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Floor of the Warrior Kobolds - Hard

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Floor of the Warrior Kobolds - Hard Empty Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:47 am


Floor of the Warrior Kobolds

The enemies of this floor are Warrior Kobolds. Unlike the weak goblins of other floors, Kobolds are physically strong humanoid beasts that dedicate their entire lives to fighting and polishing their skills. Standing in their two legs at 1.7 meters height, most Warrior Kobolds are fairly proficient in the use of weapons and armor in combat. Only a few of them specialize in combat magic though, able to fire offensive spells against their enemies or buff their allies.

Floor Description: The Floor of the Warrior Kobolds appears as the heart of an active volcano, rivers, and pools of lava flood a 200 by 50 meter area. There are numerous large patches of hardened rock here and there, making for stepping ground in an otherwise unpassable terrain.

Objective: As soon as you enter the place, a Kobold Shaman will detect your presence and cast a spell that makes the lava rise slowly. Defeat all of the Warrior Kobolds and leave through the large door that appears before the lava level rises enough to cover the entire floor.

Difficulty: Medium or Hard

Enemies: There are a bunch of Warrior Kobolds scattered across the floor wielding rare weapons and armor. Some of them are armed with bows, so be careful of their ranged attacks. The Warrior Kobolds are stronger than the average human and are able to fight proficiency in the terrain. Furthermore, there is a group of 5 Shaman Kobolds that are able to use fire magic to cast long-range attacks and buff the rest of their allies' stats.

Hidden Objective: Each participant may roll one dice after each post starting at their 2nd post. Should they roll a number above 95 they claim a Custom Unique. The first person in the team rolling above 95 gets the reward. Others are no longer eligible.

Exposed mechanism in Kon’s prosthetic arm twitched and groaned as they bound together. His last two fingers were immoveable no matter how much he tried. Clutching a multitool in his other golden clad hand, Kon manipulated the fine circuitry inside teasing out the wires from one another. A grimace grew on his face as he struggled with his non-dominant hand. Slamming the table before him, in a fit of rage, Kon looked on as shards of wood splintered around him, turning into gold as they fell to the ground. “Bah!” He roared as he threw the instrument across the room and placed the plating over his arm, freezing it in place with some ice. It appeared as though he needed a specialist, for now he’d be operating with a three fingered arm. Fortunately it was only his fine motor skills that had been affected. The energy within the prosthetic itself remained unaffected. Something which may or may not come into play sooner rather than later.

Kon’s assumptions came true as his body became hazed in a mist of magic, distinct, raw, old. Moment by moment Kon lost his form without any pain instead feeling a noticeable, uncomfortable heat building up around him. Tones of red and brown shifted into his vision as his eyes transitioned to wherever he was going, Kon hastily tapped his chest multiple times as his companion, timcanpy came to and tethered to him both physically and magically teleporting alongside him in his pocket. With each tap additional layers of ice buildup around his body save for his gauntlet. Raising up his left hand in front of him, clenching and creating an icicle as sharp as a razor ready to be thrown at friend or foe. His right hand meanwhile was drawn back ready to bring out a bolt of lightning should he be confronted by multiple targets.

The environment around him was like nothing he had seen before, only read about, undoubtedly the heart of a volcano, with molten rock bubbling only a few meters from him, while he stood upon terra firma, albeit scolding hot. Plumes of gas blew passed him only filtered through with his ice. While he could heal himself of any ailments caused by breathing in such noxious fumes, Kon had no intention of letting that happen voluntarily. For now Kon would need to was figure out just what the hell was happening.





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#2Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
The heat was more then Joshua was used to for certain, but he was used to blistering hot heat from his homeland. He was used to the dry feeling in his throat and the hazy dryness that his eyes occasionally saw. But he was still in awe at the true level of heat he was feeling. He had never been in a volcano before, though he knew of them well enough from warning from his father and other villagers. He had removed his heavier clothing. The only thing he wore besides his trousers and snake-skin shoes was the light weight and breathable long sleeve white shirt.

On his back was the Punisher. He kept it wrapped securely with the silk covering it came with. He removed from his waist band a simple monocular scope. The object sliding into it's full length as Joshua took In the area around. He was looking for anything out of place and anything that might be either a danger or a asset in getting through here. He took note of the strange outcropping of rocks and strange materials that resided near them. The thermal gasses were like rotten eggs and sulfur, a smell he knew quite well.

He then took note of the door, and the strange beasts that seemed to guard it. Their scales were clean and gleaming from the heat. "Careful boys. Those creatures over there are Kolbolts. Nasty bastards. Though to be honest I thought they were fairy tales. To think I'd actually live to see one. Considering where we are I'd keep an eye our for fire magic, and perhaps for fire embued weapons as well. Who knows though. I still cant believe their real..." his monster hunter training was useful. But until he had actually seen and dealt with a creature he could only assume they were fairy tale materials. "Good news though. They act like dragons and collect shiney things according to legend. We might find some useful items and riches in here." He continued his recon with the monocular scope. He took in as much detail as he could. He disnt have the time to write down what he saw in his journal so hed have to worry about that for later.

He grabbed the scope and closed it. Putting it back on his belt. This was going to be a new learning experiance for him.



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What was supposed to a an easy mission turned south real fast. Caius had spoken to the locals and they requested him explore a cave in the mountain over in the Worth Woodsea and report his findings. They said it would pay handsomely so he figured that it would be a quick paycheck. However, when he entered the mountain there was a magic presence he felt that he couldn't explain. He followed it instinctively which led him to a trap inside. The cave floor below him gave way and had him fall down a chute. At the end of it, he was thrown out of the mountain wall into a pit of lava. This was no god damn mountain but a volcano. Luckily, there was a patch of land in the lava which Caius managed to land on his feet.

After regaining his composure, he would analyze the situation. Before that, he would have to do something about the smoke and gas leaking out of the volcano. Caius ripped a piece of his shirt and tied it around his mouth and nose to make a ghetto mask to keep the bad fumes out. He used his hawk eye to scan the surroundings.  There were other patches like the one he was on surrounding him that he could use to maneuver around. Above him, the mountain was closed by rocks so he wouldn't be able just to spread his wings and just fly out of there. The only way out it seemed was a very large door at the end of the volcano attached to the rocky wall. He would have to make his way over there to get out of this literal hell hole. What really caught his attention was he saw Kon and Joshua from his guild nearby. What were the odds. He hopped on the rocks in the lava over to their location.

"Nobody told me the next Syndicate meeting was going to be in a volcano. I'd hate to be that guy but I don't think it was the best choice." Joshua noticed some beasts starting to close in on them from the surrounding area. They were all standing next to the door that lead to their freedom. It seemed they wouldn't let them by without a fight. Caius could see clear as day the other Kolbolds up on the ledges of the volcano walls with bows in their hand ready to fire. It looks like there was going to be a bloodbath up in here.



Hi I'm Caius

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Ragnar sat there for a moment, waiting for his Guildmaster to open the door to this place where he was supposed to be. This was the first time that he had ever seen his other 'guild mates' and he must say that the only two people here that he could instantly feel a level of fear for was his Guild master and the man who seemed to give off an aura of malice to him, though why Ragnar felt that form a man he didn't know he could not quite put his finger on. Though that might have something to do with fact that the man had fallen through the ceiling above them and landed. Though he did seem to know the man with the massive cross on his back, which was a very odd weapon but Ragnar figured that there was something more to that cross then he gave it credit for.

Ragnar allowed his guild master to touch him and as he felt his skin grow cold for a moment, he looked down at his skin and he could see a very thin layer of ice on it and he could figure that this was to either help him with the heat or to protect him from damage and Ragnar was about to find out which it was going to be.

As Ragnar looked out over the lava filled room he did see his targets, and he could see something that made him worried. He saw five casters that seemed to spotted the guild mates and they seemed to start to raise some kind of an alarm and while Ragnar could not see exactly what was happening he did see the tell tale signs of magic being cast. " Time to act! Lets spill their blood! " As Ragnar yelled this he started to run, moving at decent speed as he tried to reach the enemies on the other side of the field. He was happily surprised when a small squad of Kobolds came running down to meet him on the field of battle. Ragnar roared a blessing to his god as he ran harder towards his enemy, with zero fear.

One of the Kobolds was faster then the others and managed to reach Ragnar first, lifting it's massive sword to swing at Ragnar. Ragnar took his left hand off his massive two handed axe, letting it stay in his right hand, as he lifted his hand up to grab the blade with his armored hand, he could feel the spell given to him by his guildmaster crack slightly, but not enough to give way yet as he gripped the sword with his hand. Even though Kobolds were taller then he was, he was still stronger, or atleast strong enough to surprise the Kobold as it tried to pull it's sword out of his grasp.

With a single swing of his hand, Ragnar cut the Kobold in half from the beasts left third rib to his right hip. Ragnar was apparently now strong enough to swing around his massive ax with a single hand. As the creatures blood spilled over Ragnar and the hot rocks around him, the steam from them boiling off both Ragnar and the ground a scream of animistic fury came from the direction of Ragnar. If it was Ragnar or the Kobolds, it was very hard to tell. The fight was now on.



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A scowl grew upon Kon’s face as one by one members within the syndicate appeared as if out of nowhere, some seemed to take it in their stride while others were far more alert like he was. All the same he greeted them briefly, making his way to each of them touching them as he tapped his chest. “Joshua there’s four of us and only what fifty of them?, I’m sure we can take them on” Pausing to tap his shoulder coating him in ice, “Caius I have no clue why we’re here, let’s consider this a learning experience, heck something to relieve any built up stress you might have.” Touching his shoulder as well before greeting their newest recruit, Ragnar raising his other hand as he did so, before tapping his forearm. “Good, good, see our friend, Ragnar has the right idea, let's all enjoy ourselves in the carnage to come.” With each tap a coating was created to offer them some resistance to the kobolds as long as they remained within the 20 meter area he was restricted to. It seemed that he was not all bark and no bite illustrated by the brutality as one Kobold raced towards him. Kon commanded the others who were yet to get in the fray to join in. “Come brothers let us put these beasts to rest!” Before he too dove into the fight, throwing a dozen ice daggers into the nearest Monster turning it into a pseudo-porcupine.

Excess to be sure, but fun nonetheless, roars both human and animal alike were uttered, Kon’s own voice joined the chorus as he walked on top of the lava unconcerned for his well being aiming for the monsters in the far corner. Typically he would be using various other abilities within his arsenal, such as flight or even bring forth some lightning, but the scenario didn’t favour it with numerous allies and a cavernous area, he’d be more likely to either strike them with lightning or bring the entire area crumbling down. Seemingly the only one charging forth Kon issued out a command once more. “Fear not, victory will be ours, now follow me!”






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#7Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua rolled his eyes and pulled the punisher off his back. While he appreciated the icy barrier he was less appreciative of the bloodlust his team mates showed. Though he couldnt say he didnt suffer from blood lust as well on occasion. But as he removed the silken covering on the Punisher, a flaming arrow flew by his icy cheek and felt no damage as more arrows similarly hot but fell off with ease leaving no damage.

However Joshua found it annoying none the less and using the Punisher he took out several with carefully placed shots. Each shot was made to either kill at least 2 or wound the one right beyond his first target. He kept mental tally as each dead body slamming into the semi liquid lava below. He made his way toward the group. Snapping his fingers and using his step spell as needed.

He made his way up to a nearby ledge and he stood on it. The ledge was large enough that he could move and rather comfortably fight if need be. He dropped to a knee and with quick and steady aim he pulled the trigger 3 times. Taking out several kobolt archers as he did. Their bodies fell into the lava with wet thuds as he reaimed and took out any other archers he could see.

The bone clad shamans were his next target. He watched as they cast spells and attacks against his team. He aimed and fired, aimed and fire, three times total. 2 of the shaman died, but he missed the third. He cursed and barely dodged as the magical explosion blew apart the area he had just been in. The hot rock shrapnel smacked in Joshua. The icy barrier keeping him safe. He barely had time to turn to attack when he saw the shaman preparing another spell. He aimed and fired, taking out the shamans eye but not killing him. It screeched and roared and spasmed in pain on the ground. Its lizard body thrashing as it bled out. Joshua reaimed and fired again at any long ranged threats that tried to attack his teammates.

Despite the icy barrier, he was sweating. He hadn't been in a large scale fight like this before and it was stressful. He could feel the sweat beads turning to ice right away and joining the ice shield around his body. He kept his eyes peeled for any danger.



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Kon tapped him on the shoulder and gave him permission to go hard in the paint. Caius found out as he spoke that the other two were both members of the guild. They must have been newer since  he didn't really know them too well. This would be a bonding experience to see their skills and magic. What better way to do that then through mass murder of Kobolds? It didn't take long before Ragnar charged forward and cleaved the first Kobold in two. They didn't take too kindly to that act. The kobolds out a screech as the rest of them prepared to attack. One of the kobolds had a staff that emitted some type of magic that caused the lava to start bubbling something fierce. Smaller rocks below them were engulfed by the magma as it slowly started to rise. It looked like they were on a timer now before the whole place would be filled up with lava.

With no time to waste, Joshua followed suit pulling out his big ass gun and firing at the Kobolds that were above them. Caius didn't have the fancy gun but he did have this bullet magic. This gave him an idea. "Alright me and sharpshooter over here got the ranged ones. You  two handle the ones on the ground." He raised his hands up in the air and pointed them at two archers. A purple magic circle formed and fired off two beams towards the archers. The spells were homing so they would always meet their mark. He had more powerful spells in his arsenal but for now he would hold back until he needed to unleash them. The beams would strike their targets and knock the Kobolds off the ledge into the lava causing them to burn up in the flames. There was still a lot more so hopefully his teammates would be able to keep up pace with him.


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Ragnar did not even notice the fact that his guildmates had followed up behind him as he was focused on the enemies that were still coming towards him, the ax in his hand still covered in the blood of the kobold he cut in half. The two halves of the kobold slid into the lava below them, the body starting to burn and slowly start to make smoke fill the area around them. Ragnar was not remotely worried about this yet as he knew that as long as he kept moving forward he would get to the other end where the wizards were. He looked up just in time to catch a fireball directly to his face, as the fire washed over his skin he could feel the first layer of the coating that his guild master gave to him give way. As the fire came off his body and spread around him, he finally got a sight of the thing that threw it at him. The kobold did seem very surprised that Ragnar had seemingly shrugged off this fireball, which most likely was some serious firepower.

" GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT!!!! OR YOU WILL DIE HERE!!!! " Ragnar roared into the cavern, his voice echoing off the cavern as he kept moving, a new target in his sight. The spellcaster that threw the fireball. There were six or more Kobolds in between him and that spellcaster but they might as well have been a hill with how little Ragnar seemed to care about his life. As Ragnar started to move towards the spell caster, the kobolds that he ran into seemed to be less interested in fighting Ragnar as he came running towards them, but Ragnar was still very much interested in spilling their blood over the rocks around him. As he reached the first Kobold in his way, he moved quickly and got inside the guard of the Kobold before grabbing the beast with his free hand on its skull. Ragnar rushed the beast's skull with his raw strength, though as his fingers went through its skull and he felt the bone crush and enter into the grey matter of the beast he realized that even though these beasts were strong they did not seem to be able to take that much damage though he did figure that would make sense for a creature of their size.

With his other hand, he swung his ax into another Kobold, who was clearly skilled enough to try and block the attack, though his weapons were not strong enough to not shatter against the blow. As the shards of metal went flying through the air, it went into the Kobold's eyes and blinded him for a moment. Ragnar growled at this as he saw his opponent was not dead yet, at which point he threw the dead body of the kobold whose skull he crushed into the now disarmed kobold. The weight along with the force of Ragnar's throw crashed into the blinded Kobold and caused him to fall into the lava. The beast started to scream loudly, the screams of a beast that just realized that their life was going to quickly go away as the fat on its bones started to catch fire and he went up like a candle.



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The four of them, Caius, Ragnar, Joshua, and himself were outnumbered to be sure so twenty to one, but where numbers were in their favor, the power which they all held dwarfed the Kobolds. That much was clear as telltale signs of defeated creatures screaming their last gasps echoed through the cavern, Ragnar has truly shown his brutality towards such beasts. His other comrades had remained more composed. Caius opted to remain behind just as Joshua would be, relying on his monolithic gun. Favoring to languish in the shifting of flesh into metal and the pleas of the creatures before him, he had chosen to plow into a group perhaps a dozen or so wearing scraps for armor and rusty weapons ranging from swords, spears, maces even some wielding common woodman’s axes. The first to fall before him was a boisterous crimson skinned hulk of a beast clearly a fine specimen, wielding a wooden shield, mace and with scraps of chain-mail bound to his frame with leather straps, wearing a dented up helm showing clear signs of prior use, piercing hole off to the center where a spear had gone through.

Grabbing the beast’s shielded head, he gripped tightly, feeling the pressure of the metal bending, contorting, the flesh beneath it followed suit before shifting from a tarnished dulled gray to a polished gold. A face in agony would be forever fixed upon his face as Kon threw him to his left side with a resonating “Thomp.” Fear overtook some of them, with spears and weapons all being directed towards him merely bouncing off of him as he stampeded through them. Rushing to the next closest, Kon dove through the fleshy stomach of the beast before tearing out its heart using the entry he had already created. The organs within this next being followed demise, turning to gold as he exited the creature. The focus of such a degree killing one monster at a time while would have been enjoyable was tedious as a result, Kon ramped up his efforts, shooting a fleeing kobold in the back with his right paralyzed hand while sending a cascading series of ice dagger down the side of a turning shaman hoping to cast a spell at him.

Within a matter of moments, Kon had efficiently and effectively slain a half a dozen but would double that with a click of his left hand generating an unrelenting gust of freezing ice in front of him, turning Kobolds into icicles while the lava beneath then set to stone albeit briefly. How many were still alive, were these the only things they would be fighting it was hard to tell, at least for Kon this was child’s play as would it be for Caius. In any case, Kon would have to hang tie as the rest of the group caught up as he was mid-way through the room, alone, noticing the weakening of his defensive spells on his peers.

Before Kon could continue by either going forward or returning to his companions, a dominating figure came into view atop a peak, carrying a long metal sword, the same size as Kon, himself, meanwhile a horde of Kobolds, ten wielding bladed weapons, four with bows and even two or three shamans rushing to either side of the creature, Hissing and spitting at Kon, who rolled his shoulders, ready to fight, hoping to have back up beforehand in any case. The beast finally took notice of metal clad man howling for what seemed like an eternity scarring his own allies more so than Kon, Kon falling into the pleasure of violence retorted howling in kind which had a more last impression especially with a pile of bodies around him while blood dripped through his fingertips.


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Kobold Chief:





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#15Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua made his way quickly down the side path on the wall. He stopped nearby the base of the rock where the kolbolt chief and his minions were. He drew up the punisher ready to send a rocket into the cliff and send them all tumbling into the lava. But as he did he saw the smallest of flashes in the middle of his...eye? Suddenly the sound of his screaming could be heard as his eyeball exploded in its socket. The shaman he had half blinded earlier had gotten his revenge. Though it would cost him the last of his life force to do it. Joshua screamed in agony as he writhed on the ground.

"MY EYE! MY GOD DAMN EYE!" In his pain he backed up and nearly fell off. He barel managed to keep himself from falling over into the same lava he had sent the kobolds into. He fell forward and grabbed the wall as his now empty socket was scarred and burned beyond normal non magical repair.

He was suddenly back in the flaming hell of his thoughts. The black flames burning around him as he felt the pain of fire once more. He had been burned before after the traumatizing events of his villages destruction. But nothing on this scale, the burning hole of his eye was now breathed in black fire. The dark fires surged around him as an angelic figure could be seen and heard. But its words were silent as it spoke.

Joshua's body moved as he returned to consciousness. Only a second had passed as he grabbed the punisher in a scramble and aimed it again. However if the enemy moved he would reaim for the largest group of minions he could. He would fire off the shot and then move to escape. He had to get to the others. He was injured and unable to fight as full power. He needed to get to his guild mates.



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The large scale battle had final started as all sides starting unleashing wave after wave of attacks. The ground team seemed to be handling things well. Caius didn't know Ragnar very well but he appreciated his enthusiasm when crushing the kobolds with his raw power. It was important to enjoy your work. Meanwhile, Kon had picked up a new trick and was freezing some of them with his Ice magic. Things were going smoothly on their side. Now that he was out of their range he would go on to help Joshua. Despite taking out one earlier it looked like he was struggling. He saw him wobbling and grabbing his face. An attack must have struck his eye. Caius was quick to rush over there to help his guild mate out.

With the lava rising on his platform he wasn't going to make the jump in time. His eyes turned pitch black as wings sprouted from his back allowing him to fly in the vicinity of the volcano they were in. The archers and mages saw this and started to launch attacks at him. With his hawk eye he was able to see the trajectory of the attacks and bob and weave around them. Once the kobolds were in range he would unleash another wave of attacks on them. This was one of his more powerful bullet spells but he would split it up into 4 to take out the archers along the wall side. With a blast from his fingers he darkness beam struck its mark and obliterated the koblods.

Caius then flew next to Joshua to give him some words of encouragement . "Suck it up buttercup we got some kobolds to kills. Just throw some dirt on it." They had made some progress for now but the kobolds were still relentless in their assault


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As Ragnar threw his Kobold into the lava, he could feel a cold breeze go through the air as he looked back for a moment to see where that came from. He was not surprised to see his Guildmaster close behind him, but not so close that they could be considered fighting together and he watched him quickly put down various Kobolds around him. Ragnar hears even over the screaming and war cries of the Kobolds a human voice screaming and cursing in pain. Ragnar did not have time to look back and process this as he saw the thing that Kon was looking at. A massive figure, clearly the Chieftan of this place, wielding a sword that could almost be as large as Ragnar and that was when Ragnar's brain went into overdrive as he realized that he had found his target.

Without even waiting for backup Ragnar went charging towards the Chieftan, pushing the Kobolds he had been fighting out of his way, some being knocked over but some simply moved out of his way in a defensive stance as they watched him run by. Ragnar did not stop until he was confronted by the more than a dozen and a half Kobold warriors who had now decided to get in his way, Ragnar roared in anger as they were getting in the way of his kill as he became to swing his ax at them. These were more skilled than the rest as they fanned out in a circle around Ragnar as they tried to kill him.

Ragnar looked around him, his eyes stained red and not thinking clearly and only thinking about the fact that there were four Kobolds in his way from the Chieftan but he also knew that he was in a very bad place and would most likely have to kill all of these Kobolds before he would have a chance to get to the Chieftan if he didn't come to him or one of his allies didn't vaporize him before Ragnar could reach him.

Ragnar knew that this might be where he died, but he also knew that he was going to go down swinging as he screamed " BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! " And even as this warcry left his lips, his ax was swinging in the air towards his first Kobold enemy. The beast attempted to block with his shield, assuming that it would be enough to stop the hit only to have it shatter the buckler in its hand before carving the upper half of his shoulders of his body.  Ragnar had his work cut out for him as he then had to back up keep up the aggression to keep the massive amount of enemies from killing him. Even as he felt a blade stab him in the back, the frost shield stopping the attack, Ragnar lashed out behind him like a rabid animal as he growled and snarled as he watched himself be surrounded. The beasts were smart enough to know that even a hit with Ragnar's normal fist could be enough to kill them outright, so they had to be careful but they also couldn't stand there and let Ragnar use his massive two-headed ax to cut them to pieces.

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Standing before him, Kobolds of all shapes and sizes roared and howled at Kon and his party. To his left he could hear the distinct exclamations of Joshua whimpering in pain something which he had heard only a few weeks ago during their little scuffle. From the nearly incomprehensible comments, Kon could only make out that somehow he had gotten his eye of all things injured. “Your eye, really?” He scoffed, turning to the direction of the noise. Almost rolling his own eye at the naivety and inexperience he had shown, Kon clicked his fingers at Joshua creating a cyan magic circle beneath him before a blitz of cold air shot from below. Kon was less than impressed. How had Joshua lost all of the barriers that had been shielding the rest of them especially when wielding a gun and shooting from a distance?

Caius’s own response to Joshua’s failures had been equally blunt, instead focusing on the enemies before him rather than even stopping for a moment such as he had. Ragnar meanwhile was so focused on his own slaughter at this point to acknowledge anything save for the enemies before him. Even the mages and rangers that Caius and Kon hadn’t slain were ignored, he really wanted to kill this chieftain but could he, was the real question. Kon, wanting to test Ragnar further watched him as he virtually unaided tore through dozens of the kobolds. Feeling inside his jacket, Kon withdrew a moderately sized wineskin and drank a solid third of it before yelling at Caius throwing it at the well-groomed bullet mage. “Oi Caius.” At this point a solid half of the kobolds would be dead, the remaining shaking in their boots. The chieftain was the only real threat before them wailing around his impressive sword.

Why was Kon taking things so lightly?, Because he was surrounded by peers, those of which he could pump with healing spells and defensive barriers until they gained victory through sheer determination and attrition. The injuries that Joshua had received looked bad but Kon would likely be able to mend them just as he had done before. At least wanting his comrade to have a fair fight against the chieftain assuming they would be fighting one on one, Kon hurled ice dagger after ice dagger at the surrounding mages and rangers littering the area in front of him. Within moments the area before them became a cavern of ice shards from top to bottom. A small smile left Kon’s mouth as he looked on as blood struck the upstanding shards turning them into glistening crystals of ruby. It was beautiful.


12x Kobold Warriors:

Kobold Chief:




#19Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
The harsh words and cold winds oh his guildmates scratched Joshua's ego. It wasnt easy to do that and it made his mouth taste bitter. The explosin of the rocket in the back ground was followed by the painted screeches of 3 kobold warriors. But as he heard the Savage man roar he tisked annoyed. He had been briefed on the man by Konstantin prior to his joining as had any members around that time. It would have been hard to accept him otherwise. The man was a wall of meat and stubbornness.

The only thing that kept him from running his mouth at Caius and Konstantin was the fact they out ranked him... and the beating konstantin had given him when he tried it before. He growled and stood up. His eye was healed, but he disnt really notice its return. Though he dis appreciate the cold breeze he had been given when it happened.

"I may not be the strongest, or the fastest in this group. But I'll be damned if I let that savage get all the credit."

Joshua ran towards the edge of the cliff and turned into a bird. Activating the raven ring he wore. He warped quickly into form along side with his weapon. He flew high above the fight. Letting the natural hot thermals and heat waves lift him up silently and with little effort. He was lucky the ranged fighters had all been taken care of. And with the stubborn mule that Ragnar was acting like. The enemy should be none the wiser.

He flew over the battlefield till he was directly above the chieftain near the cave ceiling. He transformed back and snapped his fingers. "Step!" The small mirror like discs that were summoned under Joshua feet let him stay standing in mid air. He was used to balancing on the small surfaces from his training. He grabbed hold of the punisher with both hands.

As the chieftain roared and raised its mighty weapon hand to rally his troops Joshua would take aim and let out his breath. He pulled the trigger and the mana poured from his body and into the gun as the B ranked bullet sailed from the cross and completely destroyed the chieftains arm. The bullet cut through its elbow and skin with such force that it took the limb right off with it.

Joshua didnt bother looking at caius or even ragnar. His eyes settled on Konstantin and stared into him with the intensity only either a loyal follower had, or a man who hated your guts.




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The guild was really putting in work now. Most of the ranged and mage kobolds were now defeating leaving only the melee ones and the high chieftain that was shrieking orders at his allies. Ragnar had taken most of the aggro from the melee range as the monsters tried to skewer him. However, the ice shield Kon gave him protected him from their weak blades. At this point it looked like it was smooth sailing. Kon even took a drink in the middle of battle and threw him a flask. Caius took a sip and immediately spit it out. "Wine. I hate this cheap shit. Where's the high quality whisky?" Caius followed up by tossing the flask in the lava and letting it burn.

Now it was back to the task at hand. Joshua had injured the chieftain which seemed to make him angrier which inspired all his melee goons. Caius would land on the ground and end his flight spell attracting the attention of two kobolds with giant axes. They rushed him down and prepared to slam their axes on top of his skull. Before that happened, Caius smirked and let out a malevolent aura that would surround his opponents. They dropped their weapons in fear as the demonic aura exerted tremendous pressure on them. While they were weak Caius pulled out the old bullet magic trick. Shooting them in the face. Luckily they were lined up so he could take them both out with one shot. His finger lit up with purple magic as he blasted both of them. "Two more for me. I think I'm in the lead gentlemen." He would say to his guild mates.


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Ragnar's eyes could only see red as his eyes darting around him as if looking for a weakness in the line of the enemy as he spun around, swinging his ax at any he noticed got too close. A few at the start of this standoff attempted to stab Ragnar in the back, only for the ice shield to stop the attack but their weapons stopping in it was enough to have Ragnar swing a hand or his ax back towards the beast that attempted to kill him. They could not stop the attack, or if they did it would cost them their weapons, armor, or their life with a single swing. This made the rest start to try to think about how to attack this rabid beast that was in front of them only Ragnar was not giving them the time to do this as he would lash out at the circle at the weakest point, killing one or even two Kobolds before the circle moved and put him back into the center.

This lastest until a shot rang out in the cavern, and Ragnar turned his head slightly as he looked to see the Chieftan's arm broken, shattered at the elbow as the weapon it was holding fell to the ground. Ragnar's eyes then turned back towards his guildmates at which point his eyes landed on the man with the large cross. He was floating above the lava and he had clearly taken that shot, at that point Ragnar felt the shield finally give way from the sheer amount of attacks, and he felt his armor take the first blow for the first time. Ragnar spun around and slammed his armored elbow into the skull of a Kobold, this was not enough to kill the beast but it was enough to stun it long enough for Ragnar to kick it hard enough to send it into his fellows in the circle. This made a very small break in the circle which Ragnar lunged to take advantage of.

Ragnar had a very small window to try and kill the Chieftan before his coward of a guildmate could do it, stealing the honor of his skill. " MAIM!!! KILL!!! BURN!!! MAIM!!! KILL!!! BURNN!!!!!!" screamed the red armored monster screamed as he sprinted towards the Chieftan. The Chieftan even with the pain saw Ragnar run towards him, as he picked up the massive sword in his hands and with a single hand swung it at Ragnar.

Ragnar without thinking raised his ax to block the blow, but he was not quick enough as the sword landed directly onto Ragnar's chest exploding as it hit him. Ragnar's body went flying towards the edge of the cavern, far away from the lava but also very far away from his comrades as his back hit the rock walls, cracking it slightly under his weight and the force of the swing. As Ragnar's body hit the ground, several things were clear. First his armor was completely shattered and made useless, and also the fact that his helmet also was cracked, showing half of his bloody face, so bloody that the features could not be clearly seen and the next is that Ragnar did not get up. Even as his ax was tightly gripped in his hand, Ragnar did not get up after taking that hit and laid there seemingly dead.

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Chaos, utter chaos before him. His comrades showing off all of their various oddities, Joshua seemingly turning into a bird of all things, Caius revealing himself to be a whisky drinker while Ragnar, well, he was doing what he loved. Kon was curious to see how everyone in their party would grow as individuals. He and Caius had already been through a lot, though neither had ever spoken about it. There were some experiences that didn’t need to be said to be known. Joshua was still wet behind the ears, naive, hoping to see the best in humanity, Ragnar meanwhile was the opposite reveling in the worst aspects of humanity, Violence. Considered to be the first sin, violence was something that many considered deplorable and unforgivable. The people that surrounded him certainly didn’t follow that philosophy.

Not one to be out done, Kon brought down his right arm before extending it into the air, sending forth a bolt of lightning tearing apart his sleeve in the process. Bouncing around the top of the cavern sent sparks flying above them before landing down upon three fleeing Kobolds paralysing and charring their bodies beyond recognition. As he did so, two individual flicks of his fingers were aimed at two individual Kobolds freezing them solid. Still challenged by the impressive beast before Joshua and Ragnar, Kon threw a series of his signature ice daggers running down the sword wielding Kobold tearing him in two.

With the monsters before them dead, Kon would have liked to celebrate with his guildmates, toss around the wineskin each taking a swig, but Caius had other ideas, so instead Kon merely gestured at the trio, having to shout Ragnar out of his craze. “Oi, Ragnar!” Failing to break his bloodrage, Kon focused his right hand at his maddened guildmate and shot him with a bolt of lightning using his prosthetic arm. It would be a weak jolt just enough to bring him around rather than knock him off his socks entirely. “Oh...well crap…” He commented as the bolt revealed the attrition that Ragnar had inflicted, the shield he had provided gone entirely, his armor torn to shreds, his body littered with cuts and bruises. Kon had only added to the multitude of injuries he had sustained. Once again he would be healing his comrades flipping hands and flicking at Ragnars’ general direction coating him a fine mist.





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Joshua Graham
The rest of the fight was pitifully easy. The only danger Joshua was in was from his guild leaders attack k. Though it bounced around and past him. The sizzle of the air as the lightning burnt it filled Joshua's nose with the scent of ozone, though he didnt know it by that name. He sighed and let himself down from the top by dispelling the steps and turning into a bird. He flew down and transformed back. His red hair was frizzy from the heat.

When he saw the wine skin on the ground he removed a flask from his pocket and grabs the top, spinning it off and taking a swig of the moonshine like liquid inside, he shuddered and handed it to konstantin. He waited till it was passed back or refused, then motioned to hand it to Caius. Before sealing it up and tossing it to Caius regardless.

"Take a swig! You'll enjoy."

He kept his words concise now. He had learned his place with Konstantins one sided beating. Though if he was forced to speak about it, hed be appreciative of the beatdown. It allowed him a moment to remember his strength, and just where exactly he stood. He had always been a man like that, knowing his place and staying out of trouble. Lately however, after his anger fueled crusade against the former holy knights, he had begun to see himself as someone more then what he was, and it had caused him a beating for it.

He did however, start to loot the corpses. Now that the magic had ended that made the lava rise. He took out his carving knife, and took samples of horn and tooth and nail and scale. No part was un gathered as he put them in his special satchels. As a hunter he was constantly collecting material to study and learn. Monster parts, while not tremendously rare, were often hard enough to come by that it was a necessity.

He took the wrapping off of the Punisher and began to wrap one of the bodies. He took what appeared to be a healthy mostly intact specimen, one if the one killed by either himself or Caius. He couldnt tell the different in wounds just yet. He stood up, the punisher on his back and the corpse on his shoulder. Thankfully they were smaller then a person, though they were a bit heavier.

He turned and looked toward his guildmates. He almost said something but paused. He looked at the chieftains body and then turned to look at his guildmates once more. "A shame a creature like him had to die. I wonder how old he was, to have been so different to the others of his kind."

He waited for the others to move, then followed them to the exit.



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After the two kobolds he shot fell dead to the ground, he surveyed the battlefield to see what was left. At this point it was cleaning up most of the scraps of the enemy forces. Only a few melee guards and the chieftain who controlled the lava remained. Caius didn't really have a clear shot to the rest of them without hitting his guild mates so he decided to give them the honor of killing them. Ragnar continued with his battle rage but it seemed he reached his limit as his armor shattered. The large man fell to the ground in defeat covered in the enemies blood. It seemed like that was the way he would want to go out. However, it didn't seem like he was dead. Kon was quick to check on him after he dispatched the kobolds.

Caius hopped up to an upper rock as the lava raised a little further up. Joshua tossed him a flask that was singed by the lava from earlier but he didn't even bother catching it. He side stepped and let the flask hit the ground and roll over the edge into the bubbling flame. "Fascinating? They were just some dumb animals. Let's get out of here." The place was starting to reek of the fresh corpses that had been beaten, burned, and singed by magic. Not to mention all the soot from the lava. Caius needed some fresh air and a shower. The only way out was the giant wooden gate on the side of the volcano. It didn't look like the door had any handle to open it so he made his own way out. He lifted up his finger and blasted an 8m wide hole allowing them to break out. "Let's bounce."


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Ragnar felt himself get hit by what he thought was an angry bull and he felt the world around him go out like a light. As he sat there in the darkness he thought to himself " Is this death? No... this is not death... I wonder where I am and why I am here.. I got hit. I must have been knocked out and injured. Well at least it was a good idea..." and at that moment he felt the healing energy of his guild master pass over him. While it was freezing cold the moment Ragnar opened his eyes the same savagery came out of him as if nothing had happened but this time his chest was on full display, showing that other then the one wound across his chest that the chieftain hit him with, he had no wounds to speak of. That means all the other blood came from other sources.

As Ragnar foamed at the mouth in rage and spun around looking for enemies, it took several seconds for him to realize that there was none. At that moment he stopped foaming at the mouth but he still clearly was in the fighting mode as he reaches up with his hand and ripped the broken helmet off his head, throwing it into the lava below along with his armor. He then did the same to his broken armor, leaving only his armored pants around him as he started to walk back towards his guildmates. Ragnar's face was still covered in blood, so much so that the scars on it were not easily seen along with the scars on his chest from the blood elsewhere, but he knew that he would have a nice new scar here soon.

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