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Strigr's Resolve II [Deadliest Catch ft. Lumikki]

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Tōga stood amidst flaming ruin as the first ship slowly surrendered to the all-consuming inferno. Bodies littered the ravaged deck - some unconscious, others fled overboard rather than face the dragon slayer's wrath. The crackling firestorm spoke of fate's judgment upon those who would hurt the two mages and their charges. Yet Tōga knew this battle was not finished. Even as smoke boiled skyward, he turned his gaze eastward, to where the second enemy ship rocked gently at anchor. His brown eyes narrowed - there lay the true threat, and the mastermind behind this illegal poaching. Tōga's magic flickered anew around clenched fists. That ship would be made to answer for its captain's foolish decisions, just as its sister vessel now slowly capsized into the sea, fire reducing proud wood to charred ruin. Lumikki's wings beat a steady measure overhead, patient, as she and Tōga meted out destruction to any who disturbed the peace of these waters and threatened its mystical inhabitants. Tōga leapt skyward on jets of flame, angling towards swift retribution for the second ship and its commander. None could escape a dragon's fiery justice this day.

"Next's u--" Tōga's words choked off as a faint metallic tang rose above the smoke and seaspray. Eyes widening, he caught sight of the second ship turning in the water, bringing its own cannon broadside to bear. "You wouldn't..." But even as Tōga stared in disbelief, the enemy crew scrambled to load their guns. A single spark and belch of smoke from the opposing deck made the dragon slayer's stomach drop.

They were truly mad enough, or cornered enough, to turn their weapons now on their own. "Fire!" came the distant cry. Tōga spun, flames erupting to launch him skyward as projectiles hurtled from one ship to the other. He cleared the rail just as cannonballs smashed through flaming debris, shattering the already ravaged deck where he'd stood seconds before. These maniacs meant to take him down by destroying their own vessel as much as directly hitting him. Teeth bared in a snarl, Tōga soared upwards. If destruction was what they wished, he would be all too happy to oblige and bury them in the ruins of their crafts. With fire and fury, he streaked towards vengeance.

"You'd Kill your own people?!" Tōga roared in disgust, rocketing through the smoke-stained sky to land in an explosive fireball atop the second ship. Flaming wreckage marked the first's watery grave behind him, sailors and poachers alike plunged into the icy depths by the manic actions of this vessel. In a bid to take down Tōga, they had doomed their own comrades to slow, miserable deaths in the unforgiving sea. The dragon slayer's lip curled with a snarl as he stalked flames across the deck, sailors scattering from this second avenging inferno. The ship's captain had sacrificed his own with no care nor hesitation. Such evil acts could not go unpunished. "Is this how you repay loyalty?" Tōga thundered, firewalls blazing towards the helm even as icy wings beat above.



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And icy wings would beat just to the side of this disastrous show. The beautiful culmination of man, just as she painted it to be. Tōga in righteous fury took claim of the first vessel quite quickly. His fire still eating the remains of its worn in wood before it fully submerged. The smoke still heavy as it over took the air, hovering above the pretty wrecked for far too long. Lumi pulled her wings back and beat them all at once to summon an icy wind. If anyone was going to dominate the sky, it would always be her.

” The Drake below is so engrossed in his meal, he does not even know our new visitors. You’d think he’s never enjoyed carnage before the way he keeps his focus on one thing at a time.” Teveni would begin to chime in once more as the pair enjoyed the show. Both of them were quite curious of how far the lad would go without Lumi’s direct interjection. After all, this was the man who spoke to her of how precious life was. Even with then humans ask for their existence to be culled, one must simply punish them and let them live on to do it again, and again, and again….One would think it the creatures of eternity that were repetitive but really it was idiot humans like these that enjoyed the rapturous cycle they’ve created for themselves. They were by definition insane. A madness she would not suffer to see in this world.

” It always is entertaining to see how one handles their prey. Not as tactful as I assumed he would be, but beautiful destruction all the same.” Her eyes were constantly scanning for anything interesting of note to snatch before it all completely sunk into the water. She hoped that they would have treasure or something that shines but it seemed they only had enough for a voyage.

Finally the new vessel would shot toward him and all those on this freshly burning ship. Lumi pulled back to get a better angle as seeing his expression. His eyes would blaze with fury stronger than his fire and she would break into a laugh. ” Kukukuku…How will he excuse the humans now I wonder?”

Tenevi would chuckle herself, both the avians found this conflict amusing. And neither would consider it beneath them wait this out and choose soon after what they’d want to do.

*Clap, clap, clap* The harpy would free her winged hands to clap for the show. The Dragon slayer was confronting his disbelief with the audacity of man.

Lumi on the other hand would will the shadows of the shit to divert and impede the canon balls heading right from him. The men could die, but she would not see him perish this soon. Not when there was more entertainment to be had for that little brother of hers down below.

Lumi would look over to the new challenger, a grin plastered on her smug face as her fangs sparkled from the light above. She held out her hand in a gesture of a gun. Holding the pose as she charged her magic. A lavender magical circle flashed from her fingers while the darkness she welded poured into what looked like an arrow. It’s head and tail constantly shifting forms until she cocked her hand back. It solidified on the head of a dragon, its tail was but four wings connected together, before shooting forward toward the sail. It spun from its momentum, only getting faster as it approached. And sure enough it easily pierced the cloth that held the winds for a moment longer before deflating. ” Can’t risk them leaving the Dragon behind can we?”

” Yes yes, it is time to see how he resolves this now.” The harpy too would have a laugh escape her lips.


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Tōga landed in a crouch upon the second ship's deck, slowly straightening as his gaze smoldered with anger. The wanton destruction of the other vessel still burned bitter in his mind. Even as Lumikki intervened behind him, her ice magic salvaging sailors from a watery grave, it did not dismiss the murderous intent. These poachers had willingly sacrificed their own. Now their master would be made to answer. Tōga scanned the deck, seeking the craven captain who had ordered such a vile act just to eliminate him. Chaos reigned around the dragon slayer as men shouted and scrambled, but his focus remained absolute in its purpose. The boards smoldered under each step, embers swirling as he hunted the leader here with fire in his wake. None could mistake the rage blazing in Tōga’s eyes. The captain had sown the wind with his cruelty, now he would reap the whirlwind as Tōga’s flaming retribution came for him.

"Where are you, coward?!" Tōga's voice boomed across the ship, echoing as if to shake the very sky. The dragon slayer stood alone amidst a sea of tense poachers, rage pouring off him in waves of heat. They edged back warily with weapons drawn, well aware of the ocean of power facing their paltry droplets. Tōga could have laughed if not for the bitterness in his heart. They knew, even combined, they were no match for an angered dragon. Yet their captain had sacrificed their sister ship without hesitation. Now Tōga would have an accounting for that cowardly act. When no one stepped forward to identify the mastermind, fire erupted in the dragon slayer's palms once more.

"Ahahahah! I see you got spunk, kid," a deep, bearish voice rumbled from the crowd. The poachers parted reluctantly as their hulking captain shoved past, barrel-chested and reeking of filth. His great gut strained the buttons of a gaudy red and gold coat as he approached, leering, rotten teeth bared. Clearly unaccustomed to bathing, the massive figure wore the grime as a boastful badge of honor. Behind him scurried the lesser men, wisely opening space between themselves and the impending firestorm. This was the black-hearted leader who had so callously ordered the destruction of his own ship and crew to take Tōga down.

The brute guffawed, ale dripping into his tangled beard. "You mad I tried to off those poachers? You should be happy!" He gestured with a meaty paw towards where Lumikki wheeled over survivors ice-rafted from the sinking ship. "Your little girlfriend there saved some of 'em." The captain laughed again, callous and savage, then hurled his empty mug overboard without a glance.

Tōga stood amidst the smoke and flame, his gaze sharper than steel as he sized up the giant before him. Few would notice the subtle shift, but Lumikki felt the dragon slayer gathering power - electricity briefly arcing between his fingers, adrenaline fueling the fire in his heart. This vulgar beast had sealed the fate of his own followers without remorse.

You’re fatter than I expected,



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" Why are you helping the fools? I thought we were leaving them to die?" The harpy looked perplexed at the appearance of ice rafts below. The fallen sailors would swarm them like ants, all trying to board them at once. The constant shift of weight made the vessel levy the passengers often. They would often fall over and enter the ocean one more. Only to blindly claw their way back on.

" Boredom. I haven't participated in their demise and though I don't care if they live, I figured I'd have some fun." She flew down so that she was but a few short meters away from them, their focus still more on the thread of their survival than the Demoness' arrival.

" Greeting fools~ Did yer employer properly inform ye on what ya were trying to kill? Or did ya figure a lass and lad on the beach would be easy money in yer pockets? Could have been if I were not Revna, now do ye submit as one of me own, or do I sink ye the rest of the way? Her lips pulled back in a smug grin, and her fangs were glinting as she did.

" Tick, tick, tick, do ye surrender yer lives to me?" But that was all theatrics at this point. The men were quick to swim over and entertain her. They were groveling for their lives and a second chance to kiss the shore. " Kukuku, ye'd have to prove yer loyalty lads! I rescued ya from death's door, how do I know ye'd try to run or not?" Her voice was quite condesenning. If the crew were not relieved, they would surely take offense. But even if there was agitation to be felt, they knew better to show it. The moment she uttered the name "Revna" they knew what she could bring. Word of the Demoness was easily beginning to proceed her, not many mages making it to the level she had but her being a Demon was also the source of terror. The only reason she was not seen entirely as a bigger threat, was because it was known she was sworn to the Angel of the North who happened to be a bigger monster than her still. But that did not stavle the Demoness' desire to grow her followers. And grow it did, the cult was spreading even faster now that she had turned into a Demon.

She set foot on one of the ice rafts, crouching over to look over the swimmers. " Ye could also thank wild card mage over there while yer at it. If I set to kill yer lot, none of ye would have survived...." She got up and turned away, looking toward the other ship her partner was now meddling with. Her hand would carelessly whip back as her magic would sink into the waves again and spread her frost. It would creep until it became a large ice all of them could walk upon.

Tenevi flew over to update Lumi on the happenings of the boat. " The captain is repulsive. And what's worse, the slob called you that baby Wrym's girlfriend. Lumikki chuckled as she darted right for the boat now. Perchering on the rail to watch the new battle unfold.


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Tōga stood silent amidst the flames, ice in his stare as he watched the rotund captain hurl mocking slurs. Surrounded by fire, ocean, and circling frost, only these two mighty powers held focus now - dragon slayer and monster poacher, face to face at last. Bloated on ego and ale, the unwashed behemoth bellowed laughter, oblivious to the coiled danger across from him. Tōga was stone, rage banked to freezing precision behind golden eyes that never wavered. Insults spattered off him like spray as his magic built, fire-laced and hungry, responding to the pounding flare in his blood.

"Ya think just cuz you burned down one ship, we'd stop?" the captain bellowed. "For every poacher lost I can get ten more!" He gestured crudely, oblivious to the effect of his callous words. Some loyal servants laughed along, bolstering their leader's ego. But others let bravado slip, realizing exactly how expendable they were to this man. Tōga noted each falling face in the crowd. This foul captain considered lives mere currency, resources to be spent and discarded without care. Even now he stood ignorant amidst his shrinking domain, certain of some endless supply of bodies to feed his greed and ambition.

"You treat these men like cattle..." Tōga spoke low, danger in every syllable. The air grew hotter, shimmering with flames that now manifested and drifted from his form. Fire bloomed in the dragon slayer's footsteps as he shifted stance, a raging inferno building power within. The hulking captain paused mid-bellow, suddenly wary. Those closest retreated slowly as heat seared the very boards under Tōga’s gaze. His anger took shape, writhing orange serpents twisting skyward, hungry and alive. Strongest of the poachers felt it now too - raw magic thickening the salty air, sending vibrations through their bones. Primal instinct screamed to flee the volcano preparing to erupt in their midst.

"I guess we'll see who the real chump is," Tōga growled, dropping to a wider stance. Fire swirled, yet now lightning joined the dance. Jagged yellow veins crackled into being, writhing and snapping around him as mystical energy built to a violent peak. The very air throbbed with power.

Poachers nearby scrambled away in earnest from this living storm theirs insults had awakened. The captain wavered, bravado finally shaken by self-preservation. But there was no escape from the dragon now fully roused. Thunder without sound shook the timbers as Tōga straightened, wreathed in his magic's wild fury. Both elements, fire and lightning, lashed the sky in a promise kept - judgment was here. The boards themselves groaned protest beneath the onslaught. Men cried out, shielding their faces from the dragon slayer floating untouchable behind veils of flame and golden fire.

Dual Element Mode: Lightning….”



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Lumikki pushed her frost past his flames, no longer caring to entertain more needless heat more than she had to. And as she went to sit on the rail, she would pull out some chips she stored within her void and begin munching as the show would unfold. The Dragon Slayer only getting angrier and angrier with every word uttered from the bloated pigs mouth. As if his like were a new occurrence to the lad, even as a Joyan from the fresh war torn land. But this captain was nothing more than a common and petty man. One she enjoyed to feast on the most. It’s was sniveling and pathetic men and the like who sustained the Abyss. Feeding the insatiable hunger from within the depths to consume all, destroy everything.

And so she sat, eating up the scene. Wondering how for the man would push the young Slayer to forgo his ideals. Men escaping the blistering heat would huddle for her aura. This chilled air granted them a relief from the sweltering presence just before them. It was dawning on many of the crew, the didn’t stand steadfastly by the poacher, that there was nothing for them here. They were simply delivered to this death and all they could do now was make their peace.

” Do ye need refuse in this blistering time?” The Demoness would playfully say to the defeated men huddled in her chill as she kept popping chips into her mouth. They looked up to her bewildered like she was some misplaced monster. Not knowing how to process the sight they were taking in or that it was she that was relieving their burns.

She licked her lips again before speaking again. ” Do ye want a place beneath Revna’s wings?~” Her voice was almost distorted as it was leaning on her truer Demonic nature.
” Else if he don’t kill ya….I will….” Her eyes would glow as she spoke and he face would warp into a more malicious smile.

It struck the crew with immobilizing fear as they were tucked in a very tight corner so far into the sea. ” I doubt this ship would last all the much longer….If ya take me offer, I’d suggest ye join the others on me ice walk way and await the conclusion.” Her face was pulling back into a serene. Her killing aura would pull back to a more controlled calm. Her point was made and now it was time to scare them just a little less. They are already at the cusp of death anyway.

She held out her hand, materializing a dagger as she willed her dark frost to take form. Lumikki tossed it toward the sailors as they were just about to begin picking themselves up. “ Start carving me mark on yer flesh while yer over there. The rest were all showed me mark, so prove ye are one of me own….” She didn’t even look at them as she spoke. Truth be told, this batch didn’t excite her all the much. But if they were gonna serve as fodder, they might as well be hers to command.

The men were jumping off the ship by the time the sparks were flying, but the Slayers gusto ignited a second wind within them. The rest would plunge like this was the last chance to claim their own lives. Which it was, her ice was now creeping along the floor and taking hold on all the men who remained. All that did not heed her offer or choose loyalty to their pig would now be bound to the ship and the Dragon’s war path. But for now that was all that the Demon would do. As she watched, she realized another aspect of herself among the plethora of new desires and Demonic nature. It was the enjoyment of ruining good men to see the world in the way she saw it. A different destruction which was no less potent.

Lightning huh? Why does it feel like that element is becoming to popular in me life…. She would think to herself as she mulled over her guild mates magic. It was becoming her norm to witness the crackling surges work its way within weaving spells and quick action. The fire at least being an interesting addition to her usual norm.


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Electricity danced across Tōga, encompassing him in a spiraling cocoon of lightning. The currents wrapped around every contour of his body, circling endlessly in a dazzling display. His pink hair stood on end, lifted by the energy pulsing through him. An aura of lightning radiated outwards, sparking and snapping, calling loudly to those still aboard the ship. Tōga stood amidst the mesmerizing swirl of magical lightning and fire, embracing the power surging within. The elements twined together in flawless harmony, cocooning him in their glow. He accepted the transformation, letting the forces meld with his spirit until man and magic were one.

"T-Tch...A l-little light show won't s-stop us!" stammered the poacher captain, though his bravado rang hollow. He peered upon Tōga's ascended state with widening eyes, witnessing unfathomable power unfold. While he tried to inject courage into his words, it was evident his resolve had shattered. His voice trembled, syllables catching in a staccato stutter. Heart hammering, knees quaking, bladder betraying - though he could not tear his gaze away, it was clear he quailed before this dragon slayer's might. The flickering flames, the cracking lightning, the pulsing energy emanating from Tōga's transformed body overwhelmed the captain, reducing his false courage to whispered platitudes muttered in a desperate attempt to reassuring himself and his frozen crew. Yet the quavering words were swallowed by the electric din, and the poacher captain stood helpless and small before the dragon slayer's unveiled power.

"Inferno Dragon..." Tōga drew back his head, bracing himself as he pulled in a mighty breath. To those attuned to the ebb and flow of magic, startling power roiled inside him, kindling to an inferno. Crimson flame and blinding lightning wreathed his mouth, the captain's eyes widening in dismay. Then Tōga stepped forward and vanished as unimaginable speed propelled him through the air. The captain whipped about in a panic, struggling to locate the dragonslayer. A mere instant later, yellow-tinged pink hair shimmered back into view directly before the captain's terrified face. Magic screamed through the air, heralding Tōga's reappearance as he prepared to unleash the attack. The poacher quailed, stumbling backwards with nowhere to run, no time to react. Tōga had moved with preternatural swiftness, warping space and time to reappear at his opponent's throat in the blink of an eye. Jaws widening with infernal light, the dragon slayer was poised to strike.

"ROAAAAARRR!" Tōga thrust his head forward, jaw unhinging as he unleashed the power pent up within. Still wreathed in the glowing aura of his transformation, he opened his mouth mere inches from the poacher captain's terrified face. From those illuminated depths erupted an enormous beam, a concentrated torrent of flames infused with the energy of lightning. Bolts of electricity danced and arced around the inferno, binding the two primal elements in a fearsome union. The attack surged forth, almost too bright to behold. It lanced across the horizon, nearly splitting the sea where it met the water. Steam exploded upwards in an immense cloud, hissing and roiling where flames fused ocean into billowing mist. The beam continued unabated, racing onwards and carving a swathe of empty air in its wake. As the poacher captain glimpsed the fullest extent of Tōga’s might made manifest, his mouth went dry in wordless horror. Nothing but prostrate acceptance shone in his eyes moments before the infernal blast consumed all.

The brilliant blast slowly dissipated, fading into silence. The parted waters collapsed inward, falling as a heavy rain intermixed with mist and steam that yet hung thick in the air. As the haze cleared, Tōga stood tall, the electric radiance and fire of his transformation subsiding. Beneath him the poacher captain sat, stunned, cradling himself with disbelief etched across his features. He stared, wide-eyed, at the dragon slayer who had spared his life - the man whose unfathomable power could have easily erased the captain's existence had he chosen to direct the full fury of his attack. The poacher shuddered at his brush with annihilation, Saved only by Tōga’s mercy, he sank into the rain-soaked deck, not even trying to comprehend the forces that had been unleashed. In those eyes, wider than any abyss, shone the reflections of inferno and thunder - and the grateful glimmer of a second chance he did not deserve.

Still won’t stop?



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Lumikki broke into a stark laugh that would cut the intensity of the scene, but did nothing to ease or quell the fear that the captain now garnered. The merriment was short lived though as her disdain for the man on the floor grew. ” All that show, and yet he’s still breathing…I entertained letting him live once before and yer just going to spoil him doing it again. Men like this don’t change, they get revenge. But tell ye what, I found a compromise….” her voice grew more and more cold with every word as her frustration grew and boiled over.

Lumikki dropped the remainder of the chips on the floor as she rose from her seat. The men, already caught in her bind, tethered to the ship. Would feel her ice creep up further in a rapid burst as she was too annoyed to hold her magic back and take it slow. The men would still manage breath, but all their energy and strength would be sapped by the ice. Rendering all in her coil useless as she let them all collapse to the floor. Their weaker limbs were all frost bitten, and if not properly tended, were in risk of permanent damage. But alive they were, all of them.

The captain, to whom she did not bother tethering a spell to, would still lay feebly on the floor. His mind still process the power of the Slayer, but she would not grant him any rest. That he could earn in death if he were so lucky.

With each step the Demoness took, inching forward to the pitiful man, black shards would jut from the floor and hellish black flowers would bloom. Her cold aura was spanning all the ship, in complete juxtaposition to the Dragon’s, and her chill would sap all the heat out of the air and leave no comfort to the men on the ground.

She eyed down Tōga in annoyance but quickly turned her attention tot the captain, even going so far as crouching on the floor to be closer to eye level. She wanted to be sure he heard her clearly and understand the validity of her words, as she only planned to say it once.

” it looks like the Slayer was so kind to spare ye, wasn’t he? Ye could thank him for that, and him alone.” Her eyes were giving way to the darkness of the void, so as she looked into his, the man would only feel more dread. The lofty threat of the Dragon Slayer would not compare to the very real threat of the Demoness.

Dark would disburse below her like a a freshly thick fog. Tendrils would stretch out from within the obscured mist and cling to the man in very tight and uncomfortable ways. The shadows on her face would deepen and contort her features so that she would present closer and closer to the horror that she truly was within.

And now she would speak again with a voice entirely void of joy or mischief. It echoed and shook like the vast Abyss, and just as full of malicious intent. ” Oh but don’t fret friend…..ye better not try yer trick once more on me…..it would be the Dragon Slayer ye pester, and him alone. As in, if I ever catch sight of ye…or one of me birds for that matter……I’ll freeze ya bit by bit and break each an everyone one of yer brittle limbs before I let yet from to the ground from sky high……”

She brushed a talon along the man’s putrid arm, freezing the flesh below almost entirely. Her voice now coming out in a soft whisper as she leaned forward and uttered her last point.” He may now kill ya…..but I would savor yer death and feed yer remains to me birds. Consume yer soul and make proper use of the pointless existence that ye are.……

She got up and walked away silently, returning to the men she ushered under wing just prior. Her talons would crave into the wood of the rail as she walked over to the end where she wanted to be. Taking a chunk of the wood with her as she jumped off into flight and landed on her ice sheet.

With a snap, two black frost talons would appear to the side and push the ice floor to the shore. Assuring the life of the men she insisted in her care the ability to life on, but leaving those left of the ship to survive on their own.


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