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The End of the Eclipse [FPP – Guild Collides]

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The End of the Eclipse [FPP – Guild Collides] Empty Tue May 09, 2023 6:39 am


Yuurei was making his way to Orchidia. He figured the final battle would be there, and he hoped that he would find who he was looking for. They were on their way to the final battle, and Yuurei was traveling through the best option, flight. He didn’t use his wings to fly, but his cape as it took less mana to use than then revealing his true form.

The Seraphim would make his way to his destination as quickly as he could. When he got there, though he could see the damage that had been done here. There was debris everywhere and he could see Paradise Dawn members fighting against people from Chaos Eclipse. It would seem like others had thought the same thing and decided to come here.

Yuurei shook his head as he figured it was now or never. They would stop all of this from continuing and hopefully no more harm would come to the North.

“Good job everyone! I’m happy you could go on your own to protect the place we call home! We are doing great and soon this will all be over! This Chaos Eclipse that they called themselves, will understand that they cannot consume our paradise! We will show them that the dawn is coming for our people and that they will not be able to stop it! Let’s finish this!” He shouted this.

The members that were around would see that Yuurei had appeared. Their morale was fine but had risen up when they saw the appearance of their guild master. He was one, they knew was on a whole different level. Yuurei would look around for the one place that had not been touched. He figured there, he would find the guild master of this dark guild.

“Brone, follow me. I’m sure there is someone with the guild master of Chaos Eclipse. If that is the case then things would be easier for me if you took care of them. A two versus one isn’t a problem, but I rather just focus on one person.” He said to his friend.

It was then he would continue his flight towards the center of Orchidia. When he got there, he would see that there were a lot of mages standing by. He wasn’t sure what the reason was, but he figured he would give them a warm welcome. He would fly in and he would cut down the ones he targeted. His Zabimaru and his Samehada appeared in his hands when he did this. It was then he would land on the ground and he would look over to someone specific.

This man was just sitting down doing nothing. His eyes opened when he heard the clash of weapons, and the screams of his men.

“So, the information was wrong, you’re still in the North. We expected you to be with your King and kissing his feet.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei rubbed the back of his head as that was not something he expected to hear.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had flown through the air with the help of his white magical cloak. Because his cloak is sentient, it was able to guide the dwarf while he closed his eyes in fear. "I would expect the legendary Shield of Dawn, aka The Mountain, to be afraid of flying" Benimaru sarcastically mentioned.

"Shields don't normally talk, so why not try that" Brone snapped back as he continued to keep his eyes shut as his body flew over the tree tops.

"Guys, can we cease with the bickering? We're flying over Orchidia and need to keep track of Yuurei" Gnicholas said as he held onto the cowl of the white cloak, keeping his vision on the flying Yuurei who was leading the way. Hearing that they were already over Orchidia, Brone subconsciously peeked to see the city below, but as he realized how high up they were, he closed his eyes again and curled up into a ball as the cape kept him flying.

Suddenly, Yuurei's announcement being shouted stirred the fighting that could be heard overhead. Many Paradise Dawn members cheered in response, even Brone, in his fearful position had cried out a cheer, though it was lack luster. He would then hear Yuurei ask him to follow, to which Gnicholas assured him "Don't worry, I'll direct you" the gnome sighed as he would help the blind dwarf fly after Yuurei.

They would soon descend and Brone would hear a confrontation between Yuurei and a few enemies. The dwarf would then tumbled on the ground, tasting dirt and cobblestone, "Dang it, Gnicholas! Couldn't you tell me we were landing?" he complained as he stood up and searched the area they arrived in.

"My apologies, but it was difficult enough to guide you through the air while you were cowering" the gnome snipped at the dwarf before jumping into the safety of Brone's cowl.

Brone drew forth his green axe in one hand and his black axe in the other as he would face two figures that seem to be the center of focus while the other lackies were keeping their distance. "Sir, I'll tend to the dwarf" said the guild leader's right hand man who was donning a silver outfit.

"Brone Heavyaxe, I presume" said the silver mage as he walked off to the side so he could make sure the battle didn't drag his guild leader into it.

"Aye, and who might ye be, lad?" The dwarf asked as he walked off to the side. He gave Yuurei a quick look and a nod, letting him know that he would handle the right-hand man.

"You may refer to me as 'Argent'" the tone of the man was very elegant and so was his gestures as he used his magic to summon forth a large minotaur. The manbeast roared before it rushed at the dwarf while wielding a great axe, which was nothing special to the dwarf.

Brone smirked as he ran at the minotaur.



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“I don’t know about kissing his feet. I was just trying to make sure that the North was safe and under my control. Still, It seems like we have people who want to try my patience.” He said to him.

“The name is Kanda, and even though we wanted to do this without you here, it doesn’t change the outcome. You just make things harder for us is all.” He would move around as he was looking at Yuurei.

He knew they were going to clash now, so he decided to make the first move. He would start walking to Yuurei, and the mage would change his weapons to his Yin and Yang Gauntlet. His Lord Drakkon’s Helmet would appear on his head, and his Berserker’s Suit would also be worn by Yuurei. Kanda noticed that he put his armor on, and he would draw out his sword as he inched closer to Yuurei. When he was in the proper space, he would rush to Yuurei. It was when then he would swing his blade at the man; Yuurei would dodge the attack as he moved back, and Kanda would swing his blade once again.

This time a wind and electricity would come out from the blade and toward Yuurei. He would see this and he would swing his Yin to negate the attack coming, but it would come straight for Yuurei. It would damage the gauntlet and it would connect with Yuurei as it he would feel the shock and the cuts bypassing his armor.

He would stumble back from that attack as he didn’t think something like that was possible. The Seraphim looked at his weapon and wondered why it didn’t work. He figured that spell was special, so he had to be careful. Yuurei figured it was his time to attack, but Kanda was running toward him. The hunter shook his head because he was rushing things in this fight.

It was then Yuurei would squint his eyes and his helmet would charge up. When he knew it was time for light arcane energy to come out, he would see that nothing had happened. Instead, he would feel the blade cut through his armor and he felt the wound that Kanda had caused him.

He stumbled back a bit as he felt the blood rushing out of the open wound. He could only shake his head as he didn’t notice earlier. This man, could it be that he had a nullification magic that worked around the user or did he have it so worked only on those he deemed his enemies? He wasn’t sure, but he couldn’t use his item’s abilities in this fight. Hell, he had gotten too close to him, that he didn’t think he could bring out any other items.

Renji and Migi noticed that Yuurei was struggling right now. Migi tried to grow the blades out of his arm, but for some reason, he couldn’t. This was weird and it would seem like Yuurei wouldn’t be using Migi’s powers either. Renji would shake his head as he figured fusing with Yuurei would be their best course of action right now.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone and the Minotaur closed the distance between one another and clashed weapons. The black axe shattered the larger battleaxe into pieces upon contact as expected from the legendary Dhuraindarin, but the minotaur wasn't face; he kicked one of his hooves into towards the dwarf, but Brone quickly counter it with his green axe, it's blade slammed against the hoof, though it was too tough to cut through, he at least managed to keep it at bay.

"Looks as if you have your hands full" Argent had smugly said as he began walking towards the direction of Yuurei's battle. Noticing this, Brone knew if he didn't keep the summoner's attention, then Yuurei would have more to deal with in his own battle. He attempted to attack with his black axe again, but the minotaur expected this and blocked it with one of it's massive arms before Brone had a chance to get good enough momentum to deal damage. The minotaur knew it's order was to keep the dwarf busy while it's summoner assisted the Chaos Eclipse guild leader.

Brone had both his main hands busy, but the minotaur wasn't aware of how many appendages the dwarf had; quickly, he revealed both his secondary arms hidden beneath the large white sash at his waist and drew forth his golden axe and blue spear. The golden axe dug into the minotaur's side and the blue spear tip pierced it's torso. When the minotaur was thrown back by the sudden surprise, Brone was able to get his other two axes from from the enemy's grasp, so he took advantage of this and use both of his main axes to decapitate the minotaur, though before it's head could be severed from it's body, the entire body vanished back to the realm it was summoned from.

"Don't ye worry, I got two more hands" Brone laughed as he rushed at the summoner.

Argent, surprised by this bit of information he wasn't aware of, quickly moved his hands to conjure another summoning, this time it wasn't just one, but a herd.

Brone came to a sudden stop as herd of bulls had suddenly appeared, surrounding him and seemingly angered.

"Multiple summonings?" Gnicholas, poking his head out from the cowl, was surprised to see the capability of the summoner.

"It isn't as uncommon as you think, though such a scale as this is indeed impressive" Benimaru noted.

"Whether it be one or twenty or twenty-hundred, I'll still cut them down!" Brone cried out as he tightened his grip on his golden axe.

"Twenty-hundred isn't he proper-" Gnicholas was in the middle of correcting Brone's grammar, but was cut off as the herd charged at the dwarf. In response, the dwarf spun like a top while slicing his golden axe through the air, conjuring forth a magical tornado that whipped out and sent the bulls flying away.

Argent gritted his teeth, seeing that he needed to put full focus on the dwarf before he could help his guild leader.

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Renji would be on Yuurei’s shoulder for one second, and then the next, he would disappear. He would infuse himself with Yuurei, which would cause the man to grow cat ears, and a cat tail as well. His body had become bulkier than he was used to as he would look over at Kanda. He would crack his neck as it seemed this was going to be interesting. The Seraphim would tap his fist a couple of times against each other. He was fine with this as he had gotten used to using his spells, and now he was returning to the basics.

He would get into a fighting stance, and he would get ready for his fight. He would see Kanda wasn’t going to let up either. The man was close to Yuurei once again and he would avoid the blade that was coming down. He would swing his left arm as he would go for a punch straight into Kanda. He would shatter the armor that Kanda was wearing, but it didn’t break off completely.

The man would stumble back from the impact. He knew Yuurei was a monster, but that punch was too much. He coughed a bit as he chuckled a bit. It was then he would swing his blade into the air and then back down. The blades would let out a separate slash of combo elements to Yuurei. He would see this as he would dodge the first one without a problem and then he would barely dodge the second one. While doing that Kanda would regain his composure and close the gap between Yuurei. He would swing his blade at the Seraphim, and Yuurei knew the danger was coming.

Still, he had rapidly attacked him, and it would catch up. He would feel the blade going through his armor again and he would grunt and shout from the pain. The blade had cut him through again, and he would swing his arm, but Kanda would dodge the attack as he moved away from Yuurei. The Seraphim was being damaged, but the wounds weren’t too significant. The pain was there, but because of Renji, the damage had been reduced by a lot.

“We have to do something about this guy’s ability. We can’t use our spells from those items, and I can’t transform our right arm.” He said to Yuurei.

It was then that Yuurei remembered something. His transformation would allow him to use his magic. It wouldn’t be as strong as it usually was, but it would be better than nothing.

“I just thought about something, but it means we got to finish quickly.” He said to the two of them.

Yuurei’s eye would change color as his wings would come out of his back. It wasn’t just that, but he would start to change the way he looked as if a different type of armor had covered him up. He would look over to Kanda as he was now in his truest form. His armor had fused with him as they had become a white and golden color and his wings were huge and beautiful. His gauntlets glowed with such beauty as Migi and Renji felt more powerful and better than they did before.

“I don’t use this form much, but I guess since you threatened my home you can get the full brunt of my power.” He said to Kanda.


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Brone Heavyaxe
This was proving to be an annoyance to Argent; he watched the dwarf smirk at him after defeating the herd of the charging bulls. Then the bright light had caught both their attention; Yuurei had become an angel, a brand new form that put Brone in awe. "No more games" Argent's tone was completely different. The dwarf didn't think much of the change in his foe until Argent bit deep into his own thumb to the point crimson red blood dripped.

"Oi, lad, calm down, ye hurting yerself" Brone chuckled as he began to walk towards his opponent, determined to beat him in the next move.

"I hate resorting to this" Argent said before he clapped his hands together; a blood-red magic circle appeared on the floor. Flames then erupted from the circle, and like a portal, something large and demonic climbed out. The skin was black like obsidian and the cracks and joints glowed bright orange-red like magma; he stood fifteen feet tall tall, horns protruding from his skull and as he roared, the fiery breath singed the battlefield; if it wasn't for the cold area of the blue helmet, the gnome probably would have received blisters as he hid within the white cowl. "Kill him and the angel" Argent sounded exhausted, his face was displaying his veins as she struggled to stand.
Demon arrival:

The demon didn't waste anytime, he ran forward, each step caused the area to tremble. Brone didn't risk testing the demon's strength, he magically switched out his black axe with his golden spear, then tapped into it's power, causing him to transform into his werelion form. His grew to eleven feet, his body covered in fur, teeth-baring fangs and claws holding his weapons. As the demon came close, Brone easily dodged the massive punch with his feline speed, then retaliated by striking at the arm that had swung. The golden axe hit, but barely dug in; even with the massive strength increase, the demon's body was sturdy.

The demon backhanded Brone, sending him stumbling back, but quickly regained his footing before the demon managed to kick him. Brone blocked the kick with his spellcleaver, but seeing that the demon didn't vanish upon touching the blade, he realized there wasn't anyway to de-summon the demon, for it wasn't bound normally to the summoning magic. He then stabbed the blue spear into the demon's leg, barley breaking the skin, but the wound froze nevertheless. The demon released a breath of fire that engulfed the entire lion-dwarf despite how large he was, but a second later, Brone released a warcry that echoed throughout the battlefield, causing a blizzard to erupt and engulf both him and the demon.

Brone and the demon exchanged blow and after blow for a moment before Brone disengaged and ran around the demon in complete circles, taking a page from Yuurei's book, before striking at the demon's back from his blind spot. The demon jerked forward before turning around and backhanding Brone hand. The battle was indeed at it's peek.

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Kanda would look at Yuurei and he was in awe by the transformation. He didn’t think this man would be able to turn into something like this. Still, if he couldn’t use his magic, then he didn’t have to worry right? The Seraphim would shake his head as he would change one of his gauntlets into his spear now. Kanda saw this and knew this was bad news.

“I’m a Seraphim. Your Nullification magic still works but to a certain degree. I will show you what I can do even while weaken.” He said to the man in front of him.

He would shake his head and he would launch Gae Bolg straight to Kanda with full force. The guild master of Chaos Eclipse would dodge the incoming spear with ease. He would shake his head as he wondered what was the point of doing that. Yuurei would run toward him and Migi would feel some of his power coming back to him. He would swing his right arm at Kanda, and the man would dodge once again.

Migi would create two appendages and he would have them move to attack. Kanda would see this and he would suck his teeth as the sharp appendages would land on their mark. He would kneel for a second and when Yuurei saw this, he would make another move. His visor would glow and a huge blast would come out and it would aim straight for Kanda. This was something he wanted to avoid, and he would jump into the air and out of the blast radius.

Yuurei smirked as he looked at the man as he was now the one on his toes.

“You didn’t expect this fight to go like this but know this, you should be happy to be the first to push me like this.” He said to Kanda.

The man would hold his katana and he would get ready to launch one of his attacks, but that was when it happen. Gae Bolg had turned around a while back, and Yuurei had attacked the man so he would be distracted this entire time. He made sure to keep him on his toes and now his being mid-air would make things easier. The spear would pierce right through the man’s left leg and Kanda would feel the pain from the blow.

When he went to grab the spear from his wound, it would disappear and it would appear in Yuurei’s free hand. Kanda would land on the ground and he would look at his leg as if it was useless now. His eyes filled with anger as this man was everything the rumors had said.

“This is why you’re feared amongst the people in Fiore. Your power is too great that even they think you would turn on them. You fight for the wrong side, let our guild merge and let’s do things differently. I can help show you what people truly think about Yuurei Starlight.” He said as he couldn’t move his left leg.


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Brone Heavyaxe
"Hurry up and kill him!" Argent, weakened to the point he could barely stand, had called out to the demon. Ever so often he would look over to the fight between the guild masters, worried that the table would turn against them.

"Silence, human, I only obey your command because you have me bound" The demon's voice was deep; it's sound echoed throughout the area, Brone was sure he could feel it within his bones, "Once I'm free, your soul will be in my possession" Though Argent didn't reply, he had fear in his face, the demon's promise may come true, which was why he was reluctant to summon him.

Brone didn't wait for the conversation to continue, he sped forward and struck the demon with his golden axe and then followed up on the attack with swinging his green axe. When the demon blocked both attacks with his forearms which were tougher than steel, Brone then struck the demon's torso with his two spears. Though the demon was strong and durable, what Brone had as an advantage was his two extra weapons which were being wielded by his two other arms. Where the blue spear hit, another patch of ice crystalized. Feeling the pain, the demon swung a clenched fist, but Brone backed up out of the way to avoid the hit.

An explosion sounded, "Hurry up!" Argent called, knowing that if he didn't finish this fight, then his guild master may face death.

The demon began to chase Brone, but he couldn't keep up. The lion-dwarf laughed. The demon then smirked as his body suddenly changed, slimming down with the sound of bones cracking. He looked lanky and close to skeletal, "Speed Demon form" he laughed. Before Brone could reply, the demon practically vanished as he appeared in front of him in a split moment, then struck him with a clenched fist. The hit was devastating, not because of the muscle, but because of the bone, which felt like adamantine. Brone tumbled back, his helmet cracked.

The demon growled as he looked down to see a third patch of ice forming. When he had struck, Brone had quickly countered by striking with his blue spear. "You think this bit of ice will harm me?" the demon laughed.

"Slow and steady" Brone said as he raised his golden axe into the air. The demon, feeling as if his prey was mocking him, sped off, running forward to try and finish the fight. Brone, now able to see the demon, given that he's been slowed just enough for him to catch up visually, brought his golden axe down while yelling a warcry. The Demon dodged the attack as he closed the distance, but once the axe touched the floor, the immediate area exploded with ice and snow, which whipped into a blizzard.

The demon braced himself. It was but a second, but he managed to focus his vision through the hail and snow as he stared down the dwarf who smiled at him.

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Yuurei would hear him, and it would seem like he was pleading. He would shake his head as he wouldn’t allow this man to get to his head. He knew what he had to do and it was finishing him off. He was going to show everybody that this is what happens when you mess with his guild and the people of the North. He would fly straight toward Kanda without hesitating. He had barely been lifted from the ground, but the aerial movement gave him more of an option to move around.

Kanda had seen that his talking wouldn’t work. Yuurei would change his Gae Bolg into another weapon. This weapon was one that was invisible to the naked eye. He would swing his right hand and Kanda was close to not blocking the attack. He would pick his katana up and they would clash with Yuurei’s invisible Excalibur. It would push the man away from Yuurei, and the Seraphim wouldn’t finish there. His gauntlet would disappear, and another sword would appear in his hand. His Jeweled Sword Zelretch would appear, and he would slash as condensed magic would appear and toward Kanda. He would swing his blade as he would counter with a spell of his own. It would destroy his magic and it would hit him as he had weakened the blow.

Yuurei would thrust his jeweled sword forward and it would shoot out a huge wave of energy toward Kanda he would do his best to dodge, but he got caught by the attack and his sword would break right then and there. Yuurei, of course, wasn’t done as he would lift his right hand and he would swing it down at Kanda.

“Excalibur!” Yuurei would shout this as he would swing his invisible blade down.

His eyes widened as he saw the wave of energy come down toward him. He would chuckle as he closed his eyes, and the wave of energy would wipe him out. Yuurei would reveal his sword and he would shake his head as he looked over to where Brone was fighting. Kanda was on the ground, but he wasn’t moving anymore.

Yuurei had returned to his hidden form as he was trying to conserve his mana. Renji would detach from him and he would end up on his shoulder. Migi would return the arm back to normal as their fight was over.

Yuurei was ready to go home and he would allow the rest of the guild to clean this place up and help the locals.



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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone stared at the the demon who continued to fume and emanate heat and smoke. The snow and hail whipped up in a frenzy as ice began to slowly spread on the demon, but the lion-dwarf stood unbothered. Within the next few seconds, they both leaped at one another. Something was now obvious to the demon, his own speed had dropped considerably, enough for Brone to actually overtake him when they clashed, but as time went on and each time the blue spear had prodded the demon skin, the speed difference increased further.

"Don't allow him to win!" Argent yelled, stuttering and trying to brace himself within the cold blizzard, but the table had already turned and it seemed like it was inevitable for Paradise Dawn to succeed.

"Quiet, human!" The demon spat as he tried to focus on the fight, but now, even in his speed demon form, was no longer able to land a blow on the dwarf. Brone managed to dodge the incoming blows and managed to even get behind the demon in a blink of an eye. His axes slammed into the demon's back, causing him to yell in anger and in pain.

Then the demon changed, his body reverted to it's thicker, stronger form. Brone then slammed his green axe into his back, but with the thicker demonic skin, the blade barely broke the skin. "Your blades cannot take me down now" the demon chuckled.

"My blades may not take ye down, but how long will it be before the blizzard takes ye down?" Brone returned the laugh as he jumped back to dodge incoming backswing. The demon then grunted in irritation, knowing well that the dwarf had a good point, though his skin was durable, the ice that was freezing over him was not only slowing him down further as time goes on, but the pain of the lack of temperature was noticeable as some areas of his skin was cracking.

The demon figured if he wasn't going to be able to land a fist or claw upon his enemy, he should at least change his form of attack. He slammed both his fists into the ground before him, the snow and the grass beneath melted and burned away as a large deep red magic circle appeared, "If I can't win hit you, then I'll blow this whole region sky high" the demon laughed deep as the demonic energy started to surge and gather.

Brone's expression didn't change, which made the demon wonder if the dwarf was too confident or too stupid to realize that nothing would survive this spell. But his question was answered once the dwarf slammed his green axe down upon the floor, destroying the magic circle and canceling the spell.

"No!" The demon yelled as he tried to stand up, but his body was already fully frozen over. He struggled to escape, but as the seconds ticked away, he quickly became a statue, and before he fully froze over, he cursed a name "Damn you, Lorimer!".

The blizzard ended and the demon ice statue remained. Then after a few seconds, the statue vanished as Argent also froze over, no longer able to hold the summoning. The region was saved once again, and now Paradise Dawn can return home and celebrate.

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