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[Quest A Rank[SL]] Locate the Dwarven Forgemasters

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[Quest A Rank[SL]] Locate the Dwarven Forgemasters Empty Fri Dec 02, 2022 3:41 am


Waking up from his sleep, shooting to an upright position, sweat pouring down Ragnar's body as he lay on a wet mattress from the sweat. It looked like Ragnar had a fever that had finally broken. Ragnar held his face in his hands as the sweat started to slow. Throwing the blanket off him, putting his feet on the floor and standing up. Ragnar's mind raced as he tried to piece together what he just saw but the more he thought about it the more liquid it became and it slipped through his fingers, only causing Ragnar to try and grip harder on it.

There were various images, things that made no sense on their own, a Mountain Pass, a Machine Broken at his feet, the slaughtered bodies of dwarves at this feet, a women with white and black hair with strange eyes and finally a plane of fire and brimstone, with war and fighting happening all around him. In the distance he saw a massive humanoid figure sitting on a throne of skulls. Nothing was making any sense but Ragnar knew what he had to do. He needed to locate this mountain, and hopefully with that get one step closer to whatever his Lord Zalambur needed of him. That was the only explanation for what Ragnar saw. His Lord called to him once again, summoning him back to the fight.

Turning around, Ragnar began to pack and get ready to go and find this mountain. The only reason why he even knew where to look was because in that image burned into his mind he recognized a single thing on it. There was a totem on a path leading up the mountain, a totem that he was very aware of. It was the totem of his former clan, the clan that was wiped out, atleast as far as Ragnar knew.

So it was in his families old stomping ground, though he was sure that there was going to be other Icebergian's there, though he wasn't too worried about them. They most likely would not mess around with Ragnar, he has made himself known in this area well enough to hopefully have everyone avoid him but who honestly knows at this point. Maybe one of them will try something.

Once Ragnar walked outside of the building he was in, a small cabin out in the woods, a place where he had fond memories with Akuko recently but this was his primary home. Looking around, and without seeing anything, Ragnar said a word and a thunder crack was heard that rocked the snow from the trees. Ragnar's mount had appeared next to him, a Juggernaut. Getting his foot in the stirrup, Ragnar threw himself over and into the saddle. With a whip of the chains the monster began it's run towards Ragnar's old home.

It took several days to reach Ragnar's old home, though that was simply due to the land they had to travel through, as this place wasn't exactly a flat plain where traveling was quick and safe. Ragnar even had to avoid some ambushes along the way because it was too much work to fight his way through them. But eventually he managed to reach his former home. As Ragnar looked around his former home, it looked like no one had ever lived here. Any building that was once there was stripped and taken apart by other clans for supplies and all evidence that a building once lived there was taken over by nature.

It could be seen as poetic in some ways, that Nature always wins at some point. Ragnar's parents are long dead at this point, and there bodies were placed in unmarked graves somewhere in the mountains. Even as Ragnar marched his Juggernaut through the snow that would have been past his knee, he looked at the mountains near by. Ragnar was looking for the mountain in his mind and he knew that it was here. Somewhere in his clan's old territory. It took several hours of searching but Ragnar did find what he was looking for, though without the totem. The climb wasn't possible for the Juggernaut, so getting off the beast, Ragnar sent it on it's way as he began the climb. He was still fully armed and armored, though he did notice he was significantly slower then he use to be in his armor. Maybe he had put on a few pounds? Apparently that does start happening when you are dating someone, atleast that was what he had heard. Or was that getting married.

While thinking that over, Ragnar did eventually climb up this path, a path that was extremely out of the way and the only reason why Ragnar knew where it was and what to look for was because the Dream told him. After another hour or so of climbing and hiking, Ragnar reached a cave mouth. Without missing a beat, Ragnar continued to walk forward into darkness. Ragnar eventually ran directly into a wall, which forced him to sit down for a bit as he waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He was lucky that there was some light in here given off by fungi and other such things otherwise he wouldn't be able to see at all. He isn't capable of seeing in pure blackness.

Standing up at this point, Ragnar began to walk, and as he walked he noticed some odd things about the walls. They began less and less natural looking and more molded or shaped. Ragnar continued to walk and eventually Ragnar reached a massive door. Massive enough for a seige weapon to come out of, though there would be no way to get it out of the mouth of the cave without magic. It was extremely dark in this room, almost magically, as Ragnar walked towards the door to get a closer look at it. On the door was carved pieces of art that told a story. A story of what Ragnar was trying to find out when out of the darkness a Dwarven voice said " HALT! Who goes there! ".

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