other day, they're coming along quite nicely. And I can guarantee they are completely safe." She quickly added, trying to move the conversation along and away from her personal issues. "There's one, in particular, that's super gorgeous. Unless I've heard incorrectly, I believe our guild master will be riding in it along with her wife." she continued, her eyes practically glowing as she imagined the duo on the float, truly she couldn't wait to see the two beauties on display like that. The wood elf considered herself one of their biggest fans, she could gush about them to others all day, every day.

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#28Brone Heavyaxe 

Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] - Page 2 Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 5:47 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone took a swig from his drink and shrugged his shoulders. He gave it a shot at explaining what he thought he heard, but miss the mark, it wasn't that big of a deal for him. Amir had then asked about the performances and the parade which the dwarf nearly committed a spit-take, "Performance?" he asked, surprised. He wasn't aware that there was a parade or that they needed to perform anything, "I thought this was a party?" Now the dwarf felt pressured, he began to sweat from his brow, thinking about what he could do... nothing. He began to imagine himself standing on the float trying to dance in front of many people, "Ugh, this is annoying" he leaned into his hand with his elbow resting on the table.

He hoped Kailani would volunteer to be the center of attention for Blue Pegasus since her and Yuurei are good-looking people, common traits for elven beings, but when the full blooded elf turned down the idea, the dwarf just looked to Yuurei, "I hope ye got a solo act you can use" he then took another swig, beginning to wonder whether or not he should have stayed home that day.



Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] - Page 2 Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 6:31 pm


Yuurei would hear about all of this performance that was going to be going down in the parade. He wasn’t going to do anything crazy. He was planning on staying on a float that was near Kailani and doing a traditional evlian dance that he knew. It wasn’t anything crazy, but he figured with what he wore, it would grab attention.

He was glad Kailani would be doing flips and stuff, which he knew she was able to do without a problem. He looked over to Brone who had asked him, which he chuckled a bit as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah I will be on the float that Kailani is next to. I will probably just do one of our traditional dances from our home in the forest. If that doesn’t work, then oh well.” He said as he took the entire whiskey in one shot.

He would sigh now as he had to gain the courage to do something like this in front of everybody. Still, they were going to have to get ready now because they had a parade to go to.

“I finish! And just in time too! Yuu go put this on, and let’s get ready because we got a parade to go attend.” He said as he would hand Yuurei his outfit.

The light mage would take it and he would go to the back as he was changing for what was to come next.

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#30Amir † 

Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] - Page 2 Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 8:21 pm

Amir †

Amir was amused listening to the wind mage. She had an easy going personality that made her feel comfortable to be around. Amir believed that they could be decent friends given the right circumstances. He was curious to see her performance in the parade, as well as the outfit that she would use to attract the crowd. Amir was looking forward to her performance. She was a pretty little girl. The people in the audience would go crazy for her.

The fact that it was going to be an elf duo performance made Amir give a thumbs up. Yuurei was soft looking as well. A man of beauty instead of rugged handsomeness. Amir chalked up the skinny pretty boy look to being an elf. The young mage looked completely in place with the good looking good that he was in. Adding him with Kailaini made a nice picture.

The only part of the situation that Amir was finding weird was the dwarf Brone. Amir looked at the dwarf in question. He did not hear of them doing anything for the show and they lacked a costume. The only thing Amir thought they had going for them was their ability to drink. It was a parade and a party so they were not wrong. It was just odd that someone so unconventional made it into the guild. Amir thought about it and a lightbulb went off in his head. He figured out that Brone was in the guild to represent inner beauty. That would mean that underneath the grimmy outer layer, drunken inner layer, laid a heart made of pure gold deep inside.

“Well may the both of you break a leg! Put on a great show.” The light mage was the first one to leave. His costume was finished and he went to change.

“Okay. I should go and change out as well. I will be on the outer fringe of the parade. Brone if you don’t have a costume feel free to sign up for the security detail.” It was the last piece of advice Amir could give as he was heading off to get changed and prepare.



#31Brone Heavyaxe 

Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] - Page 2 Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 4:34 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone grunted with a nod, he wasn't all surprised about Yuurei and Kailani's duo performance, it was expected at this point since they seemed so close, similar to being attached to the hip. What did catch his attention was the idea of watching the two elves perform a dance from home within the forest. He knew next to nothing about elven civilization, just myths and the common knowledge that they usually lived within forests and they are more or less secretive. "I'll raise a glass to ye" he said before taking a swig from his drink.

The dwarf nearly locked eyes with Amir. When he noticed Amir was looking his way, he tried to play it off, pretending he didn't notice the gaze. He began to question himself as to what was the reason for the man to gaze his way. Was he interested? Hopefully not, Brone didn't enjoy turning people, but he currently wasn't looking for anything romantic. The gaze was broken for a moment before Amir offered the idea of applying for the security position, "Sounds like something I could do" he chuckled before he downed his ale. He then patted the golden scales that decorated his outfit before standing up, "I'll be right back" he said before he walked off.

He stopped by the bar and handed back the empty mug, "Done for now... though if ye can get me a to-go flask, I'd appreciate it" he whispered towards the bartender, hoping no one noticed. He knows he'd need to be sober to work a security detail, but judging by how boring this 'party' seems, he may need some liquid courage, though it wasn't as if he would easily get intoxicated, given how sturdy and resilient his people are as a race, "I'll be back for it" he then made his way to the changing room to stare in the mirror. His outfit had always drew attention from onlookers whenever his father wore it, but seeing as no one within the guild hall had looked his way, he figured everyone else didn't have the taste of a dwarf to truly appreciate the look. He examined his ponytail, slightly upset, given that he had spent a good amount of time and focus on it, though it didn't matter now.

Brone would walk out of the changing room, picked up his flask of ale, before heading out the main doors into a crowded street. As simple as the job of security is, he wasn't sure how to go about signing up for it, so he just looked about, searching for someone who looked knowledgeable. Eventually he found Mark, a Blue Pegasus member who was always too focused on keeping things organzied.

"How do I go about signing up for the party?" Brone walked up to Mark who simply looked down at him through glasses. His expression showed he probably found Brone irritating.

"It is a parade, dwarf" He simply said while checking his clipboard, making sure that everything was correct.

"I want to be part of security" Brone ignored the sass, figuring it was part of his personality. Mark shrugged his shoulders and figured it would be the only thing the dwarf was good at, so he assisted him

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#32Kailani Fleurn † 

Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] - Page 2 Empty Wed Mar 16, 2022 4:45 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
The dragon slayer was growing super excited, but a little anxious simultaneously, finally the main event was going to occur soon. It seemed Brone had decided to work on security rather than perform, that definitely did suit the dwarven man more than prancing around on a float as it rolled through town. Seeing as the others were already packing up and going to get prepared she thought she should go check on Nimbus who had been hard at work this entire time finishing off her own costume.

While it had been mostly completed, he had wanted to finish off some minor detailing in order to make sure it completely matched what he had done with Kaito. The wind mage was still a little apprehensive about wearing matching outfits to the event, especially in front of her best friend. She could feel her blood rate rising as she grew more and more anxious over the idea. He had been having extra terrible anger spouts lately, if she showed up matching another guy to this event when she hadn't even answered him properly, he might just lose his cool and ruin the whole thing for everyone.

Her breathing became rapid and by the time she met up with the black and white exceed she was having a full-blown panic attack, her stomach churning as she felt sick. Nimbus noticing her complexion was quick to rush to her side, taking both her and the beautifully crafted costume back to her room to rest. It seemed she wouldn't be able to participate, after all, perhaps it was better that way though, all things considered. She now lay in her bed, the exceed rubbing small circles on her back in an attempt to make her feel a little better, or at least assist in calming her down. Unfortunately, it seemed she was going to have to watch the event from her window this year.

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