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An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 4:25 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Wind grazed lush green grass and swayed the fields of daffodils. Leaves danced across the sky like a gently whispered message. One brushed against a large tree that was the borderline between the quiet meadow and the canopy-shrouded forest. Vines and shrubs overtook what paths would have been walkable years ago.
The leaf rolled across the tree and bounced into a snug hollow. Wind carried the leaf up from still cool dirt and onto a layer of rough fabric. It tumbled up the dark fabric deeper into the hollow until it snagged on a leather belt.
Sunlight chased the leaf and flickered through the rustling leaves. The light gleamed off a rounded piece of metal. The shaft of a weapon leaned on the hollow’s wall. The leaf bounced free. Its dance cut short as a hand grasped it. The edges poked out between tattered knuckles.
“Morning already then,” Jin said, groggily. With a deep breath, his hand lumbered onto the plain black grip of the spear.
He drove the scabbard into the ground as he leaned on it for support. With a final push, he stood from the shelter of the hollow. Sunlight made him squint his calm blue eyes. His beaten brown boots, decorated with scuffs, sunk into the soil.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
A jovial smile crept across his sleepy face as the leaf whisked away from his grip, toward another adventure. He knelt to face the hollow. Against the back wall was something wrapped in a cloth that had not been white for some time. The object was slender and long, with a makeshift strap from the two ends of the cloth tied together. He pulled the object from the hollow and fastened it on his back.
“Five more till Brakenfell,” he stretched his stiff muscles and the wrap loosened around the object slung over his back. The light shined on the blade that peeked out from the cloth, right before the wrap was thrown back over it.

The sun warmed the youthful features of his face. His first step landed gently beside a budding flower as a flock of birds flew up from the eastern edge of the meadow by the entrance of the forest. He closed his eyes. The warmth of the morning glowed on his face. Bushes rattled on the far side of the meadow. A ragged man raced out of the tree line to the east. Only cloth shoes protected his feet from the brush. Jin watched the man sprint and drummed his fingers along the wooden shaft of the spear.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The running man’s face was white with panic. His arms pumped as frantically as his breathing.
Fifteen more people burst from the tree line behind him. Torn tunics snagged on branches, leaving ribbons of fabric behind. They hurried through the meadow, each one constantly looking behind them at the forest. A raven-haired woman stumbled down the path, her eyes locked with Jin’s. She whirled on her heel and rushed toward him, with wide eyes set on his scabbard. The paladin’s expression remained unchanged from the first ragged man he saw. The woman’s mouth opened and her lips quivered.
Jin stopped himself from reaching for her shoulder. His fingers winced back but were quickly taken by the woman. “Please. You have a spear. You must help us. Are you with the rebels?”
“Please, they’re coming,” she pulled his arm once more.

Jin swallowed, and pulled his arm away with reluctance, and stared back into the forest. “There is a hollow in the tree. You can hide there.” The woman clenched her jaw and skittishly ducked toward the hollow. A force of five men emerged on horseback. Hooves dug violently into the dirt and flowers. Their shoulders rigorously bounced up and down from the heated gallop of their steeds.

#4Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Yips and barks accompanied the riders. Wolves formed from wood, ran out with thick teeth like wooden stakes. They were lively constructs conjured into hesitance. A spear shot forth, piercing a runner in his shoulder. The captive crumpled over with a howl of pain.
“Take em,” a man rode out in front and pulled off his helmet. A chiseled jaw jutted out proudly. The other four rode out wide and surrounded the field. Three men rode with spears and a fourth with a pike. The four rode fiercely into the runaways with spears slashing against bare backs. The escapees fell one by one under the attack.

An older woman ran with her child. The girl was only about 9 years old. Her mother pushed her to run faster as the men gained on them. With a final shove, she heaved her daughter forward. A spear pierced the mother’s back. Tears ran down her cheeks, “RUN!” She screamed at her shocked child to escape. The girl stood frozen in horror staring at her mother. The towering man on the horse yanked the spear free and the woman’s body fell, hand still outstretched toward her child. The girl gazed at the new menacing threat and tried to spring away.

#5Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The thug lazily followed the girl. She ran to meet the others and stood by, dwarfed by the heights of adults. Her hair whipped through the air as she bounced her attention all around her.
The paladin from the tree hollow stood halfway between the east and western edges of the meadow on the edge of the forest. On his left, the remaining seven runaways. On his right, and quickly approaching, the riders that appeared more and more like bandits after a prize.

The dark-haired woman grasped at the paladin, “Please, you have to help me…us.” Her hand clasped his shoulder. The paladin waited patiently as the bandits approached the cowering runaways. They stopped in front of the paladin and the leader trotted forward with his chin held high and chest out. He was an older man. His weather-beaten features exclaimed a life of long travel and the scars marked his cheeks and forehead.

“Well, well…Looks like we have ourselves a situation here.” His tone was as arrogant as his posture, “Are you trying to protect our investment…traveler?” He asked, bearing his black teeth.
The paladin put up both his hands, “I just woke up from a long sleep and all I want is peace.”

#6Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He avoided eye contact until the last few words of his sentence. His gaze drifted to the wooden wolf golem that sat at the hooves of the leader’s horse. Jin’s eyes slanted only for a moment at the mut. He pulled the woman around.
“No,” she exclaimed and reached out to him, grasping at whatever she could.
The leader of the bandits cocked his head, looking beyond the paladin, “Oh I see. So, what is that on your back there? Looks like an elven spear. They say one of those has caused a lot of deaths around here.” The leader’s smile filled with anger.
The paladin looked at his shoulder to see the cloth wrapping had come undone. He peered down at the woman who was frantically grabbing at him.
“I just happened across it. Nothing special about it,” Jin said, trying to avoid more bloodshed, but is chances were getting slimmer. He wanted to leave all of the gruesome acts back with the woman he had lost.

“You’re an unlucky man. The one who held that spear is wanted by a good bunch of people. Which means,” he leaned forward on his stirrups. “You are gonna come with us,” he shrugged.
The paladin sighed, “I’m telling you…” His words were cut off by a curt reply from the leader.
“I’m telling you, better safe than sorry when it comes to that weapon. Round him up too.”

#7Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He reached up with his right hand toward the grip of the spear strapped to his back. His hand moved slowly, as his eyes closed with his head tilted low. He took a deep breath through his nose. His callous hand grazed the grip and his fingers curled around it. A heavy breath left his lungs and his shoulders lowered with it.
There was a pause. The men readied their weapons. Feet hit the ground and charged forward through the grassy field trampling flowers beneath each heavy leather boot. Each step felt like an eternity away to the paladin.

The first bandit’s foot stomped into the shallow puddle that separated them, like a trumpet announcing a duel. Jin’s arm tensed, muscles ready and veins pulsing. The spear slid effortlessly and rose like a streak of lightning. The water droplets on the paladin’s boots mingled with scarlet trickles that rained down with them.

A small thud resonated across the meadow as the bandit’s body hit the ground. His face split from chin to ear. His wrist had a deep gash where he tried to defend the strike in the last moments
A yell broke the silence. A bandit lunged with a spear held tightly.

#8Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The paladin splintered the wooden spear with a parry. His spear struck the heart of the man and pulled him deeper into the blade with a grunt. A final ​breath left the bandit’s body limp, as the spear was quickly yanked out to meet the next attack
The last two bandits heaved themselves into the fray. Their leader hung back atop his horse. spears clanged together as the three danced in the bed of flowers. The bandits tried to flank the sure-footed paladin. Each sharp clash of blades made the paladin wince. One eye closed from pain as if trying to fight off a headache that kept ringing louder and louder. Each meeting of metal flashed him to that same time weeks ago. Each time a different person behind the blade. The man on the horse whispered to himself with an ever-increasing grin, “Good! Look, men! His heart is weak when he meets a challenge. We can cut him down.” The man’s eyes widened as he yelled out, “We can cut him down.”
Jin blocked one spear coming from above as the other pierced his tunic and snuck into a soft spot in his leather armor. He grumbled in pain as his back arched upward trying to escape the pain.

#9Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He pushed the attackers back with a shaft strike and a stern kick. This only bought a moment of recovery before they came again
The paladin glared at them, not with a tense brow or snarling grimace but disdain. His breath was heavy and his eyes blinked rapidly with one hand clutching his side. He collapsed to one knee, using his spear as a crutch. His hands strangled the handle. From his lips, a gutteral grunt emerged. The thugs froze and shared glances. The boss sat with his mouth ajar, “kill this lunatic!” A bandit swung his blade to slash the paladin's gut.
The paladin’s pupils and bounced back to a rounded human appearance. His breath was calm and a flick of the wrist flung his spear to clash with the thugs. This time his eyes locked with the bandit. Blades still in contact, Jin stood up, knocking away the spear, he dropped the man with a single blow and appeared in front of the other to drop him as easily.
The wooden wolf was left and lowered its head before pouncing through the air at Jin. The heavy beast tackled the paladin to the ground. Its stake-like teeth inching closer to his throat.

#10Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 4:40 pm

Jin Tatsumi
On its side were markings or magic. Two symbols were written in an unknown language, but he could feel the magic pulsing from it.
“So this is what it was all for,” Jin grabbed the head of the beast. With strained muscles, he pushed the wolf’s snarling head away from him. Wood cracked and splintered until the wolf's head burst into a pile of kindling. The magical markings turned to ash. A gurgle came from one of the writhing thugs on the ground. The paladin clenched his eyes shut, teeth smashing atop one another. Only a second lingered before he plunged his spear into the man’s sternum. The man coughed blood that sprayed across the silver blade and the paladin’s cheek. The blade dug deeper with a forceful exhale through his nose. His hands tightened around the grip. His heartbeat faster keeping pace with every rapid breath from his open mouth. His chest felt tight from the weight of something unspoken.
His eyes opened, and his breathing began to slow. Sliding the spear out he peered at the man on the horse, “I know. It has to be this way.” The man turned his horse ready to gallop off. The paladin grabbed the dead man’s spear and heaved it with a vicious yell tearing through the air and into the bandit’s back.

#11Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 4:40 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The blow dropped him from the saddle. The young slave girl reached out to stop it. She was too afraid to speak but her body moved without thinking. A hand snatched her back. The older brunette woman pulled her close and held her, never taking either gaze away from the carnage.
The spear punctured the man’s body as he frantically grabbed at the paladin’s boots. The remaining group of runaways stood shocked by the gore. Some with trembling legs and others, a mix of fear and liberation. The dark-haired woman only pulled the child closer. The group of runaways stood behind the young woman as if her brief conversation with the spear-wielding paladin qualified her as the emissary between them.
The men exchanged looks with one another. Confused and thankful they felt it safer to stay silent. Two men stood tall. The paladin cocked an eyebrow of intrigue and the two men replied by abruptly running into the wild.
“Thank you!” One of the men yelled back with glee and relief. “Thank you, thank you.” The men disappeared into the forest back in the direction they had escaped from.
The women bundled up the child, “They are heading back to the only home that they know. For us though, that home is no more.”

#12Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The ending of the sentence carried a tone closer to a question than a statement. The woman leaned a little closer. Her body hovering over the child sheltered in her bosom, nearly forgetting the little life was there.

“I have no power greater than any other man.” He spoke without facing them. His hands wrapping the spear tighter than before and fastening a thin rope around it from his bag. He began to walk west away from the forest as the woman stood holding the child’s hand.
“It seems we are going in the same direction. Maybe we could come with you for a way? Could you take us to the next village?” The woman asked and was already near his side.
“There probably won’t be any more bandits. Sure, I’ll take you to the next town.” He kept on walking without looking back until the girl's voice stopped his stride. The girl’s eyes welled with tears as she thought about her mother and the blood-stained flowers sprawled across the once peaceful meadow.
“Hurry and bury the dead here. They deserve some rest.” He kept his eyes facing away from them and leaned against a tree to be the lookout.

#13Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The men walked out and gathered up some of the dead including the child’s mother. With the spears of the dead bandits, they dug holes as best they could. They were shallow and crude. The dead mother’s slightly deeper than the others. The girl sat beside the clump of dirt rising above the rest of the ground and cried. Her tears covered her small hands.
The dark-haired woman approached the paladin, with questions lingering in her eyes. The man put up his hand once again and took a deep breath.
He left his blood-covered hand up waiting for her to turn away. She only stood in silence for a few moments waiting. Lowering his hand, he looked up at her from the grassy patch he sat upon. Her eyes met his, a small wind billowing the loose strands of her tangled hair.
“Lenore. That’s my name.” She said,
“Jin.” He stood and tightened the straps of his weapons. “Are you all ready to go now?” His voice was just as calm as it ever. Lenore smiled and whistled for the others to join them. Jin watched as the men stood behind him and Lenore gathered the small child from the grave of her mother. She wiped away the girl's tears and held her hand once again.

#14Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The girl tugged on Jin’s jacket. “Thank you.” The girl spoke her words directly into Jin’s leg, too timid to look up. Without a response, he looked down for a moment and began to walk as soon as the girl released his jacket.
They traveled for hours out of the meadow and through the forested area between them and the next village. The sun was beginning to set, and they had yet to see the exit. The runaways grew weary and watched on as Jin never displayed a hint of fatigue.
One of the men put his hands atop his head and approached Jin with an overzealous smile. “So, pal. I bet you could be one of the strongest men in the forest. I bet you could take on a squad of armsmen with that might. Could make a pretty coin too,” he said with an eerie agenda.
“I don't care about the pursuit of riches. But you have a spear now. You could use it to protect others. I’m here to support Hildegarde,” Jin ended his sentence.
“Well, I doubt I could leave an impression like you. Name’s Braxton. I think if we stick together we could do great things.”

#15Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“Great things belong to those who reach for the heavens. I’m content with reaching for my next meal.” He quickened his pace.
“Perhaps you haven’t thought about how far we could reach?” The man held his hands out toward Jin as they walked to plead his case. The man walked sideways stumbling over the occasional branch.
“I’m still operating primarily in secret as these are troubling times. You could get in trouble with certain groups if you are seen with me.” His hand glanced at the shaft of the spear at his hip. His eyes peered into the man’s now. Braxton nodded with a solemn weight on his brow.
Lenore appeared between the two of them. She grasped Jin by the arm and pressed her other hand on Braxton’s chest. She lowered Jin’s arm and pushed the other man further away.
“Maybe we should talk about something different.” The man stepped away with his hands up in surrender and his head tilted to the side.
Lenore looked back at Jin, “I’m sorry. Of course.” She kept her hand on his arm. Her hand trembled slightly at the touch. He looked down at her hand on his arm, “ It seems you’re all tired. We can camp close to here.” Jin looked over the area, once more to make sure nothing would jump out at them.

#16Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Lenore released his arm, and quickly straightened up her clothes, and replied, “I’ll collect some things to make a fire with.”
Jin looked perplexed at the notion for a fleeting moment and answered, “I’ll take care of the hunt.” He shot a look at the men standing behind them, “Help her with the fire, I’ll be back.” The men knew it would be trivial to insist on coming with him and nodded in agreement.
As the sky turned dark, the fire sprang to life, and yet the paladin was still on the hunt. “Maybe this was it. Maybe he decided to leave us here at night,” Braxton broke the silence with what they hesitated to speak but raced through their minds.
“No, he will be back. I know it,” the girl replied with confidence, but her fingers gripped her legs and she rocked ever slightly back and forth. Her eyes never left the forest. Lenore sat beside her, warming them both by the fire. “You are probably right.”
An hour later their stomachs howled as Jin reemerged from the wild with a boar drug behind him. The men rushed to their feet to take it and cut pieces. Jin gripped it tighter as they approached, a reaction that came naturally, but released the boar as the men took it.

#17Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The only eyes that saw the momentary judgment were Lenore’s. “Not used to traveling with a group?” her question cut through the group as the men paused while preparing the meat. Jin sat across the fire from Lenore and stared through the flames at her.
“It has been a rough time. But I have questions of my own. What is there to the east and how did you all get captured?” Jin leaned forward awaiting the response. He wanted to avoid talking in-depth about his past. All the important events were still too soon to want to recount.
The men, relaxed again, finished preparing the meat, sticking pieces in the fire one by one. Lenore cocked her head as her body straightened up suddenly, surprised by the curiosity.
“Well, that’s a bit of a long question. Maybe we could exchange some answers then? It is odd you don’t know what’s over there. There has always been trade along these roads.”
Jin ran his hand over his forehead and into his hair. He scratched the back of his head realizing what he had done. Without a word, he unfastened the spear on his back and the one on his waist and placed them on the ground next to him.

“I don’t know because I came from Fiore.” As he gave his answer the group looked startled between each other except for Braxton who became more fixated than before. “There is nothing there anymore, so I left to find a foothold up this way,” Jin explained flatly.

#18Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 4:52 pm

Jin Tatsumi
“You mean Fiore. Home of the Guilds?,” Braxton narrowed his eyes.
“So, you are from there?Didn’t know they had business here,” Lenore’s question perked the other's attention.
Jin put one hand on his leg and leaned forward with a simple response, “Yes. Well. Fiore, But I have been helping Hildegarde in her quest..” The fire shifted as Braxton added wood to the pile. The other two men sat quietly. Neither one wanting to say much, still unsure about their violent savior.
Lenore smiled, “The east has some clans. It’s smaller than Brakenfell. The Castle is about a three-month journey from the meadow. Although we were taken to a village that’s about two weeks from the meadow. I can’t really tell you much more than that. Things used to be safe.” Her smile faded away as she put her arm around the child next to her.
“What’s happening here?” Jin’s question brought the two men, who sat silently, closer to the fire. They both scuttled forward half clumsily and half cautiously. One had a scruffy beard almost taking over his face. The other had patches of hair that grew about his chin and cheeks. They wore the same tattered rags and tunics as the other runaways. A third had a bushy beard accompanied by a stocky build. The rest seemed like overworked farmers.

#19Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
One of them leaned in with his right hand rubbing his left shoulder. Trying to massage out any pain and nervous restraint, “We come from Valin. All of us. Small, real small but nice like.” He spoke with the country tongue. “By problems she mean, the men who come. They take and take. Got no respect for us.”
“What my fellow-man means to say is that we haven’t heard from the clans in some time. Trade had stopped, and things have been tight. Not long after that, bandits started coming in and charging tax and toll at first. Then they began the slave trade,” Braxton interjected. The story painted a picture of strife during the times that Bosco had invaded the land and rogue groups looking for coin wherever they could find it.
Jin looked around the fire at all of them. He felt a swell of pity for their plight. Victims of something beyond their control. Thoughts of his past took him out of the conversation. The campfire briefly became a damp cave to his mind.
“We are free now though,” Lenore’s words broke his trance and brought him back to the flame. “We made it out. Because of you.”
Jin’s expression stiffened, “No matter how long a person waits for change. Instinct will always resurface.”

#20Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
There was a pause as they all averted their eyes to the fire. A morbid reality settling back in. The man that had yet to speak was the first to bring his attention back up. He gestured toward Jin without a word. Simply holding his hand out with a sweeping gesture.
The man beside him spoke up in surprise, “Oh, Sorry Jin. This is Wesley and me names, Timothy. Wesley wanting to know if he can clean that spear of yours. Still blood on it and all, yeah. He notices these things. He can’t speak cause his tongue’s gone.”
Jin shifted his weight toward the two and looked at the outstretched hand. Slowly he pulled the spear from his back. beads of blood pooled around the guard and dribbled to the ground. Caught in the moment he examined each crimson streak as a new experience and an old wound. “I suppose I did forget to clean it off.”
The spear remained half unsheathed as he passed it to Wesley, who ripped some of his tunic off. Jin put up a hand to say something but was muted as Wesley ran the torn cloth down the blood-covered blade. The cloth soaked up the scarlet revealing the silvery steel beneath.

#21Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Timothy smiled, “Me and Wesley worked together. Grew up together we did. Even wit a tongue he ain’t use it too much.” Lenore and Braxton laughed at the joke, enjoying the break from silence. Jin leaned back and gave a small smile.
Lenore, asked as gently as one could ask, “Jin. I’ll tell you whatever else you want. I’m sure we all will. I just want to know one thing. How did you...how did you find it? Is that why you were in the forest?”
Jin looked back at Lenore with shoulders slumped forward, “I fight with the elves and demi-humans of the land. Ensure they are safe. I got it as a gift from one of them” with a shrug he ended the story. Lenore ran her hand into her long hair, to touch the concealed elven ears she was born with.
Braxton rose his hand to his lips, slowly running his finger across them and down to his chin. Quickly he curled them together and let out a quizzical deep breath. His hand unfurled towards Jin as he enquired, “Interesting enough…That story conveniently tells us nothing about you. I wonder why that is.” The others exchanged glances, Jin knew they were wondering what it is warrior was doing so far into their territory and fighting alongside natives of the land. He looked away in solemn thought.

#22Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“The question was about the spear, not me,” Jin retorted calmly. “I think that’s enough questions for now. I’ll ask more about Brakenfell in the morning.” Jin leaned his back against a nearby tree. His head facing away from the others.
The little girl’s voice, so soft it was almost masked by the fire, “My name’s Marla. Good night.” Jin rose a hand in a half-waving gesture that put the girl at ease. The rest of the men bundled themselves close to the fire. Lenore held Marla, the two of them between the fire and Jin. The only place that would let the young child rest at ease.
Jin drifted off to sleep. His spear at his side once again. He slept in his leather armor once more, as uncomfortable as it was. The only sound was the crackling of the fire and the owls stalking the dark corners for prey. Jin’s eyes shot open. His body remained still. He eyed the location of his spear to his left and let his hand lazily fall on the shaft of the steel blade. His heartbeat in anticipation. The wind blew, rustling the leaves but the mystery of the night moved something else through the thicket.

#23Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
A hand darted around the tree, blade in hand, and pointed at Jin’s throat. Jin’s hand shot up and grasped the intruder’s wrist. The point of the dagger lingered an inch from his adam's apple. He yanked the man across his body, pressing his back to the ground as he rolled on top of him. His right forearm smashed into the assassin’s throat. The other hand was still on the handle of his spear. Lifting the spear subtly he flicked his arm backward.
The assassin struggled, wide-eyed and unable to breathe. His legs kicked and dug frantically at the ground. Jin brought the spear up, the attacker’s hands frivolously pushed against the encroaching blade on his chest. Hastily Jin brought his arm off the man’s throat and covered his mouth. Almost in the same motion, he drove the blade into the attacker’s throat.
Blood streamed down the roots of the tree and slithered toward the girls. Marla’s eyes observing the murder, becoming more attuned to the spilling of life. Her young eyes met Jin’s to hear a single whisper, “Hide.” Jin's heart raced, hoping she could make it in time. The others were rousing as well, but was it all too late?

#24Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Before she could move, the cacophony of hooves howled through the night. She sprang to her feet leaping behind the tree, where jin had been sleeping. Lenore arose startled just like the rest. Timothy and Wesley sat up by the fire. Wesley turned toward jin, with his palms hitting the ground to scurry away. An arrow ripped into the side of his shoulder sending him tumbling to the ground and cracking his head on a rock. He laid motionless with a ghost's breath keeping him from the other side.
“Noo,” Timothy yelled and reached for Wesley. An arrow burst through his chest before his hands could grasp his fallen comrade. He held the air around the arrow, still registering what was happening. An arrow burrowed through his neck. Terror replaced the confusion on his face. He braced himself unaware that his hand dipped into the flames until the burning sensation swam through his nerves. Shuffling to his feet he whirled around, two arrows sticking out of him and one arm catching fire.
The attackers rode towards him like stalkers in the cloak of darkness. Bows dangled at their sides. They became more visible as one rode in front with a torch. The others readied flails.

#25Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Timothy’s eyes screamed with impending doom and torment. His body hung on to the last bits of life he had left in him. The fire started to spread over his body. jin threw his jacket around Timothy, patting out the fire and bundling him tight. Blood saturated the fabric. His fist clenched the garment. Timothy gurgled blood and kicked his feet until. In seconds, there was nothing. The final kick of his boot scrubbing the ground.
“Your time has come now. I’ll get them for you,” His voice was soft and soothing in the last moments of the runaway’s life. jin stood back to his feet with a deep breath, exhaling an unseen weight from his shoulders.
‘Kill them,’ he heard her elven voice ring in the back of his mind.
Horses pounded the ground. They rushed the lone warrior with fearsome vigor. The rider in front broke off allowing a flail-wielding horseman to charge at jin. The horse reached jin, ready to trample the man into the ground. Its body ramming full force into him.
Abruptly the horse’s front legs reared upward throwing the man from its back. jin’s hand pressed into the neck of the great beast, pushing its front legs off the ground. His hand slid to the Horse’s neck strap and with a violent yank the animal hit the ground.

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