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Two sets of wings, one destination[Lumikki] (continued)

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Two sets of wings, one destination[Lumikki] (continued) Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 9:18 pm

“I have no tales, only tragedy and deception. One thing I can't tell you is I'm on a search for my twin sister. It has been many moons since I have seen her but I sense her presence due to our connection, so it brings me some peace knowing she is alive” Zeno somberly said. “Growing up we were taught about druids, elves, and many other species from textbooks. How are these beings in this forest compared to what I read in the reports my family took, I wonder? I have met a lot of species during my travels and missions but they are far more ranging than I believed. You are the first demon I ever met you know that…This makes me think were my teachings completely wrong or has time just changed the nature of things” He asked rhetorically before calling himself, looking all around him at the forest below.

“Paradise dawn…The first chapter in the book of Lumikki huh…from a fledgling to an adult bird…” Zeno abruptly said with a soft smirk as he spoke softly as the breeze. He turns to look at Lumikki, marveling at her emphasized beauty from the moonlight, her 4 dark elegant wings swim through the air sprinkling dazzling diamond dust cloaked in the moon's blessings. Zeno took a deeper look at Lumikki’s soft expression, seeing through the moon's luminous glow reflecting in her mismatched colored eyes, looking deeper into her soul, focusing on her defining colors that sing loudly. There it was the blackest night like that of an abyss with twinkling stars populating the expanse of the darkness mirroring that of the night sky above them. With no moon to steal the spotlight each twilight glistens beckoning with power and beauty equally. The many twilights swirl in sync with her emotions and thoughts as being blown by gusts of wind, pushing them forward and back. Sprouting forth from the turbulent winds, the very first galaxy within her soul.

“It seems the winds of change are flowing through your wings, ready to take off into the horizon…it is fitting that your guild is called Paradise Dawn. A bright start to your life but as the day moves on so does the dawn… leaving only the veiled dusk in its wake” He lifts Lumikki's hands above her head and gently spins her around letting her drift toward the direction of the moon before letting her hand go loosely, leaving her back facing the moon and her wings spread wide open flowing freely in the air, casting down her shadow upon the land as if she ruled it. “The dusk grants us new perspectives that the dawn blinded us from seeing” Zeno flies out of Lumikki’s view of the forest cast in her shadow.

“Here is another fancy flame lesson for you since you asked” Gliding towards her Zeno cupped his hands in front of her and summoned a wisp that was small but burned vigorously. “Flames always come off as such a destructive force and obviously have an overwhelming impact on ice but I have come to learn some nifty trick that will make that not a problem, let me demonstrate” he gently closes Lumikki’s eyes with his warm slender fingers then cups her hand together and wills the wisp he conjured a moment ago directly into her palms. “Do you feel the heat of the flame? I can make fire practically lukewarm, not even enough to burn or melt ice quickly” placing his hand onto the backside of Lumikki’s hand and sliding his hands up to her elbows, coating her arm in a soft gently green cool blaze. “Now gently open your eyes as you focus on the slight warmth on your arm” Zeno kept the fire at a steady low temperature that won't burn out from her coldness radiating from her skin but not hot enough to damage her in the slightest. He watched her movements carefully, eagerly awaiting her reaction.

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”Twin sister ye say?….So ye lost family….” Lumikki hummed her soft frustrations upon hearing that, the Demoness was never a fan of hearing loss in a family. Despite him claiming a connection with his sister was still active, the distance and uncertainty was not to Lumikki’s liking.

”From what I’ve observed. Demon of this realm are capable of still being…amicable. Of course the ones from the Abyss are as vicious as ye’ve heard. I wouldn’t weaken yer defenses to suggest trusting us, I feel it reasonable to keep a level of distrust. Even for me. But if a Demon can present themselves in the open, I feel like is a decent toss up of their nature. I see me more volatile kin more stuck within the shadows with their limitations of appearing within this world.” She leaned into him as she spot, wafts of chill softly lifting from her skin and wings to meet his pleasant warmth and flames. The two neutralized the other, maintaining a silent balanced that ebb and flows like the ocean’s waves.

Lumikki would smile sweetly before pulling away, and Zeno would utter his musings on her guild’s name. ”How sweet ye are, and yer words like honey. Is this the silver tongues of the fae? I could see why mortals should take care not to be spirited by yer fancies. But….yea….it felt like that ya know. Almost exactly as ye said it. I’ve always felt like the coming dusk, like the shadow to the Angel’s light….The sun truly blinds and burns Zeno, sometimes the darkness embraces ya best….”
Lumikki would not protest Zenos hangs and guidance, giggle as he spun her gently in the air. She watched in wonder as her company only broadened her perspective. A gift she did not take for granted, this is why she enjoyed meeting people after all. To keep her from the stagnation of the Abyss and the stillness of the ice.

It was no east task to close her eyes, but she’d comply. Her shadows on the ready to attack should she need it, but with his sincerity, she didn’t feel as apprehensive as she would another. And as he took her hands and guided her, Lumikki would pay mind to the warmth mentioned. Noting it quite clearly against her cool skin, as there was not a lot of warm to offer normally. ”Is this how ye work yer magic in me flower?” she’d whisper, her voice coming out almost in a gasp and her curiosity took hold of her. She never experiences flames this way, it was inspiring to her.

”Open? Okay..” Her eyes widening quite slow and blinking away from the soft blaze alive on her hands. You think she would, but in full trust, the Demoness did not panic, instead she marveled at the spell cast before her. Without much thought, only a mutual gesture. Black snow began to fall softly from up above. The dark specks were capable of getting lost in the night, but were instead illuminated by the flames. Now looking like shining emerald specks falling from the sky. ”It’s beautiful…”

Two sets of wings, one destination[Lumikki] (continued) Img_8011

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Two sets of wings, one destination[Lumikki] (continued) Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 11:55 pm

“The flames only add to what is naturally there. Beauty would not be seen if not for the light that fire brings” Zeno said confidently while gazing at Lumikki under the moonlight. Her dark arms black as that night sky are set ablaze in a ghostly green aura. The contrast from the green flames highlighted her arms, separating them from the sky, allowing Zeno to truly marvel at the slender shape of her obsidian-colored arms. “Even in destruction, beauty can be found. It is what we seek naturally. Some use fire for wicked deeds to create it, while I use it to light the way in hopes to find it” Zeno spoke softly as he slid his hands across her arms, taking the fire all into his palms. Once the flames fully gathered at the center of his hands, he blew into it, letting it scatter into the breeze. Emerald embers shimmer as they sprinkle the sky mixing into the diamond dust formed from Lumikki's wings and the black snowy fractals. The constant change pattern from the three colors was a mesmerizing light show that was only possible to see due to the moon's grace. Silence fell upon them in that moment, this was the first time Zeno had not enjoyed the company of another person since his sister. The feelings left him ultimately feeling bittersweet.

The mood surrounding them took a dive when Zeno's bright smile faded. “We were separated at a young age and were placed under some cruel restrictions in order to survive. So not knowing even the name of my sister, let alone how she may look now, is very frustrating, to say the least.” Zeno spoke with defeat in his voice as he stared blankly at the oversized moon illuminating his facial features. ”but you know, my desire to see her again, to be rightfully reunited has never once shaken. I will find her as that is my sole quest in life at this moment” A soft smile filled with confidence ran across his face as he turned again to look at Lumikki, who was less than arm's length away.

“It is a blessing that my first dance with a demon was not as violent one” He chuckled while swaying back and forth with Lumikki in the star-filled sky. “If I am forced to meet with the wicked ones from the abyss, I will heed your warning and keep my wits strong and stern… I cannot afford to let you down right?” Zeno happily said winking at Lumi. “Let us hope to stay on the same side of the line going forward today, even if the line fades from our sight” Feeling the heat of the fire burning at his core balance out from the cool chill of Lumikki’s embrace made for the perfect temperature to sooth his soul. Taking a moment to enjoy her embrace, spinning around slowly and looking around. He squinted his eyes a bit seeing past the lush trees and got hit with a spot twinkling in the distance, that is when he saw the lake in the distance.

Whispering in Lumikki’s ear “I think you owe me some nice ice tricks now hehe” Zeno flew down to a lake that was coming into view. Seeing the moon and star's reflection in the lake made for a nice spot. Upon touching down on the patch of grass surrounding the lake, the neighboring deer and rabbits hopped away frantically but stayed close enough to spectate out of curiosity. The water's stillness matched the silence of the night, waiting for the slightest reverberation to break its flow. “ This will be a perfect space for you to go all out, wouldn't you say Lumikki?” He took a seat in the grass and looked at the lake in awe.


Two sets of wings, one destination[Lumikki] (continued) Empty Wed Jun 19, 2024 3:26 am


With outstretched arms Lumikki marveled flames that danced on her limbs. Adjusting the angles and perspective while she gazed at the emerald lights crackle harmlessly and flake into the night sky. She’d even turn around in the air to test their beauty, entertained by how much it contrasted her own…how much he pulled from the opposite.

Zeno would pull the blaze to her palms and she’d continue to toy with it, the magic bringing out the inner child from with the Demoness that was never lost, perhaps enhanced even with her new existence. As she was, he’d delve into his troubling past upon the mention of his sister. A plight the raven would deeply pity as she’s seized many new siblings by her choosing. All of which she’d fight for.

”This sister of yers, shame ya lack a picture…but I think I could still assist ye in yer cause. Should ye find out more about her, seek a raven with an offering on hand and speak me name. Then utter just what messages ye’d want to pass me way with the details ye’ve incurred. Of course I am a Demon, pay mind to an offering to me as well. But if ye find what ye need to search, I could assure ya me ravens could comb the lands faster.” The green flames reflected off her illuminated eyes, which glow a fuchsia and deep violet of their own. And along her lips was a playful but sincere smile, though there was a little fang that poked through.

”Aye, count the blessings, the Gods could be kind. There are wretched beings in those realms but yer best suited to stay in this one. If I remember well from the books I’ve gathered, yer lot chased the Seraphim away; but inversely me kind is somewhat like a bane. So keep within the wood if need be and gather yer strength, though the battle with Demons with be mine.” Flame held above her head as her two flat palms made a diamond with her fingers while the ember blazed in the center and continued to be a delight.

” Ye need to hurry and grow stronger, a wisp of yers burning forever for me would make a dazzling offering don’t ye think?” Zeno after a myriad of fanciful twirls would lean in and whisper his intentions, wander to the lake he’d request, hoping that Lumikki could play along. She’d comply and the two would glide over, her four powerful but silent wings but another contrast to his colorful and delicate pair. ”Hmmm, I suppose I could show off a tad, but ye better ready yer flames. I have no reason to be mindful if a fire mage could keep warm.” The two had landed on the grass, and Lumikki felt the tickle of every blade on her bare feet. She’d walk onto the edge of the lake, but she would keep on. Stepping on the water surface as if it were solid ground. Whether Zeno could make it would, she did not know, but the frost would form right before her heel settled, giving her the footing to carry on, which she did until the center where she prepared for her little show.

Lumikki let the mana surging through her vein well up, building a certain amount of pressure. One she’d brim to the point of bursting before bringing up her arms. And like the first wave of command, the lake beneath her was freezing quite instantly. It crept from center to edge in the beautiful and dainty way one would observe of a freezing bubble. From three Lumikki waved her arms like a conductor, only she was painting a scene and not a melody. The crackling of ice forming over taking the silent night and the light breezed tuning into chilly ones. It was like she was making a garden of ice, twisting the frost and night into an array of flowers. Only to end in the center with the biggest one, forming a Lily that curved just perfectly to serve as a proper seat. Lumikki would lean back in her creation and marvel at their minuet intricacies. All before setting gaze upon the Fae man once more.

Two sets of wings, one destination[Lumikki] (continued) Img_8011

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