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Floor of the Warrior Kobolds - Hard

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“Damn it…” Kon muttered as he watched Joshua dig through the corpses of the Kobolds. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Waving his hand towards him as he wrapped one of the corpses, He continued. “We don’t have time for you to be playing around!” What’s more he even complimented the chief in his own peculiar way. He was outright frustrated with Joshua not just from all this, but everything that had been happening between them. Caius whom he considered a relative peer also held a similar position seeing them as nothing more than animals. Much likely him, he also held a desire to leave this hell hole, creating a moderately sized passage for them to exit.

Wanting to leave the area just as much as his daemon counterpart, Kon directed his attention to Ragnar going as far as to shout at the bare-chested bald juggernaut. “It’s time to go!” Joshua would receive a similar treatment. “Drop the kobold, we’ve got better things to do than pillaging the corpses…” Kobolds having either died or retreated into irrelevance, and the wellbeing of his comrades ensured Kon stripped the shields from everyone but himself before making his way to the exit.


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Joshua Graham
Joshua just scoffed and didnt listen. He kept the kobold and placed it on his shoulder. It was light and easy to carry. They wouldnt understand and he didnt care if they did. They were all just monster regardless. He was a man, mortal and easily broken stuck between a near god, something wholly not human, and a large savage warrior who wanted to seeming drown in his enemies blood. He snapped his fingers once more before picking up the pu isher and carrying it along his back as he made his way to the exit of the cave. The lava still surged but he wouldnt drop the body he had taken. He simply stood above it. And watched as the lava co summed the others.

"You all are strong. But I must make up for it in ways that work for me. I wont be dropping this body. Not when I can learn alot more from it. If you have an issue with it," joshua turned and looked at his guild members. ".... then I suggest you leave me be. Let's go already. I can provide ragnar with steps to follow if he wants. Same with caius and you Konstantin."

Joshua landed onto the ground by the door and waited one arm holding a bandaged corpse over his shoulder, the other holding the punisher.


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Caius watched as Rangar recovered from his wounds. It looked like whatever shock Kon did got him back on his feet. The whole gang was safe and sound now but a little worse for wear. Ragnar threw his armor and helmet in the lava giving Caius his first look at the man's true face. He expected some type of monster judging by how he fought but it was just a clean shaven bald man with a few battle scars. How disappointing.

Now he turned his attention to his other two guild mates. Caius enjoyed watching the Kon and Joshua bicker at each other. All this drama over a kobold corpse . It really wasn't a big deal and he was surprised such a new member was showing such sass against the guild leader himself. Normally in this situation, he would antagonize them into fighting each other so he could watch the sparks fly but there was no time for that. The lava was rising and overtaking their footholds so they had to go. Caius skipped over from rock to rock till he reached the door that he had blown open. "If you ladies are done bickering you might want to get your ass in high gear before this place blows." Caius headed out the door and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Hi I'm Caius

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As Ragnar walked across the battlefield he started to flex his muscles as he wondered why he was not sore anymore and why he felt fine other than the fading pain from the wound in his chest. That could be Ragnar going into shock or it could be the healing effect of his guild master, Ragnar wasn't fully sure as he kept walking towards his guildmates and towards the exit. Anytime he had to get across some of the lava, he simply kicked one of the corpses of the kobolds into the lava using the fact that lava is much denser than the water that was in the bodies of the kobolds as he used that to make a quick step across.

Ragnar was thinking to himself how naked but also free he felt now that he had his armor off him. He wondered if he should go back to the way he uses to fight back at home before he got his armor and because he would not have to be in a helmet at all times he could let his hair grow out again. He thought about this as he kicked another corpse into the lava and stepped on it to get to the next step. Ragnar was at the exit and he was ready to leave when everyone else is.


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The disobedience shown by his guild mate, Joshua had been more than infuriating, he was tempted to relieve his anger onto his weak frame as he carried the Kobold. Had he forgotten the beating he had received only a few weeks ago? Had his memory been so rattled to not remember the beating he had received? Kon would seriously need to bring him to heel before Joshua did something he would regret. Whether it meant outright killing him or crippling him into submission it was hard to say. He was glad that at least their newest member, Ragnar recognized the position between them. For now with Lava raising faster than ever the ice coated mage leaped across the orange liquid rock, virtually jogging over the lava with a coat dissolving one after the other as he made his way to the exit.

Reaching the exit was one thing, getting back to civilization was another with the exit revealing nothing but forest. Finally removing his last coat, his sense of smell and taste were overwhelmed with gore, sulphur interlaced with the fresh scents of spring. While it was not an unfamiliar smell, it didn’t mean he enjoyed it. With a wide gaze through the area, Kon spotted something in the far distance, blobs of magicka, dozens of them, humanoid in shape and size. Clear signs of human life, a golden hand was thrust in that general direction before a final comment was made. “There’s a group of people over there in the distance, perhaps they’ll have some knowledge about where we are.”


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Joshua Graham
Joshua walked through he door with the wrapped up body. It wouldnt rot for a while thanks to how quickly he wrapped it and kept it safe. However feeling the daggers of loathing he felt from his guild master made Joshua shiver. Though he did his best not to show it, he regretted that action, as he knew konstantin would not be pleased with him. Regardless he wasnt going to let this corpse go. It was too valuable of a a subject to not study. He was a monster hunter by trade after his village burned and without study he would never learn what he needed too.

However as he heard his boss speak about where they might be and asking for help he simply shifted the body's weight and the punishes as well. It was hard to carry both but he woulsnt ask for help. "No need to. I can tell by the area around up and the type of trees were most likely in Worth Woodsea, maybe near the Treasury we added to our guild? Seems to be a similar area to it. I remember a tunnel system with similair rocks and materials making it as the cave we were in when I infiltrated."

He grunted and shifted them again. Before heading toward where the base would be. "If we head this way we should be headed toward the Sieghart Mountains."

He would wait for responses before setting off in that direction eager to drop off the body and study it. He had any notes to make.



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Freedom at last. The 4 of them were now out on the mountainside after a long and hard fought battle in the volcano. The sun's warmth was a nice change of pace from the scalding heat of the lava Now the only thing that was on their mind was where the hell they were. Kon stated he could see some people in the distance and Joshua mentioned they could get to their base in Seighart if they kept going in a certain direction. That was all the information he needed to find out where to go. Caius would let his demon wings spread out again and would fly up into the air.

"It's been fun gentlemen but I'm going to go get those people back who told me about the 'simple' quest out here. Later" Caius flapped his black wings away from his guildmates to head back to the village that gave him the quest. They were small tribe so maybe they tried to sacrifice him to the kobolds or something. Either way Caius didn't like being played so he was about to shoot up the whole quest lobby. After a 2nd bloodbath like that he would for sure have to go home and take a shower. He hadn't been covered in this much blood since the demon invasions.



Hi I'm Caius

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As Ragnar walked towards his comrades he wasn't really listening to them as he ran his hand over his bald head, though he could feel the hair starting to come back in as he thought to himself that maybe he should grow his hair back out. It most likely will never get as long as it was when he was a younger man but that would be fine. As he thought about it more he simply followed Kon towards the exit as he started to run his hands over his body to get the blood off but it did not seem to slide away as easily as he would think it was. Apparently the heat of the lava in that place baked the blood onto him and once he left that area his sense of smell was overwhelmed by normal non sulfur smelling air and he sneezed quickly sending blood and ash into the grass at his feet.

Wiping his nose with the back of his hand he stretched himself out in the sunlight, as he was in no hurry to do anything important as right now he knew he would most likely have to go get new armor built if he decided to get it as his mind wondered back to what he should get in the future.


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