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Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito)

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Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 4:17 pm

One of the areas Averie had popped up in was in Halawai Town, But not entirely for what one thinks up front. After all she seemed so cold and some what jaded looking to the world around her. Part of Averie wanted to be out there, seeing what the warmer parts of the world could do for her, But she could not help be worry internally the idea of still being the outcast she ended up being always just a bit more paranoid about the reality of meeting new people just ruining it for herself for things she in the end did consider her control, Well in with one thing that was her fault for choosing but she could just keep it to herself. Since she always consider a choice of shame in the end.

But Averie seemed to be at some where just at the outskirts between just buildings to stay in, places to get food and well being away from people, as long as she did not show that things that marked the scar so to say. But it was just a plainly sad thing to realize, Averie was a paranoid woman stuck in feeling like she would forever be stuck in some kind of cursed exile imposed upon her from her choices to wanting to help others in her own way.

But what was Averie doing here in Halawai? So far she seemed to still be choosing. But as she was on the ground floor at the building she was staying at, She seemed to be staring at the sky and listening to the wind. Almost like it was one of the few things that seemed to personally leave her at peace in life, Not sure what else she could as her did not plan this far, Most of her plans came from being chased away from places.

#2Kaito Todaro 

Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 5:15 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito walking with Revy is humming a tune of a song that he had heard and was stuck in his head ever since he heard it his tied hair is laying over his shoulder a bit and he is just dressed normally and his is sort of pep in his step walking. He sees the woman and he stops figuring maybe she was having a hard time finding and seeing the sights. "You lost or anything miss? I can probably help you if you need some help or a make shift free guide." His tone is friendly and welcoming so that he isn't seeming like a threat to the woman in some way or another.

The exceed looks up at the woman she wonders if maybe that she was avoiding people and that is why she is was in such an odd spot that was sorta off to the side. "He is an idiot but he is trust worthy trust me on that." She puts a thumbs up signal to the woman if she were to look down at her.


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It broke her peaceful bless, the warm feeling of the heat here the wind's slow breeze it was the closest thing to peace in a while. But the problem at hand now there were two people talking to her and for the life she had now, no matter how rough it had been at this time and a bit less valued in her view from it, could not understand what they were saying to her, She just seemed visually confused by these words mentioned to her that she for most part seemed unsure what to do. It did also shock her in some manner she just had some one so casually walk up to her.

Not that she assumed or ever thought she was better then anyone else. But her light blue eyes did seemed to look at him confused and surprised.Then returned to Kaito in the language native to the people of Caelum."I am sorry...I seem to be in the way."Not realize she might not speak that language but it was either that or icebergian language but she just seemed to merely only test one.

But since she assumed she was in the way, Averie merely just looked forward because she was just going to take her time walking away because she had no idea what else to do. Kaito might be out of luck unless he knew how to talk to Averie. For now the pale woman seemed to just walk a normal pace away from him. It did not seem like she was avoiding him just unsure what else to do since she did not know how to speak to him.

This would be a different case, She did not seem scared of him or nervous around him. Then she seemed to walk a bit more casually. No one seemed like a treat here.

Language colours: Caelum Iceberg.

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Kaito Todaro
He looked at her as she spoke and he tapped his chin and he pulled out a book as she spoke and it picked up what she was saying and translated it to him. Seeing what she had said he followed after her and he gently grabbed her shoulder to stop her then he got in front of her and he pointed to the book so she would look at it so it would translate what he says to her so they can talk with a bit less difficulty. "You were not in my way, I was asking if you would like me to help you around the area if you were looking for anything. My name is Kaito what is your name?" The book is translating what he is saying in real time to something she can read and understand.

He hopes that the woman wasn't mad or upset that he had touched her without her permission. Though he readied himself to get yelled at by the woman if he had displeased her. His hair flows in the wind a little and he smiles at her and he found her icy eyes kind of cute.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) Empty Thu Jul 28, 2022 7:36 am

It almost seemed to be a bit more of a confusing situation for Averie, not only was he being stopped but also a person she did not expect to understand her could not speak to her, It must have been a trick with that book and magic, Well that was something she could assume with her limited creative mind. Because Averie was just so stuck in her own cycle of assuming things, she did not think much else."Oh."Now that she got an actual things she seemed to understand it did make it easier, but it did not make her responses any more in depth.

Kaito being able to speak to her, seemed to not make her any less at ease, In fact she still had to think that this situation could end shortly given how normal people just left her. But maybe the worst part was she still seemed so far emotionally gone that touching did not phase her at this time, But her skin did almost still feel cold as the look of ice she lets off, she was basking in the sun to feel warm most likely with out saying it. It was just her going about it in an odd way.

Did she need help? No not entirely but maybe there was something that could be a bit more to her benefit."I was...merely looking to bask in the sun for a bit, but unsure where else to go at this time."Averie might just prefer more quiet and less people kind of areas to bask in the sun, it was just her way of being in general. But it was a bit better of conversation now rather then simple one word responses between questions. There was no worried about being rude. For Averie often had to gauge how longer she had until a person seemed less friendly.

But he wanted to know her name."I am Averie."Right back to just simple for the most part closed off answers, Averie would take a lot more time and effort to build into trust and conversation.

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito stops to think about this, does he know any good stops to bask in the sun around here. He rubs his chin and with a smile he opens a portal that she can see through to a more secluded area that she could in the sun at without he guessed being in anyones way. He hadn’t thought how weird a guy with dragon like eyes opening a portal could probably look to her. "We could go here if you are really that worried about being in someone’s way, not that you were in the way to begin with."

he smiles at her while the book translates what he said to her, he was trying to be nice and was unsure if she would like to go to a random spot on the island with him, though thinking about it she was probably going to turn him down.

Revy looked at the woman and she wondered what she means by basking is she a lizard person of some sort or was she human Revy couldn’t tell as she looked pure as freshly fallen snow and she was quick to flee when they tried speaking to her.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) Empty Fri Jul 29, 2022 5:52 pm

This seemed to be extremely risky, Averie even seemed if anything that normally could have worked on other people Averie almost consider this a death sentence."I...Don't think that is wise."She would avoid out right just blurting out she think it was a was a trap.It felt like something she would deal with a lure into some one alone then after learning her horrible nightmare inflicting thing she can do, then rid her from risking causing problems down the road.

Then again her had to ponder, what if he already knew in some way was he some one who picked up who she was back in her travels in stella and just acted like he did not know."We can just...walk there, It isn't too far is it?"She seemed to asked, because it seemed she did not need short cuts. If he knew a place they could just go there. Just something she needed to see if Kaito was far more insistent enough for taking a portal or not that might be make of break this situation for him.

For Averie did not want to let her bleak blanket assumptions to take over her mind, even if she just kept getting use to it happening over and over again to the point it left a person emotionally and mentally numb. So she would wait to see what he would do, for if he did truly insist it would be risky.

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Kaito Todaro
He looks to Revy who opened her bag and a map appears in his hands. "It is shorter to take the portal if you want to avoid other people, you seem like you don't like crowds and people looking at you." He was just being honest to her as he didn't want her to feel pressured into taking the portal but he gets closer to her so he is beside her his bandaged arm against her upper arm shoulder area and he points on the map.

"We are currently here." He points to where they currently are on the map to her then he drags his finger a decently large way across the map of the island. "This is where we are going to go, on foot it will take a bit. But I guess if you don't want to take the portal I could fly us there to get there faster plus we could avoid walking through the crowds of tourists that are jamming up the streets."

He smiles at her, he doubts the woman wants to be carried and flown by him but he wanted to make sure that she would feel comfortable and safe from the people as she seemed to avoid them and if they walked they would be walking through packed crowds.

Revy giggles and she point up to the woman. "I know he looks big and scary but he is a teddy bear. No need to fear him if he gets fresh or makes you feel uncomfortable let me know and I will set him straight." She poses with her hands on her hips and a very confident smile on her face as she was going to make sure that Kaito doesn't upset the poor woman more then she seemed to already be having from him just tearing a portal out of no where.


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IT might have been shorter but there was just the hint of danger with in her mind that something would happen her she might not like if she went through that portal. Yet again a stranger through things might lead into a trap. There was a strange moment where Kaito placing his arm where it was only made him feel a bit more colder, But it was entirely from Averie where this cold came from. Averie's icey look was matched with it. She seemed to want to bask in the sun to maybe feel a bit more alive.

But if Averie wanted to feel safe and use the short cut she would have a simple idea."I see your point..."Averie however still seemed emotionally cold and stuff. So she simply then walked over to Revvy and picked her up."I will go if I can carry the exceed through it."Sure it brushed off Kaito's shoulder on her. But it was an opening a chance that she seemed to want to attach something to hope she could admit was long gone from her soul.

Before really getting an answer she just walked through the portal with Revvy. Even if it was unexpected for how cold Averie's flesh. She would now too learn maybe why Averie was trying to bask in the sun. But she was not alone at least there was still Kaito here and Revvy whom she put down right away after coming through the portal.

Even if how she was seemed so closed off, to Revvy her picking up and putting down were extremely gentle, Like she did actually care about life and keeping it safe. Was it expected? Maybe not but Averie seemed to have expected to be dead.

But she would find a place where they ported too that had enough space where she can see the sea with out problem, stand in the sun and listen. Even for the moment closed her eyes.

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Kaito Todaro
He looked at her as she was indeed very cold like a corpse. "you are very cold are you sick or something?" he heard the woman ask the question then just pick up Revy and walk off with her through the portal he wonders if the woman is okay but at least in the end she trusted him enough to use the portal. He walks though and he looks at her. He wonders if it was a good enough spot for her or not.

Revy smiles as she was carried and she is happy the woman trusted in taking her with her through the portal, though she needs to make sure the woman is okay the travel is some times rough on the person that took the portals stomach. "How are you feeling miss any nausea?" she smiled to comfort the woman just in case she was indeed feeling a bit sick from the trip through.


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It was interesting, almost for once in her life that Averie was meeting a person who entirely did not know at all anything about her and the things that seemed to follow her in the figurative manner, she seemed to not be haunted by past events trying to going after her when she was honestly actually just kind of having a person honestly being nice to her, this process in her mind has been proving confusing for her and she was honestly trying to get use to it. Because for the most part it was unnerving for the moment.

She had made sure to put down Revvy after finding the right spot. She realized and thought to herself about how she just did take a persons cat and just walked away with it and then made sure it was okay after putting her down."No, I am completely fine."In truth other things where on her mind that she did not risk getting sick in some way. Then again some things use to make her sick but that might have been a tale for another time between any of them."I do feel I carried you for a bit too long..."There was not hint of embarrassment, shame or worry with in her voice still completely cold and almost hollow sounding in intention

Then she would merely mention to herself for a moment in the language of iceberg."He...seems to be truly harmless,they both do.."it was mentioned as she is confused by it, connected to her mind in the end that Kaito and Revvy were being actually harmless to her and it actually just was unexpected to her hoping when she mentioned that in iceberg to let it sink in more.

But it seemed after that mention of it she then would return to speaking caelum to him."I...must thank you for bringing me here. As well as for being as nice as you have so far."You could consider this progress, Averie also seemed to be enjoying the sun enough that maybe with this conversation she was going to try and open up. but she was still kind of in place of where she was basking in the sun with her eyes closed after she had let go off Revvy, Maybe now it would start being the real Averie under the coldness.

Language colours: Caelum Iceberg.

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Kaito Todaro
Revy giggled at the woman saying that she carried her for too long. "I guess I am not usually carried like that usually I just ride in Kaito's hood." Revy opens her bag making chairs and a table appear along with a basket. She points to the chairs and the other stuff stuff. "Make yourself at home Averie was it?" She hoped that was the woman's name and she didn't just call the woman by the wrong name, cause that would be very rude of her to have done.

Kaito hears her speak her thanks and he smiles at her and he gently pats her head. "Something makes he think you have not been treated the best, I am just being friendly no need to thank me for it. It should be a common way to treat someone with respect and kindness." He walks over and he takes a seat and he looks out at the view and he wonders if this woman has been that badly mistreated by people, as far as he could tell she was human. Was she cursed some how or was she a criminal, had she done something taboo what was it and he hopes she won't over heat from being out here in the hot weather with how cold her skin felt to the touch. He then wonders if she is an undead some how and that is why she is so cold feeling almost life less like she can't feel joy.


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Would it finally all stop confusing her, The reality of two people actually being able to treat her like a normal? No it was too soon to let that part fade away, After all after once that one thing was revealed is when they all fled and or attacked her, This cycle still had a chance to bare a repeating cycle, Averie had to assume it would once they knew the mental cycle of paranoia had already started turning again to Kaito and Revvy being entirely clueless too just this pale woman seeming so confused and closed off, She needed to be a bit more defensive for a bit longer.

But yet as foolish as it could be considered, Averie needed that hope to keep her going, No matter how people scared her away for helping, No matter how many rocked are thrown at her, She needed that hope to continue on for the years of that reality of being the stain on reality much like her older brother and older sister ended up being as well, Averie did desire that day to come much like what seemed to be forming before now, an actual honest friend. It was just a dream she seemed to have when everything wanted to show it was pointless. But she answered Revvy. "Yes, I am Averie."The exact way she had said it before when she said the first time.

But she just finally opened her eyes, being pat on the head because still strange being touched by some one when you expected it to be followed up with something horrible. Then she finally chose to start walking over to the chair presented to her."I am use to kindness being extremely limited,Or existing in a limit time frame only to be revoked quickly."There was some kind of feeling existing there. Kaito might seem to be correct.

But Averie was sitting on a chair and seemed to be be some what willing to attempt to talk bit more even with out mentioning it much up front."Even if i would like to think your belief of that is correct...The world always proves it different."It did seemed to leave a person with a sense of dread or depression.

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Kaito Todaro
He felt that the woman may be letting her guard down little by little and he smiles then he hears her speak about the world being different and then he rubs his chin then he starts unwrapping his right arm revealing his crimson Fairy Tail guild mark and black markings that are on his arm from his curses progression. "Yeah I can understand that, I was feared because touching my bare skin can cause the person touching me to see a fear or their death I am not sure which it is if I am honest." He starts to rewrap his arm so he isn't risking hurting the woman.

Revy walks up and she sits in the small chair and she looked at the woman and she starts speaking. "So what is it that you can do that makes people fear and misunderstand you?" She figured the woman may speak to them a little and maybe show them why she is mistreated like she seemed to have been getting treated.


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So it was time the time she dreaded the most in her mind, The lead up to such reveals. It was actually something that still made her quite nervous to think about."If....if you truly must know..Then I will show you."Kaito might have a few things he was trying to hide, Averie might not be trying to down play whatever he was dealing with and if he was managing it well or not. Just after a while with so many: beatings, rocks being thrown, attempted murders and being called an ill-omen who would ruined places she went too. Averie was just dealing with the reality of being that exile.

So she would then point to the ground by Revvy, with her index finger, With a slight sound of shifting sand an arm of a skeleton popped out, Then as to show she was still not a threat even if she feared it would happen to her again now, her chair was pushed in slightly. It was basic but it revealed a small hint of being a nercomancer. Then the arm seemed to sink back into the sand. Leaving a small indent with in the sand as the sign it was there at one point.

After that she seemed to look down and closed her eyes, she was prepared to get yelled at in some manner, struck in some way or have something thrown at her, This part always made these parts of interaction so mentally draining to Averie, after all she expected the worst no matter what. It just broke her heart each time because even with suck a dark art of magic she never intended horrible things. But that part Kaito did not know, nor did Revvy. This was now the trap she thought it was.

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito watched the arm reach up and push Revy's chair in a little then he looked at the woman that looked down he finished wrapping his arm then he goes over and he gets on his knee and he looked up into her eyes and he smiles at her and he gently takes her hand in his own bandaged hand. "You have a gift, you don't strike me as of yet as a bad person so please don't look down like this." He reaches his other hand up and he ruffles her hair and he laughs softly.

Revy looked at the arm as well and it was a bit scary to see that happen she waited to see what it did and it only pushed her chair in. She looked at the woman and saw her look away like she was about to be shamed or something. She was about to speak up when she saw Kaito go over and get on a level so he was making eye on tact with her and he spoke to her, she was impressed maybe he was getting better at speaking to people and his heart might not be as shut away as it use to be.


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It almost seem to internally break Averie in some manner, nothing was happening to her. She was entirely left alone, It would take a moment where she would open her eyes."So...you are not going to throw rocks at me or attempt to beat me?..."It would maybe all make sense now, it just seemed like Averie was so use to that happening that it just confused her more and more as the minutes passed, it was a relief in some manner to Averie even if she did not ever expect it at this time.

The only thing that seemed to be shown on Averie face was a look of relief and peace. No words seemed to at this time be mentioned from her about her actually being a bit more safe for once in her life. Maybe that sense of relief she felt was best explained in one way. She merely leaned forward and hugged Kaito and seemed to just finally leave herself there for the time. It was most likely the most forward emotional expression action Averie had done in a while.

That was it, Averie was a nercomancer, one who's path was used to being beaten, pelted and scared away that upon some one finally just being able to be peaceful with her it seemed it almost brought out a scared child needed comfort out of her. Sure Averie still did feel a bit cold but not as much from basking in the sun. It might seem a bit like a fairy tale.

The only thing Averie did not do because she resist fairly hard was weep, because she still needed to just put that aside. Her long period of quiet was broken with a sigh of relief. Then she let go of Kaito right away and sat back in her chair."That...might have been unneeded, I am sorry."It was back to the Averie they were use too, at least in tone of voice maybe now they could learn a bit more with out worry.

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Kaito Todaro
"Why would I do such a thing? I know I am a little scary looking but I wouldn't hit you unless you were out of control or turned evil." Kaito was honest he doesn't make a habit of hitting people no matter their gender but he was willing to fight to try and save them from them self.

When she hugs him he gently hugged her back and rubbed her back it seemed that she had been holding herself back and his simple act of kindness to her had helped her to let out a little of what was built up in her system, he was glad that he was able to help her relive a bit of the pain that she felt and give her a friend. He watches as she pulled herself back stopping hugging him and he hears as she speaks. He smiles at her with a kind voice he spoke. "No it was fine, you were over come by an emotion and you needed an outlet through I will admit you are the first woman to hug me outside of my master."

Revy had watched it all and she smiled as it seemed maybe Kaito wasn't as hopeless as he seemed he might have just helped this woman be able to move forward and maybe she will find her place and she will make her fresh start. "If someone throws rocks at you let us know and we will deal with them." Revy flexes her tiny arms like she was saying she would beat them up herself and not make a second thought of it.


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This was more and more strange to Averie kind of experience a actual person treating her normally, it seemed at least the confusion was passing.Averie felt like she could attempt to be a bit of her normal self."It is something I just grew accustom too, After all people had always been different with me."She was putting it lightly with being different, considering what she seemed to be use to being a bit rough.

Averie was the first? interesting even then she could admit something else."I have attempted to hug others before that I trust...but that also tends to end horribly."IT seemed it was making her life seems so saddening because everyone just kind of thought something different, But at least she was truly harmless and oddly peaceful. Averie if you look past the pale skin, the emotionless way of being was before them she was a fairly simple woman to deal with.

Since Averie was able to be open and honest now she just simple would carry on conversation with out problem."Such an offer would have been nice in Stella, but that was a long trip a go, However...For now i am just delighted i can be normal."Averie seemed to be expressing being content and some what happy now.

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Kaito Todaro
He went back to his seat so she could have some space to breath and him not be in her personal space. "Throwing rocks back or attacking them just makes you as bad as them anyways." He rubbed his chin and he leaned his chair back a little looking at the sky.

Revy looks embarrassed that she had said something that sounded like she was gonna be violent and that wasn't very lady like of her but she doesn't want someone to bully someone else cause they are different or have different powers or magic then them.

Kaito looks to the woman once again and he wondered something. "Do you come from a line of them or are you the first of your family that can do such a magic?" He knows that some magics are passed from parents to children while others are more found or given to someone like his own dragon slayer magic he wasn't born with it but now he had that power in him to use it, even through he mostly used it for defensive things it has a good amount of balance that he liked it and saw the uses it had.


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For such a plain statement it seemed Averie even if he made it sense."I would not be one to attack back....even if needed too." She had to think back to Stella and saving that kid from fall down a cliff."May my body forgive me for the damage I allow other people to cause to it out my own wish to help others."To think so far she had no visible scars on her. But given maybe just how life was too her so far, After all to think Averie seemed so peaceful. Even so grim yet so peaceful she was a lady trying to be helpful with in her own means.

But Kaito posed a question that might be really good to ask it might give insight to how her family works. She did not sound very proud of her coming remarks."I am the only nercomancer with in the family. Each family member with in my family have figured out or chosen magic extremely dark or destructive in nature believes sometimes the darkest path forward way be the most freeing towards all whom walk it weather it is during or after it is used..."Did it make sense? no but it was just how things where for her and her family members.

"Each of my family members have chosen such a path....it is rumoured one of my siblings have chosen a magic based around plagues or diseases,while another has chosen more destructive magic."She did not mention gender to either of them because she did not know which one chose which. After all she seemed to be away from them now and most likely she never had to see either of them use their magic in front of her."I will never ask, nor do I know what all of my family members capable of."So far summed up Averie's family seemed to be the type to learn the dark things to do good with them.

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Kaito Todaro
"Sounds like they are a bit dangerous to me. But as you seem fine maybe them as well are fine." He wasn't really one that should be looking to pass judgement on anyone else as he is a walking mishmash of magic and power himself as he might not be evil or bad he has the power to tear through dimensions meaning he is a major danger to people and things himself but he doesn't want to hurt anyone.

He looks at her and he wondered where she was from. "If you don't mind me asking where do you hail from?" She looked pretty pale and her long white hair he thinks she is at least partly from Iceberg through he might be a little off on that one cause she also has a more refined look to her as well and isn't bulky looking but he knows better then to judge her by how she looks cause she might be able to floor him before he could even react to it.


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They very well could be, but since for the most part they all intended a pretty forward path of keeping people safe it might be the case of people worrying about nothing."I would say I could assure everyone is okay, But they are harmless to me."Which well might have been to expected, since well she did know them long enough. Just what else about them seemed to be left unknown over all nothing on their looks, ages over all nothing about them.

As for that question she would answer it."Caelum is where i hail from. I just happen to have a mother who is from iceberg as well."Unsure why he asked it but she seemed to answer casually with out problem. it just seemed strange much like most things so far with what she had encountered with Kaito at this time. Was it because of something on her face? Or something she did not know.

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Kaito Todaro
He nods his head that makes sense he guessed and he speak with a very friendly tone "I guess I wasn't that far off, you have a blizzard of beautiful hair and very pretty blue eyes. So you have the blood line of war and glory as well as the refined beauty and refined physique of those that seek to better the future their own way." He rubs the back of his head that was probably a dumb line but it was already to late to take it back as he had spoke the words out loud he just hopes she didn't take offense to the words he had spoke.

Revy narrows her eyes at him as that was weird to hear him say almost like he was reading a line from a corny romance book where the childhood friends had been apart then had come back together to meet in a back water town and get stuck there and it is near the act that they find out that they have feelings for one another. She rubs her temples as she is not sure if he was hitting on her, complementing her, or if he was just speaking out loud to say how right he was at his guess at where she is from or her blood line. She knows he probably has no game with woman anyways.


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During this part of the conversation, She just in case looked over at the exceed just to kind of see what she might have been thinking or considering with the situation at hand. it seemed the exceed was far from a neutral or normal expression."Is this...normal of him?"Averie did not answer the remark of her beauty right away just opting in to ask the exceed to see if this was a normal thing or blatantly different out of some strange wish he might have.

Nonetheless it was seemingly the first normal compliment in a while."Nonetheless I suppose I should be delighted, That is what i oddly feel about your words even if delight is something i have not been able to explain how that feeling is for a while."It seemed to be some what positive in the end about just hard to tell with how Averie seemed to be.

But nonetheless she did not seem to pay a compliment to him, most likely because it was just something she might not view logical to do at this time. After all she just met Kaito and they where starting to blossom some kind of starting point. Maybe also this situation was different because you had to ponder how many people would try to court a nercomancer? either before or after knowing.

But at least, she could be honest."You assumed something different?"It seemed to interest Averie to ponder that was Kaito thinking what entirely she was from, not letting know what else really to let out or talk about with him but she seemed to be starting to ponder a few things to maybe talk about.

Averie seemed to be able to stand Kaito being as he was not, it did not seem to bother her, maybe a part of her found it endearing just not openly."Can't say i have experienced compliment outside my silly enjoyment of fictional stories that the characters say between one another."Yes Kaito was getting by because Averie was silly woman who read fictional books about various things.

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