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Zeno vs Lumikki:Dance of the winged creatures

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Zeno vs Lumikki:Dance of the winged creatures Empty Sat Jun 29, 2024 7:42 pm

Standing atop the arena’s rooftop gazing at the night sky, Zeno conjured dozens of green wisps in the shape of butterflies to flutter around him in a circle. He remembered his first encounter with the demoness guild master who became one of his newest friends. They had several encounters together, but all were friendly. He knew she had participated in mand battles before but had no battle scars to reflect it. In comparison, this was a nice change of pace for the other people he had met in his travels. Despite her high status and powerful aura, he had no idea how strong she was in an actual fight. This weighed on his curious mind to see how she would perform in combat. So, upon his acceptance into the guild, he left her an invitation to have a sparring match in the arena of Seven. A friendly battle to shake up things would be fun and seeing how she maneuvers the battlefield. He hoped he might learn something about her fighting style, in case they had to go on a mission together. “Synergy is important, so let us dance” he muttered to himself before sending off the butterflies circling him on their way to flutter into the glowing moon before fading away.

The following morning, he approached the receptionist with a gentle smile, who was growing accustomed to seeing him. She greeted him with a soft smile and a short wave of the hand. He was a newcomer who quickly became known as the indomitable punching bag. No matter how strong the foe was, he would challenge them and get back up ready to go again. So what crossed her mind was who he was challenging this time around. She slid the application and a pen across the desk so he could fill it out without a word. Curiously, she took short sneaky glances at his hands to see what name he was writing. When she saw it was Lumikki's name that was written, there was an uncontrollable huge smile cracking onto her face. She has been a huge fan of Lumikki since her first debut.

Zeno noticed the receptionist taking glances at the paper and a smile he had never seen on her face before. He smirked and happily spoke to her “I will be sure to tell her to give you an autograph or spare you some time to chit-chat. Oh, it would help to ask her out to get drinks or something” Zeno winked at the receptionist before sliding the completed form to her. “Well then, I will see you tomorrow during the big day!” He waved goodbye to the slightly flustered receptionist before leaving the arena venue. She looked at the form and reviewed it before giving it the stamp of approval.

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Lumikki read over the note for another time. Mulling over what compelled Zeno to challenge her, but it somewhat reminded her of how when she was still new, how she requested to spar with Yuurei. Of course it was simply her accepting his suggestion. Lumikki was hardly that bold around the time but she was brazen enough to take it.

In her weakness then, he would toy around with her easily. There was no hope for any of her attacks landing, and he’d send out a spear from which, she could not dodge. Not yet anyhow, and even so, the Seraphim never stopped feeling like a monster even now. But as she proved with Alaric, and what she wished to prove with Zeno. Was that though she could indeed be a monster, they would not have to see that side of her just yet….

”Alvis, seems I’ll be having another fight in a few days. Would ye cover the appeals in me absence?” Lumikki put the note aside, using it as a bookmark for her ledger and balanced her elbow upon the desk so that she could rest her head on her palm. ”Of course my Revna. It’s become a simple taste at this point.” There was a slight smile on his face as he took a small bow, but Lumikki matched it with a flustered one of her own. ”Oh come now, can’t help that I’m busy. Kukuku but at this rate, can’t help but see ye like the shadow Guild Master at this point. If only ye faired better in battle, but we can’t be good at everything. In terms of supporting me, ye run simply unmatched.”

”Heh, you honor me Lady. You know I like to do my best, but sadly I cannot follow you into battle as well….but I can hold the fort, so rest assured like usual. If there are any updates, you’ll be met with a raven as it happens.”

Two days passes and Lumikki is now within Seven once again. Her third home beckoning her to enter and she’d saunter through the entrance like she usually had. Only to be met with a particulars receptionist, who had a double take upon seeing her, but Lumikki didn’t think too much about it.

”Greetings lass, I believe ‘Zeno’ put in an entry for me. Could I inquire the proper details and time?” Lumikki, who normally concealed her face, didn’t bother taking such measures at the moment. She even wore a loose black variation of Seven cloth dress. As the Demoness was slowly acclimating to their culture.

”Ah—Ah-ah, yes actually! He was here the other night and we even had a little chat. So um, your fight, it’ll be scheduled for tomorrow in the evening. And you can return then and battle….but….since……..but since……do you like to drink?” The receptionist wasn’t prepared for Lumikki to actually show up during one of her shifts. Hoping to hear of her in passing and slide the message through Zeno, win or lost. But things did not entirely go to plans, nor did her words and execution.

Lumikki with a mix of confusion and amusement on her face would tilt her head as she unraveled the girls words. Eventually an impish smile crept along her face as now she had plans for the night. ”Is that so, well I do love a drink lass. Would ye show me to some places tonight when yer off work? Just whisper to a raven me name, and they should lead ya, me way.”

With plans made, Lumikki enjoyed her night and new friend made in Elena, who slept over and crashing in Lumi’s bed. The pair got drink and in their stupor, they spoke until they fell asleep and cuddled.

With enough time for preparation, Lumikki was well rested, well fed and in the area at the designated time. There was no reason to stay within the side rooms to wait as her arrival was just minutes after she was needed.

The moon was full in the night, illuminating all that was below. Soft clouds dragging high in the sky, and curving around the lunar heavenly body. The ring looked like a rain forest. Trees and other thick flora encumbered the space. One could hardly see past them, as even the darkness was smothered in vines. In the center of the ring, there was a small bit of free space of around ten meters in diameter, so it looked like the arena was encouraging the use of the brush hide and fight about.

Lumikki took it in awe, with a soft gasp. The arena never ceased to amuse her, and as she took her steps, the announcer made themselves clear. ”Welcome back folks, I know you could never get enough. We are curious to see how our friend Zeno handles another of the arena’s known monsters. We hope this setting gives him a fighting chance, but his spark like green flames, amazingly never goes out! And now here we are, Lumikki the Frost Demoness has graced us. Let’s see what goes on tonight!”

Lumikki, wearing all her garb for battle: the Twilight Veil, Snow Monarch Concealment, and Kal El cape. Her staff not yet in her hand as she walked her way to the center, the path within the brush, closing just behind her. ”Oy, greetings Zeno. Didn’t think of ye as eager to battle, but ye honor me so all the same. Don’t take it wrong of me if I don’t show ya me full power yet, but I still mean to get strong fighting along ye as well.”


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Once the crack of dawn hit, Zeno again found himself waking up on the inn’s roof. This time, a light blue umbrella with a note taped to the underside of it was placed over his head while he was asleep. The note read ‘Dummy’ with a heart next to it. A sweet smile arose on Zeno's face from the heartfelt note left by the Innkeepers. “Taking the time to find me and protect me from incoming rain, how cute~” he happily muttered while standing up to stretch. He lifted the umbrella to close it while walking to the edge before nose-diving off. His large wings sprouted from his back flapping in the air, stalling his fall as his shadow was cast upon the ground. He slowly descended to the ground, hovering a few feet above the ground. Zeno looked around to observe the dirt path he normally took to reach the arena to see if it was clear and proceeded to take off down the road upon confirmation.

As the sun's light slowly overtakes the land while filling up the sky, within the remaining coat of darkness covering the land, Zeno cruises down the dirt path with the umbrella held firmly in his hand. Thoughts of the kind innkeepers and Lumi come to his mind as they have warmly welcomed him into their residence. Even though he uses his room more as a storage for his belongings than sleeping they do not seem bothered by this and continue to treat him much differently than the fairies at the manor. His time at Seven and North Fiore had been pleasant, fun, and eventful, but an unsatisfying feeling still plagued him.

“I'm slowly becoming recognized by the other fairies and gaining power, but nothing has changed. Why is that?” Zeno asked himself as the troubling feeling distracted him from his surroundings. A raven suddenly flew alongside him and let out a deep croak to get the fae’s attention. Startled by the sudden noise, he was brought back to reality. He barrel rolled in the air to distance himself from the noise, reassessing the area to notice a raven soaring next to him. Seeing the bird made Zeno suspicious. With all the time spent here on Seven, he had never seen a raven, so why now he wondered. “Ahhh, could you be a messenger from the demoness herself?” The Raven croaked in response as they continued flying toward the Arena.

“No worries, I will be there. I'm heading there right now. I would hate to keep a lady waiting…but since the fight is later tonight, I will kill some time. There will be a treat waiting for her” Zeno snickers to himself before accelerating past the raven, leaving it in the dust. Puffy bubbly clouds blanket the sky overhead, shielding the land from the sun. The calm weather from before was turning gloomy rather quickly. A comforting yet familiar feeling was brought onto Zeno's face as he grew closer to the arena. He landed on the hill facing the entrance, tucking in his wings before walking towards the large doors.

Upon entering the walls of the grand hall, he noticed his favorite front desk receptionist was not there but instead one of the big stocky recruiter brothers he met during his first visit to Seven. “From recruiting the best fighters around to clerical work? Quite the career shift, huh, my friend.” Zeno cheekily said to the older man. “Oh loong time no see greenhorn! Still have that snake tongue I see haha” The older man laughed loudly, his beard bouncing along with his prominent pectorals. He stood up from behind the desk and pulled over Zeno for a bear hug. “I'm just covering the morning shift before setting up the stage for the fighters later today. You’re in luck today, Greenhorn. The stage theme is nature-based, so I hope you have fun and put on a good show!” The loud older man happily shared the news with Zeno before releasing him from his hold and parting ways.

Shaking and stretching off the pain from the behemoth of a man's bear hug, Zeno leaped towards the front desk while rubbing his sides. While waiting, Zeno spotted his fellow fight connoisseurs who were too riled up and came early. They lounged in the stands while watching some exhibition matches. The gloomy weather from before started to shift as the day progressed. Zeno was suddenly pinged to begin preparations for his fight. Zeno met the folks in the stands with a parting gesture before leaving for the waiting room.

The announcer began his introductions, riling up the crowd further. Making his way to the arena, Zeno walks onto the battlefield armorless and weaponless like usual. He waves his hand slightly at the crowd before entering the entrance to the forest-themed stage.

“Greetings Lumi, Thank you for honoring my challenge. If you don't go all out, let us make this dance one for the audience to remember~ I'm excited to see you move after all~” Zeno happily said as he bowed to her out of respect. “This stage reminds me of our first meeting” he spoke softly as he approached Lumi slowly.

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