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The Wolf and His Guardian Angel

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The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 10:24 am


Yuurei had helped Michael out when he had gone out of control with his transformation a week ago or so. It wasn’t just that, but he had seen the potential of the man. He figured that he could help him become stronger than he was. He had done the same thing with a lot of the people who had crossed paths with him. He was hoping this would result in the same way; The Seraphim knew where Michael was residing or at least where he was last. It was Orchidia, and it was why he had sent a letter to the Blue Pegasus ship, so they could inform him of the letter.

When he got it, he would read that Yuurei wanted to have a spar with him. He wasn’t sure if Michael would want to, but he did know that if Michael wanted to get stronger, fighting wouldn’t be one of those ways of doing so.

Yuurei had given instructions to meet him on the outskirts of Orchidia. This way when they fought they could be away from civilization.

The young man would be with Renji as the Exceed would hide up on a tree far from their fight, but not far enough that he couldn’t see. Yuurei’s choice of weapons was his spears and it was because he wasn’t done training and mastering these sets of weapons.

“How long do you think it’s going to take for him to show?!” He asked out loud waiting for an answer.

“I don’t know, but I think he will show! I just hope I’m not wrong about that!” He said to Renji.




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#2Michael Winters 

The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 12:17 pm

Michael Winters
Did that Angel really think he was gonna come just like that for a fight. He must be crazy or onto something. Like no way in hell he'd fight. Michael expicitly said that he had to pay him. So he went over just to reiterate that message. That he expects something major in return for this. And no bs of 'its about the friends we made along the way' that will fly with him. Nah, he expects material goods. Which is funny and contrasting to what he said back with Lumikki.
It really was funny how he got along with her. He forgot she was a Paradise Dawn member.

Anywho he closed in on the location and saw the angel in the distance, waiting. Seems Michael will soon learn why Lumi calls him the Heartless Angel. Still, he went on to bring his A- Game to the angel. Show him what he's got.
Who knows, maybe if he wins, he wins over his fear




The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Tue Sep 12, 2023 11:02 am


Yuurei was waiting with Renji hiding in the tree. He wasn’t going to be fighting in this as Yuurei told him he couldn’t. Still, it wouldn’t take long for Michael to show up and he could see him off in the distance. This would be perfect and it would mean their fighting would begin. He would stretch a bit as he would look at him. He wanted to see Michael in that werewolf form again, and hopefully, he would be able to control it this time around.

He would crack his neck as he would stop when his new friend was nearby.

“I see you got my message. I wanted to spar with you in your new werewolf form. It was scary back then, but I figured you were just doing anything because you were not in control. This time I figured we could fight and you could show me what you can do currently. It would also help you find out what you can do with that form or not.” He said to Michael.

He knew the young man’s form must have taken a lot of him and on top of that the wolf that he had summoned must have sapped his mana so fast that he didn’t last long in that form. Still, Yuurei would be using his spears again and he would make sure that this would be the last time Michael would see spears from him for a long time.


#4Michael Winters 

The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Tue Sep 12, 2023 11:37 am

Michael Winters
Michael saw the cat that Yuurei shoo'd away. He looked at it for a bit, thinking has he met it. He didnt remember it on that evening walk. So what gives. Anyway, the cat wasnt the thing that drew him in. It was the persistent angel
"I said it once I'll say it again. You'll have to pay me." he told him. Michael didnt wanna fight what was his potentially greatest fear for nothing. He wanted to get some jewels out of this
"So do we have a deal?" he asked and offered a hand for a handshake to seal the deal.

Once that was done, Michael walked away from him and started to strip. Well, just his shoes, shirt and jacket. And then used his power to transform into his werewolf form. He hated this. He wanted to tell him that he hates him. But he wasnt really that brave. Yuurei might have been all supportive and junk saying his form was scary. But honestly when the Paradise Dawn Seraph said that, Michael wanted to roll his eyes..
Anywho, he watched as the seraph got ready. And he positioned himself for his spot in battle. He figured he should strike first. But truth be told. He really was scared. Before he was taken over and blind. But now he was accutely aware of his happenings. And he was fighting the most likely most powerful man here in the North. He felt it was hard to breathe as if the fight, freeze or flight options came and he froze. Yet his body needed to move. He felt his heart pounding as he could sense the fear and stress overtake him. Why is he doing this? Is a bunch of jewels worth the pain and possible death. What does he get out of it. Yuurei just scared him that much.
Still he swallowed whatever bile was building up and just went on all fours and charged him for a bite attack




The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 7:11 am


Yuurei would hear Michael speak, and he would chuckle a bit. Did he want to get paid for this fight? Well, he would get rewarded in the end. Something small, so he didn’t need to worry about that. He would crack his neck and he would motion his hand with his Gae Bolg in his right hand, and his Giant Fork in his left hand. He would just look at him as he figured he would tell him what it was.

“I won’t be giving you anything outrageous. You will get compensation for the fight, and experience and at least I won't leave you here on your own.” He said as he put his Gae Bolg on the ground and then shook Michael’s hand.

When that was done he would pull Gae Bolg from the ground and he would walk a bit. He would turn to see Michael taking off some of his clothes off. He would sigh with relief when it was just those two stuff. He didn’t expect the man to get naked to transform.

He watched the man become a werewolf just like that which brought him to smile. This was what he wanted and he dug his feet into the ground as he was getting ready for the fight to begin. It would seem like forever since anybody would do anything. He could see Michael in his true form, but it would seem like he was contemplating what to do. The Seraphim wasn’t going to be attacking first though as it would be child play.

It was then that he would Michael running on all fours toward him. He was faster than he was before, and that was interesting. He had a smirk on his face as he would see the werewolf trying to take a bite out of him. He jumped away from the bite dodging the attack and moved to Michael’s left.

“You move faster when you’re on all fours, now that is interesting. If I remember correctly you don’t take much damage in this form at least in a sense you won’t go down in one hit if I hit you.” He said to Michael.

He would toss his Gae Bolg, activating the spell, and straight at Michael. He was aiming for the young man’s head. He didn’t want to stop him from fighting, so if he was hindering anything it would be his head, which wouldn’t do anything for someone like him. He wanted to see what the young man would do and he was ready to continue on with this fight.


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#6Michael Winters 

The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 10:45 am

Michael Winters
The angel had avoided his lycan bite. Michael immediatelly jumped back in fear of some melee retaliation from the man. But thats when Yuurei would throw the weapon at him. Michael narrowly dodged the spear. He could feel it brush his fur. It may have grazed him actually. But just as he thought he was out of hot water
"Hahah!" with a triumph. He'd realize the danger was not done and the dang magic thing was homing on him like a magic missile from hell. "Uh oh" so Michael ran as the spear chased him. Thats when he had a dumbass idea

Run into Yuurei, dodge the spear and watch the spear slam itself into Yuurei. Big brain move. Yuurei wont see it coming. Being attacked by its own thing. So Michael ran to him and just as he figured he got close enough, he quickly moved out of the way, hoping the angel would be hit by his own spear.

One thing Yuurei could see in all of this fight. The werewolf was not as feral as before. He still had his wits like a human and could talk, where as before he couldnt. Now Michael figured he'd try to strat his way to victory.




The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2023 8:32 am


Yuurei would see that Michael had barely dodged the attack, and he was now running toward him. That was interesting, the Seraphim would see that Michael was aware of the spear chasing after him, but it would seem like he wasn’t giving up on closing the distance between them. He was fine with that and that was when his spider senses would kick in. There was danger coming his way, but it didn’t originate from Michael, no it came from behind him.

The Warden would chuckle as he understood what the werewolf was trying to do. It was clever, but it wasn’t the first time it had been done to him. He was aiming for the werewolf’s head so it wasn’t hard to see. When he saw the spear coming to him, Yuurei jumped out of the way to avoid being hit. Michael was on all fours, so it wasn’t hard to see the spear as it was aiming for his head in the first place.

“It wasn’t a bad move at all Michael. You wouldn’t be the first to try and get my spear to hit me. Sad that even if it hit me it wouldn’t just stop until you either take the hit or defend against it.” He said to Michael.

It was interesting, to say the least, but Gae Bolg was moving toward its intended target and Yuurei would add more to the pain. He would point his hand at the runaway werewolf and a huge burst of spiral of light would come out of his hand and toward Michael. He wondered what the werewolf boy would do with this attack heading toward him. Yuurei was intrigued by how he didn’t have to back on Michael. The young man was avoiding his moves, but even then his werewolf skin would be enough to tank a lot of his damage.

It made Michael more interesting than before; it just sucked that Blue Pegasus had gotten to him first, and it was probably going to stay like that unless their relationship strengthened.

“I got to admit, you have good battle instincts though, so show me more.” He said as he was landing back on the ground.


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#8Michael Winters 

The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 1:37 am

Michael Winters
Yuurei jumped to avoid the spear and spoke how his idea wasnt bad. But spoke how it is sad that even that even if it hit him it wouldn’t just stop until he either takes the hit or defends against it. Michael doubted he'd be able to defend himself against the spear, he was sure anything the angel touches would turn into a weapon of mass destruction, spear included. So he had an idea. Jump onto Yuurei and cling to him and make the spear hit him.

The thing was, Michael doubted he can do any damage. He just wasnt as skilled or knowledgable nor as powerful as the angel. So he needed to use the angels equally powerful tools against him. But as he was avoiding the spear and strateegizing he failed to realize one thing. Yuurei can still attack. A huge burst of light came at Michael. Michael saw the move way too late as he was proccupied by the spear and so he attempted to block the attack. It still did some damage, but the injured wolf couldnt stop now. So he leapt at Yuurei and just went to grab him and hold him, so the spear can get him.

If the grab was successful, he'd hold the angel and try to position himself to the angel is facing the spear first and so when the spear like starts going thru him that Michael can just let him go and drop down and attempt to deal with the spear finally.




The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 7:00 am


Yuurei’s beam of light would hit. Perfect, he expected that much since Michael had been trying to get his Gae Bolg to hit him. He would see though that he wasn’t done just yet. The damage wasn’t much and he was still standing. Yuurei figured as much as last time he saw him it was the same thing. He had too much health in this transformation. It was a good thing for him because it meant that he could fight a bit longer, but in the future, this wasn’t a man he wanted to battle against. Still, he sense the danger while falling to the ground, but it would seem like Michael wasn’t going to back down.

He would see the werewolf coming straight for him and it would seem like he would attempt to grab on to him. He was sticking with that plan and Yuurei was fine with this. While Michael had grabbed on to him, Yuurei would have one of his arms pointing into the sky. He could feel the werewolf trying his hardest to hold on to Yuurei. The seraphim weren’t trying too hard to struggle, but he had done enough to pretend this wasn’t what he wanted.

In the attempts that Michael did noticed that something was wrong, Yuurei would have stepped on his foot to make it harder for him to move away from him.

Threads of light would started wrapping around itself quickly as it had become the spear that was within him but in as the magic was light it had a yellow color to it. He had a smirk on his face as he would let this fall on the two of them. He was fine with his own attacks hitting him due to his resistance being high to light magic. Gae Bolg would also land it’s hit, as it would pierce not just Yuurei on the leg, but also Michael as well.

The Requip user would have his Gae Bolg return to his hand as it would disperse as it dug into not just him, but Michael as well. He had gotten the plan to work, but it would cost him dearly. Yuurei would squint from the pain though as he could feel the warm blood dripping down on his leg. He wasn’t wearing any armor, but at the same time it wouldn’t have matter anyways. He would just look at Michael to see if he had withstood all of these hits.

He was testing out the waters with this transformation as he wasn’t sure that Michael was the only person who could transform into something like this. The Mysterious Merchant might have given this power to someone else in this world.

“Nice, I couldn’t evade you for too long, and I guess in your perspective it was worth it. If I have to say so myself, I should be taking you on jobs, so you can gain more experience and become stronger than you currently are.” He said to Michael.

He feared this transformation, but at the same time he wanted to see its full potential.


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#10Michael Winters 

The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 7:45 am

Michael Winters
He grabbed the angel, good now the spear can spear him. Only wait, his nose sensed danger. It took him a second but when he realized what Yuurei did, he spoke to him "Oh you mother fucker" in an im not angry, just disappointed tone. But fine, if Yuurei wanted to keep Michael there, then the wolf would make it as painful as possible for the angel. If he wasnt struggling now, he would make sure to make him struggle for real. So the wolf bit the angels shoulder as hard possible

He didnt know if seraph could contract lycantropy or are they too holier than thou to get it. Either way he didnt really care. He was certain that the angel tried to like cure his fear of him with some exposure therapy of fighting the strongest guy ever. And true, Michael would be less fearful of him, but only because he was so annoyed by the guy instead. And mad he couldnt really do anything worthwhile to hurt him. It was demoralizing to say the least. Every time he gets stronger and thinks he's a step closer to dealing with those mages, he gets curb stomped by another. Lumikki said that he was like a B rank mage or something and that is like really good from what he understood. But he still felt weak.

Right on cue the spear hit them both and Michael just dug his teeth deeper in the angel to surpress the pain as well as his grumbles and words towards him.

If he got the chance now, he'd let go Yuurei and get away from him. Limping since he was in pain. He shuddered as he felt the anger fade and fear take over once more. If this guy wanted to kill him, he'd be able to do that and he wouldnt be able to do anything about it. He felt like a small pup instead of an alpha dog.

Yuurei spoke to him, he wasnt sure if it was a compliment or whatever as he was still messed up from the attack. He had no idea why this Guild Master had some interest in him, why would he help him get stronger? So he can be a punching bag once more.
He wanted to ask him why would he bother with that. But knew the seraph would give him some bullshit feel good answer instead of the selfish truth.
"Oh god, I feel sore all over, my bones are aching as if Im an old man. I dont know what to do against him even. If there was prey somewhere I could recover.. Maybe.. I should just try a head on attack and get over it. The sooner he knocks my lights out the better" he thought to himself as his morale was rather low. All he wanted to do was hide in shame and lick his wounds at this point

He tried to go for another charge at Yuurei and slash him with his claw. Though he knew nothing would come of it. He just wanted it to end as quickly as possible and if by any chance, as painlessly as possible. Let this angel pay him for his medical fees and let him sleep in peace in a hospital or whatever.




The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 9:28 am


While Yuurei would hold Michael still, he would feel the man biting down on his shoulder. It would seem like he would inflict some damage on him. That was for the best as they were exchanging blows. Once everything was over with he would see Michael moving away from him. It was a slow move from his fellow werewolf as he had been hindered for this entire fight now. Yuurei was also in the same boat.

Yuurei could see the attacks did a number on him. They were both hurt, and he would crack his neck as this was getting close to the end. He could see it in Michael’s actions that he felt fear; he could imagine it was because of the difference between their strength and that if Yuurei was truly a monster, Michael wouldn’t leave today alive. Still, he wouldn’t do any of that and it would seem like there was a pause for their fighting. It was then he would see that Michael was charging at Yuurei, but it would show that he was moving slowly. It would be the same for Yuurei as he would just limp toward the werewolf.

When they got close enough Yuurei would attempt to thrust his Gae Bolg straight into Michael’s shoulder. They couldn’t dodge any attacks really, but only defend against them. Yuurei would see Michael swipe at him with his claws and he would block the attack with his giant fork. The Requip had hindered himself with his own weapon. It was a good strategy that Michael had planned; it was one that Yuurei would learn from and make sure that something like that couldn’t happen again.

Hell, he didn’t even know his Gae Bolg would be able to affect him if he was hit, but that was the result here. If his weapon hit, Michael would indeed fall unconscious from the powerful blow that had struck him.

“A powerful ally is what I want. If I know someone like you is strong enough to help with bigger threats, then it’s less work I have to do. Also, it would be fun to be able to go all out against someone like you.” He simply said as he was hoping he would understand why he wanted Michael stronger.

Renji watched the entire fight, and he was surprised Yuurei allowed himself to get caught. It would seem like it would be something the Exceed would have to get at him for doing. Still, hopefully, with the fight being over, they could get Michael’s wounds treated fast so they could be on their way.


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#12Michael Winters 

The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 10:01 am

Michael Winters
The fights outcome was obvious as well as inevitable. It would've taken a miracle to take down Yuurei. Like an anvil from the sky to knock him right over the head. Or something absurd and miraculish. Yuurei started to speak"A powerful ally is...."and thats where he stopped understanding any words. As his vision became hazy and darker as his body just gave out on him. He fell down to the ground and transformed back to his human form.

What happened next, he didnt know. Yuurei most likely took him somewhere to be healed. All the wolf knew was that nowhere in his right mind would he fight Yuurei ever again. If this was him facing his fears, this just reaffirmed that he should be scared of this man. Why the HELL would he join Paradise Dawn? To live under the constant stress and fear of the murder angel. He can be put down like a common dog and he cant do anything to stop it.

Never did he felt such despair and fear. He felt like a child, a defenceless child who couldnt do anything. He felt tears starting to well up, but he had a sense of pride to hold that in. He didnt want to show weakness. Not to him, not to anyone in a battle.

He was a weakling and he wondered why the hell did he get mixed up in this world? Was it better to leave all mages alone and fuck off and be alone. Was this stress and fear worth it. He lived a solitary life in peace, why did he seek company.

Eventually he'd wake up and be disoriented and still in pain. His foot hurt a lot. His head hurt as well. He sighed as he laid back and rested, letting the defeat sink in. Not the battle but the morale. He didnt have the willpower to stay up. He just rested on the bed and looked at the ceiling. He slowly lifted his arms and looked at the palms of his hands. He had scars only he knew about. He sighed and just rested and closed his eyes as well.
He'd just pretend to sleep. He didnt want to deal with anyone or anything. Even if Yuurei came, he'd ignore him and pretend to sleep. If Lumi was there? Perhaps the same, but for different reason. He just wanted to rest as the battle was grueling. It was hard on his mentality and sanity rather than his body. His physical wounds would heal. But his mind would not.
He didnt want anything to do with Yuurei for a while. He was scared of the man even if they were on amicable terms. He just wanted to be alone



The Wolf and His Guardian Angel  Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 11:25 am


Yuurei would see that Michal was knocked out. He could be struck by him at any time, but the same thing could be said about the two women in his guild. If they wanted to fight him and take his life, there was nothing he could do about it. In the end, it was the same way anywhere he was at the moment. The only thing he could do was move forward get stronger, and continue fighting. It was what he needed to do, but yeah. Yuurei would watch him transform into the man that he had met, and he would pick him up.

Once he had picked him up, he would grow wings from his back and he would look at Renji. The Exceed would climb onto Yuurei’s shoulder and they would be off to the guild. When he arrived, he would take him to the infirmary, where the mages who worked there would take care of Michael. They knew this was just another victim of Yuurei, and they would take care of them. Yuurei would leave the place and he would go to the rooftop to enjoy the beautiful scenery.



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