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Strigr's Resolve [Deadliest Catch ft. Lumikki]

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The slender isthmus caringly dubbed Kahu Rock that joins the two lands of Luluhawa Island together had been privy to an unusual flurry of activity in recent days. Though storms and squalls lashed at coastlines the world over, an eternal summer held sway over the island, the sun spilling its warmth and light across sand and sea. Amidst this radiance, two comrades - Tōga with his lightly tanned skin and windswept pink hair and the bronze-limbed Lumikki - explored every grain and groove of the isthmus, learning the contours of the land even as they learned the contours of each other. Each secret cave and tidepool called to them with the promise of new discoveries and delights yet unimagined. Their flushed faces and twined hands bespoke a blossoming romance as timeless as the seasonless isle itself.

The last few days had seen no shortage of eventfulness for Tōga and Lumikki as they navigated both burgeoning familiarity and clashes of conviction on the isolated shores of Luluhawa. Moments of moral sparring - when their ideals grated like jagged coral - gave way to those of quiet revelation about themselves and each other. Together they trained a sea dragons to take to the azure skies, Patiently coaxing the fledglings to flight. The soaring, wheeling creatures mirrored something unfolding within Tōga and Lumikki too - a tentativeness giving way to assurance, selves long confined now testing newfound wings of understanding. While Lumikki took each day as it came, Tōga often found himself pensive as the setting sun stained the beach violet and gold, reflecting on how the time with this fierce, fair maiden had already wrought changes within him, subtle but profound.

For the third dawn in a row, Tōga seated himself on the sun-warmed sands of Kahu Rock to await Lumikki's arrival, his spikes of pink hair tousling in the gentle ocean breeze. He had taken to wearing a fiery red t-shirt several sizes too large ever since Lumikki had playfully teased him about his lean, toned swimmer's build. As he stretched out on a beach towel, the oversized shirt billowed around him like a splash of lava against the black obsidian of his swim trunks. Tōga turned his face up to the cloudless skies, eyes drifting shut as he basked in the golden morning light, thoughts drifting like the cry of gulls on the wind. Soon Lumikki's radiant form would crest the horizon. Upon her eventual arrival, the sea dragons would skim the waves, wingtips kissing whitecaps, ready for another day of lessons in which souls soared alongside bodies.

A rare peace hung over Luluhawa Island, fortune smiling on Tōga to grant him an extended stay away from his duties as a Rune Knight. In the days since arriving on shores more accustomed to anarchy and strife, he had found ample odd jobs, regularly sending word of his exploits back to Era to justify prolonging his time abroad. Now, as another glowing sunset set the sea aflame, he reclined in the sand, thoughts drifting with the cries of gulls wheeling overhead. The island’s troubles seemed distant, though an undercurrent of concern lingered in Tōga’s mind – surely such chaos could not be contained forever. But for now, tranquility reigned. And when silvery Lumikki crested the horizon on the morrow, astride a sea dragon with sapphire scales glittering, peace would reign also within Tōga’s heart. Work and worry could wait – for now, he would seize both fortune and freedom under Luluhawa’s sun-kissed skies.

Tōga sighed deeply, a conscious effort to shrug off his concerns and sink further into tropical bliss - warm sand cradling his body as the morning sun caressed his skin. The salty perfume of the sea filled his lungs with each breath, the slap and hiss of waves breaking mere feet away a steady rhythm lulling him towards reverie. Sensing her human companion’s relaxation, the translucent sea dragon Strigr ceased her frolicking along the tideline to wend a playful path up Tōga’s reclined form. Her slender, serpentine body glinted like living crystal as she slid across his torso, her path leaving faint traces of seawater that evaporated in the gentle heat. Tōga smiled at the tickling sensations, strokes becoming firmer pressure from Strigr’s snout as she demanded attention and affection. He acquiesced, scratching under the dragon’s chin as she trilled her pleasure. Tōga’s anxious thoughts were borne away on the sea breeze then, attention anchored now in sensations of sun-warmed skin, wet sand underfoot, and the simple joy of friendship with a magical creature who asked only that he exist fully in this moment with her.



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Today was like all the others. Blending into a singular blur never ceasing. It was the conclusion the Demoness made as she was curled up in bed, a pillow in her embrace while buried under blankets. Her windows were sealed shut with an enchantment that kept the sun from entererting. And so she was drifting in her self-made void, drinking in the comfort it granted her.

The days have been passing by, sure. Each with a new event, a new addition to her life. Yet the Demoness was still not quite settled in her existence, nor what would it mean for her. She knew fairly well what would greet her when she made her choice, but she could never have prepared herself for what it brought, not entirely.

So here she was in bed, trying to ground herself in the moment. Strigr was coiled under her mound alongside her, what Lumikii would of guess as fast asleep. And the two stayed within the dark silence, content in that moment. Lumi tried hard to shut her eyes, an attempt to keep her keen eyes from peering what was around her and get over stimulated.

Lumi pated the bed with her hand until she could feel her little friend, cool scales that always surpried her how soft they really were. She extended her finger and blindly rubbed along the creaters coiled body.

Much of the morning, and then the day would pass like this. The two enjoing their pause from the world alone. Eventually Lumikki would have her fill and check to see if Tōga was still nearby so that she could have her fill of teasing such a noble but naive character.

She slipped on her swimsuit, her movement so sluggish and unrefined. Willing a sheer over sized shirt from the darkness that already wrapped around her. She swayed as she walked, grabbing the shades the say on her night stand.” Strigr lets bother our friend should we?” The small serpentine dragons would bounce on the bed, still eager to flu but not yet inclined. She settled on slithering as she was used to, coiling up the Demoness’ cool arm before settling around her neck.

As Lumikki opened the door to her room, the bit of light would flood in. Most of its intensity was long gone as the sun was reaching its lowest point in the sky. But as the Demon stayed buried in absolute darkness for the entirety of the day, even this was a bother to her at the moment.

In the presence of the light washing over her, she let her form peel away like black petals until she resembled something human once more. Walking leisurely in an area she figured her friend would be, and reaffirmed by word of her ravens who spotted him. Of she went, taking her sweet time in her sluggish pace to reunite with him. Until finally she could see him from the distance. Strigr Was ever so quick to leave her, eager for the affections of her other friend.

” Greetings Dragon.”


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Tōga caught a whiff of Lumikki's sweet scent on the ocean breeze before he spied her sandaled feet approaching through the warm sand. He looked up eagerly from where he was seated, eyes widening with delight as her pet sea serpent Strigr slithered playfully over the dunes toward him. The translucent creature blended seamlessly into the golden ochre sand, its scales reflecting the sunlight until it shone like the sand itself. Strigr wound lazily over to Tōga and coiled beside him just as Lumikki herself came into view, once again cloaking her true form behind a pleasant human guise conjured by her magical talents. Tōga smiled to see his two favorite companions joining him to bask in the afternoon sun by the glittering sea. Their company made this deserted stretch of beach into a little piece of paradise.

"Lumi-chaaaan!" Tōga bellowed with unrestrained delight, jumping up to envelop Lumikki in a bear hug. His voice bubbled over with an eagerness beyond his normal cheerful temperament. "How are you today?" he cried, squeezing her tightly before holding her at arm's length, curiosity glimmering in his eyes as he eyed her up and down. His exhilaration at her arrival was palpable. Releasing her from his enthusiastic embrace, Tōga spun on his heel to gaze out at the shimmering sea, practically dancing with euphoria now that his favorite companion had come to join him on the sandy shore. Lumikki's presence never failed to lift his spirits and fill him with infectious joy that radiated outward like sunlight sparkling on the water.

"Today is going to be a great d—" Tōga's cheerful words were sharply cut off mid-sentence as his gaze locked onto strange shapes emerging in the distance, barely visible against the expansive blue canvas of sea and sky. "What are those?" he murmured, narrowing his eyes as he peered intently toward the horizon. Brow furrowed in concentration, the dragon slayer raised one hand to shade his eyes from the glare, struggling to bring the distorted shadows into focus.

An uneasy feeling began to sprout within him even as he squinted determinedly at the odd forms, steadily drawing nearer through the gently rolling waves. Though still indistinct, something about their furtive approach filled Tōga with foreboding, halting his breath as he braced for whatever unknown was heading steadily toward the shore.

Two large, battered ships suddenly sailed into view, disturbing the calm expanse of ocean as they steered steadily toward Kahu Rock. Their ragtag crews scrambled about the decks, loading cannons with iron balls and explosives at the shouted commands of the captains. As the vessels drew within firing range of the shoreline, they turned broadside in unison, wood groaning and water churning beneath their determined approach. In an instant, deafening explosions rocketed across the water as one ship unleashed a volley, sending three fiery cannonballs hurtling through the air directly toward the beach where Tōga, Lumikki, and Strigr stood. Time seemed to slow for Tōga as he tracked the missiles arcing toward them, understanding dawning along with the thunderous blasts that these mysterious ships meant them deadly harm.



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Lumi in her sluggish stride was met with Tōga’s full energy and enthusiasm. Honestly it bewildered her where he could pull out so much energy sometimes from no where at times. She figured it was the setting that granted him such vigor. The lad was in his element where she was not. The pouring rays bathing his skin suited him. The heat in the air paired with the heat of his budding magics. Yet as much as she very much enjoyed the islands and their culture, the temperatures were hotter than she would like. She would figure this could be a source of her dysphoria, but it was nothing she could not push aside. Still she would need a moment to regain her bearings, perhaps with another ice bath during the night.

As Lumi closed the distance in her pace, she was caught in the tight grip of his embrace. She was taken aback from his sudden affections. Not thinking he would still show much tender care for her after their recent spat. But the playful Demon happily played along, returning his hug before he parted from her. He pulled arms length away but she leaned forward perplexed, eyeing him for a moment before commenting. ” Did ye change how ya dressed Dreki, or am I just forgetful?”

He asked her of her day and she would simply shrug. ” Pleasantly dark, pleasantly silent. Sometimes one mush recreate the absence to find a particular kind of peace in all this noise.” She would go on but something caught the corner of her eye. Ships along the far horizon were ushering their way to the shore. Lumi turned and faced them, seeing clearly all the chaos in their movement as they tried to direct their attack. Her lips would pull back in a malicious grin in return as the shadow behind her would appear to peel off the ground while still maintaining her image. It clung to her in an embrace of its own, merging with her skin to reveal her truer form. Skin like night and hair of white, she was revving to go.

Tōga, mid-statement, would halt his words as he too became privy of the sudden company. Lumi took a pause from staring them down to see the expressions on his face. She was savoring them as much as she was the challenge approaching.

Lumikki quickly flung her hand in the air in a gesture to her birds to move away. Suddenly a massive unkindness shook to life as they all began to take to the air all at once. Almost like a black cloud moving in the air and heading for deeper within the islands. Among them was a harpy would would glide to them and land just beside her. She bowed slightly and waited until Lumi was ready to proceed with the plan. ” Tenevi me love, its a pain to read lips from here. See if ye could sneak around and fill me in on what those buggers are saying. I want to hear their intentions before I….pass them to me friend here. Play with their sails while yer are it. Might as well stand them but take care. They look testy.”

” Simple enough Revna. Consider it done. But what will you do about him?” She unfurled her lower wings as she spoke, getting herself ready to take off to the sky. But when she looked over to Tōga she halted to a moment, curious of what Lumi had in mind.” For now, I watch. But I’ll be sure to keep us both alive. Now go lass, I’m a curious raven.” Tenevi nodded a she was flapping wings and taking off. Giving another glance at Tōga before zeroing in on the ships.

Lumikki stepped toward Tōga making sure to keep behind him. She leaned in quite cheekily again, but her small framed robbed her of the experience in hovering his shoulder. Still her presence could not be ignored as the frost was pouring out of her, intensity chilling the air. The vigor of her newly sparked passion would have her shift once more. She was too eager to be contained, her plumage and wings would come to as the second wind of darkness would envelop her like the eclipsing of the sun.

The cannons would face them, their shot now rushing toward them. One could not mistake who the target of these men were and their audacious and malicious act was fueling her. Darkness seeping out of her as vigorous of her cold.

Now in her hybrid form, she was one step closer to her true form. With her wings no longer hidden, she took to the sky as to playfully whisper in his ear. ” Tell me Dreki, of noble morals and the defender of life. What shall we do in this instance when maliciously attacked?” She let her playfulness soak her voice.

As the cannon cut through the air to make way toward them, Lumi could already long make out the lines of their paths. It told her exactly where they aimed to go. So as they were getting mighty close to the pair, Lumi flew to the shore line. Walking on the water as she froze the surface in every step. She was used to doing this on lakes, so she would lose her footing constantly. Having to use her wings to help her hover more troublesome waves. Yet she was having fun and she was doing this on purpose, even through the trouble of the effort. After all, she was more animated now.

When she reached the spot she deemed fitting, she dipped her talon into the water. Letting it sit there for a moment to let her magic take a strong hold. The ocean wouldn’t be tamed even by one as strong as her. When she pulled back, she took to the air for this, needing all the stability she could get. She didn’t walk to far, so there was not a lot of darkness in these waters. With the swipe of her taloned hand, the water would jut up in jagged spikes. Crashing together to make a frigid wall. Some of her more sloppier work, but she was playing with the sway of the sea and couldn’t bother to add her usual flourishes.

The cannons, striking shortly after, wouldn’t even leave a dent let alone crash her structure. Yet she let her wall drop like the canon balls sinking into the water. Looking back once more to her company to see his plan of attack. ” What now Dragon?”


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Tōga found himself caught between two powerful forces as he stood upon the shore. To the fore, enemy ships crawled across the sea, belching cannon fire that threatened to pound him and his forces into oblivion. Yet the true danger lay not ahead, but behind. There, the icy magic of Lumikki swirled, as unpredictable and dangerous as a winter storm. He glanced back to see her hair and skin bleaching bone white as magnificent wings erupted from her back, transforming her into a vision both alluring and terrifying. Tōga clenched his sword, wary and awed. Though the soulless ships approached, ready to drown the shore in fire, something far more ancient and chaotic was awakening at his back. Lumikki had become a queen of the damned, her magic shifting like the arctic night, beautiful and merciless. Tōga steeled himself against the coming tempest - whether of cannonballs or icy wings, he did not know.

We’ll do what we always do,” Tōga's smile widened as Lumikki took flight, her magic calling on the ocean itself to raise towering walls of water that effortlessly turned aside the cannon fire. "We find a way," he said, scooping up the little dragon Strigr and nestling him safely amidst his pink, spiky hair. Tōga's hands erupted with magical flame, sand blasting outward as he rocketed into the sky on jets of fire. Strigr clung tightly as they soared upward, leaving a trail of glass in the superheated sand where the flames made landfall.

Tōga blazed brightly as a new star in the heavens, ready to meet the enemy ships with Strigr lending his might from this lofty vantage. On the shore below, Lumikki commanded the ocean, holding back the bombardment with her frosty power. Though besieged by cannons at sea and magics on land, Tōga shone with fiery optimism, knowing that together they would find some way to prevail, just as they always somehow had.

Far below, the icy queen held back the tide with her own glacial power. But Tōga's gaze was fixed on the horizon, where the metallic hulls now knifed through the waters, their cannon ports opening once more as they surged towards Kahu Rock's vulnerable shore. Tōga streamed flames in his wake, hurtling headlong across the waves.



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The smell of burning was permeating from behind her. As she turned around to see Tōga blazing toward her. His magic spilling out of him like a firework shooting through the sky, glazing the sand over to a molten glass. His momentum would not stop as he skid over the water. The waves would crash into his legs and feet but sizzle and evaporate on contact. It was fascinating to see, but it told her clearly how she’d rather stay away.

Lumikki loftily flew behind him, managing to match his speeds as they went over. She pulled her staff out the void and prepared herself for a massive spell. Tenevi, who was observing the ships, would begin to circle back. Turning over once again to match the glide of her Revna. ” Seems they were a crew hired to kill you. I did not get to hear a lot about it beyond one in particular muttering about a beast. He was insistent on getting it back alive but the crew figures the job would be easier over our dead bodies.” Lumikki nodded along to the report and ascended to a higher altitude. All so she could get a clearer glance of the men there. It did not take her long to understand what the problem was, nor who the harpy was referring to.

She let herself drop beside Tōga to clue him in what this really was. ” All that’s muttering about keeping them alive, yet its one of the poachers I let go that’s attacking us now. Seems with his first taste of freedom he choose to attempt and kill us. Since killing is so beneath ye, ya could handle this on yer own I’m sure” She let her staff fall back into her void as she took back to being higher in the sky. Preferring to now observe than assist as this was a conflict they had just before. She was curious on how he’s handle it. Almost sure of it being simplistic and naive. But seeing as the men there had no way to kill her and swiftly, she didn’t really care. There was no urgency to do anything.

Lumikki was the first to arrive. She circled just above as she awaited his actions below.


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Tōga soared through the skies, fiery contrails streaming behind him as the magic erupted from his knuckles to propel him swiftly over the churning ocean waves. The heat of his passage left bubbling trails across the water's surface as he rocketed onward. Ahead, the enemy ships loomed nearer, their iron-clad hulls cutting relentlessly toward shore. But Tōga's smile only widened at the challenge, even as their cannon ports swung open, ready to spew fire and iron death. He flew as if one with the wind and flame,joyful in the use of his magic. And Tōga now called on the sky itself to bear him up, magic blazing brighter to close the distance to the ships with arms outstretched, laughing as he prepared to meet their metal might with fire and force unfettered.

"No problem!" Tōga called back as Lumikki streaked ahead, her icy wings carrying her to intercept the ships first. He understood her ruthlessness - these were the same poachers who had tried to capture Strigr and slaughter the other mystical sea creatures they had worked so hard to protect. She saw no reason for further mercy. Still, Tōga thanked her for allowing him to deal with the raiders in his own way. He would try not to kill if possible, but his own code was no less unforgiving. As he closed on the ships now, their cannonfire rattling his ears, Tōga promised that no one would die today - even if bones had to break and blood had to spill to make that so.

Tōga landed lightly upon the ship's deck, his flames dying as his feet touched the weathered planks. He had left Strigr in Lumikki's icy care high above, and now stood alone to face the encircling poachers. For a moment, all was still, the calm before the storm. Then with a roar, Tōga unleashed the full fury of his dragon slayer magic. Great whips of flame erupted, lashing the decks, superheating the air as the firestorm blasted the poachers backward. The ancient wood smoked and charred beneath the onslaught, filled with the concussive force of exploding air. Tōga stood at the fiery epicenter, his magic wreathing him with the heat and power of an angered dragon. He had given these men their chance, and they had wasted it by endangering Strigr again with their vile poaching. Now they would reap the consequences, as Tōga aimed streams of living flame to corral them like frightened cattle.




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The fledgling Dragon would rise above the waves. Cutting into the air with an abundance of flames protruding from his clenched fists. He pointed them behind himself to propel him forward. Sparks like imitations wings, which would bring her back to days of her own. She saw a pair of flaming wings before, but it was still a fascination to see. The were the polar opposite of her own after alll. But she wondered if they were all flare and no constant. A move he made in the moment as a manifestation of his emotional turmoil, but not something he could recreate or make his own. He passed along Strigr before she would leave him, for the best as his horrid flames would harm her.

She eyed him more than she did the boat, leaving him with her cheeky remark before repositioning else where. Her true wings would hug the air currents in ways his rocketing magic never could now. Silently moving as she gracefully moved into place. Now she circled the airs above the ship, waiting for more of the tricks he would pull out his infernal hands and make come to life. But she would not stay there for long. As Tōga crashed himself into the ship, the massive heat of his flames would rapidly rise. Annoying the Demoness in the horrid and crippling heat waves above, causing her glide so that she would rotate around the ship instead. The cool air rising from the water as it evaporating as giving her second wind as she hung in the air and returning to a mildly amuse. Teveni would join her as well as the harpy would also hardly appreciate being cooked from above.

” He claims he won’t kill the men below, but it is beginning to look to me as if he’d be content beating ‘em an inch of their life. The Dragon calls me merciless but he wouldn’t mind singeing them inside out.” The pair was watching as his coils of infernal flames clutched their victims. The inverse of her magic once more, the polar opposite in the spectrum of thermal energy in which they shared. The wood was cracking under his feet, the sound of it snapping apart was filling the air while the dancing flames would over take the vessel. Rendering it far from useful and pushing it rapidly toward its end.

” Heat and cold are both incredibly uncomfortable to those who were not built for them. But there is a gentleness when one must embrace the crippling cold, accepting it to take you like your last walk in the night. The searing heat is more horrid than I can imagine. There is no relief to such infernal manifestations. It is a harshness akin to the blinding sun. And yet….It is usually of those and their like, who take on light and flames as their weapons and conflict, that believe themselves vessels of justice. How entertaining to watch their yearning for warmth consume them in a vicious way. In a vigor much on the level of them running from winters hold. I wonder what the men below would choose? Retaliation, punishment by the flame. For them to live on after feeling such grasp. Or feel the crippling wake of the tundra wash over them. Crippling them until their eternal rest.”

” As a human, I knew no heat like this. And as a Daemon, I knew the feelings of being wrapped around wild flames as they ate at homes and forests. I will never relive such a thing again. I rejoice knowing that flames like this would rarely bother me. Long as I manage to be stronger than such blazes. Bias as I may be, I can never find contentment in such gluttonous magic. But perhaps if this was the path I walked, even I would lose to the destructive desire that is being Demon as I drag the world asunder in me infernos.


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Tōga's flames wreaked havoc across the ship's deck, sending the poachers into panicked disarray. Some scrambled over the rails, leaping into the icy sea to escape the blistering heat. They splashed down holding bits of debris, hoping to stay afloat in the chilling water. Others attempted to hide behind anything still standing - masts, railings, even the bodies of their fallen comrades. But Tōga's firestorm raged without mercy, scouring and charring wood, sail, and flesh alike. Those too slow to react were caught in the concussive fiery blasts, blown backwards by the force, clothes and skin burning.

Their cries echoed across the water as Tōga, haloed by flame, slowly marched through the inferno. Even the ship itself seemed eager to surrender its captors, as flaming fragments from the dragon slayer's onslaught splintered boards and snapped ropes. Smoke rose in a black column to mar the clear sky where Lumikki circled, content to let Tōga mete out punishment below. The dragon's fire ruled here now, unrelenting, as poachers learned the hard way that certain lines were not to be crossed.

Lumikki looked on from above as Tōga stood amidst the burning ruin he had made of the ship. His flames raged on, greedily consuming wood and sail as greasy smoke roiled upwards. The dragon slayer surveyed his handiwork, a fierce smile upon his face. But his golden gaze soon turned to the second ship, anchored just offshore. Tōga sensed no one aboard that vessel with power enough to challenge a dragon. Which meant the true leader yet waited on the other deck - the captain who had ordered this foolhardy poaching voyage. Tōga flexed his fingers, ready to fly across the narrow stretch of water. He would end this threat here and now. The first ship was already a charred, flaming wreck slowly sinking beneath the waves thanks to his magic. And Tōga meant to deal the second raider the same fate. Perhaps after their ships became watery graves, these particular poachers would think twice about threatening mystical creatures under a dragon's protection. For Strigr, Tōga would sink their entire fleet if need be.


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