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Light and Darkness

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#76Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was getting frustrated as neither of them were landing their blows against the puppet. Maybe it was fatigue, or irritation that was throwing him off, either way he had no other tactics or plans that he could think of, so the only choice he had was press his attack, or wait back and bide his time for an opening.

Karisa had avoided the blade attack, thankfully she escaped. What she offered was reassuring, giving Brone the confidence he needed. A smile crept onto his face, enjoying the fact that not all hope was lost from his team. But it was too soon to celebrate, as the puppet erected a dome around the entire area. The dwarf was confused of this new spell until the gas leaked. It wasn't poisonous as he had initially thought... but corrosive!

"First rounds on me!" Brone yelled out to his team, doubling down on Karisa's optimism. For the team needed this hope that they will get through this.

Brone rushed at Raijin, swinging his green axe at the puppet, hoping to finally land a hit all while the gas was burning through him.

Battle Log:
Brone’s Spread:

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#78Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Toge, Boo, and Luci attacked this puppet, but in the end, they all missed their attacks. That sucked because he expected to take this guy out with these attacks. The man had luck on his side regardless if he was a puppet or not. He would just shake his head as he couldn’t let that bother him. It was then that he would see a bunch of things happen. A dome would appear entrapping them as gas would be let out and then daggers would be thrown at him at the same time. He would do his best to dodge everything he could, but the gas had harmed him.

He could feel the damage and burn from the attack, which brought excitement through pain. He did scream from the pain, but he didn’t let that stop him. No, Toge would run up to him as his armor had come off from the gas. It was destroyed by just that, but that wasn’t it. His helmet was destroyed and even his scythe. That one attack had destroyed everything that covered him, except his Dragon Gang Band. He would look at it as he was reminded of where he had to go after this.

He would swing his fist straight at the puppet hoping to be able to finish this off with this punch at least.

Boo was clearer-headed than this. He had missed his attack but decided that it was best to protect everyone. The attack that came from the puppet and his companion hurt. But it was not enough to take him out completely. He was hanging in there, but barely. Boo would activate his armor for the time being though and he would place it on everybody that was on his team. He would hope that everybody would be okay and would give everything they had to this next attack.

Luci was safe for now, and he would just simply attack from being as this man had so much going on right now he figured he could hit him without him noticing too much.


Combat Log:

Spell used:




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So many things were going on, but she knew that she had to use her spells now. After becoming whole again from being some birds of death, she continued to hold her staff in which continued to glow the earthly color. First, a stemmed bouqet of flowers started to reveal and petals flew slowly around in the air. They were beautiful, but a single flower itself darted for who seemed to be her target, the bot. Why the bot? She felt like the bot had an even more powerful support system hiding. She did not want to find out what that was. She sighed softly and then swirled her staff a little bit as the next spell that was not prepped became one, shooting a comet that was 2x2 meters, big enough to hit both of them. She was hoping this was going to hit both of them of course as if it did.... The damage was quite exciting to see, or will be exciting if fate decides.

Actions: Used her prep spell to shoot a flower of colorful reflection at the companion bot.

Used her actual action to throw a comet at the bot and Raijin.

Damage will increase due to weakness, eye and staff.


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#82Game Master 

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Game Master

"Haha, the misses...", he mumbled. Raijin had his smirk there till he saw a sharpened stem of flowers strike through the companion's body. The bot turned to look at Raijin's puppet. Their electric eyes turned saddened, "Sorr-, sor, sorry, Sc-," it couldn't say what it wanted to say as it then flickered and short-circuited. It became nothing as the lights that was once their face, shut off. Raijin's puppet was about to say something, but that was also too late as a comet smashed into his porcelain face. Half of his face broke. He turned towards the person who he kept gazing shortly towards. It was as if he knew this was the outcome which was why he kept targeting her. Now, it was his shortcoming.

"Heh... I see... Not bad, but... this isn't the end for me...", light shined from the sky onto him, causing him to disappear as his judgment is for someone else to give.

#83Game Master 

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Game Master

Brone Missed

Toge Missed

Karisa hit Companion for 5S of Earth damage

Karisa hit Raijin's puppet for 6S of Earth damage

The Boss of this Arena has been defeated.


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Brone has been rewarded 50,000 EXP, 50SP, 2,500,000 jewels and Raijin's Gift

Toge has been rewarded 2,500,000 jewels (Due to New character)

Karisa has been rewarded 50,000 EXP, 50SP, 2,500,000 jewels

Dan has been rewarded 50,000 EXP, 50SP and 2,500,000 jewels

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