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V. Hashashin's Creed

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V. Hashashin's Creed Empty Sat Jun 25, 2022 8:44 am



Name: Hashashin's Creed

Slot: Body

Type: Coat

Class: Mythic

Weight: Medium

Quantity: Limited

Element: Arcane

Durability: 3x S-rank


Description: The second component to the historic outfit of the Hashashin of Desierto, while the Vizard embodies fear and the darker elements of their trade, it is within the Creed that the refinement and purer of nature is brought to life. An elaborate piece of armor, much of it difficult to fully appreciate for a number of reasons, one of the key reasons being no instance of this armor having been left behind. Of what has been seen, details have described a more polished and neatly-crafted piece of armor, not unlike that of pieces having been in circulation time before. That polish believed tarnished by numerous pieces of sheet metal having been forcibly imposed upon the armor to give it an unrecognizable aesthetic. That is in part though, based on what has been reported, much of the armor often covered by a black cloth covering that shrouds much of it in mystery while a steel shawl – almost refined in its imperfections – rests just below the neckline. As explained, it bears vague similarity to that of the refined armor of some officers within Fiore, but to believe it an outfit of such a feared group, one is left to wonder where the association came from.

Lore: The most infamous assassins on Earthland, also known as the Hashashin, are a deadly unseen force from Desierto. They were initially founded as an organization dedicated to protecting humanity from abuses of power, coercive rule, and injustice. Their traditional methods revolved around stealth operations, selective violence, and the assassination of those deemed to be perpetrators of oppression under the belief that this minimized collateral damage in accordance with their absolute prohibition against harming innocent lives. After many generations, differing opinions among the Hashashin Elders caused the organization to splinter into smaller groups. Some still followed creeds somewhat similar to the original, however, others adopted completely different creeds. No longer were they all on the same page about the lives of innocents or their purpose. Some started to believe that the end justified all means and that a few innocents' lives were not a problem. Others strayed away even further using their training in the arts of assassination not for the people but for themselves.


Requirements: None.

  • Speed: +50


  • Art of Assassination #12: The user is completely soundless when they move around.
  • Art of Assassination #34: The user cannot be detected by any sensory spells.
  • Art of Assassination #57: The user becomes unnaturally nimble, allowing them to jump up 5 meters high effortlessly and land gracefully from extreme heights without hurting themselves.


V. Hashashin's Creed Empty Mon Oct 03, 2022 12:48 am


I will be purchasing this for 5,000,000 jewels after THIS goes through opening a slot


V. Hashashin's Creed Empty Mon Oct 03, 2022 1:39 am

@Yuurei has purchased Hashashin's Creed for 5,000,000 Jewels.

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