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An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde]

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#26Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:01 pm

Jin Tatsumi
It shuffled back to its feet and ran deeper into the woods.
The runaways were all awake now. Awake and staring at jin. Half the party hid behind trees, both from the surprise attack and the warrior. Braxton eased next to the trees, wide-eyed with a half-smile. Lenore forced herself to stand with shaky knees and Marla behind her. No words could find their way to the lips of the runaways or the marauders as Jin stood above them all.
The flail-wielding man rose up. He shook his head, dispensing of the blurry vision from a rattled brain. Flail in hand he stood before jin, unknowing that it was him alone that toppled the horse. He spun the flail.
“Wait, you idiot!” The other marauders howled but their comrade was already in full charge.
“I’m so sorry. I couldn’t escape it,” he whispered to himself. “I’m afraid these travelers are with me. I left your friends bodies in the meadow so at least their souls could see the stars. Do you want to die beneath a dinghy canopy on a dirt road?”
The man pulled his arm back ready to unleash his spiked ball, “Who are you?” His words mirrored the fury of his swing.

#27Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The flail followed his arm vertically in the air over his head. jin lunged forward, rolling beneath the mighty blow. Bouncing back to his feet he brought his spear around, gouging out the back leg of the bandit.
His body hit the ground with the same thud as his spiked iron ball. jin grabbed the flail and finished the job. Brain splattered next to the fire. The other horsemen ceased their charge, shaken by the power of the man to throw a horse to the ground.
Braxton smiled eerily in the light of the fire. His hands digging into the dirt behind him as he propped himself up. “Got you, Jin.”
The Horsemen with the torch regained his composure and rode toward Braxton. He saw the danger close the distance at an alarming speed and Braxton turned to run. jin moved to intercept but another rider appeared before him with his arm swinging a wide circle, flail in hand. The weapon crashed downward, as jin narrowly blocked it. The points of the spike dotting his chest. Despite the minor injury he reached out and drug the man from the steed. Collapsing on the ground, the man turned his head in time to see the blade flicker and everything turn black.

#28Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:04 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Braxton scrambled about the ground but wasn’t fast enough. Braxton turned around. The horseman reached into his bag sliding out a thick sheet of paper that was rolled up like a scroll. Braxton’s eyes widened as he tripped over his feet frantically trying to get away.
The horseman flung the scroll open with one hand and recited imperceptible words before pressing the parchment on the flame of the torch. The ink flickered like flames and evaporated from the page. The torch’s flame erupted with a flash of dazzling brilliance. A ball of fire leapt forward from it as large as the horse he rode on. Braxton dove behind a tree. The flames torched the bark and licked at his legs. It burst outward and set the other runaways ablaze. Wesley hid safely on the other side of the trail alongside Lenore and the child. One other runaway with sparse chin hair huddled silently in a bush. Knees knocking and teeth-rattling.
“Arrgghh!” A high-pitched scream rose and Braxton rolled on the ground with legs engulfed in the mage’s fire. The ground was scorched and the trees were smoldering. Lenore paused but gathered what courage she could and darted toward Braxton. Her cloak was already halfway off. The rider eyed her and reached once more into his bag.

#29Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:05 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin stood stunned, realizing there was much more to the world than he thought. He reached down toward the flail by his feet from the man he just killed. With one hand he grabbed the spiked ball and the other he held the shaft. The chain connecting them strained as he wrenched them apart from each other. His fingers left dents in the metal ball.

The ball whizzed through the air, battering into the fire mage’s skull. It chipped bone and twisted his neck, as his chin chased after his shoulder. The spikes tore through bone with cracks and a squish like hitting moist meat with a hammer. The man toppled over, and the threat was gone.
Lenore covered Braxton’s burning legs with her cloak, extinguishing the flames. The others laid down in burnt husks. Wesley covered Marla’s eyes. Braxton was out cold, but the fire was stopped. Even so, his legs were burnt and blistered. Jin stepped through the fire, “What in the...When did?” Lenore looked toward Jin with a lump in her throat. Jin strolled through the fire and felt the heat on his palm.
“It is something else...to see a warmage in action,” Lenore said through huffed breaths.

#30Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:21 pm

Jin Tatsumi
“A warmage. I see. So that’s how much things have changed.” He stood on the cinders of battle. His eyes slowly trailed to Timothy. Arrows in his chest, then to charred bodies of the others. “All this for what?”
“People are panicked. We are in the middle of a war and it’s reached into the borders. We don’t know sometimes when we’ll be next. But people are being hounded.”
“War?” He sighed and knelt down. His hand gripped into the dirt, eyes clenched shut. A silence swept the group. No one was sure what to say to fill the void.
“Things are pretty dire,” Lenore finally said.
“I’ll check their bags for something,” Jin replied as he walked toward the mage's horse. “That man just used magic? What was that scroll he had?” His questions were fast and precise as he dug through the bag.
“I don’t know what it was exactly,” she hastily replied, her hands hesitantly trying to take bits of cloth away from burned flesh. Her fingers fidgeted in the air while she pondered what to do next. Jin could feel Lenore standing by him, looming over his shoulder to see anything that could help.

#31Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:24 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin lifted all the contents out of the bag. Most were trivial and tossed on the ground. His mind focused on only finding specifics. He pulled out a small health kit and passed it toward Lenore, “Catch.” The bag surprised her, and she fumbled it through her hands. Quickly picking it back up she flipped the strap off and rummaged through it.
“Are there any bandages in there?” jin asked as he pulled out a couple of scrolls that were neatly tucked away in the satchel.
“Yes, but I need some…” she winced away queasy at the sight of some blisters popping. The wounds on the man's leg began to get worse. His skin was red and the burn started at his ankle and moved beyond his knee to the hip of his right leg. The area was dotted with blisters, some beginning to ooze. The heat still radiated from his cooked flesh.
“That won’t be necessary,” Jin lingered on each word. He handed over the scrolls and gave a small “hmm,” followed by a smile. “This is helpful.” He approached Lenore and handed her the scrolls. "They use this as a kind of holder-type magic." Jin then rolled up his sleeves and pressed his hands together. Light flooded over the wounded man's body.

#32Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:29 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The group stood back as the light washed over the man. He leaned over Braxton with one of the scrolls open and flopping in the wind. The symbols on the page appeared like ramblings to Lenore. The burn wound began to heal at a rapid pace. The wound was still red with blisters. The skin remained discolored, but days of healing took place in a few seconds. Braxton moved only slightly but it was a sign of recovery. Lenore stuffed the scroll into her bag, more entranced by the healing magic.

“I guess you still have some secrets you’re not telling. Or does that ability come with,” she looked over the battlefield and at the flail with Jin's fingers indented in it. Jin looked back at the battlefield. if only they knew how powerful the important mages in Fiore were, they would not be so impressed by that small act. Braxton groaned and rolled over to his side. The burns receded and Jin sat back on his butt. A sigh escaped his lips and he wiped the sweat from his brow. Everywhere he went it always dissolved into combat. But they were almost all safe. The deaths of the others were another heavy burden but one that he was becoming used to.

#33Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin put his hand on the back of his neck, “ It was safer than coming out with it.” He put both his hands on the ground and pushed himself up, “I should gather the things from around here now.” He pointed at Braxton’s body, “Can you bandage him up?”
Lenore opened the bag and pulled out some old bandages, “I think these should do for now.” She began wrapping his body. She struggled a bit with the weight of hoisting him up. She took great care to avoid placing her hands near the injury.
“Good,” he replied. His attention then fell on Timothy and Wesley with dismay. “There were so many of you in the beginning. Running across that field.” He paused looking at the ground, before looking at Lenore's back, “I’m...”He turned to rummage through the final belongings of the slavers. A crumpled parchment was in a satchel. Same as the one used to spit fire. “So this is how you did it,” ink was splotched on the page in a pattern of symbols and letters.
Lenore kept tending to the wound. Her fingers pinched the cloth in her hand when she heard his apology. Her next sentence came with a sharp tone she tried to hide, “Do you wish you would have come out of the forest sooner?” She knew it wasn’t his fault but she had to say something. Anything to vent.

#34Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin looked up towards the stars, then to Marla, who still sat by the tree. His gaze combing over the bodies strewn across the ground. With a silent motion, he cleaned the blood from his spear and put it away,
Lenore looked over her shoulder hesitantly, staring at the ground next to her. She returned to finish her work before speaking again. “What changed your mind?” It wasn’t the question she wanted to ask but she had to ask something.
“I know you probably have a lot of questions, but the past is best left there. For now, we have to keep moving.”
Jin slept soundly by a tree again. Braxton’s injuries kept him in a deep slumber. Lenore and Marla laid awake. Marla’s fearful tears rolled down Lenore's arm onto the cold ground. The night finally took Marla into a more pleasant dream than the blood-stained reality around her. Lenore never had such reprieve that night.
When the sun rose Braxton hobbled over to the dead bandits and hunched over them. He rummaged through the bags until he tossed a pouch in the air and caught it.
“We’ll need this. Coin,” He said, tossing one pouch to jin and stuffing the other down his tunic. “Some for you and some for us. We’re in this together now after all. All we have is each other right.” JIn caught the pouch and tossed it to Lenore.

#35Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Wesley just looked at the man. Lenore crossed her arms, unsure of what to make of Braxton, but quickly unfolded them to snatch the coin pouch from the air.
Wesley helped Braxton walk with his injuries and fatigue eating away at him. The journey was only a few more days and they went smoothly. Each passing night their comfort and hope grew. Marla cried less and Lenore's battle against sleep ended by the warmth of a fire and exhaustion. Braxton pieced together the rest of the events from Lenore during the attack. It only served to stoke his fascination with jin.
The lone warrior was sitting away from the rest of the group, with parchment in hand. “So that hound made of wood and this parchment used by the mage...are they common,” Jin said.
“It takes years of study to do that. But it is becoming more common as the war intensifies,” Braxton rambled and Jin begrudgingly listened to the man, still not fond of his...brash approach.
“You may have a bounty on your head if that is an elven spear and you are the highway bandit,” Braxton continued.

Jin averted his eyes, thinking about the weeks he spent scouring roads to take out Brunhilde's men. Now all he wanted to do was get this small group to safety.

#36Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin ran his fingers over the ink of the parchment checking if any came off on his fingers or smeared but none did. “You ask a lot of questions, Braxton. Who or what I am is the one that saved you from slavery.”
Silence drifted over the camp, with just the crackling of the fire. It wasn’t an answer and Braxton crossed his arms with a smile illuminated by the fire, “of course. Well in any case, yes depending on where you go those forms of magic are popular. Mostly within the military. Do you intend to join?”
“No. After all this is done, and Hilde is crowned, I'll return home.”
“Hmmm,” Braxton added. “That’s a shame as war is upon us. They will be coming and you may not have a choice one day."

Lenore looked back and forth at the two men and Wesley picked over the fire. The mute still held onto Timothy’s cloak. “Then I’ll deal with that if it happens,” jin replied with a smile. The day drug on as the group crossed a small hill, on the last day of the journey with the sun still beaming down. JIn took the lead alongside Lenore who was acting as the guide.

#37Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
A day passed until they marched over the top of a hill. At the bottom of the hill was a small walled town. A guard wore armor tightly fitted around a meaty frame and leaned against the wooden gate.
“Finally, the territory of Brakenfell,” exclaimed jin.
“This is just, Meniot. A small town on the way,” Braxton took a few hobbled steps beyond jin. His wounds were nothing more than scar tissue now. “This place is just under the rulership of Brakenfell. If you want to get to the real place, it’ll take a while.”
Jin watched him head down into the town, “this is close enough for me.”
Braxton snickered, “We’ll see how that works out I suppose,” without looking back, he marched onward into town, leaving the rest of them behind.
Lenore came to stand next to jin, “Thank you for getting us here. We can handle it from here.” Her words filled with both relief and a hint of sorrow.
“I’ll walk you to the gate then,” he replied as he lazily rested one hand on the spear.
“We would like that,” Lenore grinned and grasped Marla’s hand. The young girl held both hands over Lenore's as they approached the gate guard. Braxton had already entered in before them.

#38Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The wind caught Lenore's hair and billowed it upward. Her elven ears poked out from the strands before she quickly batted it back down. She spun her head around to see Jin. Her eyes had a hint of panic within them. JIn shook his head with a smile and waved it off.

"You are exactly who I am here to help," he whispered. Lenore's face softened with a small swell of tears. She nodded back and held the girl's hand a little tighter. Jin stepped up next to her as the group made their way down the hill. Marla stumbled over her short legs.

"Hildegarde is here to make sure demi-humans and elves have a voice and a safe place to live. I share that dream." JIn added as he slowed his pace next to the elf. Lenore looked back at Wesley who pulled his shirt just enough to show the fur beneath, revealing his demi-human stature.

"We heard word about you doing that. But I wasn't sure if it was all just rumor," Lenore added. Jin patted her shoulder her to assure her that it was all true and walked down to catch up to Braxton.

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Jin Tatsumi
The guard walked out with belly protruding out as much as his undue confidence.” Hold it. What business do you have here? This is a peaceful place and I don’t want any trouble.” He noticed the spear at jin’s side.
“we’re just coming off a long trip and looking for lodging. Nothing rowdy.” jin opened his arms up trying to appear nonchalant. The guard eyeballed him and the other two for a few seconds before replying.
“Alright, just keep out of trouble. Don’t go waving that thing around.” The guard waddled back over to his post and leaned against the wall. Taking out a small knife he began to carve a piece of wood. Clearly not a trade as it was no discernible item.
The town was larger than expected on the inside, with stores connected to homes. They sold cloth, food, and tools for combat. Miners trotted down the street and ducked under the doorway of a tavern. Their faces were black with soot, and calluses covered their palms. Dirty pickaxes hung from their sides, no doubt this was the money maker for the town.
Jin stopped just on the other side of the gate. His gaze lingered on the forest behind him. A hand stroked the cloth of the spear wrapped around his back.

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Jin Tatsumi
So, what will you do now?” Lenore asked, breaking him out of his haze.
“Make sure things are safe around here, I suppose. Take it easy for a change,”
“Well, I think I’ll try and find some work. I did have a question before you go,” Lenore turned to face him never letting go of Marla’s hand.
“Okay, what do you want to know,” He replied, only half facing her.
“Is it possible for you to teach me how to spear fight? I’ve seen you battle and I need to be able to protect myself. If Hildegarde is supporting the elves then I want to fight for us too,” She replied and began down the road.

“It’d probably put you in more danger than escaping from it. Once you start it only brings more threat.” He replied thinking about the non-stop strife it had caused him since taking on his fathers spear.
“More danger is better than being dead,” the words left her lips with a hopeful reluctance. Praying he wouldn’t dismiss her. “I’ll take my chances. I won’t be imprisoned and traded like a slave again.”
jin paused and let the silence linger between them. Marla was still in toe behind Lenore. “Very well then. We begin tomorrow,” he ducked beneath the archway of the tavern and moved toward the bar.

#41Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
A triumphant smile gleamed across her face as she replied with a nod and turned to walk off with the girl in hand. She stopped at the door and rushed past Jin, almost spinning the man from the force. A clank rattled on the bar counter as she laid down the silver to pay for Jin's room. The paladin smiled and waved her goodnight as he made his way up to bed.

It was a ruckus of noise and drinks. Cups smashed into tables and spoons rattled in empty bowls. The light from a pit of fire cast dancing shadows on the wooden walls. Two long wooden tables spanned from the bar to the door, leaving a walkway down the middle.
A large group of burly men with pickaxes sat at a central table as if it was reserved for them. Another group of men, wearing long-sleeved shirts and dirtied pants sat at the bar and surrounding tables.
“Farmers versus Miners then,” Jin whispered to himself. A man and a woman ran between tables and briskly cleaned so the miners could have their seats. Jin moved past the yells and laughter toward the bartender. “Anything exciting going on here?”

The bartender set down some glasses and began pouring a mug of ale. “What are you looking for?"

#42Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"Just wondering what the climate is like here," Jin replied with a shrug. The bartender cleaned a glass off and set it back in the rack with the rest. "Well, it's small so not much. You want work you can see the guards. Otherwise, we have a small entertainment building in the northern end.

Jin titled his head to the side and leaned back on the counter, to look at all the other patrons. The bartender leaned forward to whisper in his hear. "But if you wanna go on a monster and demi-human hunt. The guards are heading out tomorrow. Says that something has been bothering the people here recently and that's gonna be the target."

Jin's throat dried up. His hands nearly quivered in his pocket, ready to rush out now and help, but it was too soon. "Tomorrow huh. I'll meet with them," he said in as steady as a voice as he could muster. Even now things like this were happening. But he had to assume, with the occupation, people would look for any reason to cause some strife.

The paladin thanked the bartender and snuck away to his chambers to get ready for the day tomorrow and figure out how he would stop the attack from happening.

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#43Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 23, 2021 9:49 pm

Jin Tatsumi
It was morning already and he peered out the window of the small inn. The dusty road led up to a small square. Jin threw the spear across his back. The dirty cloth wrapped around it, concealing the elven markings. He rushed down the steps, taking two steps at a time. The bartender called out, but it was ablur to the paladin as he rushed outside. His mind was focused on something more important...saving something.

Dirt kicked into the air as a ran down the road. He could see the squad of men, preparing. None of them looked ready, and Jin slowed his pace down to a steady walk.
Weapons hung from the guards' belts. Plate armor protected their bodies. Armor that seemed more expensive than a place this large should be able to support. One man stood in front of the others. His armor adorning a symbol of his military status on the right breastplate. Some masterful speech most have been spoken as the men threw their fists into the air with hoots and hollers.
Jin stopped short of the meeting, catching the final words of the leader. “Men, we march forth to face the menace in the dark. We will not fear whatever monster has come to ravage our people. Just like the days of old we will exterminate this presence.”

#44Jin Tatsumi 

An End to Strife [Support Hildegarde] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 23, 2021 9:52 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin muttered under his breath, “Just like the old days, huh. Some things never change." The leader called out over the heads of his men, “Traveler this is no place for you. Return to safety.”
“I’m here to help actually. I’d like to help track down the beast, I’m willing to do it alone as well,” Jin replied, causing the other armsmen to laugh and others rubbed their chin.
Another man stepped out of the ranks. The only other armsmen there with a status symbol on his armor, no doubt the second in command, “Maybe the captain weren’t clear but we don’t need your help.”
“I just want to check out the situation, that’s all,” Jin shrugged nonchalantly hoping he would at least be able to tag along.
“well, then who the hell sent you,” the second in command was already agitated by the stall in their action.
Jin squinted his eyes at the cutting word but knew if he wanted to keep a low profile angering them wouldn’t help. He calmed his nerves and replied. "Just a concerned citizen. That's all," he replied and stared down the belligerent guard. Neither of them budged.

#45Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“If you're concerned if I live or die. Your concern is in the wrong place because when you're bleeding out on the ground, I won’t be concerned about you. This is nothing more than another task…” Jin placed a hand on his hip with a grin. He hoped it would be enough of a bluff. He didn't want to unsheath the weapon and reveal who he was.

“Shut your mouth! You know what! Let’s see what ya got right here, right now!” The man pointed the tip of his blade toward Jin who remained unflinching. The armsmens started to yell in excitement, urging on their leader.
The captain swiftly moved forward and placed a hand on the armsmen’s blade, lowering it.
“That is enough Rodrick. Traveler I apologize for the actions of my armsmen. As the militant force of the land we should be better than this. We hold a status higher than the local guards. This man is my marshal, the second in command and I am the captain here. Osvein.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Jin replied, partially relieved he wouldn’t have to cross blades with the marshal.
The captain continued, “However, he is right to be angry. You are holding us up and are a liability on the field of battle. We march to the darkest depths of the wild in pursuit of a monster that can rip a man asunder." The captain stood between his men and Jin.

#46Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The marshal yelled out, “The arrogance on you. Let me test him captain?”
“I am in a hurry too, so if you could just point me in the direction of the beast I’ll be away,” Jin said.
The captain stepped away, “We have no more time for this petty game. The traveler comes with us, he takes his own life in his hands. We march now! Sorry we have no blade to spare you”
“That’s fine,” Jin placed both hands on his hips giving a small stretch as he fell into the back of the marching order. The marshal slammed his sword back in its sheath and grumbled in disgust as he walked to the front of the line.
Before they began the hour-long trek into the wild, an armsmen turned to Jin. His armor was plain leather and loosely bound together. On his pauldron was the drawn emblem of an emerald flower petal. “You really aren’t worried about dying? We have orders not to help you so don’t count on anything. Our unit is a little more…callous than others.”
“Don’t worry. Your unit is the same to me as every unit I have met. I’m not inclined to rush to your aid either,” Jin took some paces away from the young warrior and continued forward. The young man gulped in discomfort.

#47Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
They drew closer to the forest as Jin noticed the marshal speaking with two other armsmen. He made a motion pointing toward Jin with his thumb trying to be discreet. Jin dismissed it for now and continued.
The forest was thick when they arrived, and the trees strangled the light from the sun. They happened upon an open area with some large rock formations and began making a perimeter.
“Here is where the last attack took place and others near here,” The captain informed.
Jin scouted the area. It was clear, and the trees above had parted revealing more sky and sunlight. “No clue about what it is?” No one answered him as he stood in the center of the clearing. He bent over to pick up some fallen branches. “Wait, these are still alive.” He looked back up at the trees overhead, “Did they get snapped off.”
The second in command scolded him, “Looking at twigs instead of monsters huh. What great help you proved to be.”
Jin refused to reply, but his heart skipped a beat. Blood surged through his body and he charged toward the nearest tree and dove into the brush. He bounced up with his back slamming against a tree.

#48Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“Look men, he is a coward!” the marshal yelled as another man began to join him in slander. The man opened his mouth to curse but only screams echoed forth. A flurry of branches fell around the men along with a large winged beast that ripped a chunk of flesh from an armsmen’s shoulder. Its powerful jaws crushed the plate armor. The man grasped at the mane around the lion head of the beast. The mane slipped from the soldier’s grip and he was heaved into a large boulder as the second head of a goat glared at the rest of the squad of men.
Blood sprayed onto the large rock. Claws dug into the ground, carving tiny trenches. An armsman rushed forward, swinging its blade and nick off the horns of the goat. With a flick of it’s goat like head, droplets of red scoured the ground. The Armsman held his stomach and tugged at the horns piercing his guts. Blood ran down the horns dripping onto the creature. The marshall Squeezed his blade, with shaky knees and pushed himself forward. The dark slender tail rose from behind the beast. A snake’s head hissed, and the marshall staggered to a halt.

#49Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“Stay steady. Move as one, all together now,” the captain yelled. The chimera darted upwards and swooped down picking off the armsmen. Blood splattered the trees and entrails roped around bushes. The remaining men, the marshal, and the captain stood back to back in the center of the field. Spears held at the ready. Another man crawled toward Jin. His legs dangled behind him with blood trailing behind him like a snail.
The man rose a bloodied hand that was keeping pressure on a gaping wound. Gurgles came from his lips as blood pooled from his jowls. Crimson streaks rolled across the emerald flower petal on his pauldron.
“It’s a chimera. Two heads. Snake tail that has a poison in it. Fiercely territorial,” Jin replied.
“Help us, please.” The man pleaded.
“You’re not my concern,” Jin replied, as he thought about the murderous intent they held for not only the creature but the demi-humans in the area. He had heard their whispers during the march.
The captain shouted, “It’s just us six now men. Let’s lure it deeper in!”
The Chimera’s shadow flashed overhead encompassing the whole of the group within it. “We’re getting the hell out of here,” The marshall cried and darted off. Two more hesitated and rushed off on his heels toward the thicker woods.

#50Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“No we need to move together,” the captain said with his hand held out. Jin made eye contact with the marshal who grinned back at him before they disappeared into the brush.
“What are you up to,” Jin whispered.
The Chimera wasted no time and barreled into the captain’s remaining team. Their Spears left minor scratches on its hide. The lion sunk its teeth into the captain as the tail latched onto another poor armsman. It jerked its mighty head and sent the captain tumbling to the ground. The snake released the armsman, who was frothing at the mouth. The beast took to the skies once more.
The captain pulled his injured comrade against the rock wall. Breath squeezed out of his weary lungs. Hands trembled on the handle of his blade. Ominous wing beats loomed overhead. The captain was the last of his unit standing. Moans came from the wounded at his back. The armsmen laid in blood with missing bits of flesh and bone. The chimera landed with a thud and splashed up pools of blood left by those already assaulted. It inched forward, prowling on the last standing man and the food behind him.
“Run,” the flower petal soldier spurted.

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