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Axe and Gauntlet [Green]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

Axe and Gauntlet [Green] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 6:57 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Just outside the town of Tantibus, Brone Heavyaxe waited for his friend Yuurei. Years had passed since the two had known one another and fought along side one another, but this would be the first time they would spar against one another and the dwarf was itching to test the elf's prowess. He had asked the elf and surely the taller being agreed, so the dwarf set the stage to be just outside the western exit of Tantibus.

There, Brone waited while fully donned in his armor from head to toe, even his helm was already on. His axes were on his back, though the dwarf was itching to draw them. Though he had a strong feeling the fight was be incredibly difficult for him, he couldn't help but enjoy the idea of experiencing the powers of the elf first hand instead of third hand. He's seen the light mage weave light into himself and use such magics to empower himself to either strengthen his body or increase the speed. Now he will be on the other side of the table.

The sun was up, but the clouds blocked it off, just giving the area barely any light, but enough for both fighters to see their opponents. The snow was light and the breeze was chilly, just how the dwarf liked it, "Oh the itch" he smiled wildly, ever looking forward to getting to know his friend even more.



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Yuurei remembered the promise that Brone had made that day. He had finally got a hold of a weapon of his choosing and he couldn’t wait to try it out against his friend. They were not too far off from the location where he would get his revenge, but first a sparring match between them. He had brought Renji with him, but he told the Exceed that he couldn’t participate in the match at all. He would just be a witness to it all. The Exceed had given him his gauntlet as he opened his bag, and the weapon would appear to teleport onto his right hand.

He marched over to the destination where the dwarf had told him to meet him at. When he did, he would look over to Brone as he looked like he was battle-ready and quick to start the fight. They were about thirty meters away from each other.

“We can start whenever you want Brone.” He said this as he got into a fighting stance and his feet moved back and forth so he wouldn’t be caught flatfooted by his friend. His right hand ready to attack and his left hand was ready to move between defending and attacking.



#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
It wasn't long before the dwarf spotted the half-elf and the exceed making their way from the town's western exit, "Good to see ye" he called out as he waited for his friend to ready himself. Then he finally saw it, the gauntlet. How it gleamed in little light. The dwarf wanted to know how it was made, it's craftsmanship, even who the crafter was of such a beautiful piece. "He finally got it" Brone whispered under his breath, thinking back to when the two of them first met, how he said he would get his first weapon.

As Yuurei equipment his gauntlet, which magically appeared onto his right hand, Brone drew both his battleaxes with a smile, "Aye!" he said, "Let's rumble!" he yelled as he ran towards the half-elf, his weapons at the ready.

When Brone gets close and is in range, he will swing his steel battleaxe which he wields in his right hand, at the elf while readying his iron battleaxe, which was in his left hand, to deflect any counter attack the half-elf may attempt.



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"I'm happy to see you here and ready to fight." He said as it would begin

Yuurei saw Brone kick off the fight as he was running towards Yuurei. He would do the same thing jogging at first as it would soon come to a full sprint. The light mage would get close to Brone as he saw the dwarf’s right-handed axe coming straight for him. The light mage would see the man’s axe swinging down at him, and the light mage was quick to react. He found himself juking to the right side of the dwarf as he saw the man was ready to use it at any given moment. Yuurei juking would allow him to dodge the incoming attack of the dwarf, coming to a full stop as well he would apply pressure to his left leg as his left arm would crank back before it stretched forward towards Brone’s face and helmet.

While doing this his right arm would shift to a defensive motion to now as he was using his left hand to fight. The light mage’s plan was to get rid of the armor Brone daunt before being able to inflict damage to his friend in their spar.


#5Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone brought his axe down and as he expected, the half-elf dodged to the dwarf's right side. As the dwarf was seeing a counter attack coming in, he wasn't able to deflect using his iron battleaxe, given that it was in his left hand, he knew he didn't have enough time to turn and use it to deflect the blow, so he lunged forward and attack to dodge out of the way of the fist attack.

The dwarf hit the snow and immediately got back up, both axes at the ready again. He looked at Yuurei and taken note that he had attacked not with the gauntlet but with his left hand. Possibly trying to test the air about them, but for Brone, he knew he couldn't take much chances, he has seen Yuurei's power first hand and knew well the elf was very powerful and a single attack, armed or not, was enough to deal major damage.

But at the same time, the dwarf couldn't shy away, he needed to act, but for now, he chose to stand on the defensive until an opening was seen. He readied his axes in case an attack came in.



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Yuurei missed as he saw the small dwarf lunge away from him and rolling in the snow as he got immediately. This was good and he jumped back to regain his stance and getting ready for an attack from the dwarf. Instead, he would see Brone get into a defensive approach and he would nod because it was the smart thing to do. He had to see how this would go before he decided to use that on Brone. Of course, he didn’t want to hold back on his friend, but what else could the dwarf show him.

The light mage shifted his hands back to how they originally were; the left hand used for possibly counter or a way to parry or block and his right hand was what he would use to strike. He would kick off the snow as he started running. No, he didn’t go straight towards Brone, but to the side as he was giving himself time to run at full speed, which probably would give the dwarf time to do something as well.

Once Yuurei picked up full speed, he would shift his direction straight towards Brone. Once he was close enough and in front of him to reach him with an attack of his, Yuurei launched a right hook as fast as he could towards the left side of Brone’s armor. His left was ready to try counter and do something depending on Brone’s next action.


#7Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone watched Yuurei, waiting for the next move and soon enough, the half-elf realized that it was his move, so he did, however instead of moving straight for the dwarf, he began running to encircle the dwarf. Brone kept his axes up while turning, keeping his front facing the half-elf. As the elf began to gain speed, the dwarf began to form sweat on his brow, this was the legendary speed he witnessed all those times before.

No... He never cast a spell. This was his own speed without magic, the dwarf realized this and took a step back, now worried. Yuurei then changed course and rushed towards the dwarf. Brone realized he wouldn't be able to dodge the next attack, so he decided to use his own battle method that worked for him in the past, he swung both his axe upon the half-elf as the taller man came close. Brone then felt a strong force hit his left side, he heard the ringmail shatter from the blow of Yuurei's attack, but he pressed forward so that both his axes came down upon the man.



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Yuurei was surprised to see that Brone didn’t try to dodge this time, but it made sense. He had known the dwarf wasn’t quick enough right now. He had moved too fast, but it didn’t mean anything. When he landed his blow onto the dwarf, the light mage could only show a smile on his face. He figured he would do this, but even then, he had gone in.

The light mage had prepared to block off one of his attacks, and that was when he would move his left hand, that he had been ready the entire time to counter Brone. The left hand would grab onto Brone’s right forearm. He would grip the man’s arm stopping his attack with his steel battleaxe.

Of course, he couldn’t stop the full attack as the iron battleaxe would slam into his right shoulder. He would cleave right into him and Yuurei would clench his teeth in pain. Still, he wasn’t the only one in pain. Brone had gotten hit by Yuurei’s punch, which meant he should be feeling the pain in his torso. The armor only reduced the damage, but it was enough to deal a blow.

Still, he would push away from Brone now as he would let go of his arm and he would skid in the snow.

“I wouldn’t want this any other way.” He said to the dwarf as he started moving once again.

Yes, Yuurei had started running around Brone again as he was doing his best to move at full speed. Once that had happened, he rushed straight towards Brone, but on the left side of the dwarf. Yuurei was aiming for the man’s left arm as he swung at full speed with his right hand onto Brone’s shoulder. Once again, he would ready his left hand for a counter if he was capable of doing so.


#9Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The iron battleaxe bit down, the attacks had exchanged and Yuurei pulled back to gain distance. Brone wanted to laugh but his left side surged with pain. He wanted to look down and check the area, but Yuurei was already on the move again, pulling the same tactic. The ringmail fell away and his left side was in pain, but the dwarf held up his axes again. He knew he couldn't move, whether to lunge or to run, he had no choice but to wait for Yuurei to get close enough, and the half-elf wasn't hesitating.

Yuurei made his move, he dashed forward but onto Brone's left side, he was so quick, Brone didn't have time to lunge out of the way, so he tried to block it with his iron battleaxe while also swinging his steel battleaxe at the same time. With the force and power Yuurei was outputting, more than likely he may shatter the iron battleaxe, but it would give the dwarf a chance to defend himself while also attacking. The steel battleaxe swung horizontally towards Yuurei.



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Yuurei was closed to Brone and when he swung at the dwarf, he was able to move to face him in the last second as he was swinging his iron battle axe in direction of his attack. The light mage would clash against the man’s battle axe and he would break the axe without a problem. Of course, it seemed like Brone wasn’t done, but neither was Yuurei. The light mage knew it was coming, but if he was going to be hit, then he would throw out his own punches as well.

"I need you to become stronger Brone! You will be the one that watches my back, right?!" He shouted at his friend.

He would use his left hand and he would swing at full force right into Brone’s shoulder that was holding the steel battle axe as he would feel the blow of the axe hitting him on his side. The half-elf felt the hit and felt the wound being created from the attack, which would make it harder for Brone to escape his left-handed jab, that if hit would stop Brone from being able to use that arm for this battle.


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#11Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The iron battleaxe shattered, but Brone didn't falter, he knew the weapon would break, so he pushed forward, he felt the steel battleaxe bite down upon the half-elf, but not without consequence; Yuurei slammed a fist into the dwarf's right shoulder, feeling bones crack, the dwarf yelled out in pain. As the right shoulder gave out, the steel battleaxe dropped, the blade sinking into the snow, "Aye... that was a hell of a hit" the dwarf was wincing, trying to deal with the pain, though he was smiling, actually enjoying himself.

"I'm going to be truthful with ye, Yuurei-kun" Brone grabbed the hilt of the steel battleaxe with his left hand and picked it up, "I didn't think I would actually get this far, I hope ye aren't holding back" The dwarf said as he was slowly walking away from the half-elf. He intended to walk 30 meters from Yuurei, giving distance so that the next altercation would be after they both gained a moment to catch their breath.

Brone turns to Yuurei and readies his axe in one hand while his right hand dangles. The pain in his side and in his shoulder throbbed, but the fun of the fight allowed him to keep going.


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Yuurei would hear his bones crack when he hit him in the shoulder, and soon after he would see the axe drop. He would jump back as he grabbed onto his waist and laughed a bit. This was amazing and he could only feel his blood boiling from the fight. He would hear his friend speak to him as he gave him the opportunity to get a hold of his axe with the other hand. The light mage wondered what he would say and he would sigh as he shook his head. That wasn’t something he expected to hear from him.

“I wasn’t holding back, but this was a fight using our weapons, so I didn’t think it was good to use the weapon’s actual abilities.” He paused as he looked down as he felt bad about that.

He would look at Brone with a serious look on his face. The light mage understood how bad that sounded and he would bow to Brone before looking at him.

“I’m sorry for doing that. I won’t hold back Brone. So here it comes. This is supposed to be used when I fight monsters or my enemies. Still, as someone who wants one hundred percent in a brawl, I will give you that.” He said to Brone.

Yuurei would charge mana into his gauntlet and with that, the gauntlet would start to glow all around. It would then send energy throughout Yuurei’s body. While he was doing this, he would watch Brone move about thirty meters away from him.

The light mage was faster and stronger than he was before, and he would start running again. He was in pain that was for sure, but he could keep going. Still, he felt that this was going to be the last altercation between the two of them.

Yuurei would circle around Brone until he was ready to go in full speed. The snow picked up from behind the light mage as he would close the distance between the two of them in less than a second. The light mage had a serious look on his face as he swung his right hand with the gauntlet first towards Brone’s chest in the form of a quick jab, and if that had been stopped or counter in any way Yuurei would throw in the left hook onto Brone’s chest.

While doing this he also kept an eye out for that dangerous axe of his. He wasn't sure what would happen, but if his attack connected, he would make sure it wasn't enough to render him unconscious but render him from being able to move or fight anymore.




#13Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The cold air didn't touch Brone, the battle had worked up his body, enough adrenaline to keep himself warm, and if it wasn't the warmth of his blood flow, it was the pain that throbbed. He took his position and looked at Yuurei, noticing the seriousness in his face, "Oy, oy, oy, don't get yerself all upset and sad like that" he called out to him, "I don't want ye holding back, but neither of us are monsters, there's no threat, ye can throw yer whole weight into the punch, but don't go for a kill, remember the reason why we are doing this" he smiled at him while raising his battleaxe in the air, trying to remind his friend of the promise they made.

"We want to see our best in one another, whether to test ourselves or to know more about one another" He shrugged, not entirely knowing why he wanted to experience this battle, maybe it was a warrior's instinct, doesn't matter, to Brone he felt the desire for the battle and the joy of the turnout. "So come at me so we can have a drink afterwards" he took his stance ready for the last bout, knowing the next exchange would more than likely be the last.

Yuurei ran so fast the snow kicked up, creating a wall around them. At points, Brone had lost sight of the half-elf, worried the attack will come out of no where, so he kept still without turning, just using his eyesight to try and follow the speed devil as best as he could. At one point he wasn't sure if the wind he was feeling was natural or from Yuurei himself. Either way, he gripped the handle of his steel battleaxe in his left hand. He tried moving his right hand, wondering if it could be used for this last bout, but to no avail, the arm wasn't moving so now he had to rely on the offhand.

"Alright, come at me" he said under his breath. And as if Yuurei heard him, the half-elf appeared in front of him and dashed forward, Brone raised his battleaxe in front of him to block the attack, but what was surprising was that the collision wasn't as powerful as the other attacks. Then it clicked, the attack was a distraction; Brone, for but a split second, noticed Yuurei's other hand coming in for a hook; subconsciously, the dwarf tried to raise his right hand to block, but the feeling never return and it was too late for him to realize that.

The hook landed upon the dwarf's chest, all went quiet and he felt the mountain jerk as all feeling left for the split moment. Brone collapsed onto the snow. The battle was over and all was quiet.



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Yuurei had hit Brone with everything that he had, and in return, he would hope that the dwarf would do the same thing. When he hit him, he would see the impact go through his friend. Still, what was surprising was that the axe that was being swung down never made it down to him. He looked at Brone as he collapsed onto the snow. It seemed like he was doing all that he could to stand up for that last bout. Still, it was amazing for Brone to be able to combat like that. He was smart and used his weapons as a way to defend against his attacks. The light mage nodded as he learned to do that for any future battles. It wasn’t just that, but the gear was essential because they protected you from taking the full effects of damage.

He would disperse the spell his gauntlet cast on him and he would let out all the air from his body. Yuurei would look at him and he could tell the man was happy about the fight that he experienced. It wasn’t just that, but they were able to keep their promise to each other. He would stand straight as he would grab his shoulder and then his waist as he felt the wounds starting to hurt now that it was over.

“Kai is going to kill the both of us for what we did to each other. I’m kind of scared of going to see her.” He said to Brone as he wasn’t sure if the dwarf was hearing him or not.

Yuurei would walk around as he would grab all the things that belonged Brone and he would look over to Renji.

“Put this all in your bag so we can get it fixed for Brone when we get into town.” He said to Renji.

He would get up as it seemed like the fight was over and he round over to Yuurei. The exceed would open his bag and he would move everything into the bag for Brone. He was actually surprised how much damage Brone had done to Yuurei. Well, the light mage didn’t use his magic, but that was to be expected. The two of these guys were going for a brawler’s fight, just two men with their weapons and that were what happened.

“So the dwarf is the superior weapon fighter Yuu. If his weapons were as strong as your gauntlet you would be the one laying down on the floor.” He said that to Yuurei and he wasn’t lying.

“You aren’t wrong on that matter, I also need to find some better gear to protect myself because my clothes aren’t cutting it.” He said to Renji.

Yuurei would walk over to the dwarf, and he would pick him up and placed him on his shoulder. Once he had done that, the half-elf would start walking back to Tantibus to get treated by Kailani and then head to the blacksmith to get his stuff repaired for the battle that was to come next.


#15Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
All was black, then he began to hear Yuurei voice saying something along the lines of Kailani killing them for what they did. The dwarf let out a weak chuckle followed by a cough. The pain surged through him and he groaned, expressing the pain he felt. He tried to get up but his body wouldn't allow him to. All he could do is look up at the greyish sky and watch the light snow fall while he thought about the fight.

He then heard the conversation between Renji and Yuurei and decided to chime in, "I guess I have to get better gear if I want to have a better chance at a rematch" he tried to laugh but it came out dreadfully weak. The half-elf then picked up the dwarf and slung him onto his shoulder, "I appreciate ye doing this and I appreciate ye not holding back as you promised" he told he friend as the three of them made their way back to town.

"Best that we sparred far from the guild hall, such tussles might be frowned upon because the brutality and the blood doesn't look good in the appearance, but one of the books in the library says mock fights, like acting, can be acceptable" Brone figured some light conversation could help in a situation like this, especially with the fact that he was unable to do absolutely anything at all, "I'm glad ye got that gauntlet ye've been looking for, Yuurei-kun, hopefully next time we spar, maybe I'll have a chance at cracking it" he gave up on laughing for every time he attempted it, it would hurt his ribs. He hoped there wasn't any internal bleeding. Either way, Kailani would be able to fix them up... hopefully, he still didn't understand the full extent of her new found magic, whatever it may be.

The day ended with silence and the snow fell as usual, the half-elf and the dwarf grew closer in their friendship.

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