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It's a trap! [Open for all BPs who want to enter]

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It's a trap! [Open for all BPs who want to enter] Empty Tue May 25, 2021 9:58 am


To the Rune Knights stationed in Port Hargeon it must had been an odd sight to say the least. Only a few weeks ago did they encounter the Guild Master of Blue Pegasus, and in tow with her the former advisor to the Sentinel Syndicate, a witch who had quite a bounty on her head.

The odd part? THE FACT THAT SHE HAD RETURNED LIKE A LOST PUPPY! Esperia couldn't help but smile sheepishly at the thought, a hand raised to her cheek as she tapped it lightly with a finger. "But considering I'm not a werewolf but a vampire, I wonder if that makes me a lost little bat in that saying?"

Giggling sheepishly at her companion, Valerie would likely notice that the Rune Knights were staring in bewilderment at her partner. "Now where were we?" Chiming the words with faux forgetfulness, the girl's lips curved up into a smirk as she walked past the guards and approached the direction of the Blue Pegasus Guild building.

Marching onward till she was in front of the building she finally let go of her partner's hand and cupped both hands in front of her mouth as she exclaimed loudly.


Esperia paused for a moment as she lowered the last part a bit, wanting to make sure her threatening nature didn't drop in the slightest!


Her lips curving into a smirk she raised her arms wide, her cape fluttering in the air behind her while she declared proudly. "YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A DARK MAGE, BUT IT IS I! ESPY THE LEWD! AND I HAVE COME TO.... say hi?"

Tilting her head slightly to the side in confusion she turned her attention toward Valerie, pondering out loud. "I wonder if she is even home...."


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So their travels would end up here, Not exactly like it was entirely unexpected for what was going on, it just seemed so far they were visiting some of Esperia's long time friends, at least that is what was gathered in thought She wanted to really question if there was a far easier and simple way to go about it, Then again the flare was just most likely something to hard to pass on.

No matter it was fun to see in the end.With her comment about being a little lost bat she would laugh."Not exactly lost, But you are still a little bat so to say."Which was something she at least found funny. It was a play on Esperia in some manner was a bit smaller then her wife, even then she did display far more might.

But it seemed Esperia would continue her playful display much to her delight and interest watching. no really looking at the apparent rune knights around them both it just seemed this was all a magicl high light of an exploding performance, As well taking into mind all of what she was saying.

They walked into Blue Pegasus and she was just yelling out names of people she knew? bold and entertaining, But what was this score to settle she wondered? No doubt a harmless one.

Would the intended humour get left aside? were people about to fight in a duel here? not exactly what was planned but she did not know people of this guild really, not many she could recall right away.

Holding any words she would say until some one was here, Valerie was not holding back laughing slight over the display and show Esperia was having go on.

With the wonder if anyone was here, Valerie would walk over pat her wife on the shoulder and just say."Who knows, but that was a wonderful show dear."She would compliment for the sake of the moment, Blue Pegasus did have a nice building and guild hall. So far this place was nice and well taken care of.


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Too far away to hear whatever she mumbled in the end, Alisa was nonetheless close enough to hear the challenge shouted out to her from outside the guild hall. She responded on reflex, activating the power in her magical left eye, letting her spot her foe in advance even before she finally stepped out... That cheeky little girl~...

"I see my advice not to try anything reckless didn't stick...", spoke the sculptress, that throaty, melodious voice filling the courtyard as she swung the doors open, shaking her head as she finally strode out, "Awfully rude of you, don't you think~...? Not even giving me time to change"

She had very little tolerance for trespassing on guild property, easily evidenced by that telltale twitching in her brow as she sashayed over to her. She did know this was just Esperia being Esperia, however, which was enough for her to cooly step out of her guild hall with a cool, collected smile on her face, a subtle left and right sway to her hips as she approached her former pupil. Now she didn't really take her for the type to cut the pleasantries short, but nonethless made sure to keep an eye on her the whole way, ready to respond to attacks as she walked up closer, leaving but a healthy 10 meter distance between herself and a potential opponent, a wide area around them with ample space to move freely around in:

"But if that's really how you want to say hello, seems like you need a little reminder...", Alisa wasn't kidding about not having time to change... Despite that graceful poise and the way she flipped her hair stylishly, the choice of sportswear and the glistening sheen of sweat clinging to her body spoke for themselves. However it wouldn't for long, as a glowing aura radiated from her ring, covering her whole body as she pulled out all over gear, a sleek set of black armor with a visor over her face, complete with an imposing cross on her back and a matching black sword in her left hand, "...That I don't hold back~"

This seemed about as poor a matchup as Alisa could think of. For her opponent. Or opponents, though she didn't imagine Esperia would call for backup here. With entire life dedicated to hunting the supernatural and the magical artifacts to match, she could spot a Vampire and a Werewolf as easily as breathing, thanks to the imposing cross now adoring her back. A cross that in turn radiated an intimidating aura all throughout her surroundings, enough to shake even one as powerful as her.

But even knowing this was her way of saying hello, well... That said, a cheeky greeting like this defenitely proved the girl could use some discipline, and Alisa had that in troves.


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It's a trap! [Open for all BPs who want to enter] CyhFjWA

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Esperia couldn't help but clap her hands together in excitement, clearly delighted at the arrival of Alisa stepping out of the guild hall. The words that were spoken earned a sheepish smile from Esperia. "I did not enter the guild hall yet, as you see I am right here at the entrance~ Therefore I am not trespassing and am not doing anything illegal."

The girl exclaimed proudly, puffing up her chest as if she was proud of the reasoning behind her logic. However, the words that followed made Esperia tilt her head lightly to the side in confusion. "I mean, if you prefer fighting in pajamas or a bath towel, that could work also~" A mischievous smile lingered on her lips at the teasing remark.

"But I'm happy to see you too Ali~ Especially now that I'm no longer a wanted criminal." Yet the sudden magic of her ring causing her armor to emerge on her body made Esperia's eyes widen in surprise. "That's cheating! I thought you were gonna fight me in your underwear! Change it back! At least even the odds a little!"

Yet as Alisa brandished her sword Esperia couldn't help but find her lips curving up into a smirk as she pulled her hand sideways under her cloak, toward the holster of her gun as she twirled the Jackal in her grasp, her unnatural dexterity showing itself.

"You might want to take a few steps backward darling~ My mentor is very strong, to the point I will need to pull all my tricks out of the closet."

However, as the cross radiated its suppressive aura Esperia tilted her head lightly to the side in confusion, her crimson eyes softening a little as if she seemed entirely ignorant of the power, almost as if it didn't affect her at all due to the mysterious power of the World.

"A sparring match for nostalgia's sake? But I won't hold back either master!"

With those words spoken Esperia suddenly darted toward the side, away from the direction Valerie was at and raising her gun fired her gun twice. The first bullet clearly seemed to had been aimed straight at Alisa, or to be more specific the space right in between the area that the Sculptress was standing at and the direction she was dashing toward, making sure that should she try to dash she would likely have to maneuver around the bullet that was curving downwards and once it hit the pavement would detonate into a 16 meters large explosion of fire and lightning. Meanwhile, a second bullet was fired, one which curiously enough started to curve in a wide sideways arc and would try to circle back to aim at the back of Alisa's legs, an ordinary bullet meant to hurt her legs if it hit them. She knew Alisa's speed and mobility was one of her greatest weapons.

The vampiress couldn't help but smile briefly at her mentor. "I know you have a lot of experience fighting the supernatural Ali, but it is wise not to consider me 'just a vampire'. The blood that turned me was a bit special~"

Nonetheless, she knew she had to expect a retaliation from Alisa soon!


Mana: 18700-560=18,240

Spells used:
Name: Explosive Shot
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Mana Cost: 500
Requirements:  Jackal
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire | Lightning
Range: 35 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the Jackal, pointing it at their target with one hand. The user then squeezes the trigger to fire off a 1.3 cm-sized bullet that is formed from the user's own mana. A red and yellow magical circle forms at the end of the Jackal as a red and yellow intertwined bullet is fired. On impact, the round will detonate consuming a 16m diameter area in fire and lightning.

Name: Anti-Freak Shot
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Jackal
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire | Lightning
Range:  25 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the Jackal, pointing it at their target with one hand. The user then squeezes the trigger to fire off a 1.3cm sized bullet that is formed from the users own mana. A red and yellow magical circle forms at the end of the Jackal as a red and yellow intertwined bullet is fired.

Espy the Lewdling Vampire wrote:
Aura : World
Strength: 501
Speed : 463 +20% Speed -100 from gear
Constitution : 253 +20% from race passive
Endurance : 198 +60 from earrings
Intelligence : 1
Mana : 18,700
Weapon Mastery : Fist - Novice
Weapon : Jackal
Helmet: Armored Titan
Body : Mercenary Vest
Cape : Dracula's Blood Cape
Earrings : Zameen Earrings
Necklace : Headhunter's Keepsake
Relic : The One Ring
Modification : Cain's Blood

#5Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Urgh, if there was something Daiko needed right now, it was rest. His body needed time to heal from all its bruises and pains – he was reckless in his missions, and who wouldn’t when a Phoenix embedded deep inside of you kept pushing you away from sure death? It was a weird phenomenon, but he embraced it fully. In the end, it upped the effectiveness of his on his quests…

But right now, he wasn’t feeling its fragrant grace healing his exhaustion. He had been prescribed rest and a new diet, so that his Magic could return to its full power as quickly as possible. And he had just eaten, so…

It was such a calm, slightly breezy but warm, late spring day… he melted into the songs of fair sirens echoing across the Port’s waters. The waves clashing against the brick stones. Coda’s chirping to the sudden cries coming from outside… … …

… W-Who was shouting out there? Even he could hear it… wait, it came directly from outside the guild hall! Who was tha-

… Alisa’s name was mentioned. And so was his. Ohh, what was this about eating their cooking? Was this some kind of prank?

Gathering his resolve, Daiko rose up from the comfortable bed and waddled towards the exit out to the field. He was suggested to not exert himself for the next few weeks, but he felt that his energy was returning very quickly just about now. His hair was starting to stand up more and more, just like usual. His eyes regained their golden flare too.

He still yawned deeply… before realizing that Alisa had already confronted the noisy visitors. She had even donned her Black Armor, reminding him that he was still in his loose pyjamas and had no shielding on his person. Was this… was this serious?

“… U-Uhhm…” he stuttered in confusion, not recognizing the two visitors. One of them – presumably the raven-haired lady – had mentioned his name earlier, but… wait, no-

“… Wait, you are Espy?” he disbelievingly asked out loud, raising a straight, pointed finger straight at the raven mistress, “Wait, Alisa, I know her… she’s an old friend. Coda likes her, and so do I-AAH!!!”

He had to jump away at the sudden explosion coming from a projectile shot out from Espy’s gun. He found himself rolling closer to the entrance into the hall again, looking back at the two battlers in panic. “W-WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT, ESPY?! ESPY??!?!?!”

This was the most confusing moment in his life. What the hell?

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This went different, by different it was exactly the opposite as she first assumed."And here you lead me to think this was a vacation...But if you really honestly feel like you need to do this."Sure she was requested to stand back and well, Who was she to disagree with this because really she was here for something entirely different."You have strange ways to amuse yourself dear." Hopefully this just left Esperia's system quickly, Because this was not her ideal way of meeting new people, she preferred either making drinks and talking. Just if this is how Esperia went about these things, She will not complain.

She had wished to even introduce herself to not only Alisa but the young man who was also here."Do excuse me, I do not wish for any part in this situation, I will just wait outside, I will not pose a problem."She did not expect her word to be taken given what has happen currently but it was still something she would mention.

The red head would just walk outside like she mention, Any compliments or conversation would wait until her wife and the guild master let out some steam.

Settling herself outside Valerie just simply crossed her arms  leaving them there just under her bust and seemed to just enjoy the outside warmth and weather, Now she was just expecting to be swarmed by other member of the guild because of the situation happening currently, But still in the end Valerie would pose no threat nor would she try to put up a fight.

Maybe it was a good thing she considered walking outside and staying there the firing of a gun just proved this was just going places as she thought it would, maybe it would be over soon.


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A short and soft snap seeming to signal the return of Sofia Serena to her guild after yet another mostly successful mission, the bubbly brunette burst onto the scene out of what seemed to be the thinnest of air with her fingers resting on her forehead, as she arrived home the young woman looked happy at first, and then a little confused.
Where's my wonderful wife, then? The guild hall not the usual hustle and bustle and also seeming to be lacking the star attraction as well, at least in the opinion of the girl with the green gaze, she glanced around herself and hummed for a second or two at this surprising turn before catching the sound of the commotion going on outside, and heading toward it to investigate.

“Trouble at mill, eh?” Quickly seeing just what was keeping the main attraction away as she stepped into the street and saw her beautiful black haired bride in the middle of what looked to be a battle, for many this might have been a sight of worry and nervousness for the wife of the White Empress it was simply business as usually, really. All too many seeming to rock up wishing to test their skill against the famed femme of Blue Pegasus, by this point it seemed almost impossible for any of them to get the better of the woman, and as such Miss Serena was more intrigued than intimidated by what was going on.

I wonder who the girl is she's fighting~? The newest addition to her arsenal certainly seeming to aid the spectator experience as well, the zooming effect and ability to track and anticipate motion proved rather useful in discerning the details of the 'dance' that was occurring, and the people involved it in as well. Most of note the lovely looking lady with whom her dark dish currently seemed to be engaged with, Sofia had to admit that she did not recognise that mysterious madam or another of the faces that had gathered here, but could see at least one soul outside who she could readily recognise no matter the situation.

“Come on little birb, you know better than to get too close to one of Alisa's fight's, right?” Lurching forward with honey-tainted words and looking to drape an arm around the mocha marvel who seemed to be standing and watching the action first hand, that older sister tendency in Miss Serena reared up as she warned her delightful Daiko to be careful of getting caught in the crossfire, and then she hung there for a second as she continued to scrutinize the spectacle, and wondered if her friend might know better what was going on than she did.
“Say, do you know Empress is tangling with today~?” Those eyes of hers never shifting from the battle between her bride and the unknown figure she fought against, the protective spirit of the witty wife forced her to wrap her fingers around the hilt of her mana-born blade as she continued to observe, but waited on the answer of her bird-loving buddy and the contest before her until she decided whether she should consider intervening or not.

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"Ufufu~... Well, it is a pleasure to meet you regardless~ I suppose we'll talk more in a few minutes.", spoke the sculptress, smiling at the ravishing redhead as she cleverly stepped away from the fight.

But as the girl dashed off towards Alisa's left side, the sculptress ran off after her. Not directly towards her, but a bit further along the direction of her dash, her sword held on her left side as she moved to intercept her as her dash came to a close. Cloak or not, she could see everything clearly thanks to her eye, and there's only one reason gunners shoot the ground like this. Alisa had seen it before, plenty of times throughout her career to know a big explosion would follow. No matter, ten meters was more than enough room, especially when running not towards Esperia but further away from her, effectively away from the center of the blast. This gave her more than enough time to cast one of her spells. Ideally, the mere act of chasing down after Esperia would give her more than enough room to avoid what came next:

"Fast...!", she knew that a speedy bullet would be followed by an equally speedy blast though, and as she noticed the spell's speed she swiftly opened her palm, casting an imposing barrier between herself and the explosion as she kept running after her targe.

She barely had time to get her defense up in time, but the large size of her sturdy defenses was enough to block the brunt of the damage, leaving a cracked, but still durable defense attached to her right arm. The second bullet went off right after the explosion collided with Alisa's barrier, this one aimed not directly at her but to the side, drawing a wide, sweeping arc. Once again, the weird angle and trajectory told her everything she needed to know:

"Ever the trickster~", she quipped, mindful of the bullet's trajectory, but knowing that even with that speed it would take over a second to reach her, especially considering Alisa was also drawing far closer to Esperia with every step, faster by the second, "Sounds to me like you've been taking quite a few shortcuts to get strong hmm?"

Yes, the bullets were fast... But their very speed forced them to curve into wide, predictable arcs. Difficult to dodge for most people, but Esperia thankfully didn't know the abilities of Alisa's left eye. She had an absolute sense of anything within a wide range, enough to keep track of the bullets' arc, to sweep her shield bearing arm behind her right before the bullet would hit the back of her leg, blocking it. Or, well, she intended to block the whole thing, but:

"Tch...", instead, a loud shattering sound echoed through the courtyard as the bullet broke what remained of her defense. She could see her guildmates coming closer too, enough to issue a warning mid run, "Careful everybody, make sure to keep a safe distance!"

That broke her shield already huh? Still, with the shield taking the full brunt of the impact and her armor protecting her, Alisa wouldn't stumble even as the weakened bullet hit the back of her thigh, keeping her eyes on her foe, keeping her senses sharp, ready to respond to her aiming that troublesome gun or whatever else she had in store.


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It's a trap! [Open for all BPs who want to enter] CyhFjWA

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Right around the time, she had fired her explosive shot Daiko emerged from the guildhall, the phoenix lad seemingly recognizing her after a moment which led Esperia to exclaim in a panic. "Stay back Birdie! It's a danger zone! Lots of explosions and--- EEEP!" Letting out a little yelp Esperia as Alisa's barrier suddenly took the brunt of the initial assault, leading to her to rapidly darted in an arc around her master, seemingly intending to try to aim for her back "Scary masters!"

The words that were spoken by Valerie suddenly made her Esperia freeze in the spot, clearly stunned as she flailed in protest. "This isn't a fight Darling! It's a sparring match! We're not fighting for real!" Esperia's attempt to explain herself only made it all the more confusing as Valerie started to walk away, the sight of it making the obsidian-haired vampiress her hands tremble softly. "I just wanted to say hi to everyone in a way they would recognize... I didn't mean to make anyone sad nor did I want to actually hurt anyone..."

Red tears started to gather in the corner of her eyes, soft sobs following as the gun went falling onto the ground with a soft thud, its energy sizzling as its master was no longer holding its grip. "Wait Valerie!" Esperia's sobs turned into outright wailing at this point. "Don't leave me behind! I was going to introduce you to everyone as soon as I finished sparring with master!"

It was clear that despite her infamous reputation and former status as a Disaster she was still just a soft-hearted crybaby when it came to those she cared about. "I'm sorry...." the girl cried out as she had been entirely oblivious to the fact she had been in the middle of a fight.

Nonetheless, there was still the clear danger present in the fact Alisa was there, likely right behind her, but it seemed evident where Esperia's focus was currently.

Fight is currently on hold, courtesy of the scary vampire girl turning into a crybaby.

#10Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
H-Huh… the redhead behaved well, unlike Esperia who jumped into a fight with Alisa out of nowhere! Daiko was taken aback by the level of surprise in all of this, and he wasn’t really able to… well, recognize the Magic and tool that the former was using. Was that a gun-cannon-thingie? When’d she have a gun, even? If she was having a real fight with Alisa, why not use her Takeover Magic? If he remembered… uhhhhhh… Asmodeus, yeah! Remember, Esperia was the one who revealed to the Fire Mage that his Magic drew from the same term; Takeover, embodying the power of beasts with limitless potential deep within themselves.

“Uh… s-sure, I guess?” he awkwardly replied to the redhead companion, after which his back straightened a bit with Sofia’s arm slithering around him without warning. And he wasn’t little! C’mon… “H-Huh…!?” he yipped slightly, solidifying his face, “I-I’m a good space away from them, I’ll be fine… *yawn*”

No, no, no, stay awake, Daiko… just because that Alisa was taking over the, uh, well, ‘confrontation’, it didn’t mean that you could just shut your brain off. Be alerted…

“That’s Esperia… yeah, that’s definitely her. Although, she looks different from back then,” he explained to the Heavenly Body Mage, wondering what the meaning of this was. It looked like Alisa was recovering from the sudden gun shots and kept her guard up even after taking a weakened hit. And then…

E-Esperia… she started crying blood! Blood!

“W-Wha, what’s with the blood-red tears…?” he mumbled in oblivion, “Esperia! You alright there? I-I’ll go get some handkerchiefs…”

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It seemed as she got outside the signs of Esperia's cry would catch her ears, A small sigh would just leave her system, Maybe she was a bit cruel at first. Then again it was set ways of her being, But her partner being upset did bother her. So she would take her time returning to the field were these two were fighting. Only because well it seemed Esperia might have just had her games ruin even if she was just more trying to stay out of the way, Even if she could have just stayed off to the side.

So maybe providing some kind of context to why she walked away, Since well they seemed to stop fighting. So walking back close enough to be in view of Esperia, Alisa and everyone else she would.

Then picking up her partner, hugging her and giving her a kiss on the right cheek."Alright fine my dear, I will watch then. I just did not expect an out fight spar."The wonderful moment of honesty after picking up a crying vampire, None the less they would most likely have to have it return."Forgive my rudeness then dear."It was mentioned to Esperia about it, Hopefully she will be able to enjoy herself still.

So now after making sure Esperia was okay, she heard a bit of a confused person wonder about bloody tear, To Valerie it was normal."It is what happen when some one is a vampire."Which was true, Esperia was a vampire.

After petting Esperia on the butt."I will go watch from the side then, after out of the way for I do not want to get in the path of spells of gun fire."It seemed pretty clear of what she intended, only other thing she might mention."Then maybe, I see about getting a glass of water." So now she was back in the room watching as well.


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Is she throwing a tantrum? Arching her brow as all of a sudden it seemed that her wife's opponent seemed to break down in a state of distress, Sofia titled her head as she rested her hand on the hilt of the weapon she had tucked in her belt, confused by what was occurring but also knowing all too well that a possum play wasn't the sort of thing that would get one very far with the White Empress. After all, she'd tried it a few times when they had been training, hadn't she?
Esperia, huh? Did Alisa mention someone like that…? Bloody tears are a worrying sign… The familiarity that Daiko showed with the figure to whom the fox was fighting something that surprised her, the bubbly brunette felt like she too had heard the name but really couldn't assign it to a face, and wondered if this imbalanced figure was someone who had been in the stories she had been told by her sable siren. There had been so many, after all.

“Teeheehee, having fun my beautiful bride~?” At the very least able to exploit the break in the battle in order to greet her gorgeous goddess with a little wave and a much larger grin, the girl with the green gaze licked her lips as she nodded toward her love, and showed a hint of shamelessness as she further abused the opportunity to offer up a playful form of motivation for her mate next.
“You know, there's nothing quite like seeing the White Empress in action to get a girl thinking about her bedtime~?” The emerald eyes of the enchantress narrowing as she admired the image of the incandescent icon before her, she cared little for the distance between them or the fact that her voice was raised high enough that everyone in the vicinity could hear what she was saying either, after all, putting a smile on the face of her wonderful wife seemed so much more important than the sensibilities of others, now didn't it?

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Alisa's charge halted as she saw her former student breaking down into tears... She noticed it almost immediately, the girl distracted by her lover's departure, wide open to attack if the sculptress so desired it. Against an actual Guild raider, such distraction would have likely cost her life but... This wasn't really that kind of fight, was it?

"My my~... And here I thought I taught you never to turn your back on your opponent.", scolded the sculptress, letting out a soft little chuckle. Though she lower her guard in any way, still looking out for attacks, she still halted her charge, showing how she seemed pretty confident this was a sparring fight instead of an all out attack, "Crocodile tears aren't really you're style either... Did you really neglect to tell your lover what you came here to do?"

Even with all the power in the world, Esperia was still just a child huh? It didn't seem like her lover thought any less of her for it, and quite honestly, if she brought Sofia along on vacation and suddenly decided to start shooting at the local guild, she could imagine how she'd feel. Alisa lowered her sword, but didn't exactly drop her guard, as if fueled by those very same instincts that drove her to seize the opening on an opponent with their back turned:

"Well Daiko, if you want to say hello, now might be a good time~", chimed the sculptress, looking over her shoulder and winking at both him and most of all, her luscious lover.

Indeed, Alisa could feel them them clearly with the sensory ability in her left eye, but... Some sights are best taken in as they are, and she couldn't help but nibble her bottom lip as she admired her breathtaking beauty just sitting there with equally admiring eyes:

"No need for that... Espy went and did something very silly, and turned herself into a Vampire...", Alisa shook her head in disapproval, rubbing her temple as she looked at the girl at her side, leaving it up to her wife to console her, "Fufu~... Feel free to join Sofia and Daiko if you'd like Valerie... We can talk more afterwards~"

In the end, the girl's breakdown did have the upside of defusing the tension between the two brawlers and their onlookers. Sofia for one, saw it quickly enough, and that melodious siren's song soon reached her ears as she spoke up:

"I most certainly am, my love~...", once again, she couldn't help but nibble her lip as those luscious words shot a shiver up her spine, her words and the voice carrying them to her words having much of the same effect on Alisa as Sofia herself, "Ufufu~... In that case, just kick back and enjoy the show... Can't imagine what you'll be thinking about in the end~"


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Being gently picked up and embraced by Valerie made Esperia's distress fade away quickly, her tears ceasing to flow and the soft sobbing subduing as she whispered softly: "I'm sorry for not warning you beforehand." The vampire whispered meekly when she suddenly heard Daiko's worried voice, making Esperia quickly shake her head back and forth. "Ah, don't worry about that Birdie, I wouldn't want to stain your handkerchiefs with blood, besides they well."

Pausing as she smiled weakly, she gestured at the red trail of tears that she had been sobbing that seemingly started to vaporize lightly, the blood disappearing as if her skin had absorbed it. "My body tends to be a bit weird at times like this."

Although the words that came from the stranger among the group quickly earned a blink of bewilderment as she turned to look at Alisa. "You got your own Asmodeus now? She sounds like her and her ARA ARA level is off the charts."

Yet the moment her gaze settled on the stranger her smile wavered, even if for only a moment. The words spoken earlier made it clear who this person was: Alisa's spouse. Or wife? Nonetheless, Esperia couldn't help but briefly feel the pessimistic phantom of past doubts and thoughts surface as if she inwardly wondered about something. The lack of a search for her, nor the attempts to reach out... Was it simply because of different priorities? Then again, when she left Blue Pegasus to find her own place in the world, she must had looked as if she had forsaken the sculptress and her family.

A quick shake of her head followed, attempting to banish the thoughts as she turned her gaze at Valerie. In the past she would had been spiteful, hateful even and hold a grudge for those things but not anymore. She now had her own family to protect, her own priorities so to speak, so in a way she could understand her master now.

No, instead she merely clung against Valerie and shook her head at Alisa's earlier question. "I told her we were visiting the guild, although I guess the excitement got the better of me~"

Yet there was one point she was less enthusiastic about, which led to the vampire girl to press her hands on her hips as she declared firmly. "Also I didn't do anything silly! I got turned against my will. I initially planned to study a vial of blood belonging to an ancient being that I got from a mysterious merchant, but on my way home I got attacked and the vial spilled onto me, which led to..."

She motioned at herself as if to explain she had turned into a vampire. "Even tried to figure out some cleansing methods but it seems it's more complex compared to traditional vampirism. As far as my theories go I believe the metamorphosis was both spiritual and physical making it much more complicated to remove the taint. But I'll spare you the boring details~ Wouldn't want you to get distracted from your bedroom wrestling daydreams with your wife."

A playful pout and a poke of her tongue followed as Esperia wrapped both arms around Valerie, as if to make it clear she wouldn't allow her to walk off. "Besides, that gun was nothing compared to my true power! But I don't like using that unless it's truly necessary... A lewdling has to be stylish and classy, right?"

A soft hum following as she turned her focus onto Daiko she smiled sheepishly at him and replied with a cheerful: "Don't worry Daiko~ You can get closer, I don't bite uninvited~ Well, I actually only bite a certain someone~ so I'm afraid noms are off-limits~"

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