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Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito)

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Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sat Aug 20, 2022 3:19 pm

To Averie generally mostly being cold and emotionally stiff for other reasons, all of this was interesting when she was finally able to see and experience such things in life. It was remarkable to witness."Huh...So you are theorizing life is sprung from the east of Fiore?"Averie was taking this too literally, since well that was how her mind worked. The most logical path possible in thought was the way forward, So it might be kind of silly to explain things at times."Well I should say, Friendships are sprung in the east of Fiore."She quickly corrected herself because she realized how something that not making sense.

It stirred up some different emotions in Revvy."Strange. Your are acting a bit different now are you okay, do you need some water to drink?"Averie mentioned in some caring way as close as she could to express some kind of caring it almost could sound face with how she was as a person normally. Yet again she had good intentions and it was held behind something else of her own flaws.

But she would move on after all she had a thing she needed to be honest about."You both think that do you?" Averie seemed mention because she seemed rather serious about it, since they seemed fixated on finding a partner in life, even if they seemed to almost rule it out as an impossibility."Anything having to be related to finding a partner should be about wanting the person for who they truly are.....unless my books are lying to me again."Silly Averie was still well, childish in some way. It was one of the few times when some one so stuck in a cold cycle of logic seemed to be silly and a bit childish.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Sat Aug 20, 2022 3:52 pm


"I more meant that it is were I started and got my chance..." He reaches toward Averie when she got close to check on Revy and he patted her head. Revy looked up at her and she nods and she hurries off to get a drink for herself as she needs to get her head back together.

When she speaks about finding a partner and he nods his head and he smiles. "That is what I tell her if a woman doesn't like me for my quirks then maybe they aren't the one for me. She is just a worry wart about it so don't mind her. Just you be careful some guy doesn't swindle you out of thinks with promises of things and love and such like." He stands and he lets his hair loose and he takes a brush, brushing his hair back so it looks neater and better keep and he clears his throat and he gently takes her hand in his hands.  "You are so beautiful~ I wish to walk with you under the moon light after a nice dinner under the stars~" He laughs softly and he smiles then lets go of her hand and he messes his hair back up. "Just be careful cause they will tell you what you want to hear." He smiles with a proud nod.

He hopes that she will not get into any trouble as she seems a bit naïve when it came to these things like love just like him but he thinks she will still be able to find the one that she likes some day and maybe if they decide they can have a child and name him or her something a bit odd.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Mon Aug 22, 2022 6:16 am

It seemed there was to be a twist to the situation at hand before her now, even if it was eventually to come a bit later."At least i can tell in the end, there is honest intention from her."Averie mentioned as she talked on. she would just take her time continuing to eat her sandwich, during the time she was just listening for the most part and actually finishing her food it seemed to have made her some what happy and content overall, seemingly going far beyond most of her expectations.

But then well it seemed Kaito had made his moves, in which was not shocking but unexpected for Averie to experience. For if anything was it actually all that logical to right away ask such a thing to a person you don't really know and just starting to get to know. But if anything maybe that was just an illogical risk she needed to consider taking for once in her life.

But with how he did this it seemed Averie was oddly surprised, part of her was oddly flattered."Wait, a part of you would wish for such a person me for a date?"She seemed for some reason to take it serious in some manner. weather it was or not she did not tell right away."Interesting to witness." if Kaito was serious or not she was not giving him an answer right away yet given how she was so far, Kaito could easily get a yes if he was gonna actually try.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Mon Aug 22, 2022 12:39 pm


"Yeah she means well just from the out side looking in it might look a bit bad" He gently pats Revy's head who will not even look up at the woman any more at this point cause she embarrassed herself so badly.

"What are you talking about I am not looking to date anyone, guess even translated there is a barrier between our understandings." He sighs a bit then lays back he guesses his thoughts just don't make sense to humans like she looks to be. He grew up with elves so maybe his thinking was a bit to complex or maybe he just wasn't using the right words as this all seemed to keep coming back some how to a miscommunication on things. He wasn't looking to date someone at all he was going to leave his years alone and away from love, what ever amount of years he ends up living with this strange power that awoke inside of himself.

"Yeah you misunderstood he was warning you to be careful of men that promise you the moon, cause they will get what they want say sweet words then vanish on you." She is still not making eye contact with the woman. She sighs her self and looks out to the waters.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Wed Aug 24, 2022 6:17 am

This almost seemed to some what sadden Averie even if in the end it was still the same emotion it just seemingly showed up in her voice for a moment."Oh..I see."It was between the first and second part she seemed to have been sadden only to have the rest return to being almost emotionless. Maybe this the life of Averie she almost thought some one might have actually even if quickly extended a long enough type of belonging that her emotional wishes was almost starting to be met, But it was maybe Averie fooling herself in the end.

That was a bit of trust building moment that seemed to have built up slightly."I don't experience that at all from other people...so I guess I fooled."She did not laugh about it or anything either. But maybe she learned a lesson. Averie did not seem to have any one over all trying to swoon her it seems. it showed pretty easily at least she moved on quickly."That was an interesting lesson, Thank you both."At least Averie seemed okay in the end, Averie was use to being alone anyway so that might have been a good stir to her mind.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Wed Aug 24, 2022 10:48 am


Kaito was confused by this reaction from her, had he hurt her like he said he wasn't going to do if so he needs to make it up to her some how so there are not bitter feelings between them. "Averie did I hurt you by saying I wasn't looking to date someone?" He tilts his head slightly looking at her as he wondered why that would hurt her if he had just said that as it was just how he felt plus he doesn't have any females in his life that he even thinks would like him like that.

Revy gets close to the woman and she looks at her and she whispers to the woman. "Just tell me do you have a crush on Kaito?" She smirked as she wondered if that is why this woman had reacted as she had done when he said that cause it kinda looked like it crushed her spirit a bit to hear him say that, but Kaito wouldn't have anyway of knowing that she had feelings for him he is a bit dense and she doesn't think he knows what someone being into him might even look like.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Thu Aug 25, 2022 1:55 pm

It seemed Averie now would be avoiding question mostly because she felt like she fell for a ruse or a trap, so she would just be trying to move on for this situation for it might just make it worst for her as they continued on with it."No not at all, I am perfectly okay."It seemed the icebergian nercomancer had settled herself pretty quick."Do not worry about it."She had no embarrassment here it was completely normal and settled Averie. It showed a good lesson for Averie."It just means I need to be paying attention more to see if i can figure out if it is a bit more honest in intention or not."

Was this something believable or not to Kaito? either way it seemed she was always moving on as quickly as she could."What ever do you mean? I don't have a crush on him seems lightly illogical to fall for a man you just met after all."Indeed she was back to normal and talking as she should be. Cold, logical yet still trying to be social. The normal Averie they both where use too at this time. Maybe they would have to try more or not.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Thu Aug 25, 2022 3:08 pm


Revy sighs and looks at Kaito and she shakes her head. "Seems maybe you are just hopeless to find someone that could even have an inkling of liking you. I swear I saw a spark of interest in you from her." She takes the woman's hand and shakes her hand and she says sorry for saying that she might like him. She then lets go of her and she goes back over and she sits next to Kaito and she is defeated.

Kaito looks at Averie and he rubs the back of his head. "Yeah she is too good for me anyways. Too pretty and she seems smart plus I doubt I will live a very long life and she deserves a guy that will live and treat her right." He feels a pang of pain in his chest saying this and he wonders why, as this woman just clearly stated that she hadn't felt anything toward him so she had just made it clear she didn't like him and why would she lie about that. He lays on the ground and he looks to the sky and he watches the clouds, saying what he said seemed to weight heavily on his heart but he was honest in return to the woman's honest answer to Revy's teasing.

Revy still feels like she had seen a sign she liked him but she guessed they woman had no reason to lie and say she didn't feel anything toward him so she was just gonna drop it cause it had been made clear. "So what are your plans from her ma'am?"


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Fri Aug 26, 2022 4:47 pm

Averie would just want to admit it later at this point that she was lying, She was with in her own thoughts. But she felt still like she should linger around a bit longer in the end, Only because as oddly as she never considered or thought she wanted it.

Being around people seemed to leave some kind of missing piece her in life. but she already knew that was happening, she just did not want to think much else really. Then again to Averie at least Kaito a bit of a feeling that with in his carelessness about how people felt, Made the woman feel like being normal was almost possible. it was why she kind of enjoyed it here.

Alas for now whatever else happen here seemed to be left between the two and for now would be left to the three people sole left here until another time.



Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 3 Empty Fri Aug 26, 2022 5:01 pm


Kaito didn’t hear her dispute that she was far too good for him so he guesses that was settled that the woman indeed felt that she was too good for him in the end he guessed that Revy must have been off about the woman liking him, because even if she hadn’t liked him she could have still said it wasn’t that so that was it in his mind she disliked him.

Revy is surprised that the woman hadn’t said anything to dispute that she was not above his level and this kind of irked her as she thought this woman wasn’t that kind of lady from how she talked about people just throwing her and causing her off. She has to admit she had misjudged this woman and that she would probably move to avoid seeing this this woman as someone Kaito could end up with as it seemed that she was cockier than Revy had thought as she had judged her as a good woman but that has now seemed to have been completely turned on it’s ear.


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