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How did you get here [Open to 2]

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#1Mysterious Merchant 

How did you get here [Open to 2] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 3:14 pm

Mysterious Merchant

Why here? Why here of all places? Why? How can someone see a mountain as massive as this and not wonder what the world looks like from up high? In his travels across Earthland, the Mysterious Merchant eventually found a country he rarely visited. Bellum had beautiful sights, and even more pleasant smells every time he happened to walk by a restaurant. Boy, few places in earthland had spices like this... But it was the mountains that drew his attention. But when he finally reached the top and set up his shop, shielding his eyes from the Sun's glare, he had nothing but clouds:

"Wow, this mountain is really tall isn't it? Hmmm, maybe this wasn't the best place to open my shop? Oh well, what's done is done."

He sighed, disappointed that he couldn't at least enjoy a bird's eye view from the country from up here, but oh well... Maybe one of the monks in one of those monasteries would climb up and want to buy something?

  • Open for 24 hours, max two purchases.
  • Each player can make only one purchase, this includes players who made a purchase in a previous thread this round.
  • Characters must travel to this location.
  • Requirement: The Character must have 250 Strength or Higher.


How did you get here [Open to 2] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 3:33 pm


Yuurei had made his way to Bellum. He was tracking something of importance. Brone had before him a power that he wouldn’t have wanted anybody else to have. There he looked for it and he found the location of the mystery man. He would move around the area looking for this person and eventually, he found him. It took him a while to find him but in the end, he was happy to see him.

Yuurei would approach him with caution and when they saw each other he nodded to him. He was glad to see him and he was here to claim what was his

“I need the power of the Gods,” he said to the man and he was waiting for him to give him what he wanted.

The man smiled at him as he was glad someone was ready to pick this up. He would motion him to go to the back and he would soon follow behind him.

I’m purchasing Pact of the War God. And selling my Shinigami Eye

#3Knuckles Shi 

How did you get here [Open to 2] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 4:45 pm

Knuckles Shi

Through the graces of Odin and the power of dream visions, Knuckles scaled mountains looking and seeking for the one destined to give the man what he wished for to become the greatest warrior he could be. No, he did not seek ancient weapons or armor, or even something that changed him fully. Knuckles was ready to give up until he moved his arms up to wipe the sweat from burning his left eye. A shop in the middle of the mountains a place that was odd to set up but a place only those strong could reach. Knuckles climbed the rest of the way there proving his might to earn the rewards of the merchant.

Upon meeting him Knuckles bowed. " Greets sir, I am looking for the power to spot the weaknesses of my opponents, do you have what I seek? I bring a hefty bag of jewels." Knuckles hoped the man had what he wished to gain, nothing would soon stop him.

Purchasing the Shinigami Red Eye Just pop it out Yuurei's eye and into my own

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"
#4Mysterious Merchant 

How did you get here [Open to 2] Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 4:45 pm

Mysterious Merchant
@Yuurei and @Knuckles may complete their purchases in the topics of the respective items.

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