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An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde]

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#101Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 5 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 10:20 am

Jin Tatsumi
The armsmen pulled their weapons, one of them looking back to wait for the go-ahead from the commander. “Not again. Never again,” Jin said through gritted teeth. Isabell took a more defensive stance, raising the spear vertical before her. Jin’s hand tensed inches from the blade on his back. Isabell didn’t wait. She rushed forward. A shimmer of light cascaded down Jin’s arm as he blocked the attack with his bracer. The bracer split in half. The spear nicked into the light shield that covered his skin. He undid the cloth that wrapped around the spear with his free hand. The cloth dropped to the ground, revealing the Elven shaft. The thin blade slid from his back. A metallic clang rattled between the warriors. A small thud followed. Isabell gulped and took her first step backward. Jin stood with his weapon firmly in his grasp. A gleam of steel was at his feet. The top half of Isabell’s spear was stabbed into the ground. The Master of Arms rose the other half of the severed blade that remained in her hands examining the cut. There were no rough edges where the blade broke. A thin slice straight through. But Jin’s remained unscathed.

#102Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 5 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 10:28 am

Jin Tatsumi
The woman staggered backward with the remains of her weapon in her hand. She leered at the turn of events and slunk her shoulders down. Bernard dismounted his horse and eased the woman's fighting spirit. "That's enough then. Alright slayer... you have this one." The man spoke in reluctant defeat. Jin sighed and let his spear drift to the ground.

"Now that that is settled. Tell me...where is Braxton," The paladin asked. He hated the name slayer. The last thing he wanted to do was kill anyone. But circumstances kept forcing his hand. The captain of the team pointed further down the road. "There is an outpost out that way. You can find him there. with some other of the men. You may have to fight your way in there though. Word is already spreading about you." The captain stood to the side and his men followed suit, none of them happy with the loss.

Jin waved his companions forward and they marched between the enemy lines. Lenore and Wesley hastily walked with discomfort scoured on their faces. The group passed through and with the minotaur gone now, the group dispersed behind them. Lenore finally took a breath and Jin just smiled at the improvement she showed already in combat.

#103Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 5 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 10:33 am

Jin Tatsumi
They made their way down the dusty path until they saw a small hut. Two guards sat out front. Each one with a sword on one hip and a shield slanted against a wall. A cup of ale in their free hand and froth hung from their lips. Jin didn't slow down, even with Lenore asking what the plan was.

The guards saw the paladin and scrambled to their feet with their weapons at the ready. Lenore lunged forward before they could pull out their swords and she batted a sword away and held the point of hers to one of the guard's throats. "Don't move," she said. Jin stepped beside them and rammed the blunt side of his spear into the other, knocking him out. Lenore repeated the same and Jin kicked down the door.

Braxton sat at a table with a small cup of wine and two guards beside him. The guards jumped to their feet and pulled weapons. Braxton leaped onto the table. Only a bartender was left in the room. "Surrender now, and you won't get hurt.

"You can't waste your power. You will serve the path of mankind," Braxton scowled. Jin rushed forward and met the guards. He heaved them backwards and held his hands in prayer.

#104Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 5 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 10:38 am

Jin Tatsumi
He slid a dome of light towards the men that sapped the life from the guards and dropped them. The energy hit Braxton and the man fell into a table and knocked flagons to the floor. Lenore darted beneath Jin's spear and rushed Braxton. Her blade shimmered in his eyes. She leaped into the air and plunged the spear into his chest.

"Wait," Jin yelled out but it was too late. Braxton fell beneath Lenore's spear. She pulled the weapon away and the bartender hid behind the counter. "It's done Jin. I know you didn't want to be forced to kill anymore. You taught me to fight and now I can teach others. The elves can fight for themselves even better now. This is the least I could do for you," she replied with blood still dripping from the spear. Her hair was still in a ponytail, revealing her proud heritage. Jin smiled weakly, "Thank you, Lenore. It has been my pleasure to travel with you."

They stared at each other for a moment and Wesley opened the door for them all to leave. Jin hugged his companions. "Be safe out there. And take care of that spear," Jin said. Lenore squeezed him tighter. "I'll fight for my people and for the love that you lost," She grinned and stepped backward with her hands behind her head. She knew his story all along...

Jin shook his head and slipped on his merchant's bag and tossed the cloth wrapping for the spear to the ground. The team disbanded and went their seperate ways.


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