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A Fisherman's Regret [A-Ranked Quest ft. Lumikki]

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A Fisherman's Regret [A-Ranked Quest ft. Lumikki] Empty Wed Nov 01, 2023 2:57 pm


Neutral Quest ft. Lumikki

The humiliation of yesterday's failed seafaring adventure no longer plagued Tōga's mind. As he pushed aside the veil of distress, the memory of that abrupt onset of motion sickness now seemed but a distant dream. Though he had embarked eagerly alongside Lumikki to confront the dreaded sea monsters, his useless contributions forced her to single-handedly prevail against the aquatic foes. Another soul might have wallowed in shame at such feckless floundering, but self-pity found no foothold in Tōga's stoic spirit. Calm and unruffled as the tide, he gave no thought to matters of pride or ego. A flicker of disquietude, however, flickered beneath his tranquil exterior. Never before had his body betrayed him so. What did this uncharacteristic malady portend for future voyages across the treacherous deep? This first brush with nautical frailty left Tōga uneasy, not with regret for yesterday's failure, but unease for what tomorrow's waters may bring.

As dawn's rosy fingers caressed the horizon, ushering in a crisp new morn, Tōga exhaled in relief. The failures of yesterday lay behind him now, dissipating like mist in morning light. He made his way briskly through the awakening town, still shadowed by unease, toward the seaside tavern where he was to rendezvous with Lumikki. Though they had ultimately prevailed against the aquatic foes, an air of vigilance lingered over the port.

Salty seafarers clutched their mugs tightly as they hunched over whispering rumors of what other eldritch horrors might yet lurk beneath the waves. But Tōga tuned out the anxious murmurs as he stepped across the creaking threshold into the empty tavern. Lumikki had suggested meeting here to discuss yesterday's unfortunate events. As the first patron to arrive, Tōga settled in to wait, gazing contemplatively out the frost-covered window at the glittering sea beyond. This day held hope of a new beginning, if they could only chart the proper course.

Tōga beckoned the lone waitress with a gentle smile and tilt of his hand. "Some ale, if you would be so kind," he requested. As the foamy brew was placed before him, Tōga settled back, steeling himself for Lumikki's imminent arrival. He had no doubt she would have much to say about yesterday's failed exploits. Best fortify himself with some liquid courage before the oncoming storm, he mused. Tōga took a long draught of the chilled ale, feeling it soothe his lingering unease. Now was not the time to dwell on past mishaps, but to look ahead with clear eyes. He would weather whatever seafaring wisdom or scolding Lumikki brought with her graceful stoicism. This new day held promise if they could work together to chart the proper course. For now, Tōga would sip his ale and watch the gulls wheel and cry over the glinting waves until his companion arrived.

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” It is time to wake up lil miss. I know you want to sleep in, but you already promised the boy you’ll meet him.” Lonu was light nuzzling the girls face, stirring her from her deep slumber. She could stay awake for what felt like ages, but once she fell to rest, she hated getting back up. But beyond that…she hated mornings with her whole being. Shame there was work to do when rest could be had but the bird was right and plans were made. She arranged it all just last night so it was time to make good on her work.

” You said she met this boy before?” Trygve another raven of her would inquire. He never got to meet the guy himself either and after Michael he wasn’t so sure about more random encounters.

” leave her be, birds. Let our lil Revna sleep. She’s got nothing important to do anyway.” Tenevi would utter with annoyance and dismay. She did not want her Demoness to be woken up just to humor the man from yesterday. She figured it entirely a waste of time.

Lumi would flip and turn from bed until she gave into the pestering of her birds. Even though Teveni was trying to deter them, the addition of her voice only worked in their favor. Now the girl was up and trying to blink away the last bits of sleep from her eyes. Her stark white hair was falling all over the place because as she was too tired to remember tying it up. ” Aye, I’ve woken. I’m up….Tenevi could ye help me with me hair.

The harpy that was perched on the foot of the bed would look over, tilting her body far back enough that she almost fell over. She herself wouldn’t ever get annoyed with Lumi as she was a sliver of the Demoness taken form. But she would still begrudgingly answer the call as she got up to assist her Revna in getting ready. If this was what the lil raven wanted, then that was all there was to it.

The harpy helped Lumikki get up and ready, holding the Demoness’ hand as the girl would stumble out the door. And so the flock would make it over to the decided tavern. The streets were still mostly empty as only the early workers out and about. Fishermen tossing about as they settled their tools. Most were already with the waters since before the sun would fully rise. The ones here were just about catching up.

Her two ravens would perch just above the building. Shacking off the slight chill of the morning themselves. The harpy would enter first, leading Lumi by hand as the pair would enter.

” Give me a cup of brew please lass and pour some rum in it!” She was more awake by then but still half asleep. The sun agitated her eyes on the way over so she had to shade her face with her shadows. They were only coming undone now that she was inside. Lumi, properly in her human form took a seat by Tōga, Tenevi would take one herself in silence.

” Good ta see ye mate. Suppose yer ready for a take two? Hardly see why, seeing as water beasts fire and the beasts down under would do so too. But I guess ye have guts going for ye. Even to yer detriment since ya spilled so much of them before. I arranged a ship to take us out this time so ya have something more solid. I was in a rush last time and figured Asger would be fine for the job, now I know better. So with a boat ye should have more footing and maybe ye can find yerself a task to do. Speaking of….do ye even have spells? Yer a mage aye? I don’t think I ever remembered asking.”

Her eyes she still half closed as she spoke but she pour out all the words she had in mind. The waitress getting back promptly with her request and placing it on the table. Lumi gave the mug no time, snatching it in hand and cooling it to her liking before chugging it down. That was her particular favorite mixture to help her rise in the morning. She licked her lips when she was all done finally looking the man in the eyes.

” Guess ye aren’t eating? For the best.” She gestured for the waitress to return, ordering an omelette and potatoes.


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Tōga stared into his mug of ale, the dark liquid swirling back and forth as he rocked it absently against the counter. It had been mere moments since he arrived at the tavern, yet to him it felt like hours, the weight of yesterday's failure pressing down on him. The battle replayed in his mind - the towering sea monsters emerging from the depths, his spear arm faltering as a sudden wave of nausea overtook him, rendering him useless against the onslaught. Shame burned within him at the memory. It was not embarrassment that plagued him, but a desire to understand what had caused this weakness, this motion sickness that had never afflicted him before. There must be an explanation, a reason his body had betrayed him so. He would find the source of this malady, conquer it, and prove himself worthy once more. For now, the bitter ale seemed to match his mood, its darkness mirroring the doubts that swirled through his mind.

The tavern door swung open, allowing a familiar, sweet scent to waft in. Tōga's keen draconic senses caught it at once, even amidst the cacophony of smells in the crowded room. He turned, a smile breaking across his face as he recognized the newcomer. "Lumi-chan!" he called out warmly, waving to the Raven Queen as she glided through the tables, her avian companions fluttering around her. She returned his smile as she slid into the seat beside him, her feathered entourage settling on the backs of the neighboring chairs.

"I'm always ready for adventure, you know that," Tōga began, a weary sigh escaping him. "But I must admit, something was...off yesterday."

He paused, struggling to find the words to explain his failure against the sea monsters. Though Lumi gazed at him patiently, he found himself staring into his ale, unable to meet her eyes.

"I've sailed these seas many times before. I’ve even beat a sea beast or two. But this time, it was different." He shook his head, brow furrowed. "A strange nausea overcame me, sapped my strength. I've never felt anything like it."

Silence fell between them, and Tōga's mind raced. What had caused this mysterious affliction? The more he grasped for answers, the more tangled his thoughts became. It was as if he wandered a twisting maze, searching for truth but finding only dead ends. Finally he looked up, meeting Lumi's steadfast gaze. If there were answers to be found, he knew she would help him uncover them. Her companionship was a light cutting through the haze of confusion and self-doubt. With her aid, surely he could conquer this new challenge, as they had so many others before.

I was in Stella, and something happened. Since then, my magic has been different,” he didn’t know how to explain it. He was still a dragon slayer, and harnessed the power of fire, but it was more intense, more vivid – darker even.

Yeah, I have spells, but they respond differently now, too,”

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Lumikki looked him over with intention. Allowing her World's eye to gleam him over and confirm the changes from the last time she saw him. What he said was true, he was now regarded as something merely more than just fire, but it would seem the man commanded the infernal itself. She'd grin at his growth though she was not so keen on his type of power. She was no fan of heat after all.

" Aye, I could see what ye mean lad. Ya did change indeed. Though speaking the intricacies of it something I could not do. Better anyways, why spare ya of the fun of learning what ye are Dragon Slayer." The waitress passed her the plate for her meal and Lumi dove right in after requesting another brew. Sure the dark tastes good, but one gets tired of the same insistent meal.

" But is it the magic ya figure making ya...sick? Ye do have....more fire in ya, maybe ya grew to hate the sea more than....ya had before. Can't say a frost mage like me enjoys wondering are volcanic territories nor.....would the dark in me appreciate being beamed with light with no yield." She was chewing and stuffing her mouth between the words when she could. Eager to speak and more so to speak, there just felt like there was a lot to consider today. " Do ye fear the newfound dark in ya slayer? Heh, suppose those are wasted words on a lad that plays, he fears nothing. Better ones would be, would ya accept the dark? Speaking from experience it's nothing to warrant being torn apart for. Dark is kinda than the light as it does not sear ye for existing, but I guess....saying that would mean light suits yer trade more." Lumikki shrugged as she was working out what was in her thoughts out loud. She had her own battle with her inner darkness, and it was simply time for him to sort out his. There was more growth to be had and the man was eager to tear into it. So at least knew him, she hardly had much to worry about.

The waitress handed her the second drink around the time she was more than halfway done. The Demoness went on eating, stuffing her mouth as Tōga sorted his own thoughts and feelings over the matter. She could only hint and lightly guide as this was no path of her own. Annoyingly so, maybe she did take on some of the core traits of Yata, the thought made her groan.

When she was at last done with her meal, she cooled her coffee and gulped it down. The second wave of the mix did wonders for her mood as she was still irritable over it being morning.

" Tenevi, fly over to the waters and see if there's a sight on our new catch. Take the ravens with ya to help. I'm a settle the bill and meet with the fishermen kind enough to take us. So we'll see ya again soon enough."

The harpy nodded at the request before setting out as she was told. Even now she prefers to remain silent at least for the time being.

" Sort out yer thoughts before we hit the waves Fireborn. The sea is no place to figure out such thoughts as these." She got up and took a large stretch, softly screeching as she leaned into the bulk of it. When she felt limber and good to move again, she walked over to the host to pay off the bill.

Afterward walking right for the door and to their ship.


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"Darkness?" Tōga murmured, perplexed by Lumikki's cryptic words. He took a long draught of ale as she continued, her voice low and measured in the crowded tavern. This dingy place had become their refuge, where truths were revealed over foaming tankards. Lumikki spoke of magic, of power awakening within Tōga, though he could not yet grasp its meaning. She saw his abilities transforming, senses sharpening, a new vitality kindled inside him. And she traced this back to darkness - an embracing of shadow that Tōga did not understand.

"Do you truly believe it's darkness?" Tōga asked again, his hushed words aimed at Lumikki yet seeking answers from realms beyond. What had transpired in Stella at the jaguar god's hands? What now burned within, strange and fierce? Once, his dragon slayer magic had blazed bright as summer - vivid oranges, yellows, reds - the colors of life itself. But Tōga had noticed the creeping change. At times, stygian shadows edged his spells - flickers of onyx and crimson, dimming those vibrant hues. Had he unknowingly slipped into some inferno? Was this transformation his new reality? Tōga's questioning gaze met Lumikki's own, seeking confirmation of his unspoken fears. Her wisdom had guided him through shadow before. But this time, the darkness stirring within was his own.

As the raven-harpy duo took flight at Lumikki's command, sailing off to scout their next bounty, Tōga mulled over her words once more.

"Whatever this is, I'll only figure it out by moving forward," he finally said. Magic held no fear for Tōga - he knew its double-edged nature, the glorious yet perilous power all mages wielded. Mortals grasped but fragments of its mysteries, with so much left to learn. Perhaps his draconic evolution was simply the next lesson in this eternal, winding path. If so, Tōga's course was clear. He met Lumikki's gaze steadily, resolve glinting in his eyes. Together they would sail into the unknown, chasing each new horizon. Tōga would master whatever magic awoke within him, be it light or shadow. For power was merely a tool - the wielder's heart determined its nature.

"I'm ready when you are," Tōga smiled, undaunted by the mystery ahead. He was eager to discover what this 'inferno' would reveal. If darkness sought to claim him, it would find a fierce fight on its hands. He would either wrestle free of its grasping talons, refusing to be dragged into hellish depths, or else adorn himself with shadows like armor - wielding them for strength, not surrender.

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” That’s the spirit Dreki~ Time to fight yer water demons.” The cheeky Lumikki would smirk at him before walking off and leading him to the docks. ” Do ye read books often? If so, I can look up materials that would assist ya. But there’s no point if that’s not to yer preference.”

She did not personally consume a lot of stories and literature on dragons but she was well read. Much of what she knew of anything, she searched herself. She loved to consume books in her spare time and would often be found in the library of her guild. Though she would not look it as she was also often at bars and playing her mischief.

“ You came just on time girl, we were packing the rest of the equipment onto the ship. If you want, you and that boy there could help so that we could be onto the water faster.” The one manning the ship would approach the pair, he was the one Lumi was talking to the night before. ” Ye heard him Dreki, what a good start to proving yer grit. The faster we taste those waves the faster ya could show me that power of yers.”

Lumikki would glance often to the sea as she spoke, noting where her harpy was in the sky just off the shore. Tenevi looked as if she was still searching, the beasts for below had yet to show themselves. Revna would sigh deeply as she hoped it would not take them the whole morning to get their prize.

The ship was finally cradled by the sea once more as the crew were manning the ship deeper into the waves. Lumikki sat right on the figurehead as she was looking out ahead. The fishermen were at work preparing the equipment so that they may begin catching their haul and Tenevi would come and go to rest in between searches.

The whole morning passed them by and they were reaching a point where the sun was highest in the sky, yet no sign of the prey was seen just yet. The lull of the waves were putting the Demoness to sleep and she had half a mind to make a bed of snow and nap.

” So what is yer plan Dreki? For when we finally get our prey to show themselves?”


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Tōga chuckled at the suggestion of reading books to learn more about his current predicament. "Reading's not really my thing - it takes time away from getting stuff done," he remarked as he walked with Lumikki towards the pier. He didn't mean to offend anyone who valued studying, but for Tōga, the best way to learn was through hands-on experience. What he could grasp from a book, he could grasp ten times over by jumping into a situation and figuring it out in the moment. Books were useful, but nothing compared to real-time problem solving using his mind and hands in tandem. The dragon slayer felt he truly understood something only after actively engaging with it. So while he appreciated the value of scholarly pursuits, Tōga preferred learning through action and real-world application.

When they arrived at the docks, Tōga eagerly jumped in to help. "Put me to work!" he said, using his strength to assist the crew in loading up the ship. He spent the next while hauling box after box, quickly stocking the vessel with all the necessary supplies. In just a short time, the loading was finished and the ship ready to depart. Tōga sighed deeply as he boarded the rocking ship, gathering his bearings. This would be an long voyage, consuming the rest of the evening. But now, with the shore fading into the distance, Tōga and Lumikki were passengers on their way. The dragon slayer took a moment to steady himself, feeling the gentle sway of the ship. Though he was accustomed to action, he knew sometimes you had to let go and see where the currents carried you. This trip may take some getting used to, but he was determined to go with the flow.

"Ugghh," Tōga groaned, retreating to the ship's center, away from the swirling seasickness-inducing horizon. The rocking motion seized his stomach persistently, derailing his attempt to answer Lumikki. "I hope we reach..." he started, before lurching unsteadily, his words split in two. A sickly unease consumed him, borne of the unrelenting waves colliding within. Part motion sickness, part looming inevitability of their predicament, the nausea swelled forcefully. Tōga focused inward, willing himself to remain conscious against the head-spinning sway. This was uncharted territory, being at the mercy of the turbulent tides. Braced on all fours, the hardened dragon slayer surrendered to the rolling ship, no longer trusting his sea legs.

The sea's surface turned black as two leviathans breached from the deep. With a tremendous splash, they launched skyward, sea spray erupting in all directions. Water cascaded over the ship in sheets, drenching the passengers in what seemed an endless downpour. The marine titans twisted through the air in a gracefully perilous dance, their slick bodies glinting as they hung for a time suspended. Then, entering free-fall, the aquatic acrobats plunged back into the waiting abyss below. The resulting impact trembled through the vessel. Tōga shielded his eyes from the torrent, witnessing the spectacle in awe. The nimble beasts commanded the ocean with ease, at home in the swell and spray. As quickly as they had appeared, the creatures slipped back into shadowy mystery.

"They're here!" Tōga cried out, one hand clamped over his mouth to contain the churning sickness. Looming before them were two colossal sea beasts, their immense forms fixed on the tiny vessel. Fiery magic blazed through Tōga's veins as he struggled to summon his power. Crimson seals manifested around him, tendrils of inky flame flickering to life. Though hampered by nausea, the embers of his magic glowed visibly, displaying the evolution of his skills. Wisps of dark fire swirled and danced, not yet under his control but showcasing the potential now awakening within. Lumikki bore witness as Tōga's abilities emerged in the face of threat. Despite the dragon slayer's discomfort, his inner strength shone through.

Though Lumikki would once more have to tackle these beasts alone, a silver lining appeared - her companion Tōga did seem to wield spellcraft after all. His fiery magic materialized, albeit weakly, in unusual shades of ebony.

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Lumikki would usually look of toward the waters while ever so often turning back to check on her fellow slayer. But the man was buckling on his knees in time, all fours. She sighed as she wondered if it made any sense to take him to the ocean anymore. This was no place for him or his magic.

Teveni, still looking out, would screech in the distance. Waking Lumi up from her near slumber on the figure head. Before the Demoness would rise, two serpentine creatures rose from the water. Both over them were lovely and graceful, and reminded her of Asger. It was a shame that she would have to kill them to bring back with the crew.

But before she could get to work, Tōga just behind her was doing interesting things. Despite belong low to the ground, a black flame would rise from his body. Seems he wasn’t entirely weak, she would think to herself. Not like she cared if he was. The only power she had care about was her own, and the work at hand was one she’d do even if her fiery companion stayed ashore.

Still she could not help pull her lips back in a grin, her fangs glinted in the light as they were in plain view. ” Solid start, but ye owe me more.” She’d say humorously as she got up. Her wings were reveling themselves as she stepped back, dropping herself for a little before letting the wind carry her back up quite high.

The beasts were in her sight and she so she could still track them. Twin X’s would move below but both still within reach. She pulled her arm back, multiple lavender circles flashing all around her before fading and black frost weapons materializing in the air. An arsenal of weapons of legend forged themselves just beside her, excluding some like the Gal Bog spear or Spellcleaver axe. As soon as she swung her arm down they would all shoot down as well. Singing in the air before plunging into the water and piecing the beasts below.

Lumi glided down back to the ship to meet with Tōga once more. Though as long as he was inflamed, she did not care to approach. Disliking the addition of more heat around her. She would instead circle him and study the dancing flames curious. ” It’s odd that yer human but ya have flames of a Daemon. Wonder if it’s a matter of time before ye get reborn in the Abyss too. Though I don’t sense darkness from within yer magic to eat…..hmmm still quite a cute trick ye got there Dreki.” She pulls a bottle of water from her void and cold sandwich she has packed a bit before, placing them on the floor next to the Dragon Slayer. She pulled out another for herself and took a seat at her spot before. Munching away quickly as she watched the bodies of the beast finally rising to the surface. The men of the ship got to work, neighboring ships coming in to also assist in the score. When she was done with her lunch, she made a bed for herself in snow and instructed her harpy to wake her when they were at shore. If the Dragon Slayer didn’t melt all he touched she would of made him one too.


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A Fisherman's Regret [A-Ranked Quest ft. Lumikki] Img_0212


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