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between the rainfall - Void Cavern: Wings of the Void [Priv: Saturn + Vesper]

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#1Briar Caidh 

between the rainfall - Void Cavern: Wings of the Void [Priv: Saturn + Vesper] Empty Sun 12 May 2024, 21:31

Briar Caidh
The smile of a boy within the iridescence of the forest he found himself trekking through, a small pack at his back hefted by little hands that jolted in surprise at the smallest startle. This was a source of jumpiness not from anxiety - his nerves as won over by his optimism in any scenario - but excitement. This undercurrent of energy, electricity, only drove him to bounce between his legs on each step he took to meet up with the expedition group for this Void Cavern - as it was so named. He was practically skipping, fighting with himself and the twitching of his fingers to pull firmer at his belongings and reel him in somewhat. He didn't want to look overeager. He'd settle for eager alone. 

Their collective efforts the preceding weeks - and for the following few - were fixated on fighting back against this incursion, with Briar and his forever best friend Vesper at the forefront of any counter-attack they were ... allowed to take part in. Some supervision was necessary. They didn't think so, but they weren't so prideful to fight back; I'm not a kid, sir! didn't stand up too well at his height against the figures around him, while they also had a duty to Blue Pegasus to accept its terms for their involvement. It had become somewhat routine, if consistently ... electrifying, was still the term. Nothing too out of their depths. Nothing without the oversight of someone far more experienced with an interest in helping them walk away with their little limbs still attached.

It didn't bother Briar too much - he took every new meeting as this opportunity to prove himself anew, another step in his growth, until he could be the kind of mage that was called to these events rather than needing to weedlessly sign himself up. He hadn't yet reached the folk hero status he had been aiming for in Hargeon: he couldn't expect the world et large to accept him. He would just have to keep trying; so he did, with that selfsame smile and the pomf of his fluffy hair that bound with him each hop. He knew Vesper would be there - they took these assignments together, though they weren't always able to leave and arrive at the same time - but he didn't know the 'veteran' that had been assigned for their squadron. Not to his knowledge, at least. 

He'd approach with the burgeoning beat of his heart, thrumming louder than what he'd say the first moment he met up with the group - his eyes closed for his entrance to focus his senses better on his introduction. "H-hello! I'm Briar ... Briar Caidh! Briar Caidh of Blue Pegasus! Thanks muchly for the help today, pally - I'll be workin' real hard too, so- so please rely on me! Us!! My friend 'n guildmate Vesper Lovera'll be along 'swell and we're practiced in teamin' up, so you can rest assured we have your back as you have ours, yessir!" A breath to catch it from the speed of his words, gasping, while straightening the way his head had rolled in his mewling to finally center into the scene.


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THe knights were scrambling to do a lot all at once, many of them were separated and handling different instances all across fiore. There weren’t as many of them on the higher end of things as there used to be. When the call went out and the few lieutenants under his command rushed to him explaining in hurried breaths what happened. Then the orders came down from up high. From the kingsguard and that meant that it was directly from the king himself if you knew anything about anything. It laid out a pretty excessively ornate plan that didn’t really include saturn all too much…

Until he noted that he was to be assigned to one of the lesser dungeons due to the fact that he had been doing his own thing for so long. They requested it in such a way that made him wonder if they were punishing him or testing him. The demon’s ears flicked a little bit and when he arrived on the meeting sight he had found himself being the first one. Sleeping dragon in one hand, a map in the other and his armor lightly hanging off of his frame. The ten foot tall disguised form was going to be a problem in the dungeon so he’d have to use something else he figured unless it was a little more spacious.

Snapping his fingers to get a few chairs and a table in the meeting area the demon pondered over the plans; looking over the information. The enemies, everything that he could garner from the scouts that had returned to them. Some hadn’t made it back which worried him but that was for another time.

However when a voice rang out saturn found his heart drop a little bit; he recognized his friend all too well. Recognized that verbal tick, recognized the nervousness. This explains everything to him in an instant, they put him here to make sure that the next generation of mages wasn’t going to be alone when they foraged into the darkness. His brows lessened in their frustration and his smile widened a bit. He was glad that briar had signed up; just a bit surprised that they did though. Perhaps it was for the best.

Good to see you briar. Hopefully your friend doesn’t run too late, hate to have a good duo split up.

Saturn motioned for the chair, if vesper wanted a seat that was what it was there for. If he didn’t? Well standing was fine too, more room to see the map that saturn had brought along. They had a few ideas of what was in store for them and with the resources of two of the most renowned good guilds… well. He could feel success right around the corner. He felt that this was a test for both the new duo and himself; something he didn't know how to feel about but... He'd get to that when they got there.


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An enkindled halation, flickering between the eager strides that were leading him to another invaluable experience with his best friend in the whole world, Briar, and the anxious scampering of a boy so dreadfully lost. The duo were selected to depart on another expedition through the newly manifested Void Caverns, assigned under the guiding hand of another, far more capable adult. This isn't to say that the boys were useless in their own capacity, but they were still ostensibly in their growing phase. Two young flowers yet to sprout fully, nurturing together in their shared experiences in pursuit of their goals. Vesper wanted to be a hero. Someone that pierce through any darkness with a radiant smile and the strength to save all who cry out for help.

Vesper is so embarrassed, cheeks flushed red and teeth gently gnawing at the bottom of his lips. Woefully whining to himself as his pace quickens, adrenaline marionetting his jittery legs with each passing step. He and Briar had to work so much harder to be taken seriously due to their age and here he was with such a shameful display. A prayer blooms. One that hopes more than anything that their commander would be lenient and forgiving, to give the young wolf just one more chance. He would prove his worth. He was more than confident in his abilities.

He finally arrives at the encampment, heart plunging below the depths under the crushing weight of an anchor when he spots Briar. He wants to hide his face out of pure, unadulterated shame, but he understands he has to take responsibility. Deep huffs of a boy so utterly exhausted and out of breath, scouring the periphery for the one directing the party. He scurries over to the most obvious candidate, a giant among tiny mortals with a friendly disposition and bows his head in pure austerity. "Vesper Lovera, reporting for duty! You have my humblest apologies, sir! I have no good excuse for my tardiness. Just my own stupidity getting me lost... Please accept this meager gift. And... and.. I won't let you down again!" Trembling lips hidden beneath the slope of his shadow, until he raises his head to peer up at the massive figure. He stood nearly twice Vesper's height, intimidating with an overwhelming aura, but he didn't seem to be the malevolent type. No, there was a gentleness there - sort of like a teddy bear?

He remembers his place, pawing through his little pack to take out a little baggy full of sweets and treats for the man. "Uhm.. Here you go, sir. My treat!" Vesper's hands stretch out and upward, fingers twitching under the weight and compounded nerves, a flash of gentle smile, almost pleading for his second chance. "You can rely on me and Briar, sir!" Saturn directs Vesper to an open seat and he obediently follows the order, pacing over upon the delivery of his bag of candy, to settle in beside his friend. "I owe you an apology, too, Bri.. I'm sorry.. I'll make it up to you- Promise~" A hushed whisper, with straightened posture, prim and proper to compensate for his imperfect first impression. Vesper takes a deep breath, exorcizing his worries in service of his duty and a smile to share between hopeful company. An aurora glimmers in the space between dawn and dusk, reflected in vivid red as his eyes stay fixed on his hopes and dreams.

#4Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
His eyes flew open within the first notes of another's voice, catching up to himself in the starting encampment with the wind blowing back through his sails and out through his wide lips. "S-Saturn!?", came the boy's soprano, a little hop of surprise to fully punctuate his mix of shock and excitement that stood his fop of hair on end. A rabbit with raised ears. He had taken such a big breath to jump in and announce himself to the leader of today's party ... he hadn't even thought it'd be someone he knew, expelling the last of that gasp to make way for the sparkling in his eyes. "I ... I-I mean ...!"

He flung to attention, one arm wrapped thumping across his chest and the other hitting himself in the head in his quick movement. Owie. He stumbled for a second, pushing through the dazzle, and bumbled out his words with abject enthusiasm & deep-seated respect. "Lord master commander lieutenant major captain ... friend, sir!!" The hand nursing the red spot he made on his forehead would twitch between different salute attempts, Briar once more giving up to jolt himself instead into a bow. His arms stuck out straight down his sides, waterfalling light hair to barely mask his expression of wonder. He'd ram straight back up with a threat to tumble backward, but he fought his legs to stand tall ... as tall as he could, at least. He'd smile at Saturn. "'s so nice to see you again, sirree! Golly, I didn't think we'd be put together on somethin' like this! That's so ... so cool! 'm so happy!"

He obviously looked up to Saturn in more ways than one, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and he'd shake his head rapidly at the following concern. "Ves? No, no, he'd never -- he'll be here, cap'n!" A furrow of his brow then a release, opening his mouth to say something else only to be interrupted by the timely arrival. Relief melted over his face, sighing out a tittering little giggle and bringing his hands together for a clap to dispel all lingering worries from all parties. "See! Ves' a good boy, by golly." He'd beam wide toothed at his best friend, looking between him and Saturn - his flushed face, the offered candies - and his eyes would gleam sympathetic.

"Awh, really, it's more my fault then anythin' Ves did, prolly. I got an earlier airship flight over and we've never been in the North before. I should've waited some more! I've just been so ... so darn excited, but we're here now, alrighty?" He pumped his arm with a go-getter attitude, panting his little laughs away. He'd take his other and loop it around Vesper's shoulder, pulling him in at a half-hug to address Saturn together; a measure more ostentatious than he might normally take, but Ves seemed to need the additional support and he'd be a bit silly if it made him less anxious. It was easy to overcome his own if it was for someone else. "We're in your care, Mr. Saturn! A-and you're in ours, too, so let's do our bests ... together!!"

And thus was the party formed and able to set out for the cavern at Saturn's leave, not too far from their current spot in the deep Woodsea.


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The arrival of the second mage was by far quicker than he expected. When one runs late it’s usually by an hour or more; in which he bet that they would have likely already been within the dungeon. He’d stand there for a moment seeing vesper in the precipice of the little meeting area that was set up. They had to be around briar’s age no? He pondered this as they approached rapidly; reporting for duty and apologizing which just simply earned a soft chuckle. His hand waving off gently the tardiness and the apologies in one fell swoop.

You’re fine Vesper. No need to call me sir. Saturn will do just nicely.

However when offered the sweets, saturns brows would raise a bit and he’d take the offered sweets. He could store them in the void but that might mute their flavor or corrupt them in some way and he wanted to enjoy them. Humming to himself he’d feed them into one of his nearby packs. A little treat for later he felt.

Thank you Vesper. I hope you can rely on me as well, this is the first time they’ve put me in charge of something like this.

Saturn admitted softly and leaned forward over the table; his fingers tapping lightly on the table. Smirking to himself as he could tell that the both of them were nervous. He was nervous too but for a different reason.

That’s me Briar, don’t worry. You can just call me saturn, no need for titles. I was worried when they told me that they were sending some youngsters to help with the dungeon but seeing that it’s you… and your friend here? I think we’ll be okay.

Saturn looked to briar; his grin practically taking up his entire face. He wondered how they fought together and what sort of combinations he would see. Humming gently to himself there was an air of relaxation that exuded from the major. Everyone was taking this so seriously you’d think he’d follow suit.

That he is, candy and all. You’ll have to tell me where you got them later Vesper. Just remember though that in the future that there aren’t people that are as understanding as me.

Saturn felt that caution was advisable to the two of them, in another commanders hands they might have gotten berated time and time again. Saturn breathed out easy for a moment and then would adjust slightly.

We’ll go over a few things first and then set off… but yes. Lets do our best. I’m glad the two of you are this energetic and excited for this. Good omens…

What he wanted to go over was the few things the scouts brought back to them and not really much else. They'd have his leave in very short order...


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A calming ripple in the turbulent waves that strained from the undertow, pulling so harshly to smother and drown him. His heart was heavy, caught in the riptide of guilt. Vesper held himself to a high standard, never wishing to disappoint anyone. The display of gentle compassion by Mr. Saturn parted the dark clouds that loomed overhead, calming the stormy seas. "Thank you, Mr. Saturn! I can already tell we're in good hands." A shining beacon of hope plastered across his face, smiling ear to ear with softer eyes. The pitter-patter of his heart was beginning to slow and return to dormancy.

And there it remained so still under the sanctuary of his best friend's embrace. Ves would lean in so eagerly, sloped and clinging on to the slight frame wrapped around him as if he were offering a prayer at an altar. Calm grows into something greater; tranquility. "No, never~ It's my fault for being so silly! Just a silly little mistake, but it's all better now." He'd indulge in this feeling - this transient moment. Rosy cheeks to mirror the cast of his irises while he graciously accepted Briar's support.

A small giggle pools from his lips at the respectable adult that wielded so many titles, dispelling any notion of formality. Vesper was always taught to treat his elders with respect, and yet, almost every grown up insisted on simply being called by their first name. He tries truly, but It feels blasphemous every time he does, always slipping in an unassuming Mister and Miss. 'Oh, I made those, sir! I'm a baker and a mage. Heheh~" His posture straightens up for a moment, a jolt of elation that causes the flutter of an imperceptible tail. "Don't worry, Mr. Saturn. I understand just how fortunate I am. Everyone has been so kind to me... That's why it's important that I exceed their expectations~"

There were a few last minute preparations to make before they set out to the Void Cavern. Saturn was meticulous in his planning and Vesper was eager to fulfill his role to perfection, encouraged to stride forward with unbridled determination. He hovered close to Briar, orbiting him like a loyal guard dog. A shadow to follow, protect, attack; whatever was deemed necessary. Briar was the first to speak and he so perfectly encapsulates the feelings that were swirling in his heart. A soft curve of his lips, rising to meet the sun on the horizon, and glimmering effervescence spilling out from the mantle of half lidded eyes.

"I couldn't have said it better myself~ Let's do our best!"

#7Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
It was indubitable. A smile plays off the boy's lips - it's unsubtle, bashless, radiating every ounce of affability his little frame could muster which appeared to be quite a lot. If a mage's mana was the source of their effect on reality, Briar's heart held a similar quality and presence both; sometimes he thought they were entwined. They would both take root in this dungeon adventure. He never had to think twice about his role in a group, or what he could offer his fellows; the answer would always be akin to the tender care of a garden. He didn't need to be the biggest, brightest, strongest-willed flower; he just needed to be someone who could help it grow. 

He shimmered, then shivered, melting into a nervous giggle from the back of his throat. He would remove his arm from Vesper just to hold it to his chest and bend in one more bow to Saturn, straight-backed and sending each wave of his hair rippling off to different ends. "Sir, yes sir! Th-thanks, Sat - mister Saturn. You're right. I know it might not sound like much, but we really do take this all super seriously. We'll get our feet all set proper, promise. We'll take everythin' we learn from here goin' forward!" 

He got pumped up again, brimming over between Vesper and Saturn. It didn't take much longer to catch each party up on exactly what laid ahead of them, so they'd move in a tight formation - close, strategically and emotionally both. Briar had unstrapped his staff from his back so the well-worn oak could take place between his hands where it ever belonged, guiding their way with flickers of greenspell through the brush and guaranteeing safe passage through any of the more treacherous flora they could find out here. That didn't stop Briar from lingering a little too long on any interesting plant, but he remained on task with sheepish giggles whenever caught. He meant what he said to Saturn! The success of this mission would be a mark of their efforts! 

Still, it was hard not to feel comfortable in the presence of the friendly giant. Briar adored him. It shown in every face he made, every sparkle in his eyes as they fell again on Saturn, and he'd take any chance to gush about how cool he looked and acted on top of his abundant warmth with Vesper in hushed, idolizing whispers. Maybe they'd get caught. He'd apologize, red-faced, for this as well -- but he'd still be smiling throughout.

It took in the realm of a half hour to an hour in total to find the cavern, time lost through the boughs of the forest around them. The area was well-secured in preparation, leaving the three boys to venture in once they had made their arrangements. Briar paused them at the entrance, ushering his friends close in a soft tone and a whisk of his mana through the air.

It cloistered about them, spreading from his feet in untangled weave that bore grass and flower buds phantasmal alongside the natural earth. Daffodils shimmered to life and disappeared in the span of seconds, offering the bounty of their brief time in a light mist that settled on Vesper and Saturn: coalesced in ornamental flowers on their wrists while a similar bloom took shape in Briar's hair. It felt revitalizing, strengthening. One step in Briar's incessant protection of his friends.

He had his charm and they had theirs, once last smile before breaking way into their destination. It took only a short venture inside before a rapid buzzing met their ears and soon their eyes as void birds screeched to life and ...

"Oh, gee!"

between the rainfall - Void Cavern: Wings of the Void [Priv: Saturn + Vesper] VuYayfr

[ There are 3 Void Birds to start! They each have 1xA durability and 61 speed. Any destroyed remove the last instance of damage in a roll (so on a 21, Vesper wouldn't be attacked when 1 Void Bird is defeated and Briar would take the remaining two. Briar would take one attack if 2 Void Birds are dead.)

Please roll a 100-sided dice at the end of your post to determine the action taken by the Void Birds! This can then be reacted to by the next person to reply on top of any previous actions rolled. It shouldn't take too long to clear! ♡ We just have to get to their treasure in the center of the cavern.

1 more Void Bird spawns every 2 posts as long as there is still 1 Void Bird left.

and they ...
1-20: Attack Briar, Saturn & Vesper with a 1xC Gust of Wind each!
21-39: Attack Briar with 2xC Gusts of Wind and Vesper with a 1xC Head Peck!
40-59: Attack Saturn with 2xC Head Pecks and Briar with a 1xC Gust of Wind!
60-79: Attack Vesper with 2xC Gusts of Wind and Saturn with a 1xC Head Peck!
80-84: Attack Briar with a 1xC Gust of Wind, Blind Saturn and Blind Vesper for 1 post!
85-89: Attack Saturn with a 1xC Head Peck, Blind Briar and Blind Vesper for 1 post!
90-94: Attack Vesper with a 1xC Gust of Wind, Blind Saturn and Blind Briar for 1 post!
95-99: Blind Briar, Saturn & Vesper for 1 post and do 1xC damage to each!
100: Summon another Void Bird instantly, which immediately attacks Briar, Vesper and Saturn for 1xC damage with a screech, deafening them for 1 post! ]


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There was a jovial kindness in the air, he wasn’t about to let these two fail or suffer needlessly in a dungeon like this and he’d do his best to make sure they had his support. Even if he lacked a proper magic at this point his equipment and innate abilities would make sure that they would be taken care of. He was glad that he was the one put in charge of these two; he felt that they had a good synergy both in and out of combat.

I’m glad they placed you two under me for this too.

He’d hum a little bit; hearing that Vesper had made those he wondered quietly to himself what else he could make? He’d have to talk about it with them after this. He figured that there was a good long list, he was better at cooking simple things honestly. Like burgers or steaks or… well. Just things that were simple. He’d find his grin growing a bit larger.

I trust you both to do your best, don’t worry. Just don’t forget to pace yourselves, meeting expectations are great but it won’t do any good if you get hurt from it.

Once that was said and they had gone over some things; what came next was going into the dungeon itself. Saturn seemed a little more relaxed than usual. Hand on his spear and eyes flicking about in curiosity. He couldn’t help but chuckle softly at the way that briar gushed. Maybe there were times for that and maybe there wasn’t. It was keeping the mood high and was distracting from any potential problems.

Saturn’s eyes flitted open slightly and he felt the mana in the air as cast by briar. Something soothing about their mana and magic in comparison to some of the others. A slight tint in the air that he recognized. From one spellsinger to another. But where briar was still starting out, saturn had felt that sort of level of magic before. It was a soft tune, a soft song. Something he knew that was simply sipping from the surface. It was exciting to see someone starting out. He could feel the touch of that magic on him and his grin eased wider.

As they ventured deeper in and that rapid buzzing took to the air saturn’s eyes locked onto the three void birds. He’d huff a little bit as he felt that gust of wind slam into him. He could feel it causing some superficial damage and the demon twirled his spear and kept it in front of him. The wounds that had become apparent quickly were covered by crystal and slowly faded back into the backdrop of his flesh. It would be fair if he took out one of these right? He could cover a good distance in one step but instead of doing so would leave them open. So he opted to use Sleeping dragon to throw one of it’s golden spears directly into one of the birds. Shattering it immediately.

See the glowing spot in the center? Try aiming for that.



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Vesper would follow obediently at the heels of Saturn and Briar, inhalations of the surrounding sylvan breaths emanating from Mother Nature. He was acting in due diligence, probing the surrounding area for even the mildest hint of danger as he trailed along. He would break from formation, leaving only to escort the little bunny whenever he became enthralled by a passing floral pattern that struck his fancy. Vesper understood the sentiment. It's the exact reason he stuck so close to Briar - to preserve that pleasant beauty. The blooming lily that would herald the end and wilt away under the slightest corrupt touch. Vesper wanted to be a flower, too. A blossom that symbolizes hope to all that bear witness to it. Maybe that's why he would drift so close to the effervescent, little gardener.

Saturn felt similar in that regard. The cheery disposition and presence that exuded from his massive frame were enough to put all Vesper's worries at ease. Vesper felt so very blessed. A paw raises to graze the side of his cheek, parting stray strands of hair; curtains raised to reveal his crimsoning face and bright-eyed smile. He gleamed with every sway of his body, every step with hands clutched tight on this memory. The air was humming in delight, the harmony of everything being right in the world. The weight of their mission was not lost on the eager pup, merely subsumed in the waves of elation, frolicking in the soothing warmth of a miracle. That's the only way he could describe this blessing.

His heart flutters, wings of butterflies outstretched, flapping in unison as they pull at the boundary until he borders on popping. The spell cast by Briar at the entrance worked twofold. He was endowed with a sense of security by the flowery aegis, but something a bit gentler was taking root within. And even still he doesn't know its name. Daffodil would do for now.

They had only ventured a paltry distance before the first wave of denizens lashed out and attacked the party. Three Void Birds droning in discordant whirrs, barrage the party with violent gales. Vester was delayed in his response and took the impact directly. It only dealt an insignificant amount of damage, traces of shear marring his shirt, but it was the wake-up call he desperately needed. Fists clench and he quickly positions himself slightly angled forward in the vanguard. Mister Saturn, however, was quick to respond with a swift, decisive blow. A Holy lance flings from his grasp to pierce one of the birds that amounted to simple prey, dissipating to nothing.

Vesper is ready to make his move, a small step forward that's punctuated and stalled by the shuttering of his eyes. Not of his own volition, but of foul play. He's stricken with panic. "Help! I can't see anything! I can't... I can't.. Everything went dark!" A frightened voice cracks and frantic paws rise to rummage his face to make sure his eyes still remain intact. A sigh of relief with the realization that this was most likely the result of a temporary spell. Still, a new problem arises with the beckoning of complete darkness. He's unable to use his raw strength to break the birds' cores as Mister Saturn just helpfully pointed out. In the pitch black, Vesper's other senses heighten, or rather; the one he prides himself on the most hones in on the stench of something not quite belonging to the natural world. A nose flits, sniffs in search of his enemy; the wrongness that permeated so profusely. "Okay... I can still help! Sorry in advance if I'm wrong, but.. I think they're over there so... I'm gonna blast 'em!"

Vesper pinches his fingers together, and a swirl of magic coils down his arm and releases in the snap. A magic circle forms above the area Vesper is confident the birds lurk and tiny sharpened pocky sticks rain down from above.



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#13Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
It wasn't difficult for Briar to slip into a more active, reactive mindset when the first calls of battle began - it was more of a struggle to distance himself from the relative safety and comfort he felt around his two friends and the faith he had in own abilities, but he'd need to shake off that sense of gratification to offer the necessity of their mission its due weight.

He'd hop back a few steps to make space between the frontline and himself, allowing the boys their room to work without worrying about him among their ranks. He didn't love that he had to prioritize his safety; though the lessons imparted on him by Ryuko-sensei had done their job in making sure he knew he had the most value to his team back here. It wasn't abandoning the fight. It was taking a more strategic position. He could weave his best spells without the tempestousness of nearby combat.

Each one would enhance or unburden their abilities, owing to himself the pistil of the flower that was his party. If they bloomed so beautifully, so bright - it was owed in part to the support he offered. He'd whisk his staff and skirt back another foot from the blow of wind that struck him from the first of the callous creatures, squinting his eyes and arming his next spell. "G-good hit, Mr. Lord Commander Saturn, sir!" He chirped up, halfway to his own enjoyment at this point. His grins became cheekier - more comfortable. He'd nod along to the instruction, noting the weakness for later, and stir his manner into a brew he'd cast over Vesper --

Or he would, until the sand kicked up from the cavern floor and he was dizzied by its obscurant. "Oh, fudge!" He squeaked, wiping his eyes with the back of a sleeve and doing his best to keep his footing in his blindness despite the various sounds that surrounded him. "Ves? Mr. Saturn -- Ves?" He piped higher when the other boy exclaimed, the rabbit on the wheel in his brain catching up to their current state. They had both been disabled by the attack, had they? At least Vesper had a plan. It was his job to follow up. "A-alright, pally, do your best! I'll - uhm - follow my voice! O-or just group up with me, if you can see!" 

He slammed his staff into the ground, steadying his breathing to stop the way it trembled and stirred the earth. "Let's push forward together! We hafta get to the treasure room! Our name ... is Rafflesia!" His voice, falsetto or not, was resolute - and the seal that sparked and expanded below him was just so, birthing a transparent, crystalline rafflesia and the sweet scent it expelled in a barrier that shimmered between him and the enemies - an assumption on his part, but they didn't *sound* within his range; hopefully his friends were! He knew the spell at least was successful when a rondo of wind hit its outer shell, reflected in a pull at his mana. Saved the worst of that ... and whatever assault Vesper cooked up was returned with a cry from the strange creatures and the joining of new screams. They weren't losing the tides of this fight yet!



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