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Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations]

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Creations and Practice (Closed) [MMG – Preparations] Empty Sat Mar 05, 2022 1:22 pm



The light mage had heard about the Mardi Gras that was thrown within Hargeon, but he had missed it for the last two years. Now, being back with the guild, Yuurei figured that he wouldn’t miss this one. It would be enjoyable, and he hoped that he would get to spend more time with Kailani. He was giving her the space she needed with her decision, but it didn’t mean they couldn’t be around each other. The first part of the task at hand was simple, he had to prepare his costume for the parade that was going to happen later. He had thought about a few designs, but he wasn’t sure if they would work.

He was in the Guild Hall’s Auditorium, where there were a lot of people moving around and working on their own thing. This place was huge in that it had enough space for people to do whatever they wanted here. Renji was on his shoulder looking over at what he was designing, but he was really having a hard time doing so.

“Please, someone save me.” He mumbled to himself as the Exceed would laugh at him.

It seemed like he wasn’t good at making things, which Renji found interesting to see.

“Let me help you, remember I worked with Saint Nicholas.” He said as he grew up creating stuff.


#2Amir † 

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Amir †

Amir was feeling excited to be in Hargeon. This year so far was almost a fever dream for him. A lover, new magic experiences, now a massive party hosted by the Blue Ponies. It was a far cry from the life that he used to live. His body vibrated with the excitement that could escape his bones at any moment. He had taken up a call of help from his Fashion Designer friend Fernando, as well as an invitation from the guild in question, that allowed him to work backstage. He was making his own costume for a celebration. A fun little piece that was traditional Stellan with some Diesertian influences.

He was working next to some of the other pony guys when he heard a small cry for help. It could have been sarcasm but Amir decided to help out anyway.

“If you need some help I can help you as well. I have some experience when it comes to tailoring as well.”

Amir spoke to the half elf and cat duo. He was willing to help in any capacity that was needed.

#3Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani was always excited when it came to her beloved guild's events and parading around town was going to be no exception. Barging into the room where others were already working hard on their costumes, the wood elf's arms were was laden with various materials and decorations. Barely able to peer over the pile she held she'd slowly make her way to a table not too far from where Yuurei and Renji were at work before, plopping down all the silks and ribbons.

Nimbus had worked hard in designing her outfit this year, claiming she needed to make a mark this year, having been so reserved during previous events. While the wind mage was skeptical, fairly certain he had some sort of ulterior motive, she had ultimately caved in allowing him to do most of the hard work. She was simply in charge of bringing him what he needed.

"Hmm, was this the best you could do?" The black and white exceed narrowed his eyes as he felt the silks in his paws, "I suppose they will have to suffice..." He sighed clearly disappointed.

"Well, if you had let me know what you wanted earlier, I could have gotten the good stuff before it sold out."  Kailani huffed, her hands on her hips as she pouted.

"All I'm hearing are excuses," Nimbus grumbled, "Go annoy Yuurei or something, I need to get to work." The feline waved her off, as he started measuring pieces and cutting them to size, not paying her any more attention.


#4Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe wasn't sure what the celebration was for, but celebrations usually had food and drink, so he had his excuse in attending, even though he was sure it was his own guild that was hosting it. He was ready to partake, but he was informed that he needed to prepare an outfit fit for the celebration. He wasn't sure as to why, but he didn't argue, unless it was his under breath, so he focused on getting his outfit together.

At first he took some time trying to pick out the material, but his skills in such an area were terrible, he eventually got frustrated and decided to pull out his father's formal garments; full leatherwear from neck to boot, though what caught the eye were the golden rings that lined the chest area, as well as the golden scales that looked to be bracers protecting the legs. He then tied his white hair into a ponytail and kept it in place using a golden bead; he did the same for his white beard, braiding it and keeping it in place with another golden bead.

Taking a look into the mirror to make sure he looked presentable, he smirked, liking what he saw, then he made his way to the guildhall to show off his attire, he was proud of himself, but with that aside, he could focus on what he truly wanted now... his food and drink. The bar was open as it always is and before he reached it, he waved to the bartender, "My usual" he called out and the bartender gave him a smile and nod and began retrieving the request.



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Yuurei looked over to see a stranger coming to him. He had never seen him before, and it seemed like he was willing to help him. He would have accepted his help, but then he would have to feel the wrath of Renji. The Exceed looked over to the guy who wanted to help out and the cat would look around.

“That was nice of you to ask, but I don’t think I would need it. I think he can handle it.” He said to the man in front of him.

Renji put his paw out in front of Yuurei, indicating him to stay quiet and that he was talking too much.

“You want to help? Then you can assist me in making his outfit for the Mardi Gras. I can tell from the looks of it you indeed speak the truth of your experience.” He said this to Amir as he would look over to the materials that he had for Yuurei’s costume.

Yuurei would rub the back of his head as he was a bit embarrassed with how Renji spoke to the new persona round.

“The name is Yuurei. I’m assuming you’re not from around here, but I could assume you’re here for the celebration that will be going on later. Also my apologies for Renji.” He asked the handsome man.

Renji was working on Yuurei’s stuff while his partner talked. He wondered how Nimbus was doing with Kailani’s outfit.


#6Amir † 

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Amir †

Amir could not help but to stare for a moment. He had heard of exceed, his guild leader being rumored to partner up with one. He had even seen them from a distance. This was his first time actually being spoken to by one and it was a surprise. An actual talking cat that knew speech and fashion as well.

“It is all good. I did not take offense. I actually admire your partner's ability to watch your back. A very special cat I see. My name is Amir Nuit. Most people just call me Amir. I don’t go by the last name as much.”

The words were said with a smile as Amir gave the situation a more critical eye. “It looks pretty good so far Renji. Have you gotten Yuurei’s measurements for the fitting? That way I know how much of this cloth I should cut.”

The material Amir was referring to was the chosen cloud silk that was the main material of the garment. It felt soft to touch as well as being beautiful. It fit the blue pegasus motif to the letter. The experiences Amir held could not hold a candle to the opulence that Blue Pegasus had continued to display. Even using cloud silk cost almost millions of jewels by the foot. Yet the entire guild was managing to just give it away.


#7Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani rubbed her temples, there was no point arguing once the feline had made up his mind on the matter. Since she had been shooed away by her furry companion, the wood elf would meander over to where Renji was hard at work on Yuurei's outfit.

"Yuuuuu." Kailani cried, stepping up beside the light mage to lean against his shoulder with her head, "Nimbus apparently doesn't need my help." She grumbled in a huff, her eyes skirting over the table before her, it seemed Renji had taken charge on this one too. The exceeds truly were a pair of pushy felines.

As she sighed, her eyes caught sight of movement not belonging to the ginger feline, someone else was working beside him, a little shocked that Renji had even accepted help from anyone besides Yuurei.

"Oh, who's your friend?" She'd ask, suddenly sounding quite chipper as she lifted her head away in order to peer around the light mage in order to get a better look at the brunette stranger.

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#8Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
As Brone was waiting for his drink, he took a look around the guildhall, many people had very colorful outfits, more so than usual, then he looked down at his outfit, it wasn't much, but the flashy gold should be enough. Hopefully he had learned enough while being in Blue Pegasus to be able to make a good presentation when it comes to appearance. Suddenly, he spotted a familiar figure with white hair, he was about to second guess himself until he spotted the orange exceed, "When in doubt, just look for the cat" he joked.

"Your drink, Brone" the bartender returned with the ale.

"Thanks, Wesley" Brone said as he paid for his drink and made his way over to the table where the half-elf and the exceed were. He took a swig before spotting another familiar face, once again he looked for... there he was, the other exceed, "Ah, two for one deal" he laughed as he continued forward, now that both Yuurei and Kailani were here, the boredom could be left behind.



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Yuurei would smile when he heard Amir introduce himself and he was glad to know that he wasn’t annoyed by Renji’s words. Still, before he could speak up, Amir would talk to Renji and the Exceed would nod as he was glad to hear this man’s words.

“You’re more competent than Yuu that is for sure.” He said to Amir as he would then give him Yuurei’s measurements.

This was great because it meant he would be able to get Yuurei’s outfit done quicker. He would look over to Amir and wondered if the man had made his own costume for the Mardi Gras.

“Did you make your outfit yet Amir?” He asked him.

Yuurei was lost for words as he couldn’t speak much, but soon he would hear a voice he knew too well. He kept his head in the same position it was in as he felt Kailani’s head lean against his shoulder. It seemed like she was going through the same thing he was going through with their Exceed. She would ask him about Renji’s helper though and he smiled at her.

“It seems like Renji and Nimbus take pride in their work. Still, we can spend time together, so that’s fine. And that Kai is Amir Nuit, but he said to call him Amir. Apparently, Renji could tell this guy was good at tailoring and creating clothes so they’re working together. He kind of told me not to touch anything.” He said as chuckled a bit.

“I’m pretty sure Nimbus will create something beautiful for you to wear.” He said this to her.


#10Amir † 

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Amir †

The cat was proving to be a decent conversation partner as well as a hidden fashion gem. If the exceed was not spoken for Amir would have kidnapped the little fellow. “I don’t discount his skills. I am sure he has talents in other places.” He gave the neko a smile in reply. “My outfit is pretty much done. I will wear it when it gets closer to the parade time.”

When he looked back he noticed two more people present. Well more of another human and cat. They were talking to the one called Yuurei as if they were familiar. Amir felt jealous and wondered if there was a secret cat club that he had not known about.

“Hello, my name is Amir. I would stand but a bit preoccupied.” He spoke to the newcomers. The warmth in his voice was apparent. It reflected the joy that he was feeling from creating.

Amir did not stand up for a greeting as he was busy. His hands were flying about as he measured out fabric and made cuts. He wanted to make sure the clothes were up to his standards, as well as the standards for the fashion cat.

“Would these two be friends of yours as well Renji?”


#11Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani's face would light up as she spotted her dwarven friend, shooting him a smile and a thumbs-up as she spied the drink in his hand. Perhaps she should go get herself something as well after she was done here.

"Ah, I see, a pleasure to meet you, Amir, I am Kailani Fleurn." the wood elf introduced herself back to the young man, bowing her head slightly before turning back to the light mage, "It seems we weren't even needed at all then, huh?" She chuckled a bit, "And yea, I doubt he'd do anything that would make me look like a fool." she nodded in agreement. Nimbus was far more likely to make something to make her stunning rather than embarrassing, as the feline enjoyed showing off his skills and as such would want to make her proud of his hard work.

"Still, I'm a little worried about putting him in charge of the whole design..." She mumbled to herself, folding her arms and returning to leaning on the light mage's shoulder for support. Every time she had left the exceed in charge of her outfit selection prior they had always been, not quite her regular taste.

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#12Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The moment Brone saw Kailani signal him a thumbs-up and smile, he returned it with a smile of his own and raising his drink. For the moment he downed his drink, handed it back to the bartender and began making his way over to his friends. Once he neared their table, he noticed there was another person amongst them, someone he never met, possibly another friend.

"Ye all looking very..." the dwarf quickly pulled out one of his miniature 'Etiquette' books and flipped through a few pages before slipping it back into his pocket, "Spiffy" he said while a smile. He then turned to the new companion and gave a small bow, "And good day to ye, I'm Brone Heavyaxe, friend and companion to Yuurei and Kailani here" he then took a moment to think and realize he never asked an important question to his friends, "Oy, what are ye surnames?" he leaned in to whisper to the two elven companions.



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Renji would hear everything Amir had to say to him while they were working on Yuurei’s outfit.

“That’s good to hear, I see why you volunteered to assist. As for those two, I wouldn’t say they’re my friends. They are Yuurei’s friends. I enjoy the dwarf’s time and comments. The woman basically takes care of my close friend, so I guess is alright. I don’t like how she treats Yuu, but that’s my opinion.” He said as he continued working for a bit.

“Where are you from Amir, like what guild are you here with today?” He asked him wondering what guilds were participating in all of this.

Yuurei would hear her, and he would nod in agreement to all what Kailani said. He was surprised to hear what Renji had said to about everyone.

“You’ll be fine Kai. If your outfit ends up too much for you, then I can always let you wear my outfit and I’ll wear your own or go in my birthday suit.” He laughed, but in reality, he would cover her if she wanted to be covered.

When Brone had arrived he had commented on their looks and would smile at him because he saw him using the book he always had to get the single term for them. He asked them for their surname and the light mage remembered he never told him Brone, or he probably forgot. He decided he would speak for himself and allow Kailani to do the same for her.

“My surname is Starlight, I think I told you this, but it was two years ago, so I can’t recall.” He said to Brone and then looked over to Amir.

”How do you like your time within the guildhall Amir and I guess Hargeon port?” He asked him as he figured they never asked him how time here was.


#14Amir † 

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Amir †

“Personally I am from Minstrel. Guild wise I am from Western Fiore the Infinity Wolves guild.” Amir made sure to respond to his feline friend first. The cat had garnered his attention and Amir was resisting the urge to pet him.

“Oh, hello.” Amir stopped what he was doing this time. A real life dwarf was actually speaking to him. “My surname is Nuit. My first name is Amir. It is a pleasure to meet you Sir Heavyaxe.” The scholar gave his first name last this time. His first name was already given out three times. If Amir did not like his own name he would have already been tired of saying it. He stood up all the way to go and gave the dwarf a bow back.

Like a child in a sweatshop Amir got back to work. He was trying to wrap up Yuurei’s outfit with a bit more speed. He did not want to spend all day on it. It felt weird being the only one working among the people having a conversation. It was distracting to try to have an in depth conversation and work. He needed to question the dwarf. Amir wanted to ask questions about dwarf habits as well as dwarf based magic in general.

“So far I have to admit the guild is really great. The decorum is beautiful and tasteful. It has a great symmetry that is not overall gaudy.”

The comments on the decorum were nice. Amir had more than enough common sense not to insult a guild in their own hall. It would be like telling the king to dildo himself in his own bedroom. The only thing that could be gained is getting punched in the face or executed.


#15Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Her pointed ears picked up Renji's snide comment about not liking how she treated Yuurei and glared for a second at him, but held her tongue. Today was meant to be one of merriment, and she didn't want to be impolite in front of their guest. Instead, she'd turn her attention to the dwarven man.

"Oh, Fleurn." The wood elf answered, a little perplexed, had she not introduced herself with her full name the first time she had introduced herself to him. It was so long ago she couldn't recall either, perhaps Yuurei and her had only introduced themselves with their forenames, or Brone had simply forgotten over not ever needing to use it. Either could be possible, but it wasn't something worth dwelling upon. Instead, she'd turn her attention to the brunette's handiwork.

"Oh wow, Renji was right, you are quite skilled, the stitching on this is flawless." The elven woman complimented, leaning over the table to run her fingers over a small patch of the costume the young man had been working on.

"You could quit your guild and make a living as a tailor for nobles with skills like these." she continued to praise, she herself hadn't always been a connoisseur of fine garments, but her last two years among her fellow Blue Pegasi had given her an appreciation for them.

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#16Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone stroked his beard, trying to remember if he had ever heard the names 'Starlight' or 'Fleurn', but couldn't recall, he shrugged, figuring it wasn't that important, given that he only tend to use their given names anyway, as for Amir, the young man was new to the dwarf's life, never meeting him before, so that was an exception, "Pleasure to meet ye" he said as he pulled up a chair and taken a seat at the table.

From what Brone could see, the craftsmanship Amir had was impressive, though the dwarf knew nothing of tailoring, he could still appreciate detailing as he does when he had watched the blacksmiths of the great forges deep in the Stella mountains, "Fine work ye got there" he pointed out to Amir.

The dwarf began to wonder what the Infinity Wolves guild were about, as well as whether or not he had ever heard of them. As far as he could remember, West Fiore had never came up in conversation between him and either of his friends, so no memory seems to stick to the name, though Brone did nod, trying to seem as if he had heard of the name, then he immediately turned to Yuurei and shrugged.



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Both Renji and Yuurei would hear where he had come from and at the same time what guild he had come from. That was interesting as he had never met anybody from that guild. Still, it was nice to met one for the first and he was glad it was him. When he told him how he felt about the guild, Yuurei would nod and smile at him because it was nice to know that this place was beautiful to someone else. Renji and Amir were basically almost done with Yuurei’s outfit and the exceed noticed that everybody was relaxed. He looked over to Amir and figured he could give the guy a break.

“Hey Amir thank you for the help. This actually allowed me to finish everything quicker than I expected. You can go hang out with everything I got the rest of it.” He said to Amir as he would continue working on everything.

“That’s good to hear Amir, I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay. How is Minstrel, Amir?” He asked him wondering what he would ask.

“Also, thank you for helping Renji with the entire outfit. And thanks Renji for doing this for me.” He said with a smile on his face as he looked over to Kailani and Brone.

“Are we spending time together in the Mardi Gras, or do you guys plan on doing your own things?” He asked them both.

It was intended for Kailani since it seemed like as of lately her mind and thoughts were elsewhere.


#18Amir † 

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Amir †

It was a struggle keeping the tears out of his eyes. A simple job to help was turning into him making those friends things people talked about. The conversation was flowing and no one was trying to stab him in the back. Amir had to hide the sniffles by pretending he was having slight allergies from the clothes.

“Thanks for the compliments guys. I am just used to dealing with emergencies of fashions. I have a close friend who is a designer. You guys should visit his shop in Baska if you want. He makes anything I can help make look like garbage bags.”

Amir was putting the finishing touches on a certain section when Yuurei wanted to take back over. He calmly put up his scissors and stepped away from the garment. “Sure. It would be best for you to finish it. That way you are comfy with it.”

The question about his time in Minstreli took him off guard. No one ever really asked about it. The entire country could be described as sketchy in the best of circumstances. The little bit of family that he had in Minstreli would attempt to stab him in the back as much as help him, if not stab him more than they helped.

“Uhm…. Minstrel is a decent place to visit. I would never recommend living there.” It was the best answer Amir could think of on such short notice.


#19Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani remained quiet by Yuurei's side, letting the males talk to one another, Yuurei could do with some more friends. Throughout childhood, it had been just the two of them, and then they had joined the guild. During which time they had met Brone, along with the two exceeds. Slowly their little group had been growing, but they could always do with more allies.

The newcomer's words about his home country left her a little confused at first, but then she thought back to how Yuurei had been treated back in the elven forest. Perhaps Amir had similar experiences in being treated like a lesser being there too? Suddenly the urge to befriend him grew even greater inside the wood elf, but how did one make friends other than talking?

"Oh!" She gasped, "Do you like to drink? I was going to get myself one but I can bring back a couple. What would you like?" she'd ask, turning to the whole group, other than the dwarf who was already enjoying the one he'd grabbed previously. Yes, drinking together helped bond one another, for sure. Her plan was flawless.

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#20Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone nodded his head, helping himself feel as if he was part of the conversation, even though he wasn't sure what was going on, all he could tell was that the very fancy Amir was tailoring a garment that turned out to be Yuurei's. The dwarf was very impressed, and to hear that there was another more skilled tailor, the dwarf wondered what kind of things the master could make, possibly a magic carpet of some kind? He wanted to ask, but couldn't remember how to enter a conversation without causing any disturbance or annoyance.

Kailani had gotten up and offered to retrieve drinks. Brone quickly handed the elf his empty mug, "Kailani, could you get me a refill? I'd appreciate it greatly, lass" he had nearly fell off his seat. For the moment he was getting a little nervous, not knowing about to act or what to say in the conversation. He figured he could reach into his pocket and pull out his 'Proper Etiquette' book. However once he reached into his pocket, he realized he had forgotten the back back at home. Now he needed to try and recall memory.



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Yuurei would hear him, and he would laugh a bit about the comment about the designer he knew and how talented they were. What made him worried was Minstrel and how he wouldn’t recommend living there. It made him wonder how it was over there; it couldn’t have been that bad now right? The light mage had taken two years to learn all that he could about Fiore. Now that he did, there were other countries such as Minstrel, he knew nothing about. Still, he figured he would leave it alone as the answer was simple, and it would stay that way.

His neck snapped towards Kailani as she had asked everybody what kind of drinks they wanted. He rubbed the back of his head because he drank the same thing as always. And with that, he would keep the same. Brone would ask for a refill, and it made Yuurei wonder how much the dwarf could drink until he was done and out.

“If you can, please get me a whiskey on ice.” He said to his best friend with a smile on his face.

His attention would turn back to the new guy as he figured he would thank him for the recommendation if he was in Baska again.

“If I’m in Baska again I will definitely be sure to go and visit their shop. I’m always traveling around Fiore, doing my best to learn all that I can.” He said to Amir.

“Since you’re not from Fiore, how is the country treating you here? And how are you doing within your guild? Any troubles, or is everything good over there?” He asked him as he was trying to make conversation with Amir as well as get to know more about him.

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#22Amir † 

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Amir †

Amir stood up to stretch. It was a bit of a hassle needing to bend over to work on a project at times. His weakened body was not meant for such strenuous labor, the muscles in his body being used for books mainly.

“Oh. I love to drink.” Amir remembered how drinking was not as common as it was in Desierto or even Minstrel. Here he could be considered something called an alcoholic by Fiorian standards. He had to do damage control quickly. “Not that I drink all the time. It has to be lighter in taste as the heavy stuff is the same as drinking urine to me.” Amir totally nailed it. At the last moment he remembered to add in his particular drink order “Any white wine is fine for me, please.” Amir had manners like a classy bitch, saying his please and thank you.

Amir went back to the conversation with the other elf at hand. “Yeah, it is always a great place to see. I do hope you come by.”

The young scholar needed to fix his hair up a bit. When he was concentrating and putting forth effort he did not see how loose and sloppy it got. Taking a moment he tried putting it back into place with his fingers. It was a shame he lacked a mirror to see how it looked. He had to stop because he did not want to be rude. Stopping a conversation to preen could be considered bad manners.

“Fiore has been a decent place. It has treated me well for all intents and purposes. On the other hand I only recently started traveling outside of west Fiore, so I have not been to a lot of places. My guild is interesting enough as is. It is not an amazing place but it is comfy. The location is nice and the people are kind. What more could I want?”


#23Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"No problems at all." Kailani chuckled as she gingerly took the mug from the dwarf's hands, of course, he'd already finished his drink, "Ale for Brone, whiskey for Yuu, and a nice white for our new friend." She nodded to herself as she memorised their orders before waltzing off to go get them all. It wouldn't take her too long, signalling down Wesley as she approached the guild's bar. She'd pick the local Moscato for Amir as well as herself, one of her personal favourites. The sweet fruity flavour definitely tickled her fancy more than bitter beers or the burn of a distilled spirit.

Carrying back the tray of beverages, the wind mage found it remarkably easy to keep her balance, something she'd never had a problem with from the moment she'd started walking. Sometimes being an elf had its perks. Arriving back to the group she'd begin to hand out each of the drinks in turn.

"Ale for the dwarf." She cooed, handing the biggest of the drinks over to Brone, before turning to the light mage, "An old man's drink for Yuu." she snickered, giving him his whiskey on the rocks, "And a light, sweet Moscato grown and fermented just out of Hargeon, for the talented Amir." She smiled as she handed one of the wine glasses to the fellow mage, before placing the tray down and taking the last glass for herself, "and one for myself too." She took a sip immediately, enjoying the delicate flavour.

"So what have I missed?" She'd ask, looking around to see if anything important had been said while she had been busy getting them all beverages.

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#24Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone continued to nod his head as if he was following the conversation, however truthfully he was finding it difficult to follow the two men, at times it was either because of the mannerisms and their accents, for common was Brone's second language was still getting use to it, also there was the fact that the dwarf's attention span was short, though he was working on that. Every now and then he would find himself either looking off in the distance or trying to remember what the conversation was about.

When Kailani had returned with the drinks, Brone reached out for his ale, "Thank ye, lass, yer a jewel" he gave her a smile, out of the three close friends, he could safely say that Kailani was the kindest and friendliest of the trio and he was always appreciative of how helpful and sweet she was. He then took a swig and decided to answer Kailani's question about what was missed, "Well I think Amir was talking about a powerful master who uses a giant needle and thread to fight his enemies"
How Brone imagines the friend in Baska:

Unfortunately the reason to why Brone was entirely wrong was because with how bored he was and with the little attention span, his mind tried to piece together what was heard with his overactive imagination and desire for adventure and action into a story. So sure about what he had said, he proudly took another swig from his mug.



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Yuurei would look at Amir and after he had asked for their drink, he would answer and Yuurei would nod as he would go check the place sometimes when he was free. It was good to hear that the people were nice and that he was fine there. Still, he smiled at him because this guy reminded Yuurei of himself. He didn’t want to leave Hargeon and after two years he was able to travel through the whole country.

“That’s good to hear that everything is fine there, but I don’t think you should venture out of the west. It’s nice and a new experience if I say so myself.” He said with a smile on his face as he saw Kailani coming back with the alcohol.

Yuurei would laugh when he heard Brone’s explanation though as it wasn’t right at all.

“He has a friend in Baska who is good at sewing.” He said to her as he would wait for his drink.

Yuurei would eventually get his drink and he looked at her with the comment she said about his drink.

“Wow an old man drink, is that what you think of it? You didn’t miss anything just Amir telling me they are treating him fine in his guild and in West Fiore. Apparently, this is the first time he’s been out of there.” He said to her as he took a sip of his drink.

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