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V. Jaeger's Visor

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Name: Jaeger's Visor

Slot: Helm

Type: Visor

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Limited

Element: Arcane

Durability: 2x S-Rank

Description: A dark, smooth metallic visor with a thin opening across the middle. The opening glows softly when worn over one's eyes. Despite its the thin opening simily limiting the wearer's field of vision, powerful enchantments in the item allow for clear, unimpeded sight. When not in use, the visor can be easily pushed up and worn across the user's forehead.

Lore: Forged for a Grand Hunter of old, Jaeger's Visor can only be worn by Hunters, as it has many times in the past, carrying powerful magical enchantments to benefit its wearer and protect their head. Jaeger was renowned for his legendary prowess in combat, skilled enough to always be one step ahead of ambushers.

Though his visor merely contributed to this ability, it grew stronger with every succeeding hunter who wore it: While intact, it endows the wearer with the combat awareness of all the Grand Hunters who previously wore it, allowing one to clearly see their surroundings with the keen insight needed to fight sneaky, subtle creatures of the night, regardless of environment or visibility.


  • The user must be a Hunter


  • Hunter's Gaze: The Jaeger's Visor invokes the ability God of War's Insight of the Weapon Mastery but a lesser version. This ability is like God of War's Insight unlocking a passive ability in the user which allows them to generate a 3D mapping of their surroundings in their head. It covers a 15-meter radius around them meaning they can see everything around them within 15 meters.
  • Hunter Synergy: The user gains an additional +15 to their strength and speed for every piece of equipment specifically worn by hunters.


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