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Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito)

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Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 11:43 am


Revy looked at the woman that asked her the question and she giggled. "It is pretty in character, he is a wild card at best he says things he is thinking. Pretty sure he means it as well." she is surprised the woman even paid Kaito’s words any mind and didn’t just ignore them. Maybe she liked to be spoken good about for once as she made it sound like she had, had no luck for such things and was pretty much a monster.

Kaito looks at her and he starts to speak again. "Well you have strong traits and that could have meant being from Bosco instead of iceberg or minstrel stead of Caelum." He nods his head with a big goofy smile like he was proud of himself for being able to explain that to her as well as he could. He wonders if that was really good enough or not but he figured it was the best he could have probably done in such a small time to explain it.


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There was something about this that maybe would continue the conversation and Averie could not help but add in."There must be something of major interesting. If i am being asked about the lineage of my family."It was intended a bit of a joke, but might be unsure if it came off that way with how Averie tended to speak over all it seemed Averie did not know how to make too many jokes."Do you seem to have a thing for pale cold and strong looking women?"Yet again she was trying to be humorous no idea what she would be expecting or what she was honestly trying to get for an answer.

But yeah she was trying, in some manner being an exile really did not make her any less interested in trying to socialize."But if this is normal, I guess i will not think too much into it beyond now."Besides there are other things to talk about. now since she brought up other nations only other nation she had been to was one not listed."I do not know enough about the people from the area you mentioned, I just know it seems common enough that various people from iceberg to seem rather pale and cold looking from being use to the weather."At least she mentioned half of what she was use to in terms of some things in terms of her looks.

But she mentioned the weather she could not help but remark."Maybe it is why i wanted to bask in the sun,The warmth feels a bit nice and different from what i am use too."It was a remark about herself being a bit weird for being as she was, when she wanted to bask quietly in the sun.


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Kaito rubs the back of his head as she said the family thing and he wondered if he did or not but he guessed even if he did she was a stranger still and he really doesn't see many people that reoccur in his life besides Yuurei, his brother and Judith really if he had to name the very select few that seemed to show up. "I don't think I have a type in woman." He blinks as he answers that question even if it came across as a joke he still thought it best to answer her honestly.

"That is fine I have pretty much been every place in the world at one point or another." He said it with a slight bragging voice and a small laugh. He looks at her and he wonders if he was like that when he first got here or if he was different from how she was. "Bask away friend the day is still young, just be careful of burning." He wonders how fast she would burn in direct sun like cause her skin looks like she is made of porcelain like a doll, really she nearly completely looks like a doll from different angles he wonders if maybe she is a living magic doll of some sort.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Mon Aug 08, 2022 2:59 pm

So he was just as clueless as she was, maybe this was not so bad it was less of a stranger experience. it did kind of make Averie feel some what better about the situation. Then again she did also feel some what close enough to the normal they let off that even if it was not in terms of how normal people where, Averie could live the rest of her life with this feeling and never complain again. Nonetheless she had to remark."I have been told everyone has a type, they just have not learned of what it is yet."At least she heard that from a few family members and read in books, weather or not it is true she did not know truly.

So he's been everywhere? well considering the portals she did not yet what the range limit was for them but if it was just as he seemed to let off almost sounded limitless. But she seemed uninterested to really ask about it at this time, since Kaito as a person as he seemed to be trying his beat in some manner to make Averie comfortable.

But she seemed to generally ponder to herself for a moment, Harmless for the most part."The sun and the peaceful wind....things I never heard at home.."It seemed when Averie had a chance to relax with out the mental worry, Averie might have seemed like a doll on display but she did seemed to still be human after all."What...is the best place you consider for quiet reading?"It did seemed sudden, but she did have hear reason for it.


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His red and purple eyes looked into her eyes at her saying that everyone has a type he guessed since she said that he should then as her type since she was so insistent of it being a thing. "If that is the case what is your type in man or woman." He wasn't sure her preferred so he was covering his bases to be safe even if she didn't feel comfortable telling him it would be fine as it was sort of a personal question to ask a person.

He tapped his chin at hearing her say that. "Hmmm I guess I was lucky that I spent a good amount of time with both" He laughed softly as he hadn't as a child even seen the sun or heard the wind in his cell in the lab but after he was saved he learned of them as his grandmother thought him to respect nature and it's gifts and only take what you need or have use of.

He hears her question about places to read that he knows of. "Well my domain is the most peaceful cause I can do there alone to read and nap as I want but on earth land I would say the east forest in Magnolia then there is a nice tea shop in the town there as well that is good as well." He nods his own head in agreement that those were the top three places he had found for doing it.


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It was posed at a question to her now, something that Averie did not seem to mind at all answering."So far, If i would to assume off of people who can actually stand me."That part might be a good thing to always keep in mind, Averie always felt kindness was limited and always quickly withdrawn to her."Some one with a fair amount of understanding of a persons...emotion either what was shown, or lack of expression."Maybe Averie was just trying to be a bit hopeful, So far she seemed to not be mentioning any kind of looks."One who is maybe more wise then intelligence being more than apparent."She was being too in-depth for the most part about other things. But this did not make her blinded or foolish for maybe the twist for the moment."But as much as I wish for these things, I am often lead to believe from my reading of books anything I expect might not be the case of in which I might want."Maybe logically it was better to think she did not know either.

When he mentioned having his own domain, Averie would mention."As wonderful as it might be to have such a place for yourself, I was thinking a place for me to be able to find and get to with ease."She mentioned because she did not have his kind of power she was a mere meddler of the dead. She could not move as quickly as he could."At least i am not envious about such a thing."She was not thinking it in a negative way at all. She seemed to just casually mention it while she was finding a solution to her wishes at this time, maybe he could try a different answer.


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Kaito smiles at her and gives her a thumbs up. "I believe you will find a guy that at least close to those wants." He was hopeful for her as she seemed nice enough though distant feeling he thinks he can tell she has a good soft maidens heart inside of the cold frozen exterior she shows on the outside.

"Hmmm so some where on the island for a place." He rubs his chin and he thinks about places on the island. "Aina forest has a decent sized boar you would have to watch out for, the beach is covered in noisy tourists, the town is very crowded. I guess a beach house would be the safest bet on this island so you aren't getting run into by tourists or having to watch for a monstrous boar." He thinks that was the best answer he could really give to the woman and he wonders something else. "What type of books do you like to read?" He figured it was an innocent enough question to ask her if she was willing to give him an answer.

Revy thinks it was kind of cute watching them as Kaito seemed to be cluelessly trying to help and be nice and make sure that she didn't feel ignored and the woman almost  sounded like she was talking about maybe liking Kaito there, she figures maybe she was just looking too deeply into the last one as the woman barely knew Kaito and why would she like the idiot that is just running at the mouth like a water fall. She giggles a little as she looked out toward were all the people were and she wondered if Kaito had children would they like her or would she just be a toy to them and would they pull hard on her ears or tail.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Tue Aug 09, 2022 6:06 pm

They both we're pretty ignorant maybe to what they did imply to one another,Averie because there was yet that connection piece that might be the logical path towards it being some one before for her now to consider. But it seemed maybe her idea for such a plan here might be not the greatest of all ideas in the end."I guess i will have to try different lands then."She would remark about the idea of a quiet place to read.

Nonetheless she would move on and answer other things.This part would most likely seem to show how Averie could seem at times a bit childish."Book that entirely fictional, Interesting vast stories about things that seem...logically false or made up entirely different from the world around us."So if anything it might be simple and easy to keep herself happy just find a fictional book, listen to just nature and the sounds of the wind. More and more Averie showed she was just a sheltered bookworm, that reality of the necromancer being put into a different light was starting to show results Averie in some manner was truly harmless to most people just different.

But this was now Kaito's sigh to maybe her next plans."I guess after I see what areas in Fiore i might need to look into in terms of my next area to look into for my travels."That was where she seemed to be going next, Some where in Fiore just where was a good question, Where would a Nercomancer want to go in Fiore? Maybe it was just a case of she needed to just go and find out, She already ended up in one area and just was not spotted, So she might needed to go back.


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He rubs the back of his head as he was sorry that he might have bursted her bubble a little there with his giving her the run down on how the island is kind of covered in tourists and dangerous wildlife. He wonders if he can maybe save this for her and be a guard to protect her for her time on the island. "If you want I can stand watch over you to keep you safe while you read and enjoy the nature. I guess I should also ask if you have a place to stay on the island as you said you get run out of places. I have a beach house here while I am staying here if you need a place feel free to ask."

Kaito listens as she speaks about her book of choice and he smiles as that is a great choice in book, he himself did like to get lost in a book every once and again and would never mock someone elses book type of choice. "Seems like a good choice, I am a mystery book man myself." He smiled at her.

"Like I said Magnoila is a pretty nice place in Fiore. The north is pretty brash, the west you need to be careful of thieves, and I can't really speak on the south as I was only ever there very briefly." He was just being honest to her about Fiore. He just hopes no one starts and witch hunts on her or tries to cause her any harm maybe he can teach her some Fiorian language before she decides to depart for that country so that she can at least speak a bit of it or have some base things to work with.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 3:06 am

He suggested his company? interesting was a boundary Averie was worried about being pushed at this time. Not really if anything between the two of them Averie felt her risk factor was pretty low at this time, Even if she still needed to be a bit more careful still because one never knew if that would remain true forever, But for now she seemed a bit more okay with it."If you entirely wish too, I will not refuse."She did sounded almost a bit confused by this like she did not know entirely how to respond to it. But only seemed to be okay with it."Wouldn't you rather just find a book and read as well?"That was the next logical idea in her mind to maybe connect it to work.

As for Magnolia plan she seemed to take the information for good use."That only leaves central and south to learn about. Maybe even the East as well."It seemed she was always thinking in depth in some manner."Nonetheless before i leave myself too stuck here, Let us collect some books and fine what might be best to quietly read."Noting she said us and not just her, it seemed Averie was trying to include Kaito in things at this time weather he considered that a good thing or not was up to him.

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He guesses maybe she hadn’t liked his company so he backs off and just sits against a tree hoping that maybe she will forgive him for seemingly being far too pushy in his own opinion.

Revy sighs as she had thought it was going good but it seemed Kaito was the one to fall back on this one maybe the woman wasn’t meaning to it sorta looked like she sucker punched his kindness. She walked over and patted kaito on the arm. She opened her bag and hands out some books she had on her and walked over to the woman and shows her them so she can pick something that might catch her fancy. But takes one of the books back it was a fantasy book about a monstrous man and his cat companion that wondered a country doing good deeds and as he did he became less scary to look at but his heart still stayed as distant as when he was the monster.

Kaito opened a portal and a book dropped out into his hand and he sits and starts reading as well as he wasn’t really sure about how to deal with people and if he had offended her or if he has said something wrong


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Was that hope truly gone? no Averie was just thinking out loud and coming to logical ideas in her mind, after all she seemed to still be worried about her own well being but she did seemed a bit more interested in once in her life want to finally continue that branch out that was offered her. letting out a bit of a sigh."No why keep trying to look....the solution is right in front of me."It seemed if anything she was nervous about it but that only came out slightly, but she was take a dive into it. Because at least now in her mind Kaito seemed to be trying to be a bit more safe and harmless towards Averie, She needed to take this chance now.

At least she had no shame to admit it either."Nevermind, I will take your suggestion."she would not hide it either she would just about out right with it. But she was polite about it over all."If, you would still allow me anyway?"She seemed to be asking for permission. She seemed to not ask for anything else either, just if his offer was still open in the end.

Was this the results of just how much abuse of people left her unsure. But this was her just diving head long into this hoping it did not hurt her at all like she assumed this would not harm her."Even if I was planning to find something to eat while i read...I will not ask you for food or drink. Just a place to sit and read."There was a slight pause for a moment like she had consider this step a bit more risky at times."Since yourself and Revvy have been so nice to me...for once I would not mind eithers company for once in my life."She did not make this sound like a bad thing even if as cold as she looked as a person, it seemed she was actually trying to complete that branch out offered to her after thinking it over.


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Revy looked at the woman and she was unsure what was actually going on here with here was she having some sort of crisis and she was losing her mind or was she trying to round about say some thing. Revy just blinks and scratches the back of her head as she can not put a finger on the woman's mindset here as one moment she wanted to do this and the next she was wanting to do that it seemed almost like she was panicking.

Kaito starts laughing as she spoke about wanting food while she read. "If that is what you wanted all you had to do was say so. I am not sure how many places would be very reader friendly as most of the places in town are pretty rowdy during the day with the locals and the tourists going at it sometimes." He stands up and he puts his hand out to her with a smile to help her to her feet.

He wonders why she was so against him or Revy giving her food. "I am a good cook I promise you." Revy looks at the woman and she nods that Kaito had been telling the truth about being a good cook, she knows that he isn't on the level of the cooking queen Judith but he was really good at least and made very tasty things for her and others to snack on.


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These parts did make Averie almost want to explain herself, the problem now she was entirely unsure if explaining the process of logical and ruling out what was safe for her or not was a good idea, So she would just stick to being considered odd."I am...just processing things my own way.."It almost seemed to actually make Averie nervous and slightly embarrassed. She just was trying not to show it. Silly around Kaito it might be. But to the cold and emotionally stiff nercomancer. It was a challenge.

Averie challenge here was bridging that trust to some one who was trying and she was still pulling away slightly like she was going to get hurt in some way or yelled at."I had not considered it at all in mind." Averie was just make the best of everything before her for now, It was just a thing a person had to deal with for at times it might not be the best of way to be.

But she seemed to still be okay with his request but as for food."I promise i am not too hard to make food for, Something I can eat with one hand while I read is just perfect."Averie would hear the laughing of any of her family members for such a way to be, she was that stuck in her books that she would just eat while reading and no pay attention to anything else. But alas since none of them were here, She was safe from my teasing."Most of the time, I do barely get through an entire meal...but that is for other reasons that is not lack of appetite."At least it was all a simple explanation in the end, everything was going as it seem it needed to be.


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He opens a portal and walks into his personal domain to make her something to eat and Revy looks at the woman. "Is there anything special you would like to eat?" Revy realizes Kaito had just left to do it and she wanted to makes sure of anything the woman couldn't eat or might make her sick if she were to consume it and she might be to nice to let him know he might have just tried to assassinate her without thinking about it.

Kaito is preparing to start making the woman something to eat but he can hear the exceed making sure of what the woman wants and he decides it is best to wait till the woman has spoken to if she wanted anything certain and she would make it to his best so that she could enjoy it and he hopes that she will be okay with it cause he probably seems like he is coming on strong with how he is acting but he wants to make her as comfortable as he can, so she feels welcome.


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It seemed to be a simple thing to ask,Averie just hopefully did not make it a bit more complex in the end."Something simple really would be good, easily just get by with some kind of sandwich of sorts."It was a simple answer, maybe too simple she did not consider if there was too many options that needed to be considered."I can eat anything you have as long as it is food meant for people." she was sure to mention that at least while she looked around. At least she had nothing to remark about the place they where in.

At least she seemed to be trying to not be as worried about anything lingering around in the end but she could admit there could be some kind of envy towards just being able to teleport to the place that was just entirely your own with out question and no one being in unless you wanted. Something Averie read in a book at one point,to see it in life was surely interesting in it's own way.

But alas she was maybe just admiring things too much in her eyes. After all she seemed to be actually starting to view things as quiet and peaceful."I don't suppose...you would be against if i chose to give a simple book of your preferred taste a small read?"It seemed she was trying to use their liking of books as a branch to continue their connection.


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Kaito shrugs with a small laugh and he gets to work making the sandwich for her and he wonders if it will really be good enough. He leans out of the portal and he looks to her. "Would you like anything special to drink?" He hears her question and he wonders why she feels she needs to ask him for permission to read a book. "Go for it ma'am i hope you will enjoy it."

Kaito gets back to work in the kitchen. He makes her a strange looking sandwich which he is calling a Strawberry Cheese Wafflewich for her to try, he wasn't a big fan of it himself but he knows that other people like Revy liked it a lot so he figured he will let this woman try it and see what she thinks and he walks out with the food and the drink if she had requested on from him so she can enjoy it fresh and ready.


Cold In body, Dulled in Emotion, Warmed By Lands Around(Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Mon Aug 15, 2022 2:37 pm

Did she require something to drink? maybe just water if she thought of it. She really did not need much considering she did not eat much at a person over all. for the most part it would be interesting to think with maybe how little she ate or drank you could barely notice she was around unless spoke to some one in the area. So far she thought about it for a bit and then she just mentioned."If anything just a glass of water."Yup too simple really just just water at least he knew just a sandwich and water.

But Averie seemed to have taken more of time paying attention to what books she could find, she was seriously stuck at looking at books for that seemed to actually be interested in the books around her. But she only seemed to take one book that just by title seemed to interest her. Then she would walk back to where ever she would be shown is her spot to sit It was an interesting choice to offer her, Then again Averie was not some one who would refuse but she did wonder if it was something to eat with one hand.

For now at least she would had a vague titled book, sandwich and something to book. it was just all she kind of needed."How large is this place?"it was a fair thing to ponder since it was in an area of it's own.


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He had cut the waffle sandwich into two pieces so she could eat it with one hand and he places the water on the table. He hears her question and he is confused by it. "I am not sure how big the island in total is, I guess you could ask a tour guide or something and see if they have that info." He was confused why the woman would ask how big the island is. Maybe she thought he was smarter then he really is and thought that he should know the island and how big and what is on it.

Revy thinks she can see that Kaito is low key starting to panic about the odd question she asked probably wondering if the woman had asked it for a reason and he was not gonna be able to answer her on the drop of a dime about how big the island they are on really is and she wonders if like the painter they had met before if this woman just absorbs herself into reading instead of art and making things.


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Was it that much of an odd question? Averie might not have to ponder that because she thought it was a simple one that if it was entirely his domain so to say he would know with out much problem."I guess I can just find some one else later then.."They both might just not be sure in which area they were asking about since she was not asking about how large Halawai in the end. But she just seemed to want to move on because it was just how she was normally about these kind of situations.

Maybe she needed to ask something else then. Since normal conversation that might be interesting to know seemed to be strange. But at least it seemed she to just casually munch that food as any normal person would."It is an...interesting choice of a sandwich to make."She did seemed at least pretty happy with what was going on, As she started looking upon the opening pages of the book she had chosen.

Yet again proving, Averie herself was actually pretty simple to keep happy. It seemed that she had been seemed to reach a state of reality she had not thought about for a while. Like all long behind this newly found necromancer, there was an introverted bookworm who just was a little weird in her own way. She had all she needed.


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Kaito looks at her oddly and he wonders if she meant his domain that he was just in side of. "if you meant in there I am not sure of it either, as I have never thought to measure it out as it is more of a place to just hide away for a bit." he rubs the back of his head with a nervous smile and he wonders if that is something he probably should know about. He doesn’t usually show the space to other people besides a select few that he has taken in there to protect them or to show them the world so they may feel inspired and maybe be able to find their next big thing.

Revy looks out to the beach and sees what looks like a giant fish in the water and she keeps watching it.

"I saw that sandwich made is a small bakery place in Bosco, I figured it must be good. I personally don’t like it but everyone else that has tried it liked it." He sat back in his chair then looked at Revy who was looking out at a whale in the distance and he wonders if this means she is gonna want to go out for fish again while they are here or if she will just be content with seeing the whale and not just trying to drag Kaito off for another night of fish dinners.


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Oh so she did get her answer And it seemed to be maybe even if the same something to leave her a bit more happy in the end. So at least with knowing that and being happy with the answers she got after she finished chewing the part she had started eating."Well, I would have figured you might have explored it enough to know, Not that it is a bad thing either."It seemed still she was not judging him still either, just seemingly getting curious about a few things in the end.

So maybe there was another subject she could consider talking about then, maybe something a bit less on things Kaito has and has not done."It is surely an interesting one, a sandwich I did not figure to exist before."This might also show, how little cooking things Averie might have done with her life if she was not exploring it too in depth. Maybe she was just that use to simple things or it was something just never made for her before.

But she would try to maybe come up with something interesting to talk about to lean into."I suppose since I know little of places I travel too. I could ask. Over all what is interesting about Fiore? As I plan to travel there next."She asked since she was getting comfortable around Kaito and would maybe avoid seemingly making it strange for him, unless this just made it worst. But she would not give up on him at least.


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He rubs the back of his head cause he had honestly never thought about it as it was his own like self so he never really bothered to get to close to finding out much about it besides it was a nice place to be away from the world and think without people bugging him about things or fleeing from him.

Revy looks at the woman and she clears her throat. "You will find he is a more carefree live and let live type of guy most times." She giggled as she wasn't sure if this woman was disgusted by that sandwich or not.

Kaito looks at her and he thinks for a second to what she had just asked him about the country of fiore and he makes a mental list to read off. "Well the east in Magnolia the big draws are the cake shop there and the baths, and my guild master would murder me if i didn't also name the guild hall of Fairy Tail the master there She is a nice lady and serves good food and drink. You also have Hosenka if you want to gamble or get special imported things that is a good place, I personally think you should avoid Dahlia. West oak has a pub, Baska holds fighting tournaments, Astera cliffs have a sight to die for. The north has a lot of lush forests and peaceful things as well as decent weapon smiths, just some of the people up there have bad attitudes. The south has Hargeon which is a port city there are nice mountain views as well."

Revy walks over and smacks Kaito on the back of the head because he had just run at the mouth and had given the poor woman an info over load for no reason at all when all he had to say was that there are nice places in them all and move on from there instead of just info dumping everything at once on the poor woman that asked a simple question. Revy thinks this one is probably a lost cause, cause Kaito seems far to goofy and strange for a woman like this that to be real needs a very well put together guy to help her. There is not a way in the frosted hells that Kaito is the right guy for that need that she needs filled.

Kaito bows his head to the woman in apology for him getting to carried away with how he was handling that.


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It seemed to interest Averie. Their interaction as it seemed before her was something she always found interesting because of how it seemed show the other how something might need to be through correction in some way. Or was it just how Averie was thinking it."I can admire that part of his way of being." Averie seemed to mention that part mostly out of honesty since well she was a woman with few things to hide after all. Maybe that was just   how she was taking in the information of people around her. This was no exception, she might remark on that later.

"Oh? interesting to hear." Averie said at first because it seemed to actually interest her having stopped reading the book she had picked to listen to him. It seemed the information was not an overload at all."You seem to like  the east and magnolia the most based off of what you told me so far."She mentioned as if it was something she felted like she needed to mention."I might have to consider that trip in the future...only because I am curious about what these cakes could be like."With that she went back to chewing one some of her sandwich.

Then after she finish what she was chewing on she would simply ask."Is there a reason why you hit him like that? I don't assume it is hard but has a reason."Yes she was interested in that part now.


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"Well I grew as a mage in the east and it is where I even met her." He points at Revy who looks embarrassed because of how she and Kaito had met. He laughed softly as he was remembering it and the scolding he avoided by making up a very quick lie to safe himself and the female exceed.

The female exceed looks at the woman that seems to be judging her from hitting Kaito. "I...I" She stuttered as she didn't know what to say and she was starting to sweat cause she was just put on the spot.

Kaito noticed this and he quickly started to talk. "Oh don't mind that she tries to stop me from talking crazy or far too much, says I will never find a girlfriend being that way. It is one of the ways she looks out for me." He laughs and Revy gets a far deeper red in embarrassment as he had just blurted that out to the woman he is an idiot no way she doesn't think he is a creep or that their is something wrong with his head.

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