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[Quest Rank S [SL]] Fight the Dwarven Champion

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[Quest Rank S [SL]] Fight the Dwarven Champion  Empty Sun Feb 05, 2023 11:06 am


Ragnar turned to face the person that had began to yell at him, asking him who he was. With a simple answer back he said " I am Ragnar Asegir, I am interested in seeking the services of your dwarves that follow Lord Zalambur. " This appeared to give the dwarf pause as he clearly didn't expect to see a human, much less one that knew about the Devil Zalambur and even less one that had a strange looking axe. This most likely was enough to allow Ragnar access into the city but Ragnar heard " Stay here Human! " At which point the dwarf turned and walked back into the darkness. This left Ragnar back in the darkness of the cave.

It took nearly an hour of Ragnar standing in the darkness, axe now in his hand as he expected that he would be attacked soon but that never came. Soon after that hour, a dwarf came back out of the darkness, this time with a lantern for Ragnar to be able to see more easily. The dwarf didn't seem to speak, or at the very least didn't wish to speak with Ragnar as with a grunt he turned and walked slowly into the darkness, expecting Ragnar to follow.

It didn't take too much for Ragnar to realize what he man was looking for, so with a mental shrug he followed behind the Dwarf. It didn't take too long before Ragnar crossed through a doorway that wasn't there before, most likely a dwarven trap to flank people who might enter their tunnels.

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The walls as he entered this area were carved smooth, the floors were left slightly rough and was not fully flat, though that might be because they were going up a slight incline which might make it dangerous for normal walking or marching through this area. Looking around closely nothing about this placed gave the look that this was a location where dark arts of forging was done, much less that it was occupied at all from the outside. Unless he was given this vision, he would have never found this place with how out of the way it was and picking the right cave and locating this hidden path in the rock wall.

After several minutes of walking in silence, the dwarf guard eventually reached a fork in the road, one going left and one going right. The man took a place on the right side of the tunnel and then pointed for Ragnar to go to the left. Ragnar looked at the man, expecting more instructions but received none other then pointing at the left tunnel. Ragnar realizing that nothing would come of him arguing with this man turned and began to walk down the left tunnel. As he began to walk for several minutes, a new noise was heard. For the past several minutes all the noise he had heard was the sounds of his metal feet hitting the ground. This almost sounded like air escaping quickly through a crack.


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Eventually he turned a corner and he was blinded by the light that came at him from a door swinging open as he turned the corner. As the door open he then heard something he wasn't fully use to but had heard before. The screams of people in pleasure and in bloodlust. Ragnar walked towards the noise, covering his eyes with his left hand. His right hand already had Gorechild in it, who apparently knew something was going to happen that he didn't as it revved to life. The roar of his chainaxe was so loud in this hallway that it nearly deafened Ragnar, but none of that mattered as he walked forward passing the door that had opened up to him.

Once Ragnar's eyes adjusted to the lights around him he realized where he was. He was in an arena, and all around him was the sounds of screaming dwarves, humans and others. They all spoke in their own languages but there were so many of them that Ragnar couldn't hear one voice over another. It all sounded like just screaming and yelling white noise at this point. As he looked around, turning his body he eventually found what he was looking for. The person running the arena, a dwarf with a grey beard and hair. Ragnar couldn't see what he was wearing but what he could see was the look of bloodlust and madness in the eyes of the dwarf. Eventually this dwarf raised his hand and like that held the mute button on a remote, everyone in the arena went silent. It was so quiet that Ragnar could hear the sand being crushed by his boot before the dwarf began to speak.

" Hello Challenger! You have been chosen to fight in order to prove your worth! You will be fighting one of our champions to decide this and hopefully you give the people a good fight! Release the Golem!" The Dwarf's voice could be heard throughout the arena, most likely magically amplified to be easily heard. Once the final word was said the crowd went back to going wild, even louder this time as Ragnar could feel the noise in his chest as they all screamed for his blood.

A door on the other side of the arena opened up and a large golem stepped out of the doorway, having to stoop down in order to get past the door frame. The golem, being nearly 10 feet tall, appeared to be made of some metal that Ragnar didn't recognize and appeared to move by gears and some kind of magical power source on it's back. It did appear to be humanoid in shape other then that. The face plate was completely blank, as it most likely didn't need eye slots and could see through other means.

They both stood there for a moment before the Golem began charging towards Ragnar at full speed, and while Ragnar didn't know how strong this thing was he wasn't about to find out if he could help it. The good news about fighting someone who is large is that they have a long reach but they still have the same issues of anyone else with a long reach. Once you get past that reach, they normally have alot of issues trying to hit you. Ragnar just had to get in close.

As the golem ran across the field towards Ragnar, he realized that it wasn't as fast as he was but he was sure that in normal cases he would be much stronger and more durable then Ragnar. Well Ragnar would have to put a test to that theory. Choking up on his axe, his hand sliding from the normal place on the throat, sliding across the belly until his hand was resting behind the beard of the axe. This turned his weapon from a reach weapon to a modified punching weapon. The Golem did the thing that it was most likely programed to do, and went for a face punch with it's right hand, most likely trying to end the fight in a single moment. Boring.

Ragnar leaned his body to his left and down, while swinging his fist axe up at his opponents swinging hand. The golem had already committed to the attack and as the blow hit nothing but air and the door that Ragnar was standing behind the axe bit into the forearm of the Golem. Under normal cases, Ragnar was sure that this Golems's armor would have easily taken most hits without any issue. The issue was that Gorechild wasn't normal. As the Shower of sparks fell over Ragnar and on the Golem as Gorechild bit and tore through whatever metal this was within a second, and the rest of the force went directly into the internal mechanisms of the golem and a black liquor came pouring out of the Golem and the golems arm went limp, useless.

Now missing an arm, the Golem didn't stop it's attack not seeming to notice the lack of the arm with an attempted front kick with his right leg. Sadly for him, Ragnar simply continued his movement to his left, before planting his right foot next to the foot of the golem and turning on that foot. His hand slide down the half of the axe back to the throat as spun. This would normally be a horrible place to be in a real fight, as the opponent could easily punch you right in your back but given that the Golem's right arm was disabled and the leg was dealing with the front kick Ragnar didn't have to worry about that. After doing a 180 degree turn on his right foot, his left foot now parallel with his right, his right hand still holding Gorechild screamed into the Golem's back enhanced by the spin move and the extra leverage from using the axe correctly.

Gorechild bit into the Golem's back, which apparently had something important in it as both of the legs on the Golem fell limp as it fell to the ground without useable legs to fight. It was easy at that point to remove the golem's faceless head from it's shoulders with acouple of good hacks from Gorechild. Ragnar had won this fight.

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