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#1Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He did take the vial from the Mysterious Merchant and hastily consumed its contents. The effects starting kicking in immediatelly as his body was adjusting to the modification he took. It was an unpleasant process and Michael was worried that he was gonna lose control and transform and cause hysteria, damage and harm to the people. He managed to fight off the urge or feeling or something. But he felt t was a biological need of the modification he took. And he kept repressing it again and again and again.

For a while, he had a moment of reprieve and ease. At least for a few days which did make him relax and lower his guard. But today, he felt the effects kick in now more then ever. He knew this was something he could not hold off any longer so he rushed as fast as he could to the outskirts of Orchidia, so he can transform there away from people.

Once he did, he knew all gloves were off and all he did was see red. With a loud howl, he rushed to attack the first thing he saw. Luckily it was the outskirts so it was a wild boar. But soon enough, any traveler that was hoping to come in Orchidia would be in grave danger


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Yuurei had met and spoken to Michael the other day. He had learned a lot about him, which was a good thing, but he was concerned about one thing. The young man who was nice was also in a situation right now. The Seraphim knew this already as they had spoken about something happening to them. He was glad that the young man had warned him about it, so now he would be on alert. He wasn’t sure if it was going to happen in the North, on their ship, or back at their home, but he did know that he would have his eyes open until Blue Pegasus was gone.

It was why he was patrolling the area. He knew that Michael was in Orchidia, so his monthly duty of checking if everything was okay was done everywhere else except for Orchidia. He needed to make sure that Michael had it under control before he could relax with this place. Renji and Yuurei were moving around Orchidia as always and it wouldn’t take long for them to notice something. The Seraphim was flying in the air around this time, and he would hear a huge howl on the outskirts of Orchidia.

He blinked a few times as he was surprised that he was right to worry, but at least whoever howled took it out of the city. He figured he would go check it out, and when he got to the location the howl had originated from, Yuurei would see something horrific or interesting, depending on the person.

He saw a huge unique werewolf eating something. Yuurei would tilt his head to see what it was, and soon enough he could see that it was just a boar. He would sigh with relief as he would look over to the werewolf now. He had given him his full attention as he would whisper to Renji.

“Leave this to me Renji, you can go hide in a tree or something.” He said to his companion as Renji would get off his shoulder and do what he was told.

Yuurei would stretch his arms into the air as he would reveal his two spears in his hands, while he had the third one merged with him.

“Who could this be?” He asked the werewolf waiting for an answer or at least get a reaction out of this.




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#3Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
His ear twitched as he heard whispers. He stopped feeding on the wild animal and looked at Yuurei. But he had noticed something else and much more appealing. A nice tasty meal in the form of an exceed.

He growled and roared to Yuurei, clearly not in the right mindset to even form sentences. He merely barks away at him, as thats the only form of communication he can do until regaining his senses.
He then howled once more. But this wasnt an average howl. No this was a summon, as a magic circle appeared behind him and summoned a wolf.

He made the wolf charge and attack Yuurei, while he himself would focus on chasing the exceed for food. Even though he was a werewolf who has gone feral, he still sensed Yuurei's level of power and somewhat knew to avoid him. Although the exceed was such a tasty target he couldnt resist chasing it


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Yuurei would look at the wolf in front of him and it would seem like he noticed him and Renji. His problem was that it seemed like he was more interested in the Exceed. He would shake his head because this wasn’t going to be a fight in which Renji would partake. He left his friend to run like he was going to from the beginning. His eyes more attention to the roar from Michael than anything. He had a smirk on his face as he wasn’t sure what would happen now.

It was then another howl would come from the werewolf, but this time he would see a wolf being summoned from this. That was interesting and he had cracked his neck.

“It seems like we have two wolves to deal with today Migi.” He said as he would wave his arm.

It was then that his helmet would change, but it only changed because he noticed that the werewolf wasn’t going after him, but chasing after Renji. The helmet he had brought out was his Lerzar’s Dreadwatcher, and he would raise his hand and four portals would open up behind him and would bring out four Shadow Mastiff.

“You guys take care of the wolf in front of me.” He said to them as they would charge to the wolf in front of them.

When they got close they would all attack the wolf attempting to tear it apart with their teeth. While that was happening, Yuurei push off the ground and would close the distance between the werewolf and himself. He would look at the big werewolf as he was wondering what it would do now.

“Where do you think you’re going? That cat is not food, but if you want you can try to make me your next meal. Unless you are too weak.” He tried to taunt the werewolf so that he would stop going after Renji.

He would stand in front of Michael waiting to see what he would do. He had made sure that this would be the two of them. He wondered who could this be and if they were in control of their form.


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#5Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
The summon would go and attack Migi with a bite to it. Meanwhile with Yuurei and Michael, the main werewolf wanted to charge and snack on Renji who was the tasty exceed. The summon was expandable, just meant to distract Yuurei. But soon he'd see the distraction was not enough as the angel was still on his tail. His ear would twitch as he'd hear the infernal angel speak, insulting him.

Which finally prompted the animal to speak "I'm not weak!!" he'd then turn a 180 and swipe at the angel with his claw. He didnt care about angel food. Wings had bad bones. Unhealthy for wolf. Cats were much appealing as food. So the best way Yuurei was to get his attention was to bruise his ego. Which he of course did.
Hopefully the angel now would recognize the voice, despite how animalistic it was.




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Yuurei would sense the danger that came from Michael from being too close. He saw the werewolf turning around to attack him after he insulted him. He would push his foot on the ground and he would shift his body to move to his right and avoid the attack from landing. He would have a smirk on his face it was truly worth a try and it seemed to have succeeded. The mastiffs that attacked the wolf summoned by Michael would latch onto the wolf and take summon out for the count.

It would seem like the wolf was too focused on trying to go after him that he wasn’t aware of the other things that he had summoned. He wouldn’t have to run anymore since he got the werewolf to stop in front of him. He would speak and the way he spoke, was familiar, but hard to figure it out right away.

He wanted to say it was Michael as he was the only werewolf here that was around here at the moment. There was that and this was a werewolf transformation he had never seen before.

“I mean if you aren’t weak then prove it to me right here and now?” He asked him as he was thinking about the voice.

It wouldn’t take long, but he had an idea of who it could be.

“Is that you Michael?” He asked as he was ready to knock him out if he lost control right then and there.

The Seraphim had his spears with him and he didn’t plan to use any of their spells, but he would give Michael a good whack to the head and knock him out. If he didn’t get an answer from him.


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#7Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He had tunnel vision and his lack of skill and prowess in this new form caused him to be naturally inexperienced with the summons or any kind of magic. Because prior to this, summoning an etherial looking wolf was not something he could've done. It was his first ever summon. He didnt even have enough Mana to do another summon because thats how inexperienced he was with magic. But this new form allowed him that.

Renji has successfully escaped now that Michaels full attention was on Yuurei. And of course the seraph has managed to dodge the attack. As the angel spoke he only aggrevated the werewolf who charged in to bite him. Anywhere really, he had no aim in where to attack him. Just as long as he lands A attack on him. Of course this was something Yuurei would be easily able to dodge, but that didnt stop the wolf from trying again and again if needed. He was determined to land at least one bite on him.

Thats until Yuurei said the 'magic' word. Saying his name. It did freeze the animal for a moment as he was processing what he heard. Right, in moments like these where he loses himself and just forgets who and what he is, it causes him to go full feral, full animal. Right, that was his name.

He tries to take control. He reaches out slowly, his arm moving very stiff as it was a fight for control between animal aggression and human reason. He pulls on his own ear for a bit. Shakes his head as he tries to fight it. He even manages to hit himself on the head for a bit to try and snap out of it. But honestly it was too little and too late. For now he was full animal. At least until knocked out. So once again, he'd go for the leap to tackle the angel and hurt him




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Yuurei had watched the werewolf become angry with what he had said out loud. This was good because it would mean that it would attack him with rage and it was what he wanted. He would move away from Michael or what he assumed to have been him. He would move left then right as he would see that this guy was trying to take a bite out of him. When he mentioned his name though, the werewolf would stop for a bit.

It would seem like he was right, which meant that the transformation here was the one that he had gotten from the Mysterious Merchant. That was nice to see and he could see that it was a powerful transformation. He wasn’t sure what else it could do, but he was going to find out soon enough. His name was all that it took for the creature to halt its movement. He wasn’t sure what would happen next.

He would see that he was fighting the urge to lose control. The Seraphim would watch him fight his inner self more than fighting him. He wasn’t sure, but he was going to find out. After everything was all settled, it would seem like Michael had lost the ability to regain his composure. That was fine with him as that was why he was here. He was to make sure that he didn’t have to worry about any innocent people around the area would be harmed by Michael’s chaos.

“I guess you lost, but that’s okay, you didn’t have to try that hard because I’m here.” He said to Michael as the werewolf would rush to him.

It was then he would go back on the offense. He would see that Michael would leap into the air and would try to tackle him on the ground. That was interesting, but that would have been bad if he had managed to get him on the ground. He would shake his head as he couldn’t let that happen. He would jog out of the way and he would look over to Michael.

“You really going to make me knock you out aren’t you.” He asked waiting for him to do something before he would for a big hit.


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#9Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
As much as he try, he couldnt land a single hit on the angel, which just infuriated the wolf more. He would desperatelly try any kind of attack whether it be a tackle, a bite, a claw swipe, but to no avail as the angels speed was way beyond his own.

Now even though Yuurei spoke to him, he didnt really react to what the angel had to say. More like he reacted to something else. "Weak. Im still weak" he'd say through his teeth with that little inkling of humanity that had shone from within him. Though his words werent really good or encouraging. More like self depricating and revealing on why he went to the merchant in the first place.

After that he just went feral again, perhaps even more so than before because of the blind rage he had and once again charged at the angel to try and slice him with his claws. He was angry alright. Angry at the angel and angry at himself. He always knew he had no chance against mages and guild masters and especially Yuurei of all people. And normally if he had any reason within, he'd just turn tail and run. Like nope out of it. But this wasnt him. This was the foolish animal within him




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Yuurei would just look at him as he would seem to have beaten himself up. It would seem like things were getting interesting. Michael’s subconscious didn’t like being called weak or feeling weak. He would just need to become stronger if that was the case. Still, this whole little thing had become sad. It would seem like his friend had lost that battle between his humanity and his animal instinct. It made him shake his head because he didn’t think that would happen. Still, he had a solution to all of this and he would have it come to an end.

He would see that Michael was coming for him once again. When he saw a few of the attacks coming he would dodge the couple in the beginning, but then he would use his Giant Fork to parry a hit and then he would swing his Gae Bolg around. He would swing it hard enough to try and knock Michael out. He wasn’t sure what this werewolf ability was capable of, so he decided to just give him a whack and knock him out with this attack if he could.

“You should be happy it was me that found you today.” He said this to Michael.

He wasn’t sure how many people Michael would have killed or if someone would have killed him instead. Yuurei wouldn’t try to kill him unless he was an enemy.


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#11Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
Of course despite his many attempts to land a single attack, the Angel has masterfully dodged every single one of them. He used the giant fork to parry. And used his other weapon to swing and hit Michael.

Which did successfully hit him since the animal didnt react fast enough to see,let alone dodge it. The force of that attack certainly pushed him away from the angel and successfully defeated him in knocking him out

It was an attack with a significant amount of damage to cause pain, but not enough to kill or maim as the angel of Paradise Dawn knew what he was doing. So it wouldnt take long for the wolf to close his eyes and lose conciousness.

The Northern Guild Masters words being an uncomphresinble blur before it all faded to black. And it wouldnt be long before he would revert back to his human form, reverting back from the werewolf.

He was extremely lucky to have ran into Yuurei and perhaps even luckier he gave the man a heads up. He was certain if they had not crossed paths before that the angel would've just straight out killed him as he'd be at the mercy of whoever defeated him. Just like how now his unconcious body was at the mercy of the Warden of the North.
At least his crisis of losing control was over and everything was back to normal.



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Yuurei would see that his attack had connected. He would only expect it as Michael wasn’t in full control over his form, which made things easier to handle. When he saw that Michael was transforming back, he would approach him. He could see the young man was unconscious and it was the reason he reverted back. The Seraphim would catch him before he fell to the ground and he would shake his head.

“Rest easy my friend. Hopefully, next time you will be able to control this form. It seems like it has powers I have yet to understand myself. My attack barely did damage.” He said to Michael.

The blow to the werewolf hide was enough to protect Michael from Yuurei’s attack. The remainder though was enough just to knock him out.

“Let’s take back to the city Renji, and watch over him until he regains his consciousness.” He said as he called out his exceed.

The Exceed would appear as he would nod as they would leave the area and head back to Orchidia.



#13Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
At this point he was knocked out cold, he didnt know Yuurei talked to him or adressed him in any manner. This was a point that would be a blank to Michael. He didnt even know that the seraph caught him so he wouldnt slam on the ground. Nor the callout to the exceed. It was all black

Eventually an unknown time later he'd wake up. Lost, disoriented and not knowing where he was, which alerted him and scared him. He assumed this was a hospital or some medical clinic possibly in Orchidia as some people told him to relax so he can recover. The blue pegasi lycan stayed quiet and rested for now, fearful and worried what happened in his blackout rampage. As far as he knew he saw no one familiar. Whatever happened, at least it passed. And once he rested and recovered a bit, he would take his leave. He didnt wanna go to the ship Cristina as to not worry some of his guild mates, nor did he want to go anywhere near Paradise Dawn. He decided to just seclude himself for a bit until the dust settles


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