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Starship Pain VII [Kon]

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Erebus was being carried on a floating obstruction shot off at high speeds from the Akudama’s snake train, being let out behind a plum of dark smoke, and into the darkened nimbus clouds— Erebus fell from the heavens, like a phantom. The eerie, pulsing energy of the legendary items and trinkets he wore clad on his body. Headfirst, until his shoes seemed to spur to life, walking him down to a graceful and yet at casual speed before impact with the concrete ground of the Sachensenstadt kingdom, a soft landing as always.

Standing up, the bandaged assassin, dusted his war wounded neck and sighed an air of relief. He was here to do the bidding of a Dark Lord, a man who had signed a deal with some demons… Not Erebus’ guild members, those demons were a bit more free willed and in physical form. These demons were of the other side, and so that man needed a mercenary trained in the expertise of the afterlife.

Bringing him to the Death Don.

Erebus was here to retrieve some special regents, stolen holy relics mind you. From the Order of the Rune Knights.

He had already begun his hunt forward when the bell sounded twelve. Parkouring over walls, and somersaulting over houses. What was his target? And what folly did it bring, the ire of a certain guild Master. Erebus had reckoned as much. But need he care? Likely not, in fact, Erebus decided he might as well see if anyone was really out here to protect these things at all.

The item of question was a talisman, and so Erebus would travel to the capitol, and attempt to sneak inside. He hid himself well, and awaited to see what might be occurring in this area, at this time. Staring into a courtyard, there was only so much to think about. The stars, the crickets, and the construction of the kingdom outside the Great Walls.

Sneaking, and soundless, as Erebus had always been. He pushed through a narrow hole in a wall, not much of a window to speak for, as Srebus easily pushed through it with his strength. He found himself entering a lofty palace. Maple picture frames five meters, adorned with style — future antiques no doubt. And a long red carpet, matching the embroidery silk tapestries across the tall white walls.

Erebus took a few steps, and the dust travels up, a small plume provoking him to sneeze — whereby an echo— bounces down the halls, Erebus quickly jumps behind a large column for cover. Figuring this was a potential give to his location and to other’s awareness. He held himself quietly, as if to wait to hear anything coming. If the coast was clear, he would’ve stepped outside and continued to navigate the halls. His head finding a way to creep into every room, and stare down prey where it lay, but his mind was on larger gain, more life was left to reap elsewhere. He had to find this item, and return to Hosenka.


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Like a watchmaker, Kon sat with a series of gears, screws and components in front of him all taken from his left arm, the day prior the appendage had begun to suffer a lack of mobility in some angles and excessive flexibility in others. Reduced to each individual part, Kon had disassembled the artificial limb with careful and miraculous patience in labelling, degreasing and reapplying the appropriate lubricants where needed. This level of maintenance and repair had always proved to be challenging, relying upon his right hand to detach the other arm and unscrew the various components its left-side counterpart was made up of. As he was just starting to reassemble the arm, Kon looked out through the window to his left watching the people below and taking in the scenery. Much like the trees in Fiore, those in Bosco matched with the times shifting in tone and colour with their leaves turning pronounced reds and oranges while some simply lost them entirely. Within the vibrant sea of colours were splatterings of evergreen trees within the gardens of nobility. Typically these were representations of a person’s stature and influence being gifts from other countries whose trees remained unaffected by the sands of time.

Absentmindedly, Kon reassembled his prosthetic whilst observing the workings of the citizens noticing something particularly unusual as his attention was drawn to the sky with the people pointing up to an otherwise unassuming cloud. Intrigued for all the wrong reasons, Kon shifted his weight within the chair as he slotted his arm back into its socket creating a resonating series of sounds as pressure valves began to accept the limb onto his artificial frame once more. Pressing off from the table in front of him, Kon hoisted his heavy figure from his would-be throne and continued to ponder why people had taken such interest in a normal phenomenon. A piece of information that would swiftly become revealed to him with the presence of a figure wrapped in bandages treating gravity like a plaything as they descended to the ground. Reaching the windowsill he tightened his grip upon the wood work leaving behind deep charred groves where his fingers had pierced the timber.

“Just who was this individual?” Kon pondered as he continued to scan them as they traversed through the city occasionally disappearing through the crowds and by buildings that separated the two of them. Much like a hawk peering over his prey, he began to grow anxious as he watched them leave his sight for the final time as they entered the halls of a palace. Someone with the talents already presented was somewhat of a concern, perhaps they were an assassin or thief looking to plunder the goods of the occupants within the residence. Either way, he held an obligation to protect those without the ability to do so and thus would be a cause for what was to come with Kon summoning forth his silisa just outside of the window after raising the glass. With his winged companion now fluttering in the wind, he gave himself a fair distance before vaulting out of the window using the momentum to land with the same grace as a flightless bird onto the Silisa. Guiding it towards the vague location with a shout as the wind buffeted to two of them nearly sending them into the wall of the building he had just left. “That way!”


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After a few minutes in the location, Erebus had already made off and escaped— whether he had what we wanted— time would only tell.

Eventually Erebus would land atop a building and with the snap of his fingers, magical items sizzled and summoned into his hand. His helmet displayed raising numbers and a red arrow pointing near him, likely identifying what he could only assume was an approaching “Contract” or Threat Level, as the Helm’s old master was something of a duelist. Always seeking out the strongest foes. Erebus dipped into his bag and pulled up from his pouch, a magical orb kept donned in his waist belt, and pitched it with a disinterested and seriousness to his eyes, freeing forth a small creature resting in it’s prison. A small white octopus with a large yellow eye  It’s single eye  covered most of its body, but blinked as if sleepily awakening. Erebus was at a remote distance away from any guards near this area, with only a few street lamps around below, approximately 5-6m off the ground. Erebus felt safe enough and unseen enough for the moment.

“We’ll begin from here Occula. Share sight.”

The creature’s nature seemed to adjust and it obeyed without hesitation, the single eye would glow like a lamp, bring up a second display for Erebus, in which he could see everything in a hud bar, and a small square imaging displayed like a hologram before Erebus. It was an illusion would allow him to see everything that his companion did, for at least a few minutes. Erebus would proceed hereafter with caution, allowing his squid monster to watch and hover up into the air about 15m— it was here that Erebus detected movement, as his Apex began to function with the companion as well— ensuring that the numbers over the HUD tray were still moving. Meanwhile, Erebus proceeded to crouch, and unzip his backpack. “I see, I wouldn’t have imagined we’d run into him here Occula. Return and stay near me.” The squid quickly sped down and tucked itself against Erebus’ body. Knowing all too well that the Don was capable. His seriousness wasn’t something he often displayed on a job, as they typically were boring and not the kind of fun Erebus was into anymore.

From within his bag, Erebus reached for duct tape, numerous cups of putty, and C4 explosives. A hundred feet away standing tall behind his point, was an Illumin’ outpost, and Erebus was here on a special kind of mission. The entire location was already rigged to the neck, but Erebus could take this building down in a fiery escape. Clearly that was his intention.

His fingers, albeit pointed like needles, still moved with enough delicacy that Erebus could do everything he needed to set a bomb here. He had something in mind that would require forgiveness and a savior.

If he hoped to get anywhere with that, he would ask God.

Like all men do.

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Straining over the weight of Kon, Hespa’s strength was truly tested with them now actively slowly losing stamina. Knowing that it would only be a matter of time before his steed would eventually run out of mana and knowing that he might need their other abilities, he would need to double-time his efforts to find this person who had garnered his attention. Resting his right hand upon his thigh and grabbing the reins with his other hand, Kon whipped Hespa into double-time blitzing them towards the figure’s last known location. His attempts were nearly for nought as they had seemingly disappeared, however, another oddity came within his line of sight, a strange orb-like creature floating high up in the sky. With no other leads to go off of, Kon guided Hespa atop the peak of a nearby church allowing them to see the ground beneath them in an almost 360-degree radius. Through the combination of his two augmented eyes, the Millenium Eye and Hawken’s Eye respectively he could see his target once more in the sea of darkness, they were like a glowing sun. Representing a power that he only encountered in a handful of individuals, Kon would have to be on guard if he wished to identify them and potentially stop any sinister act they wished to perform. Something which was becoming increasingly obvious as they withdrew a series of suspicious items.

Leaving the peak of the church, the villainous appearance and nature of the man became increasingly apparent with their staggering bounty becoming revealed to the General. He was honestly impressed to see it had reached such a point and wondered just why he hadn’t been hunted down and imprisoned. “They are incredibly powerful, perhaps everyone was too scared to even consider attacking them…” He thought to himself, wondering just what they had done to become effectively public enemy number 1, Kon drew just close enough still flying Hespa albeit having drawn his Dominator from his right hip aiming the intimidating weapon at the bandaged figure while doing the same with his extended free left hand. “With the authority of the Rune Knights and by the orders of the Magic Council, put your hands up and drop any weapons in your possession!” Were they connected with the man whom he had fought only days prior elsewhere he wasn’t sure but he didn’t trust them in the slightest, a person falling from the sky only to dash about with reckless regard around a city was the last one you’d see as being innocent.


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Erebus stared at the floating figure as it grew larger and entered the Frey— when the voice broke out, Erebus was modestly surprised. He had ears all over Fiore, and was one with the Underworld. So the thought hadn’t donned that Konstantin himself would show up, he had undergone many forms. The last of which was a female, before this one here. But it was undoubtedly him— thankfully the passing rumors proved true.

Erebus had known this character, for what seemed his whole life. He was quite satisfied with finding the old foe had made a 180°, or perhaps, he truly was more than man. He was what the rumors had made him out to be a cyborg construct, with the indignation of Godly blood coursing his veins. Erebus had tasted the power of Gods, and was stripped of it. He was denied his deal with the War Pact, to spark the world into War— was no easy task on a deadline. So that God had bailed on his dreams, but it was fine. Nothing but a bump in the road really…

Speaking of bumps in the road,

Erebus had suffered a loss to the Dark Worlders, and in escaping them, unlocked all the secrets of this Universe and the next when his memories and his old identity returned to him. He was not from this universe at all, and in the most twisted turn of events, his mind has replaced the Erebus of this timeline or rather, merged them into one being, thanks to Odin’s matriarch HER. Erebus now has the combined experience of his former incarnations, inhabiting one deranged vessel. A husk with voices and whispers, disturbia and horror.

HER— Morrigan— Another God— that Erebus now owed a deep debt, not only for his life. But for providing him his close friend, that was taken before the final act could be unveiled, and her resurrection complete.

Apartheid— Odin was a hero to the dark races, and to Erebus himself.

Where Crowley went, where Icarus died, and where all the others ended up, was now of no more importance to Erebus— as he had found them through his journeys in high and low places, even if they’d never known it. Watching them all, while he was slowly held in contempt, was where Erebus refined what it meant to be Dark… What if he had just taken things into his own hands he often wondered, and attacked Blue Pegasus when he desired it? Then perhaps, Erebus could have died, so that Odin may live.

In a perfect world, that would have been Erebus’ parting wish.

But this wasn’t the perfect world, and it wasn’t that timeline.

This was present timeline, where Erebus watched the creation of the strongest dark guild on Earthland, be replaced by another band of misfit children plying pretend. Phantom Lord— but oh, how there was new avenues opening up all over Oak— what a change for the old bandit town, thanks to the policies of Erernal Nightmare, Erebus had stakes in that town. Perhaps yet, there was a story there for Ere should he go home.

No more games, and false hopes like Jin Tatsumi’s to plague his mind. No more optimism, no— there was no justfying the new means. There is HELL to pay, for all of Fiore.

Erebus managed a chuckle, at his foes words. The Don was going to jail by no means if he had anything to say about it, until his own goals were recognized in full. Erebus leaps four meters suspending himself in the air,  defying physics due to the nature of his items. Bouncing with the balls of his toes, he leaps up, annd back angain. Placing him 8m over the building’s roof— the distance between Kon and Ere was not too far apart, around 30m.

“I should probably tell you, my place in this world doesn’t allow me to just hand myself over. You would be coming for everything I work for,” The nonchalant and poised response was not merely grit. But said from a place of faith in oneself— showing that at all costs, and points of extremity, Erebus chose battle— he hungered for it even.

The Underworld was what Erebus called home, and Erebus himself— lived through the trade— fostered by it, pulled up from the grave to be its champion. So why now, did this other fellow think he would fall into line? Face life in prison if not death? Did he think there was nothing here.

In another flicker of light, this time— a dark blue liquid slime, conjured a sticky pulsating black bow into Erebus free-hand.

Staring forward, and in much the same way Kon could see Ere’s mana— his light as you might call it, Erebus too could see Konstantin’s, a chilling and yet monstrous sight. If Erebus was the Sun, Kon was a Red Giant. Apex indicated that Kon’s mana pool was at least double the size of Erebus’ own, and on his helmet’s HUD (head-up display)— both of their numbers were listed side by side to highlight this fact back to Erebus.

Besides that— Erebus could read into Kon’s stats. The most notable fact of the Holy Knight in question, perhaps, was that Kon’s physical capabilities matched Erebus’— a sight rarely encountered, albeit, Kon appeared to possess a vast intelligence acute to the laws of magic. Where Erebus possessed something of a mastery with weapons, he was never very magically gifted. APEX also registered all of Hespa’s stats and mana.The Don would keep this information at the forefront of his mind, just what tricks did this opponent bring to the table.


“Occula. Zoom in.” Erebus said, as the tiny prototype creature’s eye magnified like a lense, allowing Erebus to read any movements much quicker. It flew downward one meter, and outward ten meters with it’s movement speed so that it was just at 20m from Kon and therefore able to keep a registered eye on him as well as potentially distract Kon in the nearing moments.

Erebus was sure that if Kon fired the gun, Occula could stand in as a defense mechanism for the first bullet, so with his companion’s spell essentially trained at the Machia, Erebus maintained just enough foresight to hold up a defense against his foe.

“I see you’ve changed since last time Rune Knight Dog, but I‘d recognize you anywhere these days… Big name, even bigger contract.” Erebus spoke with a loud voice, able to travel on the wind and command lesser men, with a slight rear  of his shoulder Erebus moved into his first series of engagement with the foe as he bent backward tapering the only strand in his claws, he pointed the bow directly to Kon in front of him— it’s darkness was such a curse, that any who quarry the mystic quiver would be met with ossification, and using his needle-like claws on his spare hand, Erebus pulled back on the sticky, inky bow string.

“You know, I think we could do business— you and I.” He would speak up again, “but what I’d love right now is nothing more than test myself against you, legendary Sokolov, I have studied on you very well. Konstantin.”

Erebus thrusts his arm back and lets three spells go forward, not using much power, Erebus needed to send out some test shots before anything got too overzealous.

Mana: 3600/4250
Companion’s Mana: 820/1000
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Judement Tarot
First Arrow —
50-90: The user casts the spell for one rank higher

Second Arrow —
50-90: The user casts the spell for one rank higher

Third Arrow —
6-15: The user casts the spell for two Rank lower, the user receives 50% of the Mana used to cast and the spell goes into a one-post cool-down



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A fool’s errand without a doubt, his attempts to resolve whatever dastardly deed that the bandaged figure had done or was planning to do seemed all but in vain. To suggest that an opponent who was even stronger than the one who had actively gone after him just yesterday would just surrender was a joke in itself. It was only until Kon took in a far more detailed look at the man before him, realizing just who it was he was almost left gobsmacked. It was none other than Erebus Graham, an individual whom he held a checkered past with, to say the least. Having known each other in less than ideal circumstances for well over a decade at this point he was almost shocked to see that they were still alive.

A true blast from the past at this point, with them effectively being back just where they were so many years ago with the only difference being they were both just a bit older and they were in Bosco instead of Fiore. Were it not for the assumed guilt that was placed upon Erebus by Kon, he would have almost tried to greet them as a comrade, colleague and even friend but there they were him atop his stead, Erebus upon the slate rooftop in front of him. He was without a doubt curious as to what had become of Erebus during the time that had passed between their last encounter as peers of the Sentinel Syndicate.

“By the gods that was so long ago.” He thought to himself as he almost slipped into a daydream of when he was both flesh and man, a strange combination at this point with him having spent so many years in the body of a woman and now a synthetic one. Unlike his opponent days prior, the Knuckles character whom he also held a shared past with, Erebus had grown but beneath the ragged bandages the signs of decay, damage and life-changing injuries were unmistakable their sources were unknown to him, Scrapping with man, fighting off beasts, defeating magical beings?, he couldn’t be for sure, however, his expertise even from so many years ago was something that Kon was troubled by, “the damage Erebus had sustained surely wouldn’t impact him, would it?” He thought to himself, a fettling hope as his golden eye revealed the awkward truth of what was before him, a fearsome beast of an individual whose physical talents rested within his own capabilities as opposed to being reliant on items but instead were compounded by them.

Were he capable of sweating perhaps a bead or two would touch down upon his brow but no his own anxiety towards his opponent would be swift in its departure just as was its arrival with a swift flick of the wrist returning his gun by his side instead shifting to his everpresent and reliable augmented limbs. A bond between owner and companion becoming ever stronger, Kon was able to prompt Hespa using the gentlest of nips using his heels calling forth a great shift in the weather just like what had been prompted days prior as the Silisa unleashed a mighty roar. It would almost be time for him to leave at this point anyway, the citizens in the capital were getting quite tired of occasional antics with the molten rock coming out from the ground.

Just as he had provoked Hespa into changing the weather, Kon recognizing the disparity between himself and Erebus, he placed his hands together in the briefest of moments causing reality to mimic the void realm as the hue with a vast area around Kon began to shift a deep blue while magic particles began to purge from this world into another. In contrast, without motion only a flick of the eye, his Hawken’s eye began to glow its distinct yellow something that Erebus likely had not forgotten, dulled by the dark helm that rested upon Kon’s head bleeding out light from his neck while the remainder bounced back and forth within the black void. Hardly the most discrete of spells, however with it Erebus would not be free from Kon’s sight until either he was defeated or his vast mana pool was depleted.

More than content attempting to reconnect with his on-again, off-again rival whose shared past was only beaten by the one shared with Kon and Odin, the newly appointed General allowed Erebus to taunt him for his new station and featly to the Council. The hypocrisy was lost on him as the bandaged figure judged him for the contract that he held a mere pittance compared to the great sum that had accumulated upon Erebus’s own head. Quite literally ten times as much in fact. Curiosity had perhaps gotten the best of Kon as he observed Erebus’s limbs contort and shift in shape and size resembling a bow implanted within his scarred and battered arms. The threat of such a concealed weapon became ever apparent as Erebus drew back the ligaments and tendons that would normally remain within a person’s arm and used it to hurl a trio of arrow-shaped projectiles at Kon with the accuracy and speed of a master marksman.

Preferring not to lose his head without a simple retort to explain the irony of his rival's remarks, Kon using his sheer force of will around reality around him manipulated the various pots and debris that was being created amongst the chaos created from the volcanic domain using his right hand. Much like the ripple in reality created through the void taking hold of this reality, the objects controlled by Kon were now coated in a concentrated film mimicking the magic of this realm. With the utmost swiftness made possible, Kon attempted to cast aside the darkly lit projectiles preventing them from striking his leather-clad body.

While they certainly weren’t the strongest of spells he had come across in potency, he was always cautious with poisons and other inhibiting elements still proving a challenge even with his artificial frame. Recognizing Erebus to be close to if not on par with Kon in their current standing, creating space would be the only step forward against him. Speed, the slightest of differences would hopefully be the critical decider between them. That and the divide between them being in the air free to move as free as a bird and Erebus remaining on his two feet firmly on the ground for the time being at least. Ultimately curious though to see how Erebus wanted to test himself on Kon and just how thoroughly they had studied the General, Kon would in turn shoot a piercing blow identical to the one which he had sent at his previous foe with the haste outstripping his current foes own.

And so despite only blocking one of the three arrows aimed at his person removed with a slight mana cost moments later, Kon popped off a searing shot at first aimed at his bandaged enemy’s head manually then allowing his magical eye, one of the few things that was still organic on his body to bend and turn in the air to its target. Much like any ranger worth their weight in salt, their vision was something that remained critical to their wellbeing, but just how well would Erebus hold only possessing one or perhaps more specifically what steps would he take to try and stop the carnage of a molten arrow tearing through both metal and bone-like tissue paper.


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Erebus watched as the entire area became a hellish world he knew all too well. His feet began to pick up as he started to run, he had fired his spells, and Kon was heating up, readying for the ultimate show of the highest magical and scientific advancements in this world. The void around them, revealing that there was an infinite log of information that Erebus was far from understanding inside of Kon.

Yet still, what he knew of the Abyss. It was much like this.

Memories of the torment he suffered by being used as a checker peace so many times over. He longed wished to be a famous hero like Konstantin was, when he was a young adventurer— that hope went to no avail for Erebus. Only dark guilds were interested in his tricks and careless emotion. He was something psychotic for sure— seeing people as number— figures— and cattle. The same thing he once despised as a weak pathetic person. Odin showed Erebus that power meant you get to shape the world anyway you want. He was slaughtered for his deserved opinion— and where did that leave everyone else. It left him knowing that his message would be delivered. If he could not have peace. Then no one should. Erebus would define his role, his purpose and threaten all force of being in this world, that made him the ultimate rival of both Konstantin and Illumin itself.

There was no other doubt for the man known as Erebus, that Konstantin was his master’s nemesis and would now be his to this moment, even if he may die. He employed to kill this man for Odin, or fall in attempt. A late due, for the wrath of his guild and disciples.

Erebus would start to lift through the air as he ran, speeding the distance like a bullet with all the might he’d long since built.

As his arrows made contact with void-magma, Erebus watched the dark enigma power his Searing Shot spell he’d seen so many years ago at the Siege of Oak Town, only now it was tinged with the void, corrupted by power.

Kon’s strength easily made him one of the most powerful foes on Earthland, and Erebus couldn’t help but see the monument as astounding, the heat of the Meteor’s flames coming so close that Erebus could feel them, sizzle his clothes nearly succumbing under the weight of the force— however hidden behind the spell, his body was already moving kinesthetically. Erebus flickered and teleported behind the arrow, appearing in a puff of smoke ten meters beneath, and fifteen meters right of Kon and Hespa’s location in the air, his Occula hopping out his robe instantly, and beginning to zone radar around Kon. From his hand, the bow was swiftly removed in lilac LED spectacle.  

Disappearing in a haste, his item would change into the shape of a shield, showing in his hands, that he was now holding the Spellpuller. A unique skill was vested in this shield, that allowed one to hone enemey spells for various strategies. Erebus was not intending to be there with the shield, when the arrow came back around to hit it. Even though he was sure, and had studied Kon’s powers, that arrow spells would normally home on him— this was a play to interrupt that. Forcing the spell to miss its mark; and give Erebus the chance to close in, creating a close distance he could manipulate easily:

Erebus activated Spellpuller’s ability in his hand, and heaved it as a projectile in line of Kon, but not at him; he rested on faith that it provided him a decoy, and ploy to evade the Rune Knight’s spell.— Ere would cast his invisibility on his armor, disappearing from regular sights, with this he could obscure his body, knowing that his attacks would be more random and hard to track, even if Kon had a sensory; Erebus was a tactical swordsman. Stalk Activated.

If Ere’s shield wasn’t completely destroyed by Kon’s arrow in that pinch of damage, Erebus would dart towards it with a lunge to grab it. When he pulled it in with his hand, it would promptly disappear out of the air. At this distance, Erebus wasn’t yet in point-blank radius of Kon, but he was close.

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As slippery as an eel, Erebus had always shown themselves to be able to get themselves out of most ordinary and even the most extraordinary of situations. Of course, that was never entirely unscathed much likely Konstantin it seemed, Erebus had met with some powerful individuals. There was something strangely different about him, made apparent by their abilities to shift from place to place in the blink of an eye. It was through this teleportation that Erebus was able to escape the burning touch of Kon’s arrow by the skin of his teeth quite literally as the bolt reached his lips before the figure shifted from one position to another. Sensing a longer, more drawn-out conflict between the two of them, Kon removed the connection from this realm to the void, it was a powerful tool but not practical against someone whose talents favoured dominating through sheer force instead of magical skills.

A glimmer of a smile drew upon Kon’s face as he witnessed someone who could test his capabilities, something which hadn’t been done for many years now. His arrow wasn’t going to allow Erebus to escape without receiving its sweet embrace, however. Sweeping into the general direction of his would-be rival, Kon was able to quickly return his sights upon them, While unscathed physically much like his fight with knuckles, the dilemma of a minor mana pool was certainly something he could abuse on Erebus. Patting his stead, Kon attempted to have Hespa create some distance between the two of them all the while Kon’s rogue arrow began to arc back at his foe.

Capable of thinking outside of the box, it seemed Erebus was planning to use the shield as a means to attack Kon or so it had seemed initially, with it instead shifting the attention of the searing shot towards it rather than Erebus. A gimmick which he had seen in a few items before but like so many others it would not be able to resist the smouldering effects of the Rama’s Bow, a fearsome weapon that to this date has defeated countless foes wearing even the thickest armour. Much like a hot knife through butter, the arrow cleaved the slab of metal in two leaving nothing but slag.

An independent missile of sorts at the moment of launch capable of striking within Kon’s slightest bit of attention, he was able to instead focus on the shadowy figure that was Erebus who had since attempted to conceal himself in the allure of an invisibility spell. Against some other individuals, it would prove groundbreaking deciding the fight there and then but he instead continued to linger in the various other sensory visions Konstantin possessed including his depleting mana pool. To feint ignorance or strike ahead of time were his options both of which held their merits, the first would allow the gap to be closed but that favoured Erebus more so than himself, instead to attack now would perhaps prevent them from even laying a hand on Konstantin.

Having already caught the gaze of Erebus before them turning invisible, Kon had readied two shift responses crippling in their mutual rights together would render most unable to see or move, as the bandage man flung his shield at him both. The first of which was a simple binding spell which was disruptive in its own right drawn forward upon his enemy with his left hand whilst his right hand rose into the air before being brought down at Erebus calling forth a great ethereal angel. An uncomfortable feeling crawled up the back of his neck whenever he cast such a spell reliance upon the Illumin faith was something he was uncomfortable with but it did have its perks.

Suspecting that Erebus could not evade once again, the combination of the two would freeze them in place before blinding and delivering debilitating damage to everything he held precious to him. Such a heavy use of mana on Kon’s own reserves was costly but he had no other choice, Erebus was a notorious fighter who had defeated many others and even himself years past.


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In a galaxy, far far away — things may have went differently— but not today.



Suddenly Erebus felt a constrictive paralysis on himself— and the sky would flare, the purple backdrop now hidden behind an otherworldly golden ring— high over the heavens.

Erebus grimaced, his eyes falling back to the man known as Konstantin. There was only half a second, but Erebus would lock eyes with the man— before grinning— his upper half of the face, consealed by the shade of his hood.

The entire area would be set off by burning yellow light— such so, that everything Erebus currently had on him disintegrated, perhaps except for his skin, which was burned a deep red and now stank of burnt red meat. What couldn’t be seen in burns was no doubt covered by his charred bandages.

Erebus coughed— spewing dark brown— roasted… blood.

“You… bastard..” Erebus croaked. Still being held over the ground by the magical crucifix. “I didn’t.. seem to,” *cough* “—stand a chance after all these years.” He finally managed as much— his tone wretched and defeated. Hateful and dark like the night itself. “..I.. will always hate you Kon. It‘s my role to keep you light mages moving forward... see.. after all. Who else would give you the best hunt.. out of this life.” Albeit he couldn’t move his body— the force of his anger could be felt as a chilling reminder that dark mages and their grudges had never disappeared after all.

Even if Reign had declared a truce. This would serve as a startling reminder that the past was not simply behind them. It was only the beginning.

He sought to spit at the end of his words, but couldn’t even move the muscles in his neck thanks to this magic— the dark brown ooze rolled off his burnt lip and drooled down his chin while his eyes narrowed like a hungry beast, the liquid sizzled with smoke and heat as it cooled the burned skin of the old adventurer.


Starship Pain VII [Kon] Empty Mon Nov 20, 2023 2:38 pm


Resembling the famous Peking duck dish, the formidable villain Erebus remained fixed in place by the neck while his body hung loose flailing in the wind. The damage inflicted upon his person and their attire had been truly devastating. Were it not a person, it might have been an appetizing display but it was something that left Kon almost doubled over in disgust. If he still had a digestive system perhaps he would have lost the contents of his stomach. Still respecting his opponent enough to listen to his words, the newly appointed general reflected upon his comments filled with vile poison towards himself while suggesting himself to be a tool for so-called light mages to become more than what they could be. Something that could almost be seen as an honourable goal, however, it was diminished entirely by their futile attempt to violently spit at him, perhaps as one final attempt to get his revenge on the Rune Knight.

It was after all the only recourse he had now, bound and blinded with his skin peeling and burned, a truly pitiful display, one he deeply sympathized with having experienced something far too similar only in these past couple of years. And yet he would maintain his resolve, Erebus deserved what he was suffering just as he deserved what would come next, a lengthy jail term only reduced by extensive repentance and work for the community at large just as he had done after being the Guildmaster of the Sentinel Syndicate. Already having shown themselves to have more than a few tricks up his sleeve, Kon would maintain everything he held upon his charred rival bounding them in place to be imprisoned and given a formal trial.

A trial was much more than he deserved with torturing coming to Kon's mind in the briefest of moments, but what they were already experiencing resembled perhaps the closest Erebus would suffer through the Rune Knights and by extension the Magic Council. Perhaps they would have something more debilitating in mind for one of the most notorious criminals to have ever lived. Ultimately Kon was quite taken aback at the shift in power between the two since the decades of growth.

For now, though he would be taking Erebus away on the invisible strings that kept him around poking him with various spells in the interim to keep them quiet. Kon meanwhile had Hespa relax their influence upon the environment allowing the molten environment to simmer and cool with the slag still glowing hot around them. Cautious beyond all reasonable approach, Kon remained upon his steed guiding them to the nearest outpost to imprison Erebus once and for all.



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