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An Eye for an Eye [Kon & Lacie]

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While he wanted to keep on discussion things between Alice and Midas, his body had lost a lot of blood and had just started the recovery process because of this he was in a losing fight to awake to continue both listening and talking. In all honesty though he simply wanted to sleep for a long while which would likely be the case considering their doctor had given him a batch of painkillers just before he left. Without his vision to help fill in the conversation, he would be unable to follow along with a lot of what was being spoken through gestures. Recognizing that there was still a lot that needed to be gone over between Alice and Midas just the two of them, he would resign himself by searching for the button that Gerard spoke of earlier before pressing it firmly once. As he did so he spoke to them, “Alice, Midas I need to rest unfortunately please continue talking between yourselves, it was good to see, well sense you again, perhaps we will see each-other on better terms.” The button he presented moments ago had been to summon an awaiting nurse, who was kind to both his guests and himself. The nurse helped him into a lower position before checking his vitals and closing the blinds to give him some privacy.


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Adelaide Sokolov
She would want to know more about this whole issue but Kon had a point, he needed to rest, "I will see you tomorrow okay?" she said when he said his goodbye and she waited for the nurse to come and she walked out together with Midas. She would wait at the door for a second, a bit forlorn that she would have to leave. She noticed Jupiter and Hecate standing there and she simply stared at them in surprise before Midas started to talk to her again, "So can I expect you to join?" Which he said in such a casual airy way that actually saying no didn't even feel like an option. Not that she wanted to. "You can." She tried to smile it a bit. "Good you will figure out how this organisation works, if you not already do." he said with a wink before walking off and she simply stood there. Not sure if she was amused by Midas or found him a bit scary. She shook her head with that smile on her face and beconed Hecate and Jupiter to follow her. With one look over her shoulder she left the hospital, she needed to figure out what to do with the room, find her groceries with Tim, thank him, pay him for a cleaner for the blood and consider what she had done.

Even if it was just a few seconds before, she now realized: She no longer was a Rune Knight not even a lieutenant, something she had worked hard on. Strange things.


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