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An Evening's Stroll.(Open/Social.)

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An Evening's Stroll.(Open/Social.) Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 4:35 am

While Elise did not plan entirely on doing anything too dangerous, She did actually scout out local areas to ensure the public of the north did not have any lingering threats in the area while she was gone. Yes silly most likely harmless pointless work that any guild could take care of easily in its most smallest state of not really being a problem.

But this was Elise she had an on going list of many things she did, This was one of them today an easier light task. Elise always could be down in down in the rough doing a bunch of other stuff as well. but as she learned over time in life.

Some minor things left unchecked become a bigger problem in the future. So there was walks starting her trek in the wood lighting up a cigarette before she would take her starting steps in. Preparing for this to either bring up some things interesting, Or be completely boring.

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