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An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde]

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#76Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:05 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin held his hand up and dropped it. The two threw the torches into the stack of hay and darted backward. Lenore pulled out her sword, too restless to keep it sheathed. The guards turned attention to the two uintruders. Lenore stood on a barrel and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, revealing the elven ears. The crowd gasped and guards gritted their teeth.

The boy and his grandfather were on the gallows and the hangman's noose hovered over their heads. Three men were beside them. Two guards and a well-dressed man that was presumably the mayor of the small town. The captain of the guard was nowhere to be seen.

"Get them too," the well-dressed man yelled and pointed at Lenore. Guards scrambled to move, and Jin pressed his hands together. A magic circle sprang to life from the top of the building. All the eyes shifted toward the light mage in awe and fear. Jin stood tall and glared at the gathering of guards that clustered together as they all merged to arrest Lenore. Jin frowned and made eye contact with the two guards from earlier. he wished they had changed their minds but was glad he could deal with the bigotry.

#77Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:10 am

Jin Tatsumi
A dome of light appeared around the light mage, but he could feel something different about it now. His hands shifted slightly and the dome of light shifted with it, only inches at first. His eyebrows rose and he looked at his hands. Swirls of light spun around his body and tethered around his hands, then wisped off into the body of light. He let out a small chuckle and thought of his mother's power. "This is for you," he whispered and pulled his hand back. The dome of light lurched backward with i. he could feel the connection to the sphere. Jin rolled his hand forward like rolling a bowling ball and the dome of light ripped downward from the building and crashed into the guards. The farmers recoiled and hunched over, ready to be annihilated. The dome passed through the guards and dropped them to the ground. It wove ten more meters and spiraled atop the farmers but the light didn't harm them.

Four more guards turned to run, but the sphere was too fast. It consumed them and their howls of pain filtered through the crowd. Lenore looked starry-eyed and Wesley fell to his knees, once they understood who the man was.

#78Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:15 am

Jin Tatsumi
The light left the place vacant of guards. Most of them laid on the ground motionless and strands of light fed back to the light mage healing injuries that were not yet present. Jin dropped down to the base floor and darted up the gallows. The crowd wasn't bold enough to get in his way. He swung his spear and cut the ropes that bound the boy and his grandfather. The guards on the gallows were on the ground too and the mayor clung onto life. Jin glared down at him, knowing that he was the source of the pain that the other races felt in his town. With a flick of his wrist, the spear pierced the man and left him in a pile on the ground.

Jin dashed with the two men on his tail toward his comrades. Some of the villagers rose pitch forks, but the captain arrived with sword held high. "Halt. The mayor is dead, and with him, so is his decree. As second in command, I take charge of the town now and release the boy and his grandfather from any charges."

The crowd stopped with shocked looks as did Jin. The guard stood between them all.

#79Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:22 am

Jin Tatsumi
The crowd began to disperse as the captain took charge and urged all the people back to their homes. They returned with hate-filled looks at the new change of leadership. The team of heroes stood by and were thanked by the captain that they finally put an end to all the strife. He explained that he couldn't over through the mayor or the people would never support him.

"Hey, where is Braxton," Jin asked looking around for the rogue person as it had been some time since they had seen him last.

"Braxton. Odd fellow. My men said he was up late at a tavern talking about true justice. He seemed to have something in common with my men, and their opinions on racial matters. I'll look into it for you."

Jin nodded and hopped that the man wasn't about to do anything rash. Lenore stepped forward with grim news as the captain walked away. She explained that sometimes she heard Braxton talking about knowing who Jin was and how that information would be important to certain groups of people. Jin's lips curled downward and the skin between his forehead wrinkled.

"Nothing to be about that tonight. let's get some rest.

#80Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:29 am

Jin Tatsumi
The next day was a silent one. The people stuck close to their homes as he maneuvered through the town. An armored man in the center stood with hands on his hips, speaking to a few young armsmen. The two men made eye contact with the slayer and excused themselves, leaving the captain of the guard in solitude. His armor was marred with holes and gouges from the chimera.
“What can I do for today,” the guard had a more respectful tone than their first meeting.
“I need information. Do you know where a man named Braxton has gone to? He came in with me when I arrived.”
The remaining guards eyes narrowed a bit “You mean the one that ratted you out?” He let the question linger before he added, “And what do you intend to do if you find him?”
“I’m going to take his life before he makes mine more difficult.,” Jin’s expression didn’t change. Both men stood unwavered. A door creaked from a nearby home, shutting.
“He went north toward the capital,” the captain replied reluctantly. Jin immediately turned to leave. The captain brought up a hand to stop him but let it fade slowly back to his side. Jin was on a mission and it didn't bother the captain as long as peace could come back to his village.

#81Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:32 am

Jin Tatsumi
“I’ll have some leather armor dropped by the inn. Whatever it is you did. You pulled us out of the fire.” “Thanks...Size it for a woman though.”
A cheeky grin swam across the captain’s face, “Sure thing.”
Jin stepped out into the dawning sun. “Well,” he remarked. The leather armor was bound and draped over the back of a horse. The beast neighed and lowered its head. Another stood next to it, face deep in the haystack next to the inn. A scuttle of bowls echoed from the Inn. “Whoops. Sorry I’m in a hurry,” Lenore’s voice followed. She scurried out of the inn. The large sack of potatoes over her shoulder brushed against another stack, sending them wobbling. Wesley shoved his hands against the stack keeping it steady. Her raven hair was in a ponytail, freshly washed from the night before. She butt-bumped the door shut behind her.
Jin tossed the suit of leather armor at her. “What,” she screeched as the sack of potatoes and bread dropped to the ground. Wesley planted a hand on his forehead and picked up the sack, slinking around Lenore. “What’s this,” she asked and eyed the armor, holding it up and spinning it to get a good look at all the seams. “It’s your armor. And Wesley has your Spear. Keep it,” Jin answered from horseback.

#82Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:34 am

Jin Tatsumi
“Thank, thank you,” she said and thrust her arms into the armor pulling it tight to her body. She fought with the final fastening as Wesley snuck up and tugged it into place. “Thanks,” Lenore said and Wesley responded with a nod.
“Only two horses so you two will have to ride together,” Jin said. “I don’t know how. I’ve never ridden before,” Lenore said. Before Either could answer, Wesley threw himself onto horseback and held out his hand for Lenore. His grip on the reins showed the calloused strength of a smith’s hands. Lenore blinked, “Another surprise. Alright,” She struggled up. Jin had an eye on the smith.
“You ready to ride!” Lenore exclaimed, making a small circle with her hand in the air. Wesley shrugged at Jin and spurred the horse. The ragtag group was off.
Lenore looked down at Marla who stood at the edge of the road, no tears in her eye. Just a solemn expression from a child used to the pain of loss at this point. A gentle hand rested on her shoulder from the man who would be taking care of her from the Inn. “Be a good girl Marla,” Lenore said with a final farewell.

#83Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:34 am

Jin Tatsumi
Wesley and Jin rode up beside her. Wesley gestured like he was taking off an imaginary hat toward the child for his goodbye and Jin simply nodded and rode on by. His mind focused elsewhere.
The group rode for days not knowing how long it would take them to get to the designated place or if they would encounter the traitor on the road. Every morning Jin awoke to see Lenore practicing her Spear fighting skills. He let her practice alone for an hour on what she learned and taught her a new technique daily. “Alright Lenore, this is how you can pivot and deliver a strike,” he said repositioning her feet for stability and mobility. She picked it up quickly after a few tries. Her skills grew as their blades clashed and she chased after Jin with the blades flickering in the sunlight.
“At this rate, I’ll be a better Spear fighter than you,” She smiled as she swung her blade nearly nicking him with it. The slayer cocked his brow at her and replied, “It would take you a few hundred years of practice to match me. Maybe I should up the difficulty.” He began to move faster as the bout continued.

#84Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:36 am

Jin Tatsumi
The new speed was off-balancing to the fledgling Spearswoman and her blind spots became more and more apparent. The bumps and bruises began to add up, little ones here and there sending her to the ground with a light thump. Each fall caused the ever-busy Wesley to grimace turning his head away but still watching from the corner of his eye. Like looking at an accident that’s uncomfortable but too interesting to avert one's gaze. Wesley cleaned the horses and the blades daily without fail. This was a chance for him to have some freedom and support the man that saved his life, even if it was only a small gesture. He watched them train every morning and helped prepare the meals they brought back from hunts and foraging. The fire crackled between them, “Wesley, why is it that you are following me?” Jin asked. Wesley’s mouth shifted to the side. Lenore interjected, “I think he wants to be around the man that saved his life. Or maybe he feels that he will have a better life around you.” Wesley bobbed his head from side to side at her words and gestured to the wound he received then back at Jin with watery eyes.

#85Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:38 am

Jin Tatsumi
He stood up and pointed at Jin then marched in place for a few seconds before stopping. He pointed at himself again and marched in place again. Pointing back at Jin he motioned like he was swinging a Spear. Then he pointed at himself and motioned like he was running a whetstone down a dull blade to give it life again. “Okay, Wesley...I understand. It’ll be tough and I hold no responsibility for your life. But if you want to walk my path, you are welcome to.” He said those words all the while thinking how emotional humans could be. Then again weren’t all manner of beasts emotional.
“Looks like we’re in it for the long haul. I don’t know how many more days are left but if they know you are the slayer it could be tough,” Lenore expressed her concern as she poked the fire with a stick. Jin leaned back propping himself up with one arm, “I will do what must be done.” his words were more and more resolute the closer they came to the clan. No one said anything the rest of the night. Wesley tended to the caretaking duties he appointed to himself. Lenore watched Jin, who was deep in thought peering into the flames of the campfire.

#86Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:39 am

Jin Tatsumi
Wesley crawled out of the tent carrying a wool blanket. He draped it over Jin, the paladin's one eye cracked open making sure it was no assailant and went back to his slumber. Wesley grinned and returned hastily to the tent, rubbing his shoulders for warmth..Lenore kept a glancing eye at the paladin that led them through the morning hours towards the capital. She wondered what path he would take them on and how far they would follow it. Frost tickled the tips of dead branches. Slush spread into the dirt and rocks with each sloshing hoof.
“I feel responsible,” Lenore broke the silence, causing Wesley to peer over his shoulder.
“I mean about everything with Jin and now Braxton. I was the one that begged Jin to help us... To put himself in harm's way and then to babysit us until we got to the next town,” her gaze energetically darted from the road to Wesley as she pressed her point. Jin pretended not to hear the faint conversation happening behind him. Wesley bobbed his head back and forth with a dismissive smirk. “I mean it, Wesley,” her voice softened, “He didn’t want this and now it's caused him a lot of struggle.”

#87Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:40 am

Jin Tatsumi
Wesley moved his left hand and patted his bicep then nodded his head at Jin’s back.
“Yes, I know he’s strong and can handle it but that’s not my point,” She wanted Wesley to just understand her or maybe she just needed to vent. He knocked his head gently against hers and patted his bicep again. This time he nodded back to Lenore. She gave a resigned sigh, “I hope I am getting stronger. No one will have to worry about me depending on them again.” She held her Spear handle in one hand as she rode forward.
A scream howled from around a bend in the road. Jin leaned forward, his horse digging hooves into the ground full gallop. Wesley rode hot on his heels. The horses leaned, galloping around the curve.A group of armsmen stood circled by trees. They surrounded something. Whatever it was, stood above the men even from far off. The group of armsmen advanced, but were pushed back by the deep grumble that resonated. “We have to take it down. These are the king's lands. Kill it before the captain arrives,” a gruff man’s voice yelled out to rally his men. Jin and Wesley’s horses skidded to a stop and reared backward.

#88Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Wesley lost control and tumbled off. His hand barely holding on to the reins and his feet scrapped the grass. Lenore gripped the horse as Wesley pulled from the ground, yanking the beasts jerking head away from the conflict. The creature’s shoulders spanned wider than the armsmen it stood before. Fur scattered parts of its body, heavily concentrated around its arms and shoulder. Two long horns curved around its bull-like face. Each one was nearly as long as a Spear. Blood dripped from one horn. An Armsmen laid at the foot of the monster. A hole in his back painted the grass red. The creature gripped the fallen man’s helmet in one massive hand, leaving dents. Jin dismounted his horse, “You don’t want to get too close. Just back away and leave him be. He walked forward with one hand up as a calming motion, more for the beast than the armsmen. Lenore dropped down from her horse with her Spear close but sheathed and joined Jin’s side. Wesley grabbed both horses and led them to the tree line. “Stay out of this civilians. It doesn’t concern you. Get him!” One of the armsman yelled for his men to charge forward.

#89Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:42 am

Jin Tatsumi
They attacked in unison, their feet scuttling across the ground. A roared tore through the air, stopping the men in their tracks. On weakened knees, they wobbled from side to side.
The large beast slammed its hand on one man’s head. Muscles rippled in the beast’s arm as the man’s feet left the ground. Tears cut rivers down the man’s face as he pushed and pulled against fate. The brute chucked one man away like heaving a discus. He collided with another warrior sending them both to the ground. With a second motion, the beast lowered its head and scooped an armsman up between its horns, and heaved him. A snap followed as the man wrapped around a tree back first.
“I told you not to. Minotaurs wield magic that disorients people. Sends them into a haze. They are almost impossible to get close to. Just let me handle it,” Jin said, moving closer to the Minotaur. When he spoke he tilted his head toward Lenore. His words were meant more for her than the armsman that attacked.
Dirt caked under the armsman’s nails as they crawled away. Once they regained composure the lead armsman replied, “This is our job, SIR.” he touted, directing one of his men to aggressively detain Jin.

#90Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The armsman rushed at Jin with his Spear drawn. The paladin reached for his own but a clash of metal resonated through the air before the armsmen got to him. A steel Spear collided with the potential attack, holding it suspended. Lenore stood between Jin and the attacker. Her muscles tensed and her feet dug into the ground, holding the position she practiced day in and day out.
It was easy to tell it was something she was not used to. The thrill of real danger left her legs uncertain if she was on the ground or water. Even a moderately trained eye could see the mild shake and the quick rise and fall of her chest.“He..said...he has it,” Lenore forced out in her anxiousness. The armsman pulled his Spear down for another slash and once again Lenore met the diagonal slash with one of her own. She winced from the strike that clanged mere inches from her face. The vibration rolled down her arms. “ugh,” the only expression she muttered. Wesley flung his fist upward with pursed lips, rooting on his companion. His gesture garnered the squinty-eyed gaze of the other armsmen. Jin gave his attention to his comrade with a stoic face.

#91Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
A grin was hidden in the darkness of the overhead trees. A second roar from the minotaur cleared the conversations from the simple lips of the humans. Two armsman once again entered a dazed confusion. Lenore and the one she locked blades with were at a safe distance along with Jin.
With cautious steps like approaching a wild animal, Jin came closer to the minotaur. The beast suddenly rose a massive foot and hovered it above a man that was dazed on the ground. Its eyes filled with blood lust. Jin focused on the point of potential impact and charged forward, “WAIT!” he cried out to the hulking figure with its powerful leg ready to stump the man into a fleshy heap.
He slammed his body into the side of the Minotaur, staggering it back. He didn’t much care about the deaths of those ignorant armsmen but if they died it would create a greater hindrance to him.
The minotaur stumbled to the side, saliva spewing from its angered jowls. Another roar flooded the area. The minotaur lowered its horns, pointing them at chest height to a human, as Jin stood unaffected by it. The beast's body was hunched over, its hands open and ready to lunge.

#92Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin moved one foot back in preparation but held his hands up and crouched. “Easy now. We both know this isn’t going to work out. Just...” His soothing attempt was met with ferocity. The minotaur roared forward not with horns but its bulging arm muscles ready to capture the paladin. Jin rushed forward, his hands inside, and aimed for the creature's shoulders. Spittle dripped on the paladin’s shoulder rolling onto his chest. Hot breath warmed his ears. They collided with grunts. The minotaur squeezed the paladin’s spaulders. Its enormous hands eclipsing the much smaller man’s shoulders. Jin’s hands pressed firmly against the rigid muscular build of the brute. Spittle dripped on the paladin’s shoulder rolling onto his chest. Hot breath warmed his ears. “He...he halted its charge...how is that…?” The lead armsman looked in awe. His mouth ajar and hands twitching. His mind couldn’t find a solution to make sense of it all. The man Lenore locked blades with, weakened his grip upon seeing the clash of man and monster. She took advantage and pushed hard against him, sending him to the ground. Heavy breaths Accompanied her bobbing shoulders as if she just ran a marathon of adrenaline.

#93Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Her eyes trailed back up to Jin whose legs dug into the ground holding steady. She gripped her Spear, wondering and waiting about what would happen next. Was his secret already gone?
Jin stepped in close to the creature, spinning to hide his speech from the armsmen and his allies. “Listen to me. You can tell what I am. You will not survive here. Men will always hunt you. Head to the Bellvue forest. It’ll be safer there. Human feet have yet to travel those lands heavily.
The minotaur's hands released the paladin, taking in the words this strange warrior spoke. He growled with hot breath wafting over Jin’s hair. The beast took a few steps back. It shook its head with its horns cutting through the air of confusion. “An impressive demonstration...traveler,”a new deep and masculine voice arrived from the edges of the path. Six people appeared on horseback. A man and woman led the group side by side. A clean shine reflected on their armor with white handled Spears within black scabbards. The insignia of the flame burned on their pauldrons. A purple fabric draped over the man’s shoulder. The woman’s armor bore three purple strips across the breastplate.

#94Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:53 am

Jin Tatsumi
Two more than the other four that were in toe. The shine was dull in scattered places on her armor from old scratches and cuts. She pulled on the reins of her horse, halting it with eyes locked onto the minotaur. “The Minotaur would kill you. Best to let him leave.” Jin stepped between the beast and the knights. The injured crawled next to the reinforcements. “I am Captain Bernard of the Nazdek clan. That creature is a danger to humans and must be dealt with. As for you, I am interested in how a man stops a raging monster,” his eyes narrowed as he paused, “with his bare hands,” The man said. Even the one that locked spears with Lenore returned to his men with a scowl at her. They stood with hands-on blades now a renewed vigor.. The woman that road next to Bernard kept a hand on the hilt of her spear. Jin looked back at Wesley standing timidly behind the horses and Lenore breathing heavily from her encounter. ‘She was lucky she caught him by surprise. A prepared armsman may be too much for her still,’ he thought. With a sigh, he kept his hands to his sides. “I have no need to fight,” the sound of the Minotaurs shifting body cracked twigs, “But I won’t let you hurt this beast.”

#95Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 4 Empty Sun Jul 25, 2021 11:54 am

Jin Tatsumi
loud thuds resonated behind Jin. The Minotaur took off in a sprint, abnormally fast for something of its size. Jin closed his eyes and exhaled from his nose.
“Seize that beast and apprehend these...travels for letting loose a monster!” Bernard's words were cut into the hearts of his men, sending them forward. The woman eased down from her mount as the armsmen charged ahead of her. She walked behind them half a pace. Lenore raised her spear up as Jin had taught her and moved to his side. The slayer put his arm across her body and nudged her behind him. “But,” she started to complain but was met with a whisper, “Shh, It’s my time now.” The word monster rang in his mind. Bernard looked on with a grin at the compliance he garnered, leaning forward on his horse to take in as much as he could. His arm rested across the neck of his steed. Wesley Slunk further behind the horses he protected which were protecting him more now. Another armsman on horseback readied his bow. An arrow slid from the quiver. It pressed against the resistance of the bowstring. Jin met the rush of warriors. His fist dug into a man’s gut, sending him gasping with spit flying from his lips.

#96Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The arrow from horseback whizzed through the air. Its aim was true, but Jin rose the man upward in its path. The arrow struck the armsmen in the back with a splatter of blood. Jin let his body crash to the ground. The man rolled to his side arching in pain, trying to reach the arrow. The woman now strode forward. Anger seething in her eyes. “By the name, Master at Arms Isabell I place you under arrest.” Magical markings glowed one by one up the sheath as the white-handled spear was drawn free. “Your laws don’t apply to me. I’m not your kinsman,” Jin bit back. Bernard continued to watch, with unshaken faith in Isabell. The master at arms held her blade elongated toward Jin. She stood matching his height. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Jin asked. He could hear the footsteps of the Minotaur fading in the distance with every second. Isabell made no attempt to respond to his question. She simply flourished her spear in a more combative stance. Without hesitation, Isabell brought her spear down. A strike whose intensity could sever a limb. Lenore gawked at the blade. She was frozen in place and closed her eyes with rolled lips.

#97Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin threw his arm in the way. The spear cut into the thick leather bracer. His muscles tensed and a sting of pain traced his nerves. Blood trickled around the new fissure in his armor. Isabell’s eyes growled at the audacity. The onlookers were just as dumbfounded. The regular armsmen backed away to the horses and behind Bernard. “What the hell is happening!” One of them exclaimed as he collapsed to his knees. Jin heaved Lenore to the ground as Isabell drew her blade back to press another attack. The two circled around the field. Isabell pushed forward with a series of attacks. Her blade swiped the air around the sure-footed Slayer, coming closer with each advance. Her strikes were expertly placed. Years of practice sewn into her being. The spear whistled through the air. Bernard tried to follow the motions with his eyes darting back and forth. She seemed to move faster the longer they fought. The more they moved the closer she came. For every step he took, she matched it easier than before, beginning to anticipate where he would more. The slayer clenched his fist to counterattack, but each time was met with a new offensive to defend.

#98Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Her blade licked the edges of his armor, tasting deeper with every passing graze. She gripped her weapon in both hands as she cut off Jin mid-step. Her blade rushed like a tidal wave and Jin was yet to find his footing with nowhere to go. Lenore yelled out, “No!” Wesley placed both hands on his head and held his own hair in clumps. The attack slashed into his armor and tore his outer clothing, battering him a few steps to the side. “It’s over. You should be honored. Isabell’s attack can drop a man in two,” Bernard said. Isabell let out a resolved smile, sliding the blade further against his side. Jin’ grunted and clutched the sharp edge of the weapon in his side. Isabell stood ready to accept his surrender from the injury.
“You fought well. Lasted longer than most,” she pulled the blade back with a trickle of blood. Jin fell to a knee and ran his hand over the gap in his armor. Isabell tilted her head quizzically. Wondering….where all the blood was. Jin took a deep breath and stood pushed himself back to his feet. His hand held the blood trickling from his side. Isabell’s eyes flashed wide and Bernard sat up straight.

#99Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“You should be bleeding like a beheaded pig,” Isabell spoke with her hands still tight around her spear. The onlookers gazed in confusion. All except Captain Bernard who was spinning thoughts in his mind. Lenore fell to her butt with relief and Wesley was at her side. “How is it? No matter. I see why you allied with a monster now,” her confusion turned to tempered anger. The strikes rained down again. Jin dodged and blocked but found no opening to charge forward. The wound on his side ached when he bobbed and weaved away from the spear strikes. Jin struggled to keep up. Isabell’s footwork maneuvered him where she wanted. He could see it happening but couldn’t stop it. “The Avary spear style,” he whispered toward her. Isabell slowed her last strike with a twitch in her eye. The opening gave Jin enough time to dash back, holding his rib. Bernard’s eyes darted between the two, uncertainty was written in the lines of his face.
“How do you know that name, commoner,” Isabell’s nostrils flared as she asked but was only met with the steely-eyed gaze of the slayer. “How,” she snapped. Her shoulders relaxed, “You bought yourself only a few more seconds of life.”

#100Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin’s armor was peppered with grazing strikes. His ribs were pierced, and every inch his foot slid to evade, she was already in a position to block him off. “Enough of this. Go get his companions,” Bernard waved the men forward. The troops eased closer to Lenore and Wesley with hunger in their eyes. Revenge hung from their mouths. Lenore jumped back to her feet with a spear held in front of her, switching between stances to face one armsmen after the other. Wesley stepped out from behind her and scavenged through his satchel to pull out a small hammer. Jin‘s vision narrowed as the enemy closed in on his comrades. His mind saw them as different people. Someone from long before this time. Lenore’s hair flashed a crimson in the slayer’s mind, “Val,” he spoke so softly that not even the wind could carry the word. His heart raced and slammed against his chest. More blood swam from the wound on his side. His hands clammed up and eyes shut. He heard the echo of footsteps. Soldiers marching. Thoughts plagued his mind. Jin rose a trembling hand in the air. Reaching for the cloth wrapping on his back. Lenore shuffled backward as the armsmen closed in on her. Wesley repeatedly flexed his fingers around the hammer.

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