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Questing and Battling (Yuurei)

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#1Tamás Horvath 

Questing and Battling (Yuurei) Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 10:14 am

Tamás Horvath
Tamas was out on for a brief quest that led him to Luluhawa Island. He was surprised that treasure hunting was a sought after profession and yet under represented one. He didnt see himself as a treasure hunter, but he still saw that as mercenary work. Paradise Dawn had the de facto mercenary title.

Anywho, story says that there was a powerful mage who actually had a good and strong weapon. The Magic Gun. Basically a gun they enchanted to do arcane damage or could change elemental damage. Something along those lines. So the thing is, he needed to retreive that. It was last seen on Kahu Rock. And the thing is not everyone can get it. Only the strong can, or else if you are weak. The weapon will kill you. It burns you. Your mind. Your soul. Or something along those lines. So it was not a mere fetch quest for the feeble. No, it was a fetch quest for the mighty.
Little did Tamas know. He'd encounter someone familiar


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Yuurei was on Luluhawa Island for one reason only, and it was because it was an island. It was a beautiful island and it was nice and warm. He would come here when he was escaping the North like any other. It was easy to go back home and that was for sure. The young man, however, was here for the day. He was trying to figure out what to do. His guild had seen two people go as they had started another guild somewhere else within Fiore. If he remembered correctly it was somewhere in the West.

They would instantly become allies with each other unless Tamas felt otherwise. He was glad to have helped the man grow and hoped that there would be people who would fill up the spot he had left empty. Still, he was on the island enjoying himself, with Renji on his shoulder.

The Seraphim figured he could take a sea creature job within Kahu Rock unless something else caught his attention. The elf boy would keep walking around the place as Renji was just looking around to see if he had also found anything interesting.

It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would see someone strange, yet familiar. He could see a man clad in armor, and he automatically knew who it was. That was a distinctive look and if they were in this heat on this island and someone was wearing this, then it meant it was Tamas. Yuurei would approach the man but called out to him, so he didn’t feel like Yuurei was sneaking up on him.

“Hey Tamas what are you doing on this island?” He asked curious to hear what he had to say.




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#3Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
To his surprise he would see Yuurei here.
"Ah long time no see." he would greet his former guild master who would ask him what is he doing here
"I am here on a quest. I need to retreive someones weapon. Seems like a simple fetch quest at the start, but it reportedly claims to burn the mind and soul of the unworthy ones who dare to touch it. So in short. Weak people cannot claim the weapon to retreive it back for its owner. And so" as Tamas spoke, the sea creature Yuurei mentioned had splashed by nearby them. Waves crashed on the Kahu Rock and as Tamas was explaining his quest and how this is at minimum an A rank fetch quest essentially. The Magic Gun he was looking for suddenly dropped in his hand. Seemingly being spit up by the creature that splashed over yonder.

Tamas stops mid sentence and looks at the weapon in a few silent seconds and looks back at Yuurei, playing it off as nothing happened "Nevermind! I was just going home. What brings you here?" noticably to Yuurei, the iron giant did have more emotion in his voice. Particularly when his quest just finished and was officially 'off duty'.
Tamas put the quest item away in his pouch as he was now curious why the Paradise Dawn guild master is here





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Yuurei would hear his reason for being here, and he would have a smile on his face. If he was doing a job like that, then maybe he could be of assistance. He didn’t want to get in his way, so he would just give him a push. It would seem like he had examined something before saying something else, which made Yuurei laugh a bit. It would seem like he had done the job already.

“I was enjoying the beautiful weather here. I was also hoping I could find someone to spar with. I think I got the hang of my spears, and I just feel like I need a little push to master it.” He said as he looked at Tamas.

“Since you’re here, how about we fight? Guild Master versus Guild Master. It will toughen you up, and prepare you from anybody who tries to attack the guild. Of course, I will always come to help, but on the times I can’t it would be nice to know you can handle it on your own.” He said to Tamas hoping he would accept the fight.

Renji figured this would happen and he would shake his head. He wasn’t going to get in the middle of this and he would just watch from afar.


#5Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
Yuurei still held up this mentor like attitude towards him. Not that he minded. But it seems he wanted to spar again. It was a matter of pride when he said Guild Master vs Guild Master. Indeed, even if he wasnt one, he wouldnt decline Yuurei. But now he really needed to go all out.
"Very well, I accept your challenge" he spoke as he placed the quest item in his back pouch

He was aware of the dangers of being attacked. While Paradise Dawn is a nice backup support. He couldnt really rely on them, nor did he want to rely on them. Tamas thought he was gonna be able to open his guild while Eternal Nightmare was up and squash its remnants to secure the West. But his endevaours were too late for Phantom Lord had risen up and they seem to go strong with no signs of slowing down. It was an uneasy presence to have them in Oak. They would certainly also be out to do no good and trying to prove themselves as these big baddies. Which would mean that sooner or later, they would try to mess with the Guild. Indeed, he had to take up arms and be ready for them.
So Tamas drew his sword and said "I am ready whenever you are"



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Yuurei was glad that Tamas had agreed with his challenge. This was perfect, and honestly, he couldn’t wait to see what his friend would do. He wasn’t wrong with what he had said, and he needed to be prepared. If he didn’t prepare himself it could prove fatal to his guild, and that wasn’t something Yuurei would want. He would have his spears appear in his hands. The Seraphim was one of the strongest, but he still had things he needed to improve on as well. He would get into a fighting position as he could tell that Tamas’ helmet had looked different from before. It would seem like he had new gear, which he found intriguing.

He would start with that then since Tamas wasn’t rushing in to attack him. He did see Excalibur in his hand and it was a sword that was befitting for him. Yuurei had a version of his own, but it was not from this universe. The Seraphim would push off the ground and he would close the gap between the two of them. His eyes focused on Tamas as he didn’t have his armor on him at all; he didn’t underestimate his friend, but he just wanted to make things harder for himself in this battle.

The Requip mage wouldn’t swing with his Gae Bolg, no, if he had done that and hit Tamas then things might have ended too fast. No, he used his Giant Fork and he would thrust his left arm toward Tamas’ head. He was attempting to deal a lot of damage to the helmet to see just how durable that thing was. As for his right hand, Gae Bolg would be in front of him as if he were ready to block with the weapon if he needed to. He wasn’t sure what Tamas had planned, but he would see soon enough.

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#7Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
Yuurei closed the gap between them and his first attack was a thrust from the big fork. But it was going for his face. Sure he had the helm, but he had gut instinct, so he reacted by parrying the attack quickly. The fork would clash with his sword. As their weapons were locked, Yuurei would able to get his weapon to hit the helm. Its just the effect of the blow was weakened and Tamas didnt let the guy proceed with the attack any further.
As the weapons were locked in combat of who would overpower who, Tamas went to kick Yuurei in the stomach to make the guy back off.

Whether that worked or not. One way or another he gets distance. So he tries to do a technique of the sword "Excalibur" he said and summoned its full power with a devastating swing, firing a powerful beam of light that spreads out in a cone, dealing damage to anybody caught in its path. The cone spreads up to 16 meters width at maximum range and deals S-rank damage. Colliding with objects and other spells doesn't reduce the damage of this spell.




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Yuurei would look at Tamas as he would see that he was quick to defend himself. That was good, but his friend would notice that his Excalibur would take a ton of damage from their weapons clashing with each other. His spear had also been damaged as well, but the strength in their clashing could be seen from how much damage their weapons took.

He had a smirk on his face though as he could see that Tamas was ready to fight, as he was last time. Still, this time he could tell that he was more confident and prepared than last time. The Seraphim would see that the clashing of weapons wasn’t the only thing that was happening. He would see Tamas kicking him, and he wouldn’t do anything about it. He would be hit, and he would be pushed back from the blow as he had a smirk on his face.

This was fun and he wondered what this man was going to do next. That was when it happened; he laughed to see the same ability he had being used on him. It was comedic actually and he would look at his Giant Fork and he would shake his head.

“Beautiful usage of Excalibur, Tamas show me more.” He shouted out loud.

He would push through it instead. He knew the spell wouldn’t push him back, but it would hurt. He kicked off the ground and ran toward Tamas.

The spell would hit him with full force, and it would damage everything he had at hand for damage. The ability was made of light, so his Giant Fork, his Gae Bolg, and even himself wouldn’t take that much damage. Tamas would hear Yuurei scream in pain, but would soon see the man in front of him once again.

“I always felt like that was an amazing spell, from such a beautiful sword don’t you think? You should be careful, it looks like Excalibur is ready to give out at any moment.” He said as he would thrust his Giant Fork once again at Tamas' Helmet.

Yuurei wanted to see his face and this would be the way.


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#9Tamás Horvath 

Questing and Battling (Yuurei) Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 8:45 am

Tamás Horvath
As much as a lover of battle he was, there was a time when he had to draw a line between fun and seriousness..ness.
Sure Yuurei just wanted to spar and sharpen up on his weapon skills, just that tiny lil bit of pizzazz, and the guy wasnt gonna do anything and stuff, like no real harm and bla bla whatsoever. But this was the line, when it was not about fun, but being serious.

Yuurei had a smirk on his face though as he was enjoying this. Tamas had to forgo that as this wasnt Guild Master to student, but Guild Master to Guild Master. He cant say no to a good fight. He cant say no to a challenge and now as a leader he cant say no because he is the face of a guild and its power. Only a coward says no.

When he got some space between himself and Yuurei he used the swords spell. It was a light element spell which meant he wasnt gonna do much to Yuurei, but overall, he didnt really have offensive magical options. He was more of a defencive tank...... 'tank' in big air quotes. But yeah he wanted to defend his guild, hence the more defencive options rather then offensive. In the past all he needed was his melee. But lately that wasnt cutting it. Not anymore.

Yuurei was having the time of his life as he laughed. Tamas wasnt much of a laugher himself, he was more of a silent guy. Silence does well for him. Even if Yuurei shouted compliments.
The seraph would push through it instead. He knew the spell wouldn’t push him back, but it would hurt. He kicked off the ground and ran toward Tamas.
Sure there was some pain the seraph felt, but he found himself back to Tamas soon enough. He went to block the attack but the sword gave out and wasnt enough to block the attack and Yuurei got a clean attack at his helmet.

The Knight wanted to curse so bad. But whatever curse words he had, he had to swallow them. And the seraph got his wish and the knight was not pleased. You dick. Was also one of the thing she wanted to say, but he didnt. Like there were so many choice words to be spoken, but he didnt. Because diplomacy bla bla bla. Maintaining good relations and bull.
Which meant he had to be diplomatic, even if he wasnt. He also had to remember he said yes to this, so he shouldnt complain



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Yuurei would thrust his spear, and it surprised him what Tamas had done. The young man blocked with his Excalibur, and the blade would break from the impact of the attack. Still, it wouldn’t be enough to stop him from attacking that was for sure. Still, the hit of Excalibur would weaken the blow of his attack on his helmet as it would now do so much damage that not even the helmet could hold on as well. He would see the man’s face again, and he could tell that Tamas was not happy with this fight.

The Seraphim would see that Tamas was on the ropes right now, but he honestly knew this would happen. Yuurei figured fighting people like Tamas and Lumikki would help them become stronger in the long run. It was how he felt in his perspective, but he wasn’t sure if that would happen. Only the strong, who could withstand an ass beating like Yuurei would emerge stronger than ever. He was hoping that was the case for Tamas Lumikki and many others.

Still, right now he had to focus on the fight at hand. He would step away from Tamas the moment he would look at the man in front of him. They were sparring all right, but things were going to have to end soon. He wasn’t sure how much more of this Tamas could handle. He would take a deep breath as he was looking at his companion.

They weren’t just allies, but Yuurei considered him a friend. He had joined his guild before he left to make his own. He didn’t see it as a betrayal, but a branch out.

“There is the face of the man that will go far and beyond the capabilities he has.” He said to Tamas.

He would dig his feet into the ground wondering how he would strike. The Seraphim was certain the moment he had hit his friend would be the moment this fight was over. He was about to take a step forward and then remember that Tamas was a mage. That was right, he wouldn’t be taken out if the last time he remembered his magic had protected him without Tamas doing anything. Well, it depended if the young man had the mana for it right? He wasn’t sure how it worked, but he would hope that the young man would entertain him more.

“Let’s see if you can take a hit.” He said to Tamas.

It was then he would push off the ground and toward him. He would close the gap between them quickly. His eyes look straight at his friend’s face as he swings his Giant fork to the side of his waist. He wouldn’t stab him or anything as he didn’t want to do any lasting damage to Tamas. He used his Gae Bolg this time wondering how the impact would go.

Renji was relaxing and he would only shake his head as it would seem like Yuurei was enjoying his fights a bit too much once again.


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#11Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
There was only so much a man could do when you had mere seconds to react and pure reflex to do the job for you. Normally his handy blade would be the thing he uses to block such attacks. This was not the case this time.
"Did you seriously had to break my stuff?" he'd ask as he'd raise his brow. Namely he meant the helm. He liked that thing!

In terms of philosophy of growth, Yuurei and Tamas had two different views of attaining strength. Yuurei thought that fighting him and losing to him over and over would make someone stronger. While that was just pure fallacy in Tamas's eyes. Fighting someone leagues stronger then you will not stimulate growth of power. It will stimulate the willpower to train to defeat the foe, but it wont make anyone magically stronger. He was sure Yuurei didnt get strong this way, by losing over and over to someone. It was ludicrous to think that way.
No, pure hard work gives strength. Sparring does too sure, but not when theres an imbalance of power, but when things are 50-50, when its anyones game. When you can learn from your foe and getting in shots that do damage and are rewarding. Landing a shot on Yuurei doesnt really feel that way as it doesnt feel like you're any closer to defeating him. He can yell and scream all he wants. But pain doesnt always equate to damage dealt. A needle can be painful, but not damaging.
Knocking out someone in a spar also isnt beneficial for them to learn or grow stronger. Tamas views that as more detrimental to ones growth if you crush them and show them the futility of facing you.
He will admit Paradise Dawn is strong. But it is because they work hard and push themselves. The sparring between Yuurei and Brone is beneficial to both of them.
This one here? Its just so Yuurei can master his spear, just work out the kinks in his technique. Nothing here was worth his time. If anything, he was in a net minus. His weapon gone and helm near breaking point. He'd like to keep his shit.
Then again, he does have his trusty Claymore back at the guild if Excalibur is out of commission. That claymore may be in a bad shape, but its keeping up well all things considered.
Maybe he should figure out how to enchant it or something.

"Let’s see if you can take a hit." Yuurei spoke and Tamas sighed and had to try and block it. He only had his magic left at this point. His weak magic taht he didnt use much
Yuurei would go toward him. He would close the gap between them quickly. He swings that Giant fork to the side of his waist. He had a spell with his helm that could do this, but Yuurei had to break his shit, so all he had was the weak ass greed magic he baely used. And of course that was about to go as well as one would expect. The seraph would win the match



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Yuurei would look at Tamas as if it would seem like he was upset with his armament breaking. He understood as much, but all he needed was a blacksmith to take care of them and they would be good as new. Oh, wait he was a blacksmith, and he wasn’t going to leave Tamas without his items. Still, he would swing his spear, and he would see that Tama would use his greed magic. It was interesting to see the thing take effect as he would be covered in black for a short second. Yuurei would smack him with the spear, and the impact between the two would go through, but it wouldn’t stop there.

No, the strength behind Yuurei’s attack was strong enough to bring the black material around Tamas to disperse and take him out of his magic. He would sigh as he would look at Tamas as it would seem like the fight was over. He expected him to be able to withstand that attack, but his eye was something else. He was going to have to close that eye when he fought people like him.

“Well, that was interesting. I guess I can take you to get your bruises taken care of.” He said to Tamas’ unconscious body.

Renji would make his way to Yuurei and he would shake his head at him.

“That man is going to hate you. That’s twice he lost to you?” He asked Yuurei.

The Seraphim would disperse his items and he would be in his regular clothing. He would crack his neck and he would look at Renji.

“Well, hopefully, it would motivate him to get stronger then. If he wants to protect his guild from people with my strength he needs to become much more, or at least have someone with him to make sure he doesn’t lose those around him.” He said to Renji.

He would pick up Tamas' unconscious body and make his way to the infirmary around Luluhawa island. He had fought him before, so he knew where to go. He would drop him off, and he would tend to his Excalibur and his helmet. He wondered what the helmet could do but figured it would be something he would learn about another time.

He would mend his helmet and then soon after Excalibur. Their integrity would return to normal, and he wouldn’t know the difference. Well, he would know that he had to get stronger than he hoped. Once he was done with everything, he would leave the man’s gear next to him, and he would be on his way. He figured he would go back home and fight those within Paradise Dawn. It seemed like they were the only ones who didn’t get angry at him when they had to fight against Yuurei.


#13Tamás Horvath 

Questing and Battling (Yuurei) Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 1:09 pm

Tamás Horvath
He woke up and realized where he was, he shook his head and took his stuff and placed the helm back where it belongs. This is why he prefered to have his helm. Hiding his emotions, as well as head protection. He knew he had to get stronger. Yuurei didnt need to remind him of that fact. He sighed as he remembered he needed to finish a quest. He checked if he still had the item he was tasked to get. Upon seeing it, he sighed from relief. Glad that he didnt have to look for it. He'd have a mini heart attack if he lost it. Because he wouldnt know where to look. But he had it and thats what mattered

Tamas focused on giving back the item that he was tasked to get and then finishing up on Luluhawa to go back to Baska. He needed to do more quests. He needed to do a lot of work and hopefully go and meet other Guild Masters. He needed to have a word with Judith and Alisa. Perhaps one of those two would be able to give him certain insight he needed. But for now all he needed to do was quest


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