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An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde]

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#51Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:17 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin peaked at the battlefield. The chimera slithered closer and closer to the Captain, who was standing as vigil as a man could that stared back at death.
“Damn it! Run or fight,” the guard whimpered, tears at his cheeks. Jin looked down at the man and took the armsman’s Spear. He emerged into the clearing, staring at the back side of the beast.
“I told you as the captain of this unit I can’t worry about you. This menacing brute has brought death on us all,” the captain called out trying to remain calm and still his own resolve.
“You aren’t as blind as the rest of your men, So I’ll save you this once.”
Jin flourished his Spear in his left hand. The Chimera’s eyes caught the gleam of the blade and the winged beasts spun to face the fresh threat. Swinging its wings backward a powerful gale flung it forward.
The goat head grabbed the Spear in its jaws. The weapon didn’t budge within the creature’s mouth. Sharp pains shot through Jin’s ribs as the lion's head dug in. Teeth penetrated the gaps in his armor. The venomous fangs of the snake bit into his shoulder, leaving a trail of purple saliva running down his shoulder.

#52Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:18 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The chimera lifted him off the ground, still clamped down on him with its fangs, and drove his back into the tree. Wood splintered and cracked as the tree shuck. Spit flung from his mouth as the air was knocked from his lungs.
The Chimera rolled its head back and forth trying to push its fangs in deeper. Veins bulged in the warrior’s arm. His free hand grasped the throat of the lion. The captain was darting across the battlefield. Jin hesitated, not wanting to reveal more of who he was.
A surge rippled through Jin’s Spear arm. The blade cut into the goat head's teeth breaking them off and slashed into its cheeks. He swiped the Spear out bringing a trail of blood with it. The mighty beast dropped him and flew through the opening in the trees. Its blood watered the grass with the goat head flailing in pain.
The captain staggered over to Jin, “I don’t know how you managed that. Must be a great deal of luck,” he looked back at the men slumped together in a ragged mess. “I don’t know if they’ll make it out.”
“Most of them probably not,” an eye of regret in the eyes of the two left standing.

#53Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:20 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin watched the creature fly off beyond the large rocks and opened his leather armor to see the wound. It was minor, but still bleeding out. He tore part of his tunic and applied pressure to it before refastening his armor. He flexed his hand, feeling the strain against his muscles. The veins beneath the snake bit flared with a purple hue and receded. The mage silently stepped behind a tree to cast discreet pulses of magic into his wound.
“Time to get to work,” Jin walked forward in the direction the chimera flew. The captain just watched him pass by.
The sun had set, and the full moon beamed as he arrived at another small clearing this time with a rock formation leading into the mouth of a large cave. The cave led within the side of a small cliff 30 feet high and covered with moss and trees. The cave was more like an unstable structure of rocks piled upon each other. Wooden support beams wedged into the entrance keeping it from collapsing. They were old and beginning to buckle.
Closer inspection revealed smears of blood hopefully from the chimera. The cave was dark inside and no sound echoed outward. His feet delicately tiptoed forward with two hands on his Spear. He maneuvered by beams and around loose rocks.

#54Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:06 pm

Jin Tatsumi
A dim lit opening invited him in further. It appeared to be less of a cavern and more like a landslide that got natural light poured in from a small hole in the ceiling. It looked as though the hole was created by an unstable area crumbling inward. He stepped over rubble that scoured the floor.
He put his foot down and instead of a hard rock, something squashed. Red leaked out underfoot. Wedged between some rubble was a severed arm. He pressed his lips together. Sparse flesh and bone all led to a central mound of crimson covered chunks.
Stepping closer, his boots becoming stained by the squishing of partially eaten people around him.
“Shit,” he said as he reached the peak of the flesh mound and peered over the side. Two people laid in a hole taller than they could stand. A young boy held a ragged bit of clothing against an elder man’s head. Blood soaked through it. They were huddled in the corner, shivering and wet.
“Hey…” he started to rouse them from their malnourished slumber but stopped when his heart skipped a beat again. He whirled around and scanned the area. “I know you’re here. I can. Feel you,” he said standing taller and rolling the shoulder that was bitten. One hand placed on his Spear.

#55Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:07 pm

Jin Tatsumi
A moist splatter echoed in the cavern as the chimera landed near his meal pile. Jin turned, facing the beast. It was a brilliant sight in the dim light. On all fours, it was five feet tall. Both heads leered at him as the snake slithered in the air.
The warrior released the grip on his Spear and held both hands in front of him, “I mean you no more harm.” The chimera snarled as the snake hissed at him. Jin crouched down and looked up at the dual heads.
“Listen, you are the last of a dying breed. I bet you’re running out of food sources here. I didn’t see any animals on the way here, and the inns seem to only serve soup and stews. If you are going to live, you can’t hurt people.” The wings of the chimera flapped, and its powerful legs beat the ground once stepping closer to Jin.
“I know, I know. Look, we can’t do this. I don’t want to slay anymore beasts unless I have to,” he reached for his back to grasp the elven Spear but only grabbed air. He cursed himself in thought. His lips curled at one side.

#56Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:11 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The chimera lowered its posture and its heads. The horns of the goat were aimed at the warrior.
“Come on,” he muttered to himself. And with a struck of thought, he pulled the sleeve covering the bite wound down. Blood smeared the area. “Work damn it,” he hissed and steadied his breathing. The claws of the chimera scraped against the flesh and bones.

His eyes opened to see the Chimera taking flight and pounding through the air at him. Its lion maw opened wide. The horns lowered and ready and the snake hovered high, with fangs dripping with venomous anticipation. Jin blinked in less than a second that felt like decades. His eyes focused on the airborne beast. The snarled look on the lion’s face turned to faded. The snake's mouth recoiled. A yellow shimmer cascaded over Jin’s shoulder like scales. His eyes locked onto the beasts and the shield of light that formed around his arm came up in its path. Jin peered through his own magical shield. The Chimera's heads glared back and recoiled at the sudden change. Jin braced his feet against the cold floor and dug in his heels. Both hands pressed against the shield.

#57Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:12 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The beast rolled mid-air and stumbled onto the cold ground. It stalked the outside strafing from side to side, sizing up Jin. The warrior blinked with his eyes, shifting back and forth from the chimera to the injured people in the hole. “Fly south. The Bellvue forest remains largely untouched. People may still fear that place.” The chimera lowered its imposing lion’s hide with a deep solemn huff. Jin breathed heavily, his shoulders bobbed up and down. The shimmering scales faded from his shoulder leaving only the wound remaining.
“Hey, traveler you in there?” A familiar voice yelled down the tunnel. It was the marshal.
“We followed ya here. Looks like this place is where that monster is hidin huh. Too bad we have to take you with it.”
“Wait! There are people here!” Jin yelled as the chimera situated itself to burst out of the tunnel.
Jin held his hand up to the beast, “Fly. Go south. I’ll clean this up. Never return here.”
The goat head bleated while the lion shook its mane and roared. Its wings beat the ground lifting it skyward. It hovered in the beam of light that shined through the opening in the ceiling. Its six eyes gazed down upon the warrior.

#58Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:14 pm

Jin Tatsumi
With another beat of its wings, the beast was off. “Looks like we got-em men. War needs sacrifices,” The marshal proclaimed as he and his men kicked down the supporting beams on the outside. Their metal boots split the wood sending a shockwave that knocked rocks loose. The added pressure on the remaining beams caused them to fracture one after another. The rocky cavern surrounding Jin shifted dangerously and started toppling in. He ran back to the hole with the unconscious survivors. “I hope this works,” He jumped into the hole. The young man curled closer to the older man with fear in his eyes. The elder was still in a fatigued haze, his head bobbled side to side with fluttering eyes and weak eyes. Rocks tumbled down around them. Jin crouched over the bodies of the two men. The boy’s eyes grew wider, but his hands couldn’t move from the pressure that dammed the river of the old man’s blood at bay. “Don’t move,” He looked down at them and saw the image of a great village beneath him. A vast open landscape. “They’ve done no wrong,” he said and the boy curled his brows into confusion.

#59Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:16 pm

Jin Tatsumi
A boulder rammed into Jin’s back. He jolted forward and dropped to one knee. His feet dug in and he pressed back up as another rock crashed down.
“Aghhh,” he growled and pressed his hands into the wall of the hole, and pushed his back against the fallen debris. His hands cracked into the wall. His arms shimmered with sapphire scales and his eyes turned reptilian. His growl was more animal than man. The boy curled up as close as he could to the old man. The elder was snapped out of his fog by the growl and peered through squinted eyes.
Jin’s legs buckled. He dropped to one knee. Dirt and grim wanted across his face. His cheek pressed against the rock next to his hand. He fell to both knees, snarling. The structure fell. The Marshall stood outside, gazing upon the pile of destruction. “That’ll do it, men. Let’s get outta here. Serves him right thinking he could do better than us,” The marshal fumed with pride as they walked away from the collapsed cavern. The group marched away from the area before settling back at the first clearing. The site of the initial attack. The marshall pulled sacks of coins from the dead armsmen.

#60Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:17 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The other two he was with pulled out a small scroll and torch. With a quick gesture, the ink evaporated from the page and a fire ignited. “That magic whore is good for something,” the marshall groaned as he watched the fire come to life. “Start digging holes for these guys. The men plowed into the ground with spades. The lit of the fire reflected dimly against the metal. “Just dig one. Pile them up,” The marshal barked orders while he stoked the fire. He sat back and let out a boisterous guffaw. “We did it! We lived. We beat the monster and now we’re gonna be heroes. They have to promote all of us.” The men sat on the edge of the nearly complete hole and snickered. The only sound in the forest was the three of them until a large rumble of rocks jarred their triumphant fanfare.
“A landslide?” One of the men questioned nervously. His hand sweating on the shovel, wondering if the evil was still around. The marshal stood up and they all gazed toward the cliff's direction. “Could only have come from there,” the marshal said with confidence, “probably just some shakes and shimmies from the aftermath. It was an old place. Bound to fall apart.” He sat back down reassuring his men.

#61Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:18 pm

Jin Tatsumi
They shrugged it off and continued digging the hole. A few hours passed before they rolled the bodies of their comrades in with a meaty thud. Their shovels scooped dirt and lobbed it atop the bodies of the dead, joining them with the earth. “Hurry up and come sit down. Time to eat,” the marshal splattered some soup in their bowls. A small wind blew. One man pulled the corners of his jacket tight around his neck. Spoons clattered against the bowls. Soup dribbled from the edges of their mouths.
The marshal sat back rubbing his belly. A rustle in the bushes made him tilt to face it. He kicked one of the men in the leg, “Go check it out. Probably a wolf. Just stab it,” The marshal ordered. The armsmen lazily slung on his breastplate and lifted his sword.
A large figure moved with strained breathing through the brush. It would be another hour before dawn and the moon cast illusions of shadows into the dark. The man yelled out, “Something’s coming. A different monster I think.” The marshal and the other man jumped to their feet with weapons in hand. The marshal held his own sword in one hand and another from a dead armsmen in the other.

#62Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:20 pm

Jin Tatsumi
“It’s always monsters isn’t it,” Jin’s voice called out from the dark, with cold malice. The men staggered backward. “Impossible,” an armsmen lowered his sword. His hand shuck on the handle.
The marshall gulped and looked at his two men inching back. “So you managed to crawl out huh,” he mustered up whatever false bravado was possible. His heart raced. “Get outta here before we have to finish the job.” The silence was the response. The men surrounded the fire. The marshal held his back to the flames, squinting to catch a glimpse of Jin. His mind still refused to accept what was happening. “You made a mistake,” jin appeared at the edge of the woodline. The fire lit the fury in his eyes. A man was thrown over his shoulder. A smaller boy held onto his hand. The young child held a steel sword in his other hand. Blood trickled down the side of Kaz’s face. His arms were cut and scoured with abrasions. The armsmen leered at the man and his companions. “Did we almost kill a kid,” one asked, searching for his breath. “Pull it together. We’re warriors! We’re in charge! Not this peasant,” the marshal screamed. Jin lowered the old man’s body and took the steel sword from the young boy.Jin scooted the boy toward a tree. “Take care of your grandfather."

#63Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:21 pm

Jin Tatsumi
“You want to go,” The Marshall challenged and stepped forward with his two men. The three of them breathed faster and faster, flexing their muscles, and finding what reserves of power they had.
“You men left me to die there. I can’t really blame you though,” he glared. The flames from the fire flickering in his eyes, “After all, that is what you do isn’t it. I would have killed you too. But…I wouldn’t have killed these two. Not these days,” Jin drug the tip of the Spear across the ground as he stepped into the light. One eye was shut with blood running down it. He limped forward, favoring his leg. His chest bobbed with every deep breath. The marshal stepped forward, seeing the fatigue in Jin. The mud and rocks shifted as they stepped closer to the wounded warrior. “You ant. You should have died in that cavern. Easy pickings,” The marshal spat. The two men with him grinned, seeing the wounded man. They licked their chops like hyenas scavenging a meal. Jin looked back to make sure the boy and his grandfather were snuggled next to a tree.“ Maybe, some fates you can’t escape,” Jin walked forward. The men surrounded him with devilish grins. Spears swirled, taunting the air.

#64Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:23 pm

Jin Tatsumi
“You got lucky with the chimera. But you’re just a man,” the marshal scowled. His anger rose with the racing of his beating heart. Moonlight and fire danced between the blades. Clashes bounced back and forth in symphony with the crackling wood. The hearts of warriors as hot as the smoldering fire. Jin hobbled through the attacks, managing to parry, but the sheer number pushed and crowded him. Left then right and left again. He spun to fend them off unable to turn defense to offense. A blocked attack sent painful vibrations into his hand. Jin winced and another attack came in. The blades of the armsmen snuck in. A slash across the torso then to the back. Jin was too bated to howl in pain. Fatigue only permitted him to fall to one knee.
A streak of red burst from his side as a blade ran him through, tucked neatly under his rib. Eyes flashed wide as he struggled for his next breath. The blade nudged further in. Jin gripped the blade with his bare hand. The armsman paused and heaved more might into the blade for another thrust. This time, it went nowhere. The blade wiggled in Jin’s hands.

#65Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“What the hell, push it through,” the marshall growled and marched forward. Jin rose his hand to the night sky with Spear in hand. The armsman tried to pull the blade out. It screeched like it was drug across rock and barely moved. He held on dumbfounded and Jin brought his elbow down on the flat of the blade that was pierced into his side. The armsman fell to the ground as the blade snapped. The handle tumbled from his grip. The other part of the blade still stuck into Jin. The marshall and his goons froze. “I am...a monster,” Jin grunted and staggered back to his feet. An armsman rushed. Jin swung his Spear and ripped it into the man’s face. Jin stumbled forward and spat up blood, still grasping the fragmented Spear in his side. The marshall swallowed and held his Spear with two hands to make the charge. Jin slipped to the side and slugged him across the chin. They both tripped forward, bumbling to catch their balance. Jin caught his first and landed another wide-swinging hook. Then another and another. Blow by blow he pushed the Marshal back. Scarlet drops dribbled from Jin’s lips.

#66Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
His own wounds mounted with the Spear impaled on his side. The marshall spat teeth that click-clacked against rocks. Jin stood panting over the sprawled-out body of the marshall. Blood coughed out as he whimpered in the final moments of life’s twilight. The other man. The last of his team, sprang forth with a yell to incite as much bravery in himself as fear in others.
The forest was silent. The last man flopped to the ground with a gaping wound, torn through his gut.
The sun set behind the village as he walked into the village still carrying the injured man. The young demi-human boy walked at his heels. A steel Spear hung at his waist. The guards rushed forward with panic. “What happened? Where is the marshall and the others?” The guards inquired.
Jin pushed the boy forward and placed the old man in the arms of a guard. “They’re dead. Not everyone is strong enough to survive.” he thought about the armsmen that died. The guards looped arms with the elderman and hauled him toward the healer. The grandson ran forward and gave a single look back at the warrior before catching back up with the guards.
“That’s all you have to say? What happened to them? How did they die?” Jin stepped to the side of the man and paused. “How else. A monster killed them.” The guard could feel a cold shudder, and static electricity in the air. Even if there were more words to be said he couldn’t muster them. Jin stepped down the cold street. He pulled at the blood-stained tunic beneath his armor. No villager approached him.

#67Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:39 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Now that Jin was back at the Inn, he passed the bartender with only a nod. The room was paid up for a week and the paladin needed no time to spend chit-chatting. He scurried up the stairs and set his spear against the wall. Opening his shirt, blood dripped down his ribcage. A trail led from the door to the small wooden chair he now sat upon.

"huh," he sighed and pressed his hands against his ribs to send a surge of healing light into. The magic circle was small, and barely let out a glow that reached beneath the door. The wound began to close and the ribbons of blood turned from river to a stream and then ceased. The paladin sighed once more and relaxed back on his chair. A hand still on the wound. He saved a beast and a couple of demi-humans today but if the guards were after them, he had more to deal with in the coming days. He slunk to the window. The street was lit by lanterns on both sides. There was only one main road in the town and he was facing it. Guards patrolled up and down the street. He stood by the window for hours, counting the men at arms.

#68Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:55 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin whipped his head around as a shadow cast beneath his doorway but was gone as soon as it had arrived. The Light mage shrugged and ran his hands through his hair and over his weary face. "Long freaking day," he grumbled and continued his watch.

"six men at night. Not bad." He yawned and retreated to his bed. Sleep overtook him and the morning light roused him ours later. He awoke with sun in his eyes and his arm swiftly covering his face. One leg was draped out of the bed. He shook himself awake and hopped to his feet. After a quick stretch, he grabbed his spear and opened the door to see Lenore waiting for him. She stood bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Her Elven ears were still hidden beneath a curtain of long black hair.

"I'm ready," Lenore replied with an eager fist clench, held high. Jin smiled and kicked some dust off his boots. "all right then. let's meet outside," he walked by her and headed into the small wooded area behind the Inn. Jin pulled out the steel sword he had collected from guards last night and tossed it to Lenore. She struggled to catch it and the tip scrapped the ground.

#69Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 3:05 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The elven woman scrambled the blade back to the air. Its tip pointed toward Jin and she adopted a low stance. Jin held his spear with one hand and waited for her. A strand of hanging vegetables rustles as Wesley peeked his head between them to see the bout. Jin shook his head and kept his focus on the lady in front of him. "Okay. Attack me," he nodded and waited for her move.

It didn't take long for the woman to dash forward. Her hands still wobbled the blade, adjusting to its weight. Jin knew he had the advantage with a longer weapon and held it higher, to shorten the length. The two spun around one another. Jin kept his work small and fast. Lenore just tried to stay in tempo with the paladin. They whirled around and her sword swung heavily at his waist and then his shoulders. Jin dashed backward both times. The blade dug into the ground and Lenore staggered forward but her eyes flashed with vigilance. She heaved the blade from the dirt each time and swung it anew, despite her muscles already shaking from the weight. Jin deflected the next blow and told her to put her weight behind it, but to keep a sturdy base.

#70Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 3:12 pm

Jin Tatsumi
They fought until the sun had shifted position. Her breathing became heavy and labored as she swung the blade more recklessly than before. Jin had to keep her fighting, this is what battle was like. Even when you get exhausted, you have to keep going. Jin spun once more and slammed the wooden shaft of his spear into her side, knocking her to the ground.

A guard passed by with a curious glance. His pace slowed and a hand laid on his scabbard. Lenore laughed and dusted off her pants before climbing to her feet. The guard leered and then walked away.

"Ten in the daytime," Jin replied, having kept count of the guards that were patrolling around this whole time. It was an easy way to stay visible and bring their attention without bringing the law down on him. and now he knew how many he had to deal with. Lenore tilted her head to see what was spinning in Jin's mind.

"Nothing," Jin replied before she could ask, and met her with a smile. "It's time for you to get something to eat," He patted her shoulder and told her she could keep the weapon. Jin turned to face the main road and tightened the strap for his spear. It was time to act.

#71Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 8:25 am

Jin Tatsumi
The light mage wandered out into the streets. Lenore disappeared within the comforting walls of the Inn with Wesley beside her. The people in the village gazed sheepishly over stalls of food and through windows at the wanderer. The humans filled the population of the small town and the guards carried distrust in their words toward demi-humans and elves. He kept a keen eye out for the two that he saved the night before. In the back of his mind, he wished he had stayed with them to ensure their safety. He reasoned that they lived here and were adept at hiding who they were. The paladin moved down the main street, still feeling the watchful eyes of the population. In the corners, of darkened alleys, he saw the cowardly look of people snuggled next to a wall. They didn't fear him though. They feared what would happen if they were discovered. he spent enough time around elves to know what that look meant. The look of shakey security held in secrecy. The paladin looked behind himself to see a couple of guards place down sandwiches and stepped his way. They didn't try to catch up to him, just to keep pace. Curious as to what he would do next.

#72Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 8:30 am

Jin Tatsumi
He turned to face the threat following him, but they stayed at a moderate pace. The guards looked back and forth at the common folk around them. The two were some of the same ones that saw him training with Alise earlier. The paladin had purposefully revealed the spear's elven writing in case any of them would pick up on it. The only sure-fire way to know the feelings of the town was by exposing himself as a sympathizer. The people parted as Jin walked down the street, trying to play it off as being busy. He heard the click of doors one after another as he passed by some of the shops. In his mind, he rationalized that they would be the ones to surprise attack him instead of the other way around.

A hand hit his shoulder. The mage's instinct was to reach for his weapon, but a guard appeared next to him with a smooth voice. "Did you hear. They found out those people yesterday were demi-humans. They are gonna be hung. Blamed for costing the lives of the armsmen. damned Dem-humans. We lost good men trying to save their worthless lives. You should come," The guard nudged Jin with a cheeky smile.

#73Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 8:35 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin forced a smile back at the man. "Oh. I'll be there," he replied and watched the guard walk off toward the town center. The second guard bumped his shoulder into Jin's with a smirk and followed his friend. The urge to strike them down swelled within the paladin. "Things may get a little messy around here. Are you sure you want to watch that?" Jin called out to the guards. his tone was sweet but carried a forbidding warning. The commoners gulped and shuffled back a bit farther.

"Yeah. I think we will," the guard replied and sealed his fate. Jin hoped they didn't decide to come, as the paladin had already relegated his mind to bring death upon any who would play a part in the attempted murder of the demi-humans. "I'll see you there then," Jin stated and turned to face the inn. Lenore was looking out of the window with a furrowed brow. Jin rose his hand and shook his head, not wanting her to get involved with any of this madness. The woman placed her hand on the window. The fire burned in her eyes, but she wasn't ready. Jin didn't want to worry about her, but she may just be stubborn enough to go.

#74Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Despite the uncomfortable air, the people exuded around the paladin, they all began to walk out of their homes as the sun reached the highest point in the sky. They kept their distance and as the mob formed they showed more bravado. They walked closer and closer to the paladin until he was surrounded by a swarm of people giving him cross-eyed. The mass of people emboldened them, and he heard whispers of elf lover race from their lips, like a teardrop in an ocean. It could have been any of them. They began to bump into him and jostle his body, on the way to the center of town. Jin stayed where he was, unmoving until the crowd was all in front of him. The stragglers all caught up leaving Jin alone in the middle of the street. A soft patter of footsteps echoed behind him.

"Are we going to do this," Lenore asked.

"It's too dangerous for you," Jin replied without looking back at the woman. He felt Wesley's hand on his shoulder.

"We have to do something. Even if it's a small part. I may not be able to fight a guard but I can handle some farmers and shopkeeps."

#75Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"Don't look back," Jin smiled at his two comrades. They both stood without much training but were eager. Their hearts burned with the passion to fight for others and for their brethren. Lenore stood with one hand on the hilt of the steel sword. Wesley let go of Jin's arm and pumped his fist. The paladin looked down the road and tore the cloth from around his spear.

"I'm going up high. The two of you take the exit of the street through the crowd and we'll breakthrough. Set something on fire as a distraction, "Jin spoke and began the rush toward the town square. The two others split off and headed towards a carriage of hey that was near the meeting of the people. The square was filled with fifty people that were all there to watch the make-shift trial and execution. The gallows stood prominently in the center of it all. Jin climbed atop a building and hunched down to avoid detection. The guards were looking around at any chance to see him. Lenore and Wesley held torched in their hands, ready to light the hay stacks and send a fire into the skies above.

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