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An Eye for an Eye [Kon & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

An Eye for an Eye [Kon & Lacie] Empty Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:41 am

Lacie Eventide
After the, yeah what should she call it, accident with the lacrima. Her body had been burning up in a way that wasn't comparable to a fever, there was something else roaming inside her that she had not yet came to understand. She didn't want to understand in general, she had taken the message of magic from the Divine wrong, but the divine had left her anyway and where she had come to believe that the healer here would know answers, it only had brought her more pain.

A power that she had not yet been able to master yet and sometimes she had the feeling that lifting her hand would only bring out magic that she wasn't able to do anything with. While she had tried to sleep in, she had been wide awake after just a couple hours of sleep and Lacie Eventide had headed out to the hills again because she didn't want to see people. She was now in the hills, sitting on her legs, folded them underneath her and trying to meditate, something she had nover done before or well never after leaving the monastry as a child. She tried to focus and find answers but obviously as sarcastic as she believed in this, it wouldn't help.

"The divine won't help me anymore anyway." She opened her eyes again and stared at the surroundings. Baska would become more interesting like this.


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In the middle of the street with a muddy ground two men stood against either encircled by a crowd cheering on one or the other, one had insulted the other who took offense and now demanded an apology. Refusing to offer one, the man pressed the issue with a swift punch to the jaw starting the brawl that was now taking place. The man wanting the apology wore clothes that were completely foreign to the simpler citizens of Baska town, they consisted of a two piece suit dark gray in colour with vertical stripes of a lighter gray along with a pair of stylish gloves. The other man lived in the town and thus wore more humbler clothes, some brown pants and a white shirt yellowed with use, the only distinguishing feature to the man was a solid gold tooth replacing one of his top teeth which glistened in the sunlight.

With neither party refusing to back down they fought hand to hand, it was a grueling conflict with both of them suffering painful injuries. Eventually though the man in the suit was victorious with the other falling to the ground from exhaustion, it was only then after he had stopped that he had recognised that he was bleeding not just from his lip but too had a broken nose. Removing his handkerchief from his suit pocket he began to gingerly dab his lip before rolling around the man to face him with his foot. Being given the apology he had requested, he left both the man and the crowd for his residents, a local inn where both he and his fiance were staying at.

Drawing closer to the inn with it still being quite some distance, the pain began to grow with each step. Cursing his bravado for causing him to fight the man for such a petty insult, he looked down and noticed something unusual. It seemed that someone within the crowd as he made his way through them had stabbed him with a lengthy dagger that was still lingering in his stomach twitching as he moved towards the inn. Knowing that his only help would be there he ignored that pain and entered the building hobbling to their room shouting at the innkeeper for some medical supplies before entering their room only to collapse inside with the door still open.

#3Lacie Eventide 

An Eye for an Eye [Kon & Lacie] Empty Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:59 am

Lacie Eventide
This meditation wouldn't bring any solution, so she stood up. Held her hand with the other so she wouldn't hurt herself or well the surroundings. As much as Lacie was angry at the world, the divine and everything around it. She didn't hate every individual, because well she wanted to be a part of this world and people to like her. While Lacie thought that most people were a waste of time, she would try and she did have a friend; Judina. She shouldn't see her friend like this and that meant that she should leave these hills before she might bump into Judina or well perhaps other people she knew. Baska seemed to be very busy. People did travel around and she had no idea who might be here as well perhaps for four people that she actually wouldn't mind bumping into.

But not in this state, not when she couldn't think clear and thus she hurried a bit, walking faster on the heels that were carrying her, back to the inn that she had found. It wasn't exactly the hotel that she had been looking for, not so much luxury as she had in Hargeon but it would do. She came here with a purpose anyway. She had this fake smile plastered on her face as she came inside and walked around to get the stairs and to her own room.

While she wouldn't normally care about others, she noticed an open door and couldn't help but look inside, she was curious after all. Her eyes turned a little bigger but a honest smile appeared on her lips. This was a perfect sight and she had to be careful, there was probably another one looking exactly like her around, but she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. She was no match for the both of them, probably not even for one of them but he didn't look in a good state, "Oh no look at you, what happened." she should sound sincere, perhaps she would get more answers but she wouldnt'be able to trick Kon, he was too much paying attention to details, last she knew. Perhaps with these well wounds, which made her happy, he would have no time to check the twins on the differences.


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A familiar voice called out to him albeit faintly with him barely remaining conscious from the sheer pain of his injuries. Seeking his fiance’s aid, he responded weakly. “Please help me I’ve been stabbed.” before being able to say anymore he coughed violently causing blood to flow more freer than ever before. “Fuck this hurts, please…” He was surprised by her lack of immediate action, rolling to his side using his right hand as leverage to push off the floor, he turned to look at the person he had assumed to be Alice with his right eye swelling up from the bruising he was forced to solely see with his left. “Alice?, is that you?” Before a reply could be made another person pushing their way through to his side, it was the innkeeper who crashed down to kneel by his side with an vigor he hadn’t expected from the old man that had provided him a place to stay. “What the heck have you gone and done to my floor there’s blood everywhere, do you know how long this is going to take to clean up?”

Frankly Kon wasn’t worried about the floors in the slightest he could always pay the man for his losses though he hoped it wouldn’t be too much lest it eat into the wedding funds he was stockpiling with Alice. “Sorry Tim, thanks for looking after me it’s greatly appreciated.”’ His thanks were premature with Tim promptly responding after removing the portion of his clothing around the wound. “Hmm, I’d love to help you out Kid, but your injuries are greater than I can deal with you’ll have to go to Doctor Gerard or your pretty lass will have to look after you instead.” Shaking his head at the state of Kon, he rose to his feet continuing to speak now to the two of them before leaving the two of them. “You’ll want to get help as soon as possible if you can’t do it yourselves, shout out if you need me to call for anyone…”

#5Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
While she had entered the room and pretended to be her sister, she simply suspected that the awfully wounded Konstantin wouldn't be able to check out the small differences between her and her twin. She was sure her would be very aware of them if only he had the time to spot them out. Just seeing this man made her angry and she felt a sort of itching feeling that went like an electric charge over her body, there was this issue with mana and magic anyway. But for now it didn't matter, she didn't even care if she would hurt herself in the progress if she would manage to do some damage to him, or Alice, it would only be more fun. She was afraid though that her twin sister might show up at any minute. Meant she had to act rather quickly, not her best way of handling things.

Oh the poor bugger, he had been stabbed, who did she need to send flowers to? She liked persons that stabbed, hurt or whatsoever her enemies. Kon was definitely on that list, "I'm afraid I can't do much." she said making her voice a little sugar sweet as if talking to a child, you see, I rather like you this way. She didn't say that out loud, there had yet to be a plan in her mind of what she was going to do. She simply dropped herself on the chair that was standing in the room as well, more on the other side of the room, the corner opposite the door, she had simply walked passed him without much further ado and without looking back.

Even when he was hurt that badly, he noticed it far too quickly for her liking, although he didn't seem to be sure. Yet Lacie, annoyed, couldn't help but smile. She had no time to answer, which was perhaps better for the act that was slowly unfolding, Scene 3 was starting. She simply crossed her legs, leaned with her elbow on the arm rest and simply looked, only shortly did her brown eyes meet this innkeeper's. Of course he wouldn't know there were two exact the same looking women in his inn. Who would even notice that, unless they entered together. "Will do, thank you." was all she said when the innkeeper spoke to the two of them, such a shame, he needed a doctor. He needed far more if it was up to her. She felt the electric charge over her body again, it wasn't really electricity, it was the magic power, because of the change.

She stood up from the chair when he left, "Bye bye." When she hunched down, thank god not wearing a skirt today. She wasn't that close to Kon but close enough for him to see her without having to use too much effort to push himself up, "I think you got the wrong person." she whispered.


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Something was off with Alice, it was clear as day from her apathy towards him and his problems and her neglect to even try and help the old innkeeper. Even in this life threatening position he was in, he could still add two plus two recognising that this was most likely not Alice not just from her behaviour but too her appearance and lack of ever present companions. Knowing it could be only a handful of people, he immediately jumped to the first person who could appear just as she did albeit with a few changes. “LACIE!” He barked coughing up blood as he did so. “Where. The. Fuck. Is. Alice?, What. Have. You. Done. With. Her?” Having to pause after each word with him having growing difficulty both talking and breathing.

While he was severely injured he was still capable of doing a few things if need be though he really didn’t want to destroy their room. Knowing that Lacie wasn’t a complete idiot and recognised his strength in magic even in a crippled state, he would threaten her albeit with little to support his challenge, ensuring to say the entirety without pausing. “Lacie, if you don’t tell me and get her right this minute, I will ran hell upon of you, there will be no place you can hide from me, do you understand?”

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Lacie Eventide
As she sat hunched down in front of Kon, which was a pleasant sight, that is the blood. Wounds on persons she disliked was definitely a good sight. While she shortly had told him that he got the wrong person, it was only more interesting to see and she simply kept smiling, "Ah so I see you can still think clearly." Her reply still on the same even tone as she had said things before, the smile would never leave her face though. It was funny to see how much effect only her face had on this man.

The most priceless thing in this conversation was, that he believed she would be able to do anything against Alice and apparently win. He would probably think that she had laid out a dirty trap, which was true, it only had not worked yet. "Oh you know, this and that. I got my boys for that. Perhaps you would like to meet your father-in-law in this way, or would you not call it that yet?" She tilted her head as if she was thinking about it, but her brown eyes turned back to Kon again, "I bet you won't want to miss her for too long."

She noticed he was gathering his strenght, it could only mean he would use his magic, did she actually know what kind of magic he used? It could change over the months that they had only seen each other but if her information source was right, she would be fine, "Bite me." she said with a grin, her own magical power might be not so impressive as his was, especially because she didn't work with it and had not worked with it before, but she would definitely find the fun in this. "I actually find hell a nice place. So show me what you mean, Kon." Lingering on his name as if she was trying to taunt him even more. How frustrating must it be, to see a face you like but only knowing it was a different person. Such a shame.


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The fury in his eyes was all that he could muster in his state steadily weakening with each moment as she mocked him and his demands. Fury swiftly changed to worry as she revealed further plans to harm his beloved as well as referring her father rather then him but instead an it. “Just what is their father?” He thought to himself. “Perhaps she misspoke but there was something there…” Onward she spoke claiming he would regret having made Alice his love interest and wife to be, wanting to rebuke the statement he groaned in response to little avail. Lacie merely cast aside his threat but there was always something that people overlooked the most simple of spells that still had great effect enough perhaps to scare her slightly even?, Raising a bloody shaking hand he cast a spell directly at her which would hit her and send her across the room in but an instant. His casting of magic would likely be in vain however as she would have the upper hand in a fight using magic with him not being able to move and his skills needing open spaces which to his knowledge Lacie’s didn’t. Despite this he would rely on cast to by him some time, making sure to cast his spell over and over any time Lacie rose from her position and move to close to him.

Spells used: Repel
Mana: 2535/2550

#9Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She was pushed backwards because of a spell she had not seen coming. She barely knew things about Kon but she now knew that he used some sort of magic that was related to light magic and that was a very interesting thing. It also made her skin tingle even more and she stood up from the rubble that Kon had made thanks to using this spell, "This innkeeper wouldn't be all to happy with you, I'm afraid." She dusted herself off, "I wonder if the demon caught Alice already, or how long I need to stay here to keep you busy." She pretended to look at her watch that didn't exit, "Oh right, I should do something but since you are already injured, it's kind of boring."

She did walk closer towards him again and before she could hunch down, she would be thrown back by another of his repel spells which annoyed her and evidentely hurt her because of the things around that she fell against or in, book spines and other chair parts, "Fine, you did it," she didn't know what she would do, she was bad at using spells, especially since she hadn't trained anything yet but this surge of energy, magical energy left her hand as she moved it forward towards Kon. She didn't even intend to use a spell, that wasn't how she fought, her battle was with promises and words and it had always worked but this annoying feeling, made her burst like some sort of bubble.

Magic that she had never used, that had come from this lacrima and things that she had just figured out here in Baska, everything made her so angry! She couldn't even see what she was doing, this anger blinded her. Mostly it was Alice that made it that way but Konstantin was a good second.


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His spell had little effect on Lacie just as he knew it would with her merely continuing to push more with it only seeming to cause her to continue on and on about the state of the room now. Despite the jolt she had received she spoke onward about her sister and potential capture, truth be told it could be possible that she had been having lost all control of her magic something he couldn’t dream of personally. As she approached he did all he could repel her once more, but this time it would have repercussions with him assault by Lacie this time. It all happened in an instant one moment he seeing clear as day with his left eye, right out of action then suddenly in a blast of light, he could only partially see in his right while his left roared in agony. The pain was so intense it was something completely new to him, never before had he been so injured, first the stabbing now his eye what next would he lose an arm as well? Barely able to retain enough energy to remain awake despite the pain, he bellowed out to Lacie, loud enough for the entire inn potentially even loud enough for those outside to hear. “WHY?” Now forced to peer at Lacie with a half-open right eye, He continued onward just before passing out. “Know this Lacie when I recover I will hunt you down and make the rest of your life as miserable as it is for me right now….”

#11Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She actually had no idea what she had done because she had no idea how her magic worked, she had not figured it out yet, had not read about it and she wasn't the smartest when it came to being creative or work out how magic worked in general. She had got a gift from the divine that turned out to be this but since she originally had used a magic called Sun's Blessing in the wrong way; she had no idea how this worked. She did a step back and stared with big surprised brown eyes at Konstantin. She hadn't know she had been capable, it felt as if the tingling of her skin was gone. She had no idea how much magical potential or energy she had but perhaps it was this burst that made her zero it for the moment.

Also, Kon seemed like a very scary guy when you really did something wrong. She tried to keep a straight face though and she stared at him while she was standing straight. It sure seemed to hurt a lot and she simply looked at him, not saying anything. Her mind was a bit in panic and it might be a good idea to leave this room and leave the inn in general. She didn't plan to leave Baska, she would calm down and not be afraid of this man. He had more to worry about than only her. "Don't bother, Kon." she whispered too late and too soft, "I arrived in hell months ago." She turned around when the door opened with a loud thud and she stared at a panicked face that looked exactly like hers if you forgot the freckles and the colour of the eyes. The panic state on that reflection quickly turned into anger, just as her own face. This was going to be interesting.

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Adelaide Sokolov
The eldest of the twins just entered the inn where she had been staying for a couple of weeks now. She just opened the door for Jupiter and Hecate and held on to the bags with new clothes that she had just got from a shop and the fresh fruit which she had picked up from the grocery store. She greeted Tim and walked towards the stairs when the innkeeper looked at her funny, "Anything wrong?" She walked a few steps back and looked over her shoulder shortly at Hecate and Jupiter who stopped at the stairs and turned to look around.
"Did you get the doctor?" She looked at him with a questioned look and shook her head slightly, "Sorry?" Which made the innkeeper look surprised as well, "The lad, he was hurt, I told you to get a doctor as soon as possible. You were there."

She didn't even listen, she was there? That could only mean one thing as well as the fact that Kon was hurt made her turn her heel, she had dropped the bags without paying any attention to that, "Get the doctor!" she called back and hurrying up the stairs as fast as she could. She felt this heat crawling over her skin and she hurried towards her room, Hecate behind her and Jupiter in front, but she had to open the door before he could do anything. Her face searching in panic what happened until her eyes indeed spotted her twin sister in her own room. No wonder Tim was confused as hell, "You." was all she said, here she had thought to indeed forgive Lacie after Selena her attempt but she was going too far. Her eyes quickly darted towards Kon and she shot one more look at Lacie before she hurried over, "Get out!" But Lacie only stood there, "Get out now! I will find you, I will do whatever it takes to take you down."

Which made her sister laugh in this hysteric way, but she didn't listen to what Lacie said, she simply turned to Konstantin, "What have you done?" Alice whispered, Hecate stood next to her and looked distressed as well, while Jupiter kept his eyes on Lacie. If only she was the healer but soon enough she noticed footsteps. Alice turned around to see her sister gone but doctor Gerard show up, she scooted aside to give him space. She was lost for words and only eyed the doctor for she had no idea what she could say or do, she had no idea what had happened after all.

An Eye for an Eye [Kon & Lacie] RVxL5Jg
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Sounds were heard but he couldn’t comprehend them anymore, Pain, pain was all he knew now in the sleep like state he had entered after passing out. It was reminiscent of him being in a dreamworld though not one of his own design, as he walked through the nightmarish place, it was similar to an underground volcanic cave though with a lot more life. Flames burst out from the lava by his sides only being blocked by the very melting rock he was standing while the demonic beasts that resided in the realm learnt of his presence and began to ran towards him. With their intentions to kill him clear he had but one choice with his magic not working in this realm, flee.

His goal for now was just to survive and not succumb to the illusions that surrounded him long enough for him to be resurrected by someone. “Will this be the last thing I experience before I die, being torn to shreds in my sleep?” He thought to himself as he turned tail and ran away from the cluster of demons that were chasing towards him. He hopped and dashed from one rocky sector to another with them all appearing to be immune to both the lava and flames which did bode well for him. Eventually he started to notice a light growing larger and larger as he approached it in front of him perhaps the exit to this place, perhaps the exit to life for now though that was his new destination as he dare not risk the alternative, being gnarled to death.

Luck was not on his side for the time being with one of the faster demons managing to nab him stopping his run entirely. Now stuck in place terror grew within him as he was quickly swarmed by the demons with the first to strike him now tearing away at his leg while the others bit and nawed various other parts of him. The sheer mass of them caused him to fall to one knee and all attempts he would have otherwise tried to make were now impossible. Now fixed in place all he could do was wait until they ate enough of him so he would die in this world.

Just as they were starting to claw at his skull now free from all its skin, he felt two powerful jolts one to the left the other to the right and a sudden ease with the weight of the demons suddenly disappearing. Curious about what or who had managed to do so he tried to look up but to no avail with his body no-longer willing to listen to itself. Instead the person responsible merely walked up to revealing his identity as he spoke. “You were taking out by a little girl and a simpleton with a knife, Thank the Divine I’m here, Konstantin you’re going to need a lot of work, fortunately I’ve got just what you need.”

Confused about what he meant but able to respond he merely nodded and coughed up a pool of blood. “First things first let’s get you back on your feet here then we can talk properly in person.” With a flick of the wrist reverberating throughout the cave, suddenly his wounds began to heal from top to bottom allowing him to speak and look directly at his saviour, Midas. He had met him only a few times but his presence was significant as he was chiefly responsible for recruiting Kon into the Holy Knights in the first place.

Rising to his feet, he thanked the man for his services. “Midas, your presence while welcomed is unexpected, did my recommendation for Alice’s recruitment attract the attention of the Divine so much to have you come here?” Shrugging in response Midas answered in earnest. “That and I wanted to see what was going on with you, seeing whether you’re maintaining your duties as a Holy Knight, interesting things you’ve been doing recently I have to say.” What he meant exactly Kon didn’t know, but there were more important things for the time being like understand how Midas had gotten into his dream and what he had to meant by had what he needed.

Wanting to return to his initial statement, he questioned Midas once more as he rose to his feet. “Have what I need?, What do you mean by that?, Do you mean medical aid?, I believe Doctor Gerard is there in the real world.” This changed the tone of the conversation significantly. “Konstantin, I don’t know whether you know it yet but your left eye, it’s be destroyed beyond recognition it would take the greatest healers to recover it, I’m sorry, What I offer to you is a gift for finding a suitable candidate for the Holy Knights as well as your services within this organisation.” “A gift?, What sort of Gift?” He promptly replied with great interest. “There’s a great archive of artefacts stored within the vaults of the various churches in Fiore, luckily for you the church in Baska town has something that would allow you to hmm, see in a way no-one else can.”

Curious about how it would work, he questioned him one more final time. “So I’m guessing you’re going to be removing my left eye and replacing it with whatever this artefact is?, I mean as long as there’s no significant drawback that’s fine by me.” Glad that he was so willing to undergo such a surgery Midas replied. “Well that’s great, I’ll let Alice and Doctor Gerard know, now I’m going to leave you but I’ll take you somewhere a bit more peaceful so you can relax here while everything is taking place, when you’re awake we can all talk about Alice joining the Holy Knights.”

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Lacie Eventide
It was a bit scary for some reason to see her sister, the reflection of her anger on the face that she saw many times almost indentical in the mirror. Yet here she was afraid that she would be hurt by her own sister. Afterall that was her plan towards her sister, why would a twin not thought the same. She couldn't help but laugh as her sister pushed her away and yelled for her to get out or she would do something. This was getting funnier by the minute, had Kon not told her that before.

But she wouldn't throw away her luck before, the dear little lieutenant would change her mind and have Lacie arrested for some attempted murder, so she quickly saluted behind Alice her back and hurried towards the door. With one look over her shoulder, she noticed the distressed look on her sister's face and how caring she seemed to act. Obviously her baby bump was showing from this side and Lacie lost her humanity moment very soon again. For a second she had cared and felt guilty but not anymore; Alice destroyed everything when it came to Lacie her own luck.

So she quickly ran out of the door, down the stairs and out the inn. She wouldn't pay, she would find something else. Let her own dear beloved sister find a solution to destroy everything again.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Panic was definitely an understatement. She ignored Lacie for as far as she could but there was a nagging feeling at the back of her mind, "Follow her Jupiter." She muttered while trying to figure out what she could do, since she wasn't a healer. Apply something colder to the wound? Would that do any good? While she believed that she had told her sister to run away she heard footsteps near the door and they were obviously not from Hecate or Jupiter. "Please step aside." Which Alice did for as fast as she could as she noticed Doctor Gerald and another man who she had never seen before.

While the doctor seemed to look over the wounds, perform some things she couldn't see to make perhaps things more stable, she tried to see what the other guy was doing. First she thought he might be a healer as well as he seemed to touch the temple for a second but nothing seemed to change. That's when he stood up straight again, looked at the door and walked towards her. He ddin't seem to be a doctor at all as other healers came rushing in. Well at least Tim did his work well, when she sort of demanded him. But this guy, who intruged Alice seemed to be the only one that was calm, she wanted to open her mouth to ask him who he was and what the hell he was doing here.

"You probably wonder who I am and why I am here." And she immediately closed her mouth to say nothing at all. This room was a mess but the stranger managed to take the only seat that was still standing upright. Hecate quickly made sure to stand next to Alice, but she believed he wouldn't be a threat to her, or so she hoped. "You must be Alice, I mean Lacie just walked away didn't she?" which made her nod slowly, "He told me so much about you, the recommendation was for as much as I can say, flattering." Which made Alice look over her shoulder, worried about Konstantin and why were they talking about this recom.. she turned her face back to the stranger, this meant.. he was from the Holy Knights!

While she had turned away and turned her eyes back she noticed that he was looking her up and down, oh great this baby bump was definitely going to be a problem, "No problem at all. We are not that limited. Of course it comes with difficulties. But where are my manners, I'm Midas." Which made her silent for a second, because he had already said her name, "Nice to meet you." she said a bit awkward. Which meant that he finally gave her a smile. This certainly was strange, so she looked over her shoulder again, "He will be fine. For as far as possible. The eye is destroyed beyond recognition but we got an artefact that we are willing to give to him as a gift for his services as well as the recommendation of you." To which she heard that behind them they were making sure that they would magically be enabled to move Konstantin to the hospital. The surgery needed to be quick.

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This new realm that he now resided in was significantly more uplift a great contrast from the horror that was his initial dream all around him were clouds coloured with various pastel colours, baby blue and pink, occasionally light green or purple here and there. The ground was that of a cushion substance like that of marshmallow but firm enough not to sink into. Beings inhabited this dream as well however were far more content with entertaining themselves by flocking amongst themselves. The peacefulness was both calming and chilling at the sametime as he knew he could not find happiness here either with there being nothing for him, nothing to drive him, nothing to care or look after.

Despite his resistance to these illusions he knew it was far better to remain in here rather then suddenly wake up when he could be receiving medical treatment at any point. Walking around he could hear the echoes of familiar voices, those of his friends and family both alive and dead, those alive trying to cling him there while his dead relatives including his mother and father tried to lure him deeper into the world itself. The most distinct voices were that of his mother and that of Alice both who fought for his attention. All was looking lost as he began to move towards his sorely missed parent only to be stopped by a sudden pain in his left eye, clutching it he felt a warm pool of blood forming before dripping down onto the clean floor.

Even with his yelp of pain the beast still concentrated on themselves rather than attack or aid him. The pain fortunately however was enough to stop him from moving further towards the darkness that seemed to be growing and growing after each passing moment. Clearly there was something wrong, needing to ensure that he remained alive here to remain alive in the real world, he still clasping his eye fled in the opposite direction. The power of the darkness become apparent as even the beasts in this dreamworld began to flee for their own fictional lifes. One by one though the slowest of them were eaten without mercy changing from solid to raw mana.

There was little now that wasn’t covered by the darkness only about a hundred meters in front of him. His lungs were burning, legs on fire, he wanted to rest but there would be nothing to pause the shadow thus he would push forward. Just as he made it to the final fifty or so meters before suddenly a tendril of the darkness tore at his leg. suddenly a jolt of lightning struck the man causing it to course through him but too into the ground and the darkness connected to him. Once, twice, three times more the jolt struck him without mercy, “What is going now?” He thought with great confusion both glad he was safe from the darkness but now worried about being fried by the lightning.

His concerns would be for naught as a sudden pull of force tore him out of the world into darkness. Pain, pain and the voices of Alice, Doctor Gerard and Midas, but he could not see any of them. Feeling around with a fragile touch he quickly realised he was in a hospital bed, Trying to compose himself for the worst, he tried to speak only get cracks in return for a majority of it needing to repeat himself with each word. “W-what h-happened?, w-why c-can’t I-i S-see?” Slowly he began to reach for his face before realising the horror of the situation he was in. Most of his face was now covered in bandages both his eyes only his face and part of his nose was unobstructed.

The doctor was the first to speak with clear nervousness recognizing the delicacy of what he was experiencing as well as needing to choose the right words around the three mages to keep his head. “Your wounds were significant, Konstantin you’re lucky to be alive if not for your friend here you wouldn’t be...I did the best I could with the stab wound it was touch and go there for awhile but we managed to bring you back. As for why you can’t see, I’ve been told the new eye will take some getting used to while your other eye when first saw you was swollen to the point where you could no-longer see, it will go down in a couple of days don’t worry too much.” Sensing that there was great need for the three mages to talk, he pardoned himself after checking on the iv bags had Kon had connected to him. “I’ll leave you three press the buzzer if you need any assistance from me or a nurse.”

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As much as she was worried, she couldn't stress too much for many reasons and thus told herself to calm down and not pace back and forth up into the hall way in front of the surgery doors. Midas was sitting there very calm as if he already knew that everything would be fine as far as possible, and she would almost believe that he really did know but that was like predicting the future. After what seemed to be ages, she was allowed in and she tried to compose herself and not run inside. Stupid Lacie, she would absolutely never forgive her! How could she have thought about that! It was ridiculous, she had this permanent frown on her face right now for her worries. She turned to look at Gerard for a second and he didn't say much at first. But she demanded him for answers, how everything was and she looked shortly at Midas but he seemed to stand there as if he knew the answers already and even though he had done nothing wrong, he started to annoy her for his carefree look.

She was distracted very easily when she heard Kon his voice and turned to look at him, not sure what to say and she turned to look at Gerard again, opening her mouth but it was perhaps better if the doctor said something. She bit her lip and let the doctor speak and explain with a matter of fact message what happened, she walked closer, she stretched her hand to take Kon's but she wasn't sure if it was smart until finally crossing that little bit of a distance and softly touching his hand. She wanted to apologize for Lacie and also wanted to ask how he was feeling which what was a stupid thing to do, "Can you tell what happened?" she said softly, and she shortly looked up to Midas to see if he had something pressing to say.

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Obviously wanting to know what had happened both to allow such harm to come to him and what had occurred to him, Alice asked him with the same delicacy she always had for these matters. Sighing heavily he bowed his head in self-disappointment as it had all started from the most pathetic way. Wanting to be honest with Alice as well as the other individual in the room likely Midas, he revealed everything from start to finish. “This was a result of awful luck in a long chain of events, I was walking in town mind my own business when suddenly I was struck by some, intentionally or otherwise I wasn’t concerned instead I requested an apology.” Recognising the stupidity of his response to what he received for his request, he shook his head. “When I didn’t receive it, I lashed out, it was petty of me to do fighting amongst commoners…, I was victorious against the man however when I left fight I received the stab wound from someone in the crowd that formed around our fight.”

Letting it sink in for a few moments for the two of him, he paused before continuing. “I managed to get to the inn though and tried to get the help of Tim but he proved unable to stitch me up and when I tried to find you in our room I was met instead only by your sister, Lacie…” Her presence in Baska was somewhat of a concern as in his weakened state, he would not be able to protect Alice and would likely have to rely on her to protect himself, but could she would be the real question.

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All she could think about at that moment was that she wanted to understand the situation, to sort of be okay with it because she couldn't change anything about it. She still held his hand, if he allowed to but bit her lip to not make any noise of disagreeing or showing any other emotion about what she thought that happened. She already noticed he wasn't satisfied with his own behaviour and why punish him even more after what happened? It was indeed a chain of unlucky events and she wasn't entirely sure how happy she was about the idea of random brawls in the street or throwing knives at strangers. Perhaps there was more to do for the Rune Knights than they were doing at this point.

Her eyes looked at Midas for a second, but he didn't seem to be interested in the story that Kon was telling her, instead their eyes meet and she narrowed hers a little because she had still no idea what he was actually thinking. Her gaze turned back towards Kon as he continued to speak, Lacie had been there, had pretend to be her. Which was only easy, there were small differences and she knew Kon knew them very well if only he would have the time to look closely and she understand it wasn't the first thing that crossed his mind in his situation. Lacie was playing a very dangerous game, "I will have the knights find her. You focus on your recovery, that's most important right now." She said after a short silence and softly again but right when she finished speaking, Midas spoke again. "Yes it's a shame and all but there are also other matters at hand." Did this guy have no.. no fine he was right.

She turned towards him to listen but yet held on to Kon his right hand with her left. "It's very curious but is it possible?" and she shook her head lightly as she didn't understand him but before she knew it she felt a pain and gasped for air. Midas suddenly stood way closer than before, she had not even seen him move. By now he was piercing her skin with for what she could see was only his hand,  as if trying to get her heart out. Her hazel coloured eyes turned bigger as she stared at him, because she had no idea what to do. It was a shock like state, she at leat let go of Kon his hand to hold on to the one from Midas as if pulling him back would work. Midas was far stronger than she was. But apparently the connection between her hand had activated her magic and she had to take a few steps back to gain her balance back and she closed her eyes against the bright light. At least Midas was away from him now, "Very interesting."

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Unable to see, Kon was forced to rely on his other senses primarily his hearing and touch with him feeling Alice touch his hand with her own while dismissed what had happened to him instead referring to the Rune Knights with her seeking their aid to hunt down the people responsible namely her sister. “Would she reveal that bit of information to them though?” He thought to himself. He meanwhile remained quiet as a result only nodding to her remarks. Shortly thereafter Midas spoke in a most mysterious fashion questioning something what it was he didn’t know, perhaps himself or something else in the room. It quickly became apparent that it was none other then Alice who had drawn his focus with something happening between them but he could not see it was chilling to know that before him anything could be happening. Midas commented once more only confirming something he wanted to review. Wanting, no, needing to know what was happening, Kon shouted trying to rip at the bandages that covered his face. “What’s going on?, Midas?, Alice?” The response from the Holy Knight was peculiar to say the least. “You did say there was something else that made her special I thought it only appropriate to see for myself.”

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Alice was still a bit shaken. The fact that Midas seemed to make an attempt on her life or so it felt until this sort of silent explosion from a magic that resonated with her own magical energy and some sort of hidden potential that Midas seemed to be after. She was of course not instantly healed. Some blood drops on her shirt but apparently not very badly wounded. The idea of what Midas said made her not his biggest fan and before making a remark she turned to Kon to calm him down and make sure that he did not pull the bandage off. She made a shushing sound; "It is okay, I am fine." It still felt sore but soon enough every blod drop and even the pain was gone. It felt more like muscle pain on a very strange place. "I would like to know what it was for and what you mean about that." because what had Kon said? She felt as if she was not physically here as if she did not need to know what it was all about. "What is so special?" she looked from Kon to Midas. Shortly because she had to make sure Kon would leave his bandage be or call for a nurse. It seemed fine for now.

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Alice’s words did little to alleviate his worries as Midas’ words and tone suggested otherwise. Slumping back into his bed though recognising that he couldn’t really do anything anyway even if he ripped off his bandages, he listened onward as Alice questioned Midas’s response. The man’s answer to all of Alice’s questions threw off Kon as he informed the two of something he hadn’t noticed but rightly should have. “Alice has a strong bond to the Divine in more ways than one just as you do as well, but hers is in the process of awakening, there are a number of reasons why it could be happening hence why I attacked her.” Wanting to make sure he had spoken correctly, Kon repeated Midas’s final words. “Why I attacked her?, You attacked Alice, why?” Trying to explain himself he sat on the side of the bed pulling a portion of it down in accordance with his weight. “I thought I’d encourage it, thought it might be helpful…” “Helpful…” Shaking his head, he rubbed his forehead with his right hand, “you thought it would be helpful, Midas, only you could think that would help someone...Alice are you okay?” What was he even talking about, a connection to the divine?, Wanting a clear answer from him , He questioned Midas once more. “What exactly do you mean by connection though, Midas?” “Well...Basically you two are well Seraphs...We found out that you were back in Era town you just haven’t embraced it but you will whether you want to or not, just as Alice will in time…” Having been given such a life-changing piece of information he was lost for words only replying with a simple. “What.”

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Her mouth was agape as she stared at Midas, she had turned to look at him again from where she had been standing as she had been making sure Kon was alright. She was closer to the divine? She, Alice? She barely heard the rest, it was as if Midas was talking to Konstantin in a language that she didn't understand. She stared at Midas and still had no idea, Doesn't he mean Lacie? Because that would make more sense, considering the fact that her sister had been all over the Divine for ages, at least for as far Alice knew because she had not spoken to Lacie for many times. She actually missed the whole conversation where Kon called out Midas for attacking her, she only turned back to the conversation when she heard her name again, where she was asked if she was alright? "Hm?" she said blinking a bit to get back to this whole ordeal, "I'm quite alright, the wound or well if you call it that, is already gone. I don't feel anything. But I'm not sure and I'm not wanting to say that I don't trust your judgement but you aren't mixing me up with Lacie right? I mean my twin sister is far closer to the Divine than I would ever be." Little did Alice know that it was just a fake way of her mother to tell Lacie to keep her sane and that Lacie cut her own connection to the Divine.

While her questions were more retorical but Kon would ask the same or well the exact explanation of the connection. She turned to look at him but the answer surprised her that made her turn her eyes to the ground without her actually looking at it, without actually seeing anything. "Sorry?" she said at the same time that she heard Kon say "What?" and she turned her gaze to Midas again, "Seraph? You just said Seraph?" He had to be kidding.

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Based on Alice’s remark, Midas’ assault on her appeared to have done the opposite of what he initially suspected and had instead healed her of the wound, what it was he didn’t know for certain perhaps the one that he had inflicted upon her or even the mark that she had received needing clarification he interjected. “Wound, what wound?, that mark you have?” Allowing for Alice to continue onward who suggested that he had mistook her for her sister, Lacie claiming she had been more connected with the Divine. Needing to find the right words, Midas hmm’ed and ahh’ed before answering. “Well, It’s a bit more complicated than I made it out to be, yes you and your sister were connected to the divine, but she had forsaken the light at least from our point of view and has since been cast from the glow of the Divine, both you and Kon meanwhile have been under its embrace for some time now though.”

Clearly Midas was equally surprised about their own reactions to his remark of them being higher beings, so once again he was forced to explain what he meant. “Again hard to define in ways you two will understand it but basically you are each a vessel for a Seraph that are constantly giving you power as a result though sometimes the vessel aka you will embody so much of their power that the Seraph will be pushed out of their body at which point you will become one as well or you’ll just absorb them entirely, there are other ways but hmmm…, interesting.”

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She looked away from him, she didn't want Kon to worry too much about her problems at the moment. It wasn't much of a problem yet. Especially considering what happened with her sister this day. "Oh well I don't really understand how it worked, but yeah it pricked my skin right now but it's already gone. Don't worry too much about it." To which she couldn't help but point out that she hoped it wasn't a mix up, she didn't like to be compared with Lacie but apart from that she didn't like to be disappointed because it wasn't something unpleasant to hear. She looked at Midas when he started explain more that Lacie was also a part but had forsaken the whole ordeal herself. Perhaps that explained the vibe that Alice had gotten from her as soon as she had bumped into her in the inn. Perhaps it was a twin feeling but she had no idea how that worked, because they were split up for most of their time.

Both Kon and her were surprised but she couldn't help but ask if he really said Seraph, so she stared at Midas. It was getting a bit strange for her life, first a demon, than something about possible possession and now a Seraph? She didn't say anything anymore because it was just a bit above her mind to grab it. She liked this idea a whole lot better than the demon idea.

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