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The Last Song [Lumikki]

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Lumikki kept her song going for some time. Letting it linger in the air long enough for Saturn to get a proper listen. But besides his enjoyment, the gesture soothed her. Singing always did, and so she often did it for herself.

But finally she would stop and simply pluck the strings. Letting that take over for the moment as her voice rested. Her gaze now falling back to her company, amusing her with his expressions and reaction. ” Thank ye love, it’s a treasure of mine. One I could not part with so easily given the choice.” He’d inquire for more, his curiously bubbling up from within him and it seemed to her it was spilling forth.

His existence was a blessing, his life a boon, but his lack of upbringing both freed and stifled him. How could one grow without the knowledge of those that proceeded you, or their guidance to help you walk your path? What good was a curious mind with no one to provide him the questions so that he shaped his being in growth. He was not as naive as when they first met, but he still hardly matured or explored all that life had. Lumikki could not even offer him a place to start as with no place to belong there were no roots for one to be nourished. Still, she could choose to be his point of reference, his tether. She could be his motherland in this world until the years wore away his ignorance and his experiences rivaled her own. It took Lumikki some time admittedly to answer him, as all the thoughts and turmoil stormed through her mind. Should she even take this responsibility? Did she want to? But then it dawned on her how simple it all was.

Lumikki had her siblings, her Uncle, her parents, her clan, her guild. She had more than enough, she could extend herself for this Demon and be what he needed. With a deep sigh, she’d finally halt the plucking of her strings, which ebbed and flow erratically and smoothly as she sorted her thoughts, so the song she mindlessly played may have been nonsense to the ears.

And with a deep sigh Lumikki would hope from her seat and glide onto his lap gracefully. ” Did I ever mention I hailed from Iceberg, I could hardly remember. This is but a song me Nan have sung to me as a child and one I entertain from time to time. I’ve learned many songs as a child and this one would be called Víðblánn.” Lumikki voiced the word a bit slow to allow him to cause the sounds for pronunciation. ” I could teach ye what I know over time if ye’d like. I’d even let ye ask all the questions ya need or follow me to a quest or two.” Lumikki relaxed her form so that like Saturn she now sat in her true vestige. The contrast of her cool night skin and pale white hair made his sunny fur even brighter.

Lumikki handed her harp over to let him fiddle with the strings. ” I made a harp for a lover once, I suppose I could fix ye something as well. So tell me Osmond, what is it ye wish to try. Or should I make ye a harp as well to start?”

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Saturn could feel the soul of this song resonate with him, he could feel every stroke and every moment of it. He sat there practically enraptured by it. His breath coming out slowly and sometimes along with the notes that were played for him. The demon was akin to a snake; practically just taken by this melody. Eventually though she would stop and he’d have to shake his head to clear his mind. It was… beyond anything he could have imagined. His own song and the few notes he had let her gleam from his pure magical being was unlike this.

I don’t think anyone would ever ask something like that of you; that is a melody and a song of a heart I barely could gleam the full nature of.

His voice was hushed, like a soft sigh of gentle relief. He had enjoyed it thoroughly and his curiosity was to show for it. He asked so much of her; knowing that sometimes to ask and not receive was a clever gift. To leave you wanting and knowing. He wondered what sort of life she lived before he had come around. She was… well much older than he was. But that wasn’t difficult for many. Even those that were barely to his knees were older than he was.

I think you may have mentioned it at one point or another but the exact moment is lost upon me. She taught you that? That’s… amazing. I’ve never heard of the song. What’s it mean?

Saturn paused at that offer extended to teaching him, his eyes widened, the golden eyelids popping open and the mixture of his ring and ‘space’ seemed to make itself known. Shock at being offered something as coveted as that. Shock at something that was so close to her heart. He’d pause and with her releasing her form to him the once demi-god was taken by the form for a few long moments; the offer of the harp snapping him out of it.

I’d… love that. I would absolutely love that. I’ve been wanting to learn my own song but to learn another would help me a lot. Ah… I would like that. I haven’t done a quest with someone before.

There were a few instances of him helping in a war but he wasn’t sure if that counted; his golden eyes now wide open inspected what was in front of him. Drinking in what he saw and committing it to memory. Compared to his form hers held many differences; she held a beauty he didn’t. There was a lot more questions in his heart and he found one that he wanted to ask but then she spoke again as he tried out the strings.

A lover.

The demon paused; that was something he had… never had. That he had never entertained. That was something that he didn’t understand since the aching of his heart never quivered in that sense. He sat there absentmindedly playing the harp, teasing notes out of its frame and looking down to the instrument. It felt nice in his hands…

...May I ask what their name was? Or is that a folk that you’d like to keep to yourself. As for the instrument… I think a harp would suit me well to start Aurora.

He’d slowly offer back the harp; pondering further what else he could try. What little he knew. There was a few longer moments that he wasn’t sure how to bring to fruition. He then very shyly asked something he never had considered.

...Do you think I’d ever find someone?


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”I think it best ye decided on yer own meaning of things within the arts before ye ask another. Making up yer mind only to let the notion flourish and grow in conversation strengths yer understanding and enjoyment. Otherwise, ye only think as those ye’ve asked and that’s a poor habit for a being such as us to harbor.” Lumikki answered, really his answer was just as good as hers and she wanted him to learn that.

Saturn made his choice the harp, which only made the work easier for her. Lumikki’s intimacy with her instrument meant that she knew how the parts came together. So as his curiosity took over him, the frost mage got to work. She took her time forming the structure out of black ice, it looked obsidian in her hands and plain at first. But she’d etch details of the stars and constellations in the base to suit her friend, and rings on the bottom that shifted slightly. “His name was Michael. He was a werewolf I got along with at the time but due to life he could not invest back into me. I didn’t mind it at first, thinking naively that I could just wait. But admittedly that brought me some anxiety. He won’t live as long as we do, so what if I never get any time with him? It’s in the past….and I found another who could devote to me now and timelessly….” Lumikki sighed deeply as she focused on her work. Adding a bit of flowers to the base to level out the design and maybe a wing or two. When she felt that design, though overdone, was compete, she’d begin plucking from the shadow cast atop of them and stringing them along. Chilling them just right to hold form and plucking them until they were properly tuned.

”Saturn, ye have an eternity on this realm and an eternity to find someone. The real thing to fear is how ye’d more than likely, lose them to time. That is why yer gonna have to make the present a focus and enjoy the now while ye have it. Ya may not die, but the change that’s bound to surround ye will make ya feel of another world anyway. Moments with me, they’re timeless. But with mortals, they need to be treasured. So I wish ye luck there, and may ye find a more timeless being to dot on one day.”

With that, she strung the last of her shadows and passed the harp to her brother to try his hand at it. ”Not sure I like it, but it’ll do for now till I try again. Test it out.”

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I’ll experiment and experience things then. I just felt as though I should ask first. Maybe I should start leaping more often into things rather than just trying to overthink it.

Saturn nodded his head as he agreed with her; maybe that was his problem. He was too used to being told what to do or what sort of experiences he should have. The demon felt himself ease out a breath and he’d lean back. But asking for a harp meant that he’d be able to ask for advice from her if he hit a stonewall but he had a few ideas for other instruments he’d try. Like a flute or violin. He liked how they sounded. His eyes watched her spin his future instrument.

I see. I’m not sure if I entirely understand but I’m glad that you were able to find someone Aurora. Twice even. I suppose patience is their own reward; but that worry is also… well founded. Ah! What’s their name?

He was curious about them now; leaning slightly to one side; seeing those flowers added in and then the wing or two. The other demon was capable of a lot with their music and he wanted to do something similar but maybe a little different. He felt his hands reach forward when she passed it to him, he’d test out a few notes. Finding that he was a little less than fantastic; flinching as he made it a bit too loud.

An eternity was a long time to find someone; even longer when you might miss them. Saturn stared down at the harp as she explained to him about how they were timeless but the love they might have found with mortals wouldn’t be. He was glad to have her and he’d slowly nod; his smile spreading.

I guess I shouldn’t rush these things. I’m still… finding my roots I guess. But thank you Aurora; Maybe someday I will find someone but maybe not. I have a lot of friends and a good sister. That certainly feels like enough but I won’t stop living just cause I’m content. Maybe I can help ease the burden of mortality for some or find more timeless people like us. I think I’d like that even if I wasn’t in love with them.

Saturn hummed a bit; trying to find the same note on the harp and then noted that she wasn’t sure if she liked it. Saturn inspected it a bit and adjusted his posture, trying a little more to have a lax touch on the instrument in comparison to how rigid he was holding it before. A few notes sang out that were close to proper but they fell flat after a moment. Letting out a chuckle he’d adjust again; trying again and again…

It’s certainly something Aurora, I’ve never… felt something like this. Like even when you had me hold shadows before. Music from every person is so different. Can I add something to it?

Saturn looked to her and smiled warmly; there was a lot of passion and gentle notions in his mind and he had something that he felt she'd approve of to add to this little harp for him.


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”Knuckles Shi~” She’d say with a grin and a sing-song voice, it was clear that she was a maiden in love; but she’d leave it at that, there was no desire to keep on. ”I would be curious to see ye meet, but more so, I excited to see who’d ye’d show me one day. Now, later, centuries from now…I’m curious of yer beloved.” Lumikki observed as her brother pulled the strings, his gusto showing in the notes he played as they were loud and still jagged. But they hardly bothered Lumikki as this was what she expected and so she’d clap at his attempt and instruct him slowly. Taking care to pluck the string and explain why while taking his hand after to show him again. The Demoness was perfectly patient.

”Ease the burden? Well just take care who ye assist love. Humans like timeless beings are manipulative; but if I ever need yer aid, I’ll call to ye.” She lifted her harpy to very softly pluck the cords to a simple song. Playing it over and over in a loop for him to observe and catch on. There was no rush, it was simply a means for him to observe in a way he enjoyed. By watching just what he was emulating. And like all other things, she’d know that he will learn it in no time at all.

”Only if ye make me something as well Osmond, I want something from ya too. It’ll be nice to have a trinket to cling to ya by.” Lumikki would lean into him, sinking into the fur of his chest and nuzzling until she was comfortable. She never realized how soft he felt before, Lumikki never considered getting so close. It was quite the sensation, being shrunken by an overwhelmingly big and yellow being, but he smelled like the summer breeze the rhythmic rise and fall from his chest was soothing. Lumikki only buried herself into him more, extending the wings that adorned her head before the four from her back unfurled and revealed. She wanted to feel a little bigger even if her attempt could never compare.

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Saturn’s ears flicked as she said that name in a voice that was sing song and clearly she was very much so in love. While he was happy for his sister he couldn’t help but want something similar himself. But he knew that good things came to those who waited and wait he would. His hands idly plucked at the strings as he wondered quietly what this individual was like who had claimed her heart.

An interesting name, someday we’ll have to meet. Though I’m not sure as to the when. Mmm. I’m curious too; Hard to really say where my heart would lay.

She explained to him how to handle the strings and while his notes were a lot less aggravating now they still were a bit harder than when lumikki played her lovely song. He’d furrow his brow a little bit and he’d try again; though he’d pause when she made mention of being careful. She was right; there were people that would use him for something like that. Blowing out a breath of air he couldn’t help but look up at the sky.

I’ll be careful, wouldn’t want you to worry after all. And thank you; I’d be worried if I couldn’t help you.

Saturn was puzzled by the idea of making something for his sister; though he wasn’t anywhere near well versed in making things for others out of magic he’d have to ponder for a few minutes. Feeling her sink against his fur the behemoth’s arm came about to give her a soft one armed hug. His free hand placing the harp gently against his side as he pondered what he could make for her. He thought of perhaps maybe some kind of flower? Something out of iceberg maybe? Though… He’d like to give her something from the home he ended up taking. Though there was the idea of… well that pendant.

I don’t have anything as intricate as a harp or instrument but…

One handed, not entirely sure what it could entail. A little bit of focus, a little bit of luck and perhaps a little bit of curiosity. It was a semblance of feelings that all intertwined and mixed with the love he felt for his sister. A little thing; made out of darkness and light. The symbol of which held half a sun and half a moon. Though it seemed to flutter in it’s consistency he’d have to add a little more mana to it to make it possible to stick around. He didn’t have the same flair as his sister did. The mana was cold and smooth to the touch but when held it would feel… warm?

Never tried something like this before. I don’t think making chains would be a good idea for it… maybe string?

He’d hum a little bit; the both of them had never been this close before. Maybe gentle pats and other instances of affection but he was glad he could feel that she was relaxing a bit around him. She must have been very stressed even if she didn’t talk about it. He had never felt feathers before either and had to admit they felt strange but homely against his fur.

I’m glad we ran into one another here…


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”What for?….What do ye need to help me for?” Lumikki was genuine confused, not because she doubted his strength…maybe somewhat, but because she didn’t assume there was anything he could offer. Much like one never considers to ask a toddler to bring in jewels for the home. She would not voice those thoughts though, only narrow her eyes as she mulled it over.

”Didn’t ask for a master piece Osmond,” she’d retort, but it seemed the machinations were already working in his mind. This would swell her excitement as she adored trinkets greatly, but after watching his process, Lumikki concluded she liked his attempt to make something even more. And would to burst into chuckles as he delicately worked his way thought his project.

”String is a nice start.” She pulled the shadow cast on his fur as if it were fabric, ripping it into ribbons and twisting it into thick cords of string. Of course, she was only showing him the process she would use as she let it fade away right after. She wanted her trinket to be entirely from him, mistake and all, it was fine.

”Oy, I’d have to agree. Thought I’d only be dealing business here, but now I’m having a nice time. Now I’m curious just where and how we’ll meet next, or what changes could spring on the next encounter~”

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Everyone needs help someday, it might not be now and it might not even be later. I just worry that I wouldn’t be able to help you when it counted is the thing.

Saturn gave a small somewhat frustrated shrug; she had done so much for him and had sponsored his growth in so many different ways. Saturn would focus on his little craft for his sister; chuckling softly at the mention that it didn’t need to be a master piece. She didn’t need one; what she needed was something to remember him by.

Mmm. I know; I can’t help it sometimes though. I’d like it to look nice for you.

Her chuckling and the motion of her using his shadows to show him how to make string gave him an idea. Reaching up with one hand, down with the other he’d pull both light and darkness together to make an intertwined lace of string that would fit snugly into the little trinkets loop. They were just two long lines that intertwined around one another and came together at the very end. He’d tilt his head this way and that before holding it as an offering to his sister.

It’s the little things like the unexpected that make life so worth living. Mmm. It’s hard to really say but I’m looking forward to it all the same, maybe we’ll run into each other in iceberg or perhaps a tour of central haha.

Saturn laughed a little bit and leaned back slightly; the cool touch of his sister against his furred body wasn’t lost on him. He had to wonder how she dealt with that all the time; was that just her natural state? Or perhaps it was funneled from her magic into her very being? Well magic and ones body did go hand in hand…

I’d like to think good changes, we’ve both got a lot on our plates so to speak. Maybe next time I can cook for you. I really enjoy doing that for people; like a little bit of a gift that you get to enjoy right away.

The demon hummed a bit; there was a lot that he wished he could do with others. Maybe they could even go out and get some books or clothes together? Matching outfits would be cute. He'd tap his chin thoughtfully.

"Maybe we could get matching outfits or pick at a library or two."


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“Focus on getting strong and wise and then maybe I’ll call yer name should I need ya. Till then, ye’ll have to make do with calling mine.”Her voice was stern but soft. Her point was curt but gentle. It would be too foolish to spread oneself too far, especially when so young and still learning. She couldn’t ask it of him, she barely asked her Uncle for aid in matters she needed the help in the most. But his worry wasn’t unwarranted or even discarded. Lumikki was beginning to feel a lot of things brewing along the horizon. The demonic sense of chaos was alerting her of impending conflict. It both made her stir in pleasure and worry, for though she could sense the catastrophe she couldn’t pinpoint the danger. Her sight spread far and her knowledge grows, but it did not give her glimpses of the further. Neither Odin had attained quite the feat, even though his wife held it firmly at her grasp.

”Perfection is an illness dear brother. It’ll infect all that ye do. Render small, pitiful, and trivial.” She pointed at her creation, then slid her hand and let it crumble at her finger tips. Admittedly she too wasn’t pleased with her work, but most she did was within perfect timing. So what better chance was there to fix her gift as she taught him just how painful perfection was.

” If ye had liked that harp, sadly it wasn’t perfect. The fixation to make it so is what resulted in its demise. I could easily add that as Demonic people ourselves, we too are far to skewed to ever be considered as such. Dramatic as the points may seem love, this is an example of just how infectious that thinking can be.” With a long talon, Lumikki ripped into her arm. Her blue blood on the verge of splattering was instead controlled and tamed by her cool magic instead. She’d let it pour into a new base, simple at first like the last before adding details to this one much more carefully. She added only a few black wings and rings this time and froze the wound on her arm so it wouldn’t become a bother. The strings were down this time by her finger drawing down the lines and letting the shadows follow the movement her nails marked.

The blue shown beautiful in the light, and the black dark added depth and separation. It was quite the better take than last time and now she was satisfied. She’d hand over his as he did hers and trinket was better than she could have dreamed. Her smile was deep with glee as was his notion to meet by chance. ”I do hope to see Central. Show me sometime?”

Lumikki licked up whatever blood spilt despite her control. Lazily leaning into him and burying herself in his fur. It would be his mention of matching clothes and trips to the library that brought back to life with laugher. ”I think I’d love that Saturn.” She cooed sweetly. Sweet plans from a sweet child. They were things she’d enjoy indulging as the idea of it brought her peace.

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